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"I can't believe this!" Rose yelled angrily, trying to force the door open but to no avail. "How could you be so stupid! I told you to hold the door open!"

"Are you kidding me?" Scorpius said, arms crossed, brow furrowed. "You're the one that told me to move!"

"Well I thought you'd have some sense in that stupid brain of yours to put something to hold the door open. Obviously I was expecting too much!" Rose growled, giving the door a final kick before turning around and mimicking Scorpius's position. "Do you have your wand on you?"

"No," he said, glaring at her "You're the one who told me to not carry it when I'm with the bloody Muggles!"

"Out of everything I've ever asked you to do, THAT'S when you decide to listen to me?"

"Okay Ms. Know-It-All. How about this! Do you have that stupid phone contraption with you?"

"You mean my cell phone? No I left it inside-."

"Wasn't it you who told me that it was used so you can get in touch with anyone at anytime? You're supposed to keep it on your person for situations like this, right? Well who's the real bloody idiot here?"

Rose could feel her face flushing due to the from the anger that was now boiling in her blood.

"The idiot that was too stupid to hold the door open!" Rose answered, not caring whether or not she was in the wrong.

"Right, of course it is," Scorpius said sarcastically, throwing his hands up. "Because Ms. Goody Two Shoes Weasley couldn't possibly be in the wrong. Even if she was too stupid to bring her damn Muggle phone. That'd be insane!"

"Will you shut up already! I've got more problems to worry about then your useless comments."

She ignored his 'I want to strangle you with my bare hands' glare, and sat on the desk that her father used, to work on. She folded her legs, pretzal style, and put her elbows on her knees, head in her hands. "Now I have to think of a way to get us the hell out of here, thanks to you."

Rose sat up straight as Malfoy marched up to her, anger burning in his eyes. He was right in her face when he said, "So help me Merlin, if you weren't a girl-"

"If I wasn't a girl, what!" Rose snapped at him.

They glared at each other for a moment, before Malfoy took a step back.

"I thought so," Rose mumbled, as Scorpius went to go take a seat in the chair.

"Here's an idea", Malfoy said sarcastically. "Why don't you use that big mouth of yours to call for help. I'm sure someone will hear us, then."

"Oh great plan," Rose muttered sarcastically. "Let's let the whole Muggle neighborhood see what's inside the shed. No one will notice that its a hell of a lot bigger on the inside then the outside."


"Yea, whatever," Rose said, raising her voice. "Why don't we let me do the thinking here so my parents don't end up in a cell in Azkaban like yours!"

Suddenly something clicked in her brain, and the anger drained out of her like water down a sink. Her stomach was full of nothing but a cold slab of guilt as she realized what she had just said. She knew that Malfoy was a git, but he didn't deserved to be hit below the belt like that. It was totally insensitive of her, and she knew it.

The change of emotion must have been clear on Rose's face because Malfoy didn't yell back, as she was expecting him too. Instead gave her an angry glance, then went to twirling a pen that had been on Ron's desk in silence.

She tried apologizing but her throat closed up, not allowing her to speak. She felt terrible for what she had said, felt terrible about the situation he was in.

"Will you stop looking at me like I'm a wounded dog?" he said, glancing up at her again.

Rose swallowed her pride and started. "Look, what I said was-"

"Just forget about it," he said, in a bored tone now. She could see the anger quickly leave his face as well. She took a deep breath.

"No," she said, not looking at him directly. "I'm sorry. What I said...that was really uncalled for."

"It's fine," he tried waving it off, also avoiding her eye. "If that's where my parents end up, well... so be it."

Rose opened her mouth to lecture him on the value of family, but decided against it; closing her mouth with pursed lips. She knew nothing about Malfoy, never asked and never cared. Who knew what his family life was like. and who knew if him and his parents got along. He barely showed any emotions towards his families predicament when he had come here. Rose had always thought it was just a defense mechanism to the current situation but what if he really didn't care?Was this sarcastic and uncaring act he always put on, not actually an act act all? Was this what he was truly felt?

Rose inhaled deeply once more. Her curiosity was making her fingers twitch, but she was smart enough to know that she was treading over a sensitive topic, and had to approach with caution.

"I'm guessing you and your parents didn't get along then?" she questioned with a laugh, hoping to make it sound light hearted, but instead made her curiosity sound much more obvious then she had wanted. She stared down at her hands which were clasped together in her lap, while trying to hold the fake smile that was wavering quickly.

At the corner of her eye, she saw Scorpius look up at her, studying her being. It made her feel extremely nervous, and she couldn't help but move around where she sat in discomfort.

"We're nothing like your family if that's what you mean," he said finally, making Rose exhale in relief. "We're not the 'sit around the dinner table' kinda people."

"Well that sucks," Rose said, as sympathetic as possible. She didn't know what else to say, but she still wanted to hear more. Luckily for her, Scorpius wasn't done.

