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Hitsugaya Toshiro set the stack of papers he had been signing aside and sighed, looking out the window of his office. He couldn't help but feel like Soul Society had changed somehow since the end of the Winter War. It had been fifteen years since.

Fifteen years since Aizen's attempted assault on Soul Society.

Fifteen years since Kurosaki Ichigo had attained the final release form of his Zanpakuto Zangetsu.

Fifteen years since Kurosaki Ichigo had successfully defeated the traitor Aizen.

Fifteen years since Kurosaki Ichigo had died, his body not being able to handle the strain of losing his shinigami powers.

Fifteen years since Kurosaki Ichigo had graduated from the Academy after only a few months attending, only having to learn the techniques he had not already known such as Kido.

Fifteen years since he became the captain of the 5th division captain with absolutely no complaints from any of the existing captains and recommendations from more than the required three.

Fifteen years since he had turned the division around, returning it to its former glory and regaining the former reputation as one of the friendliest divisions with one of the kindest captains, seconded only to 13th division captain Jushiro Ukitake.

The fifth division was now one of the most popular divisions for graduates from the Academy, its captain's reputation only adding to it. The ranks were steadily being refilled, positions left open from the war and those who had followed the previous captain both.

HItsugaya Toshiro couldn't help but feel that Kurosaki had changed since the war, not surprising considering what he had been through plus the fact that he had actually died. He did not visit the world of the Living anymore, his family and friends apart from his father having already grown up and moved on with their lives. Kurosaki remained as he had since he died at the age of sixteen, other than the fact that he had allowed his hair to grow a bit longer and the number of scars on his body increase in number from training. Kurosaki was insistent on his division training constantly, not knowing what the future held and not wishing to risk anymore losses if a new enemy did emerge. Kurosaki was much more serious now than he had been, his experiences and important position changing him into a sterner man who took his responsibilities very serious. He was nowhere near as impulsive as he had been, Toushiro found himself comparing Kurosaki to Kuchiki Byakuya at some times, he was so focused. Kurosaki was stronger than he had been, having fully learning Kido and apparently fully gaining control over his inner hollow, who had apparently remained with him after he died, and training obsessively, working until Hinamori, his fukutaicho, forced him to rest.

There were times when Kurosaki did show his relatively young age, compared to the other captains, talking excitedly about some mission or other that he was to complete. Toshiro found he enjoys these moments the most, he was a bit saddened and the sudden maturity of the Winter War hero, feeling that the boy had grown up much faster than he should have had to. He couldn't deny the odd little thrill that went through him when he saw the intense look of determination and strength in Kurosaki's eyes when he had an important mission however and it made Toshiro unsettled, he did not know where these feelings for the orange haired captain had sprung up from and wasn't sure he wanted to explore them. Matsumoto somehow noticed how awkward he was at times when Kurosaki-taicho and pestered him to fess up but he had brushed her off, telling her there was nothing to admit and to get back to work.

He sighed as he leant back in his chair, enjoying the small breeze that flowed in from the open window. His peace was immediately disrupted by the loud entrance of his fukutaicho Matsumoto as she bounded in from the hall, "Taichooooo!" Hitsugaya immediately dodged back, narrowly avoiding her attempt at suffocating him in her immense cleavage. She pouted immediately, "Aww, you're no fun.. I guess you don't need this new mission then?" she waved a cream file folder in front of him and he snatched it from her.

"What is this?" he demanded, scowling up at her until she sat, bringing their eyes to the same level.

She waved a hand at him, "It's your new mission silly. Soutaicho requested that I deliver it to you. You're apparently leaving soon, after the mission briefing with Soutaicho and your partner."

Hitsugaya had already gotten up and reached the door when he stopped. "Partner?"

"Yep, apparently Soutaicho thought it would be better to send two captains, since it was of some sort of diplomatic importance." Hitsugaya scowled and made his way towards the first division barracks, leafing through the papers in the folder as he went. The contents just made him more confused, they didn't seem to make any sense, he could only tell for certain that the mission would involve leaving Japan which he wasn't very keen on, he couldn't speak anything but Japanese.

