by Gunman

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Summary: After rejecting Third Impact Shinji finds a new purpose, once again fighting Angels alongside a unique group of Devils.


Chapter 1
Lonely Death

Shinji Ikari sighed as he looked up at the gates of Kuou Academy.

Another wonderful day. He depressingly thought to himself as he dragged himself into the school. A school that had been an all-girls academy for 50 years had only recently opened its gates to boys starting three years ago. The reason for his depression was simple. Looking around he saw everyone hurrying about and enjoying being a teenager. Boys talking with their friends, girls in their own cliques, and most importantly: boys with their girlfriends.

Of course, even though the school had been coed for three years now, only a handful of girls actually had their own boyfriends. Most of the girls here thought of boys as perverted and wanted little or nothing to do with them.

Shinji himself was envious of those boys who had managed to get themselves a girlfriend.

At least they have someone in this world. Shinji thought.

Even being the guy who saved the world had its trade-offs.

Yes, Shinji Ikari was the Third Child of NERV, pilot of the Evangelion Unit 01. Together with fellow pilots Rei Ayanami and Asuka Langley Sohryu, Shinji had risked life and limb in order to defend mankind from the Angels. But his greatest trauma came from the schemes and manipulations of his own father, Gendo Ikari.

His estranged father, who was an utterly ruthless bastard, had conspired with a group of men, called SEELE, to trigger what was known as Third Impact, using him and his Eva to initiate what they referred to as Instrumentality. Essentially, the forced evolution of mankind, which would have wiped out everyone on the entire planet.

However, their years of scheming and planning had one flaw.


It was at the peak of the Instrumentality ceremony, when everyone and everything was wrapped in the aura and power of the Red Earth Ceremony, that Shinji, while still inside Unit-01, momentarily gained control of the ceremony and rejected everything they were trying to do.

A cascading, domino-effect as it were.

However, in doing this, Shinji had changed everything.

Gendo and SEELE were wiped out. NERV was wiped out. The Evangelions were wiped out. All traces of the Angels were wiped out. Everyone employed with NERV never worked for NERV. And all knowledge of Shinji Ikari being an Eva pilot was wiped from the memories of everyone who knew him.

Shinji had basically rewritten the history of the world for the last 15 years.

However, in doing so, it was only after everything had changed that Shinji realized what he had done. He had saved everyone on the planet... and left himself alone.

His mother and father, gone. His guardian Misato was alive but didn't remember him. His roommate and fellow pilot Asuka was back living in Germany. Rei didn't exist. And his friends, Toji and Kensuke didn't even know who he was.

While he couldn't bring back 3½ billion people, the world itself had been changed and healed to what it was before Second Impact.

He was still Shinji Ikari, but in this new world his parents had died years ago and essentially left him as a ward of the state.

Which is where Shinji found himself now. Alone and filled with the horrible memories of a life he wished he could forget.

The only up-side, and it was a somewhat shallow one, is that Shinji found out he had a good-sized trust fund left by his parents before they died, so as to provide for his food and shelter. He also found out that his mother had registered him for Kuou Academy since he was a baby. Apparently Yui had been expecting a girl. Not that she didn't love Shinji for being a boy, which was to Shinji's good fortune that the school had changes it's policy to go co-ed, which made him presence there two years ago to be somewhat easier.

Now 16 years old and into his second year at the co-ed school, Shinji was still alone and wondering what new horrors were in store for him.

As he passed through the gates, he noticed three things that had become the norm at this school.

The first thing he saw was a young, handsome boy with short blond hair and blue eyes, dressed in the typical dark-gray school uniform, neatly pressed and tied, with polished brown shoes, standing in the center of a small harem of very cute girls. This was Yuuto Kiba, the school prince. A nice enough guy, which is something that all the girls seemed to appreciate.

He then saw three scowling boys whom he knew from his class.

The first was Matsuda, the tallest of the group who had very-short light grey hair, who reminded Shinji of Toji. Since he likes to play sports and all. Nowadays, however, he spent his time peeping on the girls, and Shinji had once heard him say things like 'Shut up or I will rape you in my mind.' There was Motohama, often called a glasses-wearing pervert, who had short, shaggy black hair, and joked that his glasses had the ability to measure a girls three sizes. This guy reminded Shinji of Kensuke. And lastly was Issei Hyoudou, a somewhat dim-witted hentai who wanted to build himself a harem, which was the scuttlebutt amongst several of the girls who detest hentais.

Apparently they loathed Kiba because he was more popular with the ladies than they were.