"Not as much as you'd think," he replied. "I mean we don't talk much, but it much more peaceful then this place."

"Then I dont understand," Rose said, shaking her head. "If your happy the way things are, why are you okay with your parents going away to Azkaban?"

"It's not like I wish for them to go there," he said, playing with the hem of his shirt. "I don't really know them. They're always at work or out with important people so their never home much. It wouldn't really make a difference if they went away because they were never really there to begin with."

Rose couldn't help but feel a pain in her heart, though she wasn't sure what it was. Pity maybe? Sorrow? Whatever it was, she felt over sympathetic at this point. Here was this boy who never had a real family and was alone most of his life, while here she was with an over protective family of her own, that she never thought twice about having. She couldn't imagine being an only child, growing up in a huge mansion all by her lonesome. It must be terribly boring as well. This boy may be a complete jerk, but she couldn't help feeling like she wanted to go and give him a hug or something... not that she was going too though. That'd just be weird.

"What I don't understand," Scorpius spoke up, taking Rose away from her private thoughts."Is why my mother sent me here of all places. I'm perfectly capable of staying in the house without them."

Rose thought about it but couldn't come up with any good reason either.

"Who knows," she mentioned, shrugging. "You can ask her later, right?. I mean, their trial is coming up and their's no guarantee their getting sent to Azkaban."

"True," he agreed, nodding. "But I doubt it. My father's a real idiot if he thought he could keep all that stuff without anyone finding out about it."

Rose was just about to ask, what in fact, his father had been hiding, but thought better of it. She wasn't sure she really wanted to know.

"Do you like it here?" Rose asked out of the blue, surprising herself. She suddenly felt self conscious of the question, as if she had asked him something too personal for an answer.

"This place?" he said, his normal arrogant tone was back in his voice now. "You mean with all the yelling, and running around that goes on all day? There's barely a peaceful moment in your house. Not to mention, all these Muggle roaming around, I don't know how you could call yourself a witch."

Rose was about to retort angrily when he started laughing, catching her by suprise.

"I do like it here," he said grinning. "It's a lot less boring then my home, anyway."

For a moment, Rose couldn't help but stare at his smiling face. It was like he had peeled a layer of an invisible mask off and she could now see Malfoy a bit clearer as a younger happier child. His eyes looked a little more brighter, in any case.

"Well I'm glad," she finally said. "Everyone seems to be enjoying your stay, especially Hugo."

Malfoy cocked his head to side. "Does that 'everyone' include you?"

"Well," Rose said, her mouth suddenly becoming dry. "Ummm... I..."

But whatever she was about to say suddenly vanished from her mind, leaving her blank. She watched as Scorpius lifted one eyebrow, still waiting for an answer, but the sarcastic remark she wanted to say wouldn't come out, as her brain was taking the question too seriously.

She suddenly realized she was staring at Malfoy longer then what was considered normal. However, he was looking right at her too, unwavering, with that stupid grin on his face. She didn't know whether or not she should break first, and felt her face get hot for reasons she was unsure about. Her palms grew sweaty and the butterflies in her stomach started fluttering excitedly. It was like her whole body was rebelling against her, and she hadn't the slightest inkling why. The only thing she was able to grasp out of this now awkward situation was the realization that she didn't hate Malfoy... or at least not as much as she thought she did.

"Oy," someone called suddenly, from the other side of the door. "You two still in there?"

Rose jumped out of her skin, breaking the spell that had sprung up between them, and went over to the locked door, with trembling limbs.

"Hugo! Is that you?" she asked, ignoring the blonde boy behind her.

"Yea! What's going on in there?" his muffled voice, asked.

"We're locked in! Go get your wand and let us out," she yelled, then cursed herself remembering that there was still Muggles in her home, and hoping that none were outside with Hugo.

"Alright, I'll be back in a sec!" he yelled through, leaving Rose alone, once again, with Malfoy.

"Well am I going to get an answer or not?" Scorpius asked, from his sitting position. She swallowed and turned around, a newly formed attitude was now in place.

"You infuriate me, most of the time," she started. "But when you're not being an annoying git... your alright I guess."

"Your the smartest girl in our year and that's the best answer you could come up," Malfoy smirked. "I'm alright?"

"Sorry, finding a compliment that fits you is near impossible," she rolled her eyes, sarcastically.

The tense air in the room had finally risen and everything seemed to be back to normal. However, once they were out of the shed, thanks to Hugo, Rose couldn't help but ponder why on earth she had frozen up like that. It didn't make sense in the slightest... well, she'd make sure it wouldn't happen again.

"Well look who decided to join us," Rose heard Tiff call out. Yet instead of answering with her usual comeback, Rose plopped on her father's chair and threw the chip bags at her. She had no desire to hear the taunting that was sure to come.

