by Gunman

Disclaimer: I do not own Evangelion or Highschool DxD or their characters.

Summary: Shinji is won by the Phenex Family in the lottery, which gets him pushed to the front of the line to get married to Rias Gremory.

This Omake Chapter is based off of redwarrioroflight's omakes from 'Rise of Shinji Satan'.



(Gremory Castle)

"Now on to choosing which Pillar Shinji will join." Sirzechs said, gesturing to the left where three large digital screens appeared. "Would the Lords or Ladies that rule your Pillars please come forward and approach my lovely wife and queen Grayfia." Sirzechs said gesturing to his wife/queen who held a semi-large box. "We will have a lottery to see which Pillar Shinji will join." Many devils perked up at that. A lottery would mean that everyone had an equal chance to the Angel Slayer. "Within this box she holds are numerous balls with a three-digit number on each. You, the Lord or Ladies that rule each Pillar, will take a ball and the one who has the winning number shown on the screen will get Shinji Ikari as your newest family member!" Sirzechs explained as the Lord and Ladies came forward and received a ball from the Strongest Queen. "Now let the numbers roll!"

And the numbers rolled, with every devil with a ball hoping for good fortune. The roll slowed down and after a few slow spins, the number stopped at 6. Several devils groaned. Some sighed in relief. When the second number stopped, it was 6. More groans could be heard. The last number stopped at 7. Instead of groans all but one of the devils threw their ball down in anger.

"Now would the lucky winner step forward?" Sirzechs said. One devil happily walked to and up the stage and presented his ball with the number 667 to the Crimson Satan. "And our winner is none other than Lord Phenex of the Phenex Family!" Sirzechs announced as the devils glared at the Phenex Lord as he stepped forward and up onto the stage. "Now with the lottery done, I bid you all to continue with the festivities as we finish Shinji's assimilation into devildom." Sirzechs said as he led Lord Phenex and Shinji into his castle to commence the ritual.

However, Lord Phenex called to his wife, a beautiful blond-haired woman, who quickly joined him on the stage and proceeded with him into the back of the castle.


Rias and her peerage were talking amongst themselves.

"So Shinji-kun is going to be a Satan-in-training... as well as the newest member of the Phenex Clan." Akeno said to Rias.

"Yes, which will no doubt make things much more of a problem for me." Rias grumbled.

"Why is that, Buchou?" Kiba asked.

"Every devil has wanted to get Shinji into their family and peerage, and all for the increase in status it would bring them." Rias explained. "With the Angel Slayer in the Phenex family, Riser is going to no doubt use this as an excuse to brag."

The three members of Rias's peerage grimaced, knowing full well that she was still against the idea of marrying Riser.

"Then again... this could be to your advantage." Kiba said.

"What do you, Kiba-kun?" Rias asked.

"Well... if Shinji is going to be a member of the Phenex Clan... wouldn't he be the one you are going to be arranged to be married to?"

At hearing this, Rias's whole expression lit up like a firecracker.

She instantly went to find her mother and father.

On the other side of the amphitheater, the Phenex brothers were talking.

"I can't believe our good fortune." Ruval Phenex said to his younger brother.

"Agreed. I hope mother and father allow me to train him." Ridar Phenex said.

"I still don't see what's the big deal about this guy." Riser Phenex said, drinking another glass of fire water.

The two older brothers just stared at Riser with astonishment.

"You mean aside from the fact he battled and defeated several enhanced Fallen Angels?" Ruval asked.

"Aside from the fact he remade the world into its former and more appealing state than what it was after Second Impact?" Ridar asked.

"Something that even the Maos or the Angel Queen Lilith couldn't do." Ruval stated.

"Or were even motivated to do." Ridar added.

"And considering he was human at the time..." Ruval started.

"And only 14 years of age..." Ridar added.

"Not to mention incredibly introverted and depressed..." Ruval continued.

"It's a miracle he didn't end the entire planet in the blink of an eye." Ridar finished.

Riser just looked at his two older brothers before glaring angrily. He was mostly upset because they were praising this boy for things he could have easily accomplished.

Ruval and Ridar just looked at their younger brother, noticing the expression on his face and then staring at each other with a knowing thought.

Riser's arrogance was bubbling up in his mind. They knew that Riser thought himself to be the be-all and end-all of the Underworld, if not the Phenex Family alone.

It was Riser's biggest flaw, and something that he played up with all the strength and confidence he possessed.

The same thought passed through their heads: His arrogance would be his downfall.

Before the pair could actually intervene on their younger brothers behalf, Riser was suddenly flanked by five members of his own peerage.

"Riser-sama?" Siris, Xuelan, Mihae, Ni and Li said in unison to their master.

"Yeah, what?" he asked lazily and upset.

"Can we be traded to Shinji-sama's peerage?" the five Phenex servants asked, somehow producing already-filled out Trade Request Papers, and shoving them in Riser's face.