Suddenly he saw the boys heads turn towards the gates, as three very important people walked in.

The first was Rias Gremory, an extremely gorgeous bishoujo and object of every guys fantasy. With her cyan colored eyes and very long, flaming red hair, not to mention her voluptuous figure, which included breasts that Asuka would kill to have, made her the most noticeable and sought after young woman in the entire school. Dressed in the standard school uniform, which included a very short wine-colored skirt that seemed only a couple inches shy of being obscene. A white striped shirt that hugged her curvy chest very well, and a dark lavender waistcoat that wrapped around her thin stomach like a second skin, but hung off her shoulders like a small cloak of sorts. The really interesting part of the waistcoat was that it was gapped in the front, allowing her breasts to protrude without any resistance. In fact, without the white shirt, her assets would have been clearly on display. Black socks that came up to her knees looked like silk, and her simple brown shoes looked like they had been handmade.

In a lot of ways, this girl reminded Shinji of Asuka.

Trailing behind her was Koneko Toujou, the school mascot. A first year student, she had short silver hair and gold eyes, a petite figure and seemed to be carrying herself as if walking on a cloud. All the girls thought she was uber-cute and all the boys looked at her like she was some loli-girl, wanting to do ecchi things to her. She didn't smile, unlike the other two girls, and just seemed to stare out across the sea of students, as if looking all through them. Wearing a uniform much like the others, except that it didn't have a shoulder-wrap, this girl reminded Shinji of Rei.

Lastly was Akeno Himejima, the schools other top idol. With her long black ponytail, (which was extremely long as well), an athletic and shapely body that would put most super models to shame, a warm and gentle smile and purple eyes, not to mention her cheerful and outgoing personality, she was the idol of many girls, and the fantasy of many boys. Which included Shinji. In a way, she reminded him of Misato.

Every time Akeno spoke, Shinji felt his heart fill with a warmth he had only known once in his life. All his sorrows and pains washed away like the outgoing tide, only to return with the force of a tidal wave when he realized the obvious of his situation.

These girls were out of his league, so much so like Misato or Ritsuko, two of the most attractive women he had ever met. Even Rei and Asuka were out of his league. Rias and Akeno would never talk to him or even look at him, which only made Shinji all the more depressed and lonely.

But as he walked to class, he failed to notice the strange stares that the pair were sending his way.

Lunch break found Shinji taking a small nap underneath a large tree on the outside of the school. He wasn't hungry nor was he tired. Just depressed and lonely.

He looked up at the sky, staring at the sun through the tree leaves, and wishing that he had someone in his life. A friend, a guardian, even a pet would be a good thing. Yet something was keeping him from having these things.

But what was it? Fear of rejection? The experiences of his life? His own depression?

As he always did, Shinji felt lost and alone.

A tear came to his eye as he realized that Gendo's legacy of neglect and manipulations had beaten him down again.

And the worst part was that Shinji knew, he knew that his father needed him this way in order to trigger Third Impact. He needed Shinji so emotionally destroyed that his urgency would awaken Yui, his mother, from inside Unit 01 in order to help him control Third Impact. But as Shinji continued to fight the Angels for NERV, he found strength from others. Misato, Rei, Toji, Kensuke, Kaji, even Asuka. They became his reasons for fighting. Even as they left, one-by-one, so too did Shinji's own strength, when at the very end, at the crux of Instrumentality, Shinji was able to avert everything that Gendo and SEELE had spent years trying to achieve.

And now, without any of them, Shinji felt absolutely powerless. He had nothing to live for, no reason to go on, and it plagued his mind so much, even as the school bell rang for classes to begin again.

As he left his spot under the tree, he failed to notice a pair of eyes watching him from a high window.

"So, that's him, is it?" Rias asked.

"Yes. Ikari Shinji, class 2-B." Akeno said.

"The boy who saved the world from Third Impact." the redheaded girl said, turning away from the window.

"But no one remembers him, and he apparently has no one, save himself." the raven-haired girl replied.

"Of course not. When he rejected Third Impact, he changed everything. The people of NERV, that SEELE committee, his friends, his guardian, even his own father, all gone. It's sad really. In order to give the entire human race a second chance, he sacrificed everything he ever knew. Everyone that he ever cared about. Now he is alone." Rias said as she sat at her desk.

"We should extend to him an invitation, then." Akeno said.

"Reach out to him?" Rias asked, curiously.

"Yes. He did save the world, after all." Akeno said.

Rias lowered her head in thought, and then sadly shook it.