He arrived at the barracks and was escorted to the Soutaicho's office by the lieutenant. Soutaicho Yamamoto looked up as he entered, welcoming him with a small bow which he returned. "We are just waiting for your companion and then we can begin."

Toshiro was about to ask who his partner would be when the doors opened behind him, revealing the distinctive orange hair of Kurosaki Ichigo. Ichigo walked up to stand next to Toshiro and greeted him warmly before turning to Yamamoto. "You wanted to see me Soutaicho?"

"Yes, I have a mission for you and Hitsugaya-taicho. It is a particularly long mission so I thought it best to brief you together."

Ichigo tilted his head to the side a bit, his eyebrows furrowed, "A long mission? How long are we talking about? Who will take charge of our divisions while we are gone?"

"Your vice captains will cover for you for the next year, we will make arrangements so that you will be able to return to Soul Society if necessary."

Toshiro felt his eyes widen, "A year? What sort of mission requires our presence for an entire year?" He could see Ichigo nod in agreement next to him.

"It will be a mission at a school in England. It is a specialized school for the education of gifted children and the school headmaster has requested protection for the year, there is some sort of event happening that requires extra protection as there has been an increase in hollow activity around the school."

"A school? What kind of school asks Soul Society for help? How do they even know about Soul Society." He looked doubtful and Toshiro agreed with him. The Living World should not know about the presence of shinigamis.

"It is a school for the magically gifted. Their own society is hidden from normal humans, muggles they call them, but their magic is not effective against hollows it seems. The Soul Society in Europe does not have the manpower required of the mission so it was transferred to us."

"Wait," Ichigo pinched the bridge of his nose, "So you are telling me that some school in Europe teaches kids magic? Like card tricks? And they need protection from us?"

"Not card tricks, they earn offensive and defensive magic, along with other such things about magical devices and the like. They train wizards and witches and they need our assistance. Do you accept the mission or will I need to find two other captains to take your place?"

"Wizards huh?" Ichigo looked interested but still a bit skeptical. "Wait, how will we go to this school? We aren't wizards, we probably can't even do magic."

Yamamoto shook his head, "You both can do magic, I am certain of it. The qualities that wizards and witches posses are much like reiatsu. You will have no trouble. You will just have to go there and catch up with the rest of the students."

"Catch up?" Toshiro wasn't so sure what he meant by that.

"There are seven years of classes at the school, Hogwarts it's called. You will be transferring into the fourth year class as transfer students from a Japanese magic school. You are to attend classes as well as patrol the grounds for threats and intruders. The headmaster of the school, Dumbledore Albus, has also requested that you keep a closer eye on a certain fourth year student named Potter Harry, it seems he has a habit of getting in to danger and he wants to prevent it from happening again."

"So we're playing bodyguard. Will there be anyone who knows why we are there?" Ichigo had a glint in his eyes, he was hooked.

Yamamoto nodded, "The Headmaster will of course know, he might decide to inform some of the teachers at the school but I would advise not telling any of the students. Especially this Potter boy, he would not likely make it easy for you to protect him if he knew your intentions."

"Alright, when do we leave?" Ichigo apparently didn't need to look at Toshiro to know that he was also interested.

"You will leave tomorrow, opening a Senkaimon to a secure location in England and spending the next few months at an inn called the Leaky Cauldron. You will be able to get to a wizarding shopping district from there called Diagon Alley. You will spend the months before school starts on September first studying and practicing your magic so that you are not behind the other students. You will receive your materials to prepare for the mission from Urahara, he has a few devices that will prove useful during your trip. Good luck on your mission and I will hear from you in a few weeks."

Ichigo and Toshiro bowed and left the office, heading out of the barracks. Ichigo paused before making his way towards his own barracks to speak, "This seems like it will be fun don't you think Hitsugaya-taicho? Looking forward to working with you." He flashed a smile, not even waiting for his response before pivoting on his heel and heading for the Fifth division.

Toshiro stared after him, slightly dazzled by that smile, Kurosaki barely smiled so wide nowadays and it left him more than a bit flustered. Yeah, fun is right. We'll see.

So yeah, I'm making Ichigo and Toshiro go to Hogwarts. Original I know but its JUST them. I'll try to make it not terrible.

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