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Thalia POV

The moon was out and shining when the Hunters and I arrived at Camp Half Blood three weeks ago. Lady Artemis had told us to come here since Zeus sent her on a solo mission. At first we tried to convince her to bring us with her, but she refused to. We were upset by that, but orders are orders. We had just stepped over the borders and were heading to the Big House when Annabeth came over and attacked me with a hug.

"Thalia! Thank the gods you're here. Percy has been gone for almost a year and I'm really worried. I know he's completing the Labors of Heracles, but I didn't think it would take him this long. So I really need some support at the moment. It's so good to have you back!" she said with her grey eyes slightly dull. After Percy had been separated from Annabeth in the Giant War for 8 months, she is much more protective over him and closely monitors him. I know it's been driving him insane.

And then a yell was heard from the top of the hill.

"Annabeth, you have to tell him tomorrow night! He just Iris Messaged me saying that he finished all the labors and will be coming back to camp tomorrow. Do you want a random camper or worse, Tristan telling him that you've been cheating? We can't afford for Percy to be pissed at all of us, the camp doesn't deserve to be punished for your carelessness, stupidity, and gods forbid your emotions," I sneered.

"You don't think I know that? It isn't like I want to hurt his feelings. I would've just IMed him saying we're over so that he can stop his trials from my mom, but I kept chickening out and with all we've gone through it didn't seem proper or considerate enough. I may not love him anymore, but I still care." Is it me or did she seem to wince when she said that she didn't love him anymore?

"Whatever. But if he finds out before you tell him, I'm siding with him. I still don't exactly approve of your new relationship. No offense, but Tristan is a complete jerk." I told her very matter-of-factly.

She stared at the floor of the Zeus cabin which was currently unoccupied except for us. It was dark outside since it was a new moon and I could see the stars through the windows. We were whisper fighting since Nico was just a cabin away and we didn't want to alert the harpies or Chiron of our secret meeting. Annabeth was beside herself with worry and anxiety. Purple bags could be seen underneath her eyes since she couldn't sleep, trying to think of what to say when Percy comes back. And her hair was a rat's nest. On second thought, it's always like that but it's been getting worse since she started dating Tristan.

Tristan Baylor, the thought of him makes me want to spit. He's a recently claimed son of Apollo who looks like a son of Poseidon with the black unruly hair and sea green eyes. If Apollo hadn't claimed him, we all would've sworn he was Percy's long lost brother. But the difference between the look a likes is that Percy is kind, loyal, sometimes moody, but an overall good person whereas Tristan just doesn't like anyone (unless you're a girl) and complains about camp life. The only redeeming quality about him is that he saved Chiron from an attack by a random dracaena that had snuck up behind the two and managed to seriously injure one of the centaur's legs. We were surprised Chiron got injured at all since he usually has super senses.

Percy left a year ago to complete the Labors of Heracles which Athena forced him to do if he wanted to even think about taking Annabeth's hand in marriage. I thought it was unfair of her considering that he's already gone above and beyond what Heracles ever did for her, but I can't exactly argue with a goddess of wisdom. About a month ago after Percy left, Tristan showed up on Half Blood Hill with a sword in hand named Owlclaw. Just by the name of his stupid sword, Annabeth assumed that Athena approved of him and began to take interest in him. And all because she thought it would be nice to date someone who actually lived up to her mother's expectations. Two weeks later they officially started dating, much to my horror. It took 5 years before she admitted feelings for Percy! And this guy comes in and they're dating in a month? Something does not add up here.

And now here we are discussing her love life at one in the morning because she can't own up to her actions.

"Why does everyone hate him so much? He's a good guy, really," she protested weakly. He must not act towards her like he does everyone else. Or he just doesn't do it around her.

"Obviously the guy has some good acting skills then. He's rude to all the other campers and isn't exactly as welcoming as he should be towards the newbies. Seriously, Clarisse is nicer to them than he is."

Her eyes widened in shock, "Whoa. It just can't be! He's so sweet and caring and gentle…" her eyes didn't glazed over.

I snapped my fingers in front of her face startling her, "News flash Annie, no one trusts him. And they are starting to all hate your guts too just by dating him. Also, due to the fact that you're betraying the Savior of Olympus."

