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Toshiro turned away from the lake to see his boyfriend, face down in Mizore's sleek fur, to raise a snowy eyebrow, wondering if he'd heard right. "What?"

"Bored." Ichigo didn't bother lifting his head up from the fox's side, making his voice rather muffled.

Toshiro glanced at their surroundings, the spectators still watching the lake for any signs of stirring though a few snuck glances their way. It had been over ten minutes since the champions had entered the lake and the crowd was still watching eagerly, Ichigo obviously couldn't be attentive for that long and had seemed to be taking a nap after only five minutes of the task beginning. "It's only been ten minutes Ichigo," was Ichigo's attention span always this short? Well I suppose he was kept busy back in Soul Society, captains don't get breaks very often.

"Bored." This time Ichigo actually mustered up the energy to pull away from Mizore's side long enough to mutter out his response before dropping back into the furry warmth.

Toshiro just snorted at his how ridiculous his boyfriend was being, "then do something about it idiot."

And Ichigo did, but not anything anyone could have predicted. He lifted his wand from its sheath on his arm and pointed it away from the lake, still not moving his face from Mizore's pelt, and muttered, "Reducto."

The boulder he had been blindly aiming at disintegrated into powder with a rumble. Toshiro just stared, aware that a fair number of the crowd had turned and witnessed Ichigo's spell, before he turned his stunned gaze down to where Ichigo was still buried in Mizore's side, "What was that for?! What did that boulder ever do to you?!"

"Oh the rock had it coming," Ichigo muttered into the snowy fur, snuggling even deeper into the soft thickness he practically whined, "Bored."

"You are ridiculous," Toshiro muttered, shaking his head, "What's gotten into you?"

Ichigo slowly, almost carefully, turned to face his boyfriend and said very slowly, "Bored."

Toshiro just threw up his hand, completely ignoring the people still staring at him and his unbelievable secret boyfriend. Thankfully he was saved from responding by a splash from the lake, the first champion had returned.

Ichigo didn't even bother moving, knowing exactly which of the champions it was and feeling no desire to congratulate them. He did listen for the next few splashes that announced the return of the other champions. He stilled when the period between the third champion and the last stretched for far longer than the time between the rest, Harry was still in the lake.

"Something's happening down there," Toshiro muttered as Ichigo rose and twisted around to face the water, "He should be back by now, and his presence is panicked."

Ichigo focused on the water, trusting that Toshiro knew what he could sense; his reiatsu sensing was always better than Ichigo's own, he had too much power for the finer focused abilities.

"He's coming," Ichigo had seen the slightest ripple and now could sense the youngest champion rapidly approaching the surface. "He must have used Ascendio, smart move considering he's got more than the one target with him."

Ichigo was proven right seconds after his statement as Harry burst out of the water, holding a drenched Ron and Gabrielle in both arms and landing hard on the deck only to be surrounded immediately.

Ichigo and Toshiro were satisfied with watching for now, seeing that Harry was being cared for, they would offer their congratulations later when the boy wasn't being mobbed.

"Why didn't you tell me what was in the lake? It would have been nice to know about the Grindylows before I was attacked by them."

Ichigo and Toshiro raised matching eyebrows at the boy's outburst, that wasn't what they expected when they stopped him in the hall the day after the Second Task.

"Why would we tell you?" Harry gaped at Ichigo's completely honest face, nonplussed.

"It could have helped me!"

"That's not what we're here for Harry; you are supposed to be getting through these Tasks on your own with no outside help. None of the other champions knew about the Grindylows and they managed fine. You were lucky on the First Task that you had prior notice about the dragons but normally you wouldn't even get that much information. This is meant to be a fair competition, all the champions on equal footing so you all have an equal chance at winning."

Harry grumbled but knew Toshiro was right, it was only fair. "So do you know what the last Task is? I wonder if the other champions know and I'm the only one out of the loop…"

Ichigo shook his head with a slight smile, "No idea. I think the Headmasters and Headmistress are the only ones who know this time, and there won't be any sharing this time, you're all going in blind."


The taller student ruffled Harry's dark hair with a warm face, "don't worry so much, you'll be fine. Just be ready for anything just in case. You can handle it Harry, you're used to unpredictable things right?"

Harry scowled at Ichigo's smug face but couldn't keep the small smile off his face, "Yeah you're right. I can just think of it as another unplanned adventure, except this time I'm on my own."

"You'll be fine Harry, you aren't alone, we're with you, we just can't be right with you during the Task. But don't worry, if something does go wrong we'll be there to help, promise." Toshiro didn't like seeing that downtrodden look on Harry's face, the boy was usually so bright, he didn't like seeing him be dragged down.

"Thanks guys." Harry was really grateful that he met the two transfers, they were really great guys, strange and intimidating appearances beside, and he was sure going to miss them when they left.

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