Scorpius sat lazily on the floor, next to his new found friends, who nudged him a bit. Rose tried her best to ignore the obvious anxiety in the room.

"So," Crystal said, looking at Rose while holding up a plastic bottle, that was most likely found in the kitchen. "Are we going to play? Or have you two already had enough?"

The group started laughing making Rose's cheeks a slight pink, while Scorpius just smirked in his usual way.

"Jealous, are you?" was his only answer, making the other laugh more. Rose rolled her eyes, trying not to pay attention. She was far from being in the mood to party or play childen's games. In fact, she could feel a growing headache coming on and wanted nothing more then to lay down.

However, despite her obvious feelings of resentment, the game was played anyway. Rose's head was in the clouds, but she was there just enough to know whom the bottle was spinning on, and who was kissing who. It started off with Tiff kissing Patrick, then David kissing Crystal, with an ecstatic Arianna, who was happy enough to kiss Rose's younger brother, despite being older then him. She could hear the giggling in her head as she thought about her time at Hogwarts and how these kind of ridiculous games were never played. Only Muggles could come up with something as embarrassing as this. She thought about the warm lit castle, how the fields overflowed with flowers in the spring, the smell of Christmas in the Great Hall in the winter, the excitement at the Quiddatch Pitch, the feel of her wand in her hands, and then the depths of Malfoys blue eyes that she had gazed into only about an hour ago.

Then the giggling turned into outright laughter, and she was brought back into reality.

What thehellwas I just thinking about, she thought, shaking her head as her cheeks grew hot. Despite her embarrassing thought pattern, her reaction in the outside world seemed to be in the right, because it only made people laugh louder.

That's when she looked down and realized that annoying plastic bottle, that she would blow up if she had her wand, was pointing at her.

She felt herself grow panicked as she looked around the room. She hadn't been paying attention in the slightest, and had no idea who had spun it. For a second, her gaze landed on Scorpius, but then she quickly turned away. No need to make this worse then it already was.

Yet, it was not Scorpius who had spun the bottle. No, it was none other then the eccentric Eric who bowed as he got up, making everyone cheer, before he made his way towards her.

Of all the bloody people...,she couldn't help thinking, as he came closer.

It was only a second before he had grabbed both arms of the chair, and was leaning towards her.

"We meet again, Rosie dear," he said, with a smile on his face, that could have been mistaken as the happiness of the winning the lottery.

Rose sat back as far as possible in the arm chair, lifting one of her legs and putting her foot firmly on his chest, creating a barrier from him to her face, using her entire body.

"Not in this life time,"' she said, but she couldn't help but laugh. He was the kinda kid who's smile was contagious and this day was getting more bizzare by the second. Laughing or not, she would not be kissing one of her oldest childhood friends anytime soon... at least not in front of anyone.

"Well we could go somewhere private, if that's what you'd like," he said, as if reading her mind. "But who knows what kind of penalty that would bring up."

Rose instantly thought of the conversation she had with Scorpius discussing 'Seven minutes in Heaven.'

"Absolutely not," she said trying to push him back with her leg, but to no avail.

"Well alrighty then," he said simply, and before Rose even had time to think, he leaped onto the arm of the chair so Rose's foot slipped from his chest, and before she had time to defend herself, he came at her from above. His warm lips pressed firmly down on hers, as one hand held on to her cheek, preventing her from escape. It lasted for only a second but when he pulled away enough that she could see his big shiny brown eyes, she could feel her face grow hot.

Then without further ado, he turned around, fist in the air, shouting "I got her!"

Everyone cheered, clapping there hands and laughing, making Rose embarrassment meter burst. All she could do was take a pillow and throw it at the back of his smug head, yelling over the cheers that a warning would have been nice. His answer was a over exaggerated flirty wink, making everyone laugh more, including Rose. He was such an idiot that she couldn't do anything but laugh, despite the fact, that the joke was on her.

She looked over at Arianna, expecting her to give her a cheery thumbs up, but instead saw that her eyes were watching something on her right. Rose followed her line of sight until she was looking at Malfoy once more. Looking sullen, and out of the loop, he stared out the dark window, face tense.

She was about to say something when Arianna spoke up. "You haven't gone yet Scorpius right? Have a go."

"What?" he said confusingly, as if his head had been somewhere very far away, Then when he When realized what she was asking of him he answered, "No thanks, this isn't really my thing."

"Oh go on!" Hugo said, clapping him on the back, after just wrestling with Eric for kissing his sister. "It can't hurt."

Shrugging, he took the bottle in his hands and spun it on the floor, hard. It could land on anyone at this point.

Rose had been out of it, almost the entire game, but now that Scorpius was going, she felt herself totally aware, concentrating on the spinning bottle and where it would stop. It's fast speed was slowly decreasing and before she knew it, it was revolving slowly around everyone, once... twice... three times...where it would stop, nobody knows.

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