Tears welled up in her eyes and I felt bad for hurting her feelings. She's supposed to be my best friend, but she has really changed since I last saw her. This is why I'm in the Hunters. Thank the gods I will never have to deal with this kind of stuff. It's just too confusing and no matter what you choose, someone ends up with a broken heart. Love is way too complicated for me. Annabeth started to shake and I went and sat beside her and put my arm around her shoulder sighing.

"Listen, just sit the Kelp Head down and tell him gently that you're breaking up with him. And try avoiding Tristan at all costs before that so Percy doesn't accidentally walk in on you two kissing or something. That would be our worse case scenario. Now take your Yankee's cap and go back to your cabin and get some sleep."

She stood up and walked towards the door. Before she stepped out she turned back to me and said, "Thanks Thals, it really means a lot to me that you're helping." Then she frowned and looked around herself warily as if checking to see someone was watching her. "Thalia," she whispered, "I really need to talk to you tomorrow night. It's extremely important. It's about my…little situation." She gave a quick smile then disappeared. Flopping back onto my bed I thought to myself, That girl is going to be the death of me.

I woke up the next morning with a sense of dread and happiness. Percy was coming back! And he's about to get his heart broken. I love the guy and I really hope he'll overcome the pain. Quickly I put on my Hunter's outfit and stepped out of the Zeus cabin. Giving a nod to Hazel as I walked by, I jogged to the Artemis cabin where the rest of the Hunters were waiting.

I should give an explanation about Hazel first. Ever since the end of the Giant War, the Romans and Greeks have combined the camps. You can still travel from camp to camp by boat, much to the Romans dismay, but it's the fastest way to get there. Anyways, Hazel along with Frank decided to stay at Camp Half Blood so that they could be with Percy and Nico. Sadly, Jason stayed with the Romans since he is still praetor. Piper left her sister Lacey in charge of the Aphrodite cabin and went with him, but Leo stayed behind since he wasn't exactly fit for the strict lifestyle of the Romans. And Reyna also stayed at the Roman camp where she too is praetor. But she was really upset when she found out that Jason chose Piper over her. I almost convinced her to join the Hunters but she's too loyal to Camp Jupiter and Lupa.

As soon as I entered the Hunter's cabin, I was barraged with a single question by Phoebe and several others. "Where were you last night?"

"Chill out I was helping a friend in need. Don't worry it was a girl," I added when I caught their glares, "Ready for breakfast?" I shouted.

They all shouted yes and got in line except for Phoebe who rolled her eyes at me because of my oh so subtle change in subject. She gave me one last look before stepping behind me in line. When we got to the pavilion I snuck a peek at the Athena table and noticed that Annabeth was trying hard not to look at Tristan who was staring at her. I smiled to myself. Good, let her be wary.

I spent the rest of breakfast just talking and laughing with my sisters. Near the end, Chiron stood up and stomped his hoof on the marble floor. "Settle down children! First of all I'd like you all to give a warm goodbye to the Hunters of Artemis who will be leaving since Lady Artemis has completed her mission. Our last game of Capture the Flag will be on Friday. And secondly, one of our campers will be returning tonight from his quest."

"Who is it Chiron?" someone shouted from the Hermes cabin.

"Percy Jackson," he said with a smile, "Annabeth, Thalia, Nico, Hazel, Frank I'm sure you will want to be on the welcoming committee?" I noticed Tristan shooting Annabeth a look of confusion and she went pale. She ran off before Chiron could release us. Chiron turned to me with a questioning expression and I silently pleaded to him to let me talk to her. He nodded and I whispered to Phoebe to have the Hunters go through the regular activities and took off running.

I eventually found her on the beach with her head in her hands, crying. "He will hate me! I know it! He'll never forgive me once he knows that I've been cheating on him! I CAN'T WIN."

"Annabeth," she jumped when I said her name, ", you don't know that Tristan or Percy will hate you. First off, Tristan may already know and he just hasn't told you. It's pretty obvious. I mean seriously, all of the pictures in the Big House? He'd have to be stupid if he hasn't guessed already. And Percy will probably, maybe, eventually, forgive you since he's just too nice. He should know by now that people change. Now let's go get you cleaned up and ready for the big speech you're going to have to give tonight." I held out my hand and she took it gratefully. I took her back to my cabin to get ready so no one would stare at her, which is more than she deserves in my opinion, and helped prepare her little monologue for her soon to be ex boyfriend, one of my best friends. I'm a terrible person.

Aww no you're not Thals, just a good friend!

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