"No. Not yet. He has a chance to live a normal life. But... I believe we should keep an eye on him." The crimson-haired young woman finally said.

Akeno looked out the window and saw that Shinji was now gone.

A normal life. She thought to herself as she stared out at where Shinji had been. How can one have a normal life if they have nothing to live for? It's not fair. He should have a chance to be happy, but how can he when all he has are memories of pain and suffering? He doesn't even have anyone to talk to, who can understand his problems.

A sudden realization came to her like a bolt of lightning.

Is that the reason I want to take him into my arms and hold him tightly? To comfort him because of the terrible life he has lead? She thought.


It was the end of the day, and Shinji was walking home. Or at least where he lived. His apartment, such as it was, was basically a studio where he ate, slept and did his homework. It had a TV and a computer, but that was it. No other luxury.

Shinji figured he didn't need it. After all, you only wanted comfort if you enjoyed living.

Pausing on a bridge that was located near the school, Shinji contemplated jumping, when he noticed someone else approaching him. Stowing the suicidal thoughts for the moment, Shinji was slightly surprised when the person stopped right in front of him.

"Excuse me, Ikari-san?"

Turning towards the speaker, Shinji noticed that the speaker was a young woman about his age. Very cute with charcoal colored hair and light purple eyes and a fairly athletic body. The school uniform was different from the one he wore to Kuou. It was light brown with a red skirt.

"Yes?" he answered.

"Are you alright?" she asked.

"I've seen better days." he replied.

"Perhaps I can help you." she said.

Shinji looked at the lovely young woman. "How?" he asked.

"By giving to you your greatest desire."

Shinji looked at the girl and stared at the girl. "You can't."

"I can't?" the girl asked.

"No. You can't."

"I'm sorry. I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Amano Yuuma and I wanted to ask you if you wanted to... go out with me?" she said, sounding like she had to force the words from her mouth.

Shinji looked at her as if not believing what she had just said. A cute girl he'd never seen before just asked him out.

"You... want to... go out with me?" he asked.

"Yes." she said.

"Why?" he asked.

The girl looked at him, slightly confused. As if she wasn't expecting that.

"Because you seem... lonely?" she replied.

Shinji hung his head in shame. Was his condition so obvious that a girl he didn't even know could have deduced his life?

"I probably wouldn't be good company." he said to her.

"Maybe I would." she said with a smile.

"I'd... like that." he said with a sad smile.

"Great!" Yuuma said. "I'll see you tomorrow, here, after school?"

"Uh, sure." Shinji said, his smile a little easier than before.

As Yuuma walked away, a young girl with golden eyes watched with interest from behind a tree while sucking on a popsicle.

(One hour later)

"So she's going to meet with Ikari-san tomorrow, huh?" Rias asked.

"Yes, ma'am." Koneko said, eating a pudding pop.

"I don't like this." Akeno said, agitation in her voice.

"Maybe it's an innocent thing? This girl has a weakness for emotionally disturbed boys?" Kiba asked as he held up a picture of Yuuma that Koneko had taken.

"Perhaps. But I think there is something more to this." Rias said. "We may have to step up our plans."

Akeno, Koneko and Kiba all nodded.


The next day, after school, Shinji was waiting by the bridge for Yuuma.

However, his feelings were far from excited or anxious.

"Why is this girl wanting to go out with me? I'm not special. I'm not handsome or charming. I'm not even an Eva pilot anymore. What does she want from me?" he said aloud to no one in particular.

"I want to help you."

Shinji turned around and saw Yuuma, smiling at him and wearing a simple white blouse, brown skirt, brown shoes and white socks. A very 'civilian' look.

Shinji thought she looked... "Pretty." he said in a whisper.

Yuuma smiled as she heard him. Looping his arm with hers, Yuuma tugged on Shinji and pulled the young man down the sidewalk.

The pair hadn't gone very far when Yuuma turned towards Shinji.

"Can I ask you a question, Shinji-kun?" she asked.

"Sure." Shinji replied.

"Do you want to die?"

Shinji looked at her in surprise.

"Do I want to die?" he asked.


"Why would you ask me that?"

"Because you look so sad."

Shinji bowed his head.

"I... just don't have anything to live for." he said.

"No friends, or family, or anything?"


"No hobbies?"

"Just music... but I don't have a cello anymore."

"Why not?"

"Because I'm not special."

"I think you are."

"Why are you being so nice to me?" he asked.

"Because I know who you are... and what you are." she said.

"You do?"

"Yes. You are Shinji Ikari... the killer of Angels."

Shinji paused as he looked at the lovely young woman.

"How do you..." he paused his question, realizing that if everything from his old life had been erased, including the Angels, how did Yuuma know?

"Know about you? That you were the Evangelion pilot who was tricked and coerced into fighting the Angels for the NERV agency? How do I know that you were abused, both physically and emotionally by your father and roommate, Gendo Ikari and Asuka Langley Sohryu? How do I know that all you have ever wanted was to be loved and cared for by others?"

Shinji looked at her strangely, wondering how she possibly knew this.

"You... you couldn't have known that... unless..." he started to ask.

"Unless... I am not human." she said as her body started to glow.

Her clothes suddenly shredded, as if exploding off her body, straps of leather wrapped around her shapely body, but while her arms and legs were wrapped in thick leather, her body was covered in what looked like a sexy dominatrix bikini. Her hair went from charcoal gray to dark purple, her eyes going from reddish pink to light purple, her physical features seeming to grow by 10-to-15 years as a pair of large black-feathered wings emerged from her back.

"Who... what are you?" Shinji asked.

"My name is Reynalle. I am a Fallen Angel who has been watching you for some time. We have been most interested in you." she said.

"Me? Why?"

"Because you destroyed our brother Angels."

"So... those giant creatures that I fought for NERV... were REAL Angels?"

"Yes. Fallen Angels, like myself, who wanted to return to heaven. They created more powerful bodies for themselves so as to have a greater chance of rescuing the queen mother, Lilith!"

"But they were killing humans!" he argued.

"Who had imprisoned Lilith and used her flesh to create your war machines!"

"Not all of them were responsible for that!" he argued.

"It didn't matter! Rescuing Lilith would have gained us her favor, and allowed us to return home! But when you rejected Instrumentality, you erased everything, including Lilith's imprisonment. She returned to heaven, and now, we are trapped here in exile." she explained.

"And that's why you're here. To kill me." he said.

"Yes." Reynalle said. "However, I have been close enough to you to see that you are compassionate to even our plight. You have compassion, you have sympathy, you have guilt and sadness. You are not like the selfish humans who unjustly rule this world. They have committed many sins and for this they deserve to be punished. But your regret and your sorrow are defining qualities. And for that, I will end your life painlessly."

A spear of light appeared in her left hand, piercing Shinji's stomach. He didn't flinch, even as he felt his body getting weaker.

"If I hated you, Shinji-kun, I would have caused you to feel pain as you die. But for your sympathy I have removed the pain." she said.

Shinji fell to his knees as Reynalle removed the spear and approached him.

"I am sorry, Shinji-kun. Despite what you have done, I hold no grudge against you." she said as she knelt next to him, kissing him on the cheek.

He slumped to the ground as she stood up and flew off.

Seconds passed slowly before a strange pentagram appeared in the air above Shinji's prone body, and a trio of attractive female figures dropped to the ground.

"Shinji-kun!" Akeno shouted as she raced over to the now deceased boy.

Rias and Koneko just looked at her as the thunder priestess held the boy tightly in her arms.

"It seems we are too late." Rias said.

"No! We have to do something!" Akeno said.

"Why? He has no will to live." Koneko said.

"We just need to give him one." Akeno said.

"We cannot make that decision for him." Rias said. "He has to make it."

A small spark of electricity formed in Akeno's hand as she pressed it to Shinji's chest.

His chest thumped.

"Again!" Akeno said, pressing it to his chest.

His chest thumped. This time, air flowed through his lungs.

"Uh... what... uh!" Shinji gasped.

"Shinji-kun!" Akeno said as the half-dead boy looked at her.

".sen...pai?" Shinji gasped.

"Shinji, listen to me! Listen to my voice! We can help you! But... you have to ask us. Please!"

"I... why?"

"We don't have time for this. You're dying!" Rias said. "Do you want to live?"


"Because there are people in this world who care for you." Akeno said.

"No. There... aren't." he said, his voice getting weaker.

"Yes, there are. You have to believe that!" Akeno said.

"Who?" he asked, getting weaker.

"Me." Akeno said, causing Rias to sigh annoyingly.

Shinji looked up at Akeno, her face dripping with tears as she held him.

Shinji just stared at the beautiful young woman before he nodded his head weakly.

"There! He nodded! He accepted!" Akeno stated.

Rias sweat dropped slightly. "It's pretty thin, Akeno."

"He still agreed!"


And with that, a bright reddish light washed over the quartet.


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Another story in the works, just something to tied everyone over while I get my other works updated. This idea actually came from Reisfriend, who wanted to see what I could do with it.

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