Riser blinked comically before slapping their hands away from his face. This continued for several minutes, the five girls persisting in trying to get their trade requests even looked at, which only made Riser even more angry.

"You want to leave me? To serve somebody else? That pipsqueak boy who just got lucky?" Riser snapped at the five, who were suddenly flanked by the other members of Riser's peerage. "I think you need to be taught a lesson!" he growled as his fists ignited with fire. "No one leaves my service unless I allow it, and once I'm finished with your punishment here, I'm going to make sure you learn your place once I whore you out to several other Devils who have asked to have their way with you." Riser growled as he raised his arms, only to have them grabbed by Ruval and Ridar.

"I'm sorry, brother, but we cannot allow that." Ruval said, right before a storm suddenly appeared overhead.


(Several minutes ago)

Once inside the Inner Chamber, Shinji saw numerous candles placed on the walls and on the floor, appropriate for a satanic ritual. In the middle of the room was a large pentagram seal, the same shade of red that blood is. It was here that Shinji was officially introduced to the Lord and Lady of the Phenex Family.

Lord Phenex was a tall man with short blond hair and sapphire blue eyes, dressed in a Victorian-era suit reminiscent of Dorian Grey. He carried an ornate cane that was more for show rather than for function, a small golden icon, looking like a thick silver-dollar, with the symbol of a phoenix carved into it sitting upon the head of the cane.

Lady Phenex was a tall and beautiful woman with long blonde hair and dark blue eyes. She wore a long elegant Victorian-styled dress, dark blue in color, with gold frills. A semi-deep U-neck showed off her sizeable cleavage, as well as the necklace with the phoenix symbol hanging just above said cleavage.

"It's an honor to meet you Shinji-san. I am Lord Raphael Phenex, head of the Phenex Family, which his ranked at Archduke, higher than most other Devil families." Raphael spoke in a cultured voice. "And this is my wife, the Lady Rachael Phenex."

"I am so pleased to meet you, Shinji-kun." the beautiful blond-haired woman said with a smile as she pulled the boy into a warm hug.

Despite himself, Shinji actually felt his body relax at the hug he was receiving.

At seeing this, Grayfia just smiled.

While she knew that Rachael already had four children, it was obvious that she still had a mothers instinct about her.

Especially given how Riser acted nowadays.

And since Shinji was a very well-known individual, Rachael was well-acquainted with both the horrors and honors of his past. As such, she had been overwhelmed by the very thought of having this boy as her new son.

"Everyone, allow me to introduce the ritual master for this ceremony." Sirzechs said to the trio.

Emerging from the shadows on the other side of the chamber, was a tall, lanky yet fairly muscular, middle-aged man with gelled hair, a mixture of red and blue. He has heterochromia; his left eye being blue, while the right was red. His outfit was a butler-styled tuxedo with a glittery purple vest, a top hat with a glittery purple band around, white gloves, a cane with a crystal skull that had rubies for eyes. Around him was various equipment set up to help with the ritual that Shinji had not noticed when he first arrived.

"Lord and Lady Phenex. A pleasure to make your acquaintance once again. And now I get the pleasure of meeting the legend himself." The man spoke in a British accent as he bowed lightly to the pair before turning to Shinji. "I am Mephisto Pheles." he introduced.

While Lord and Lady Phenex knew who he was, Shinji had only heard of him once before.

"The legendary devil who made the pact with the first Georg Faust?" Shinji asked.

"The very same, lad." Mephisto laughed. "Now I'm going to explain the ritual that you'll undergo. I assume that you at least studied up on the Underworld while making your choice?" he asked, receiving a nod from Shinji. "Ah, good, then you know about the extinct clans then. This ritual is designed to give those clans a new chance at life. Over the centuries, I'd managed to obtain several blood samples of each of those clans so that should their bloodlines ever become extinct, then they could be revived. The ritual I designed will alter the one undergoing it, i.e. you, on a fundamental level. Meaning it will affect your DNA right down to the genetic level. You will permanently lose your connection to your human birth parents, becoming an official part of the devil clan you choose." Mephisto explained.

"Now with The Phenex Clan winning this little lottery, you'll become a member of their family instead of helping to revive one of the extinct clans, but I can see the logic behind it." Mephisto said getting a raised eyebrow from Shinji. "You see Shinji, by making you a member of an already existing clan; you'll be able to learn the ways of devildom and nobility. But if you went with my plan to revive an extinct clan, there is a high-chance of you being taken advantage of by the other clans given who you are and greed and all." He explained to the boy who nodded in understanding. "Now before we get this show on the road, I need to know what relation the Phenex Family will want you to be to them; a son, brother, cousin, etc."

"SON!" Rachael practically shouted, causing the group to jump a bit.

Except for Grayfia, who already suspected her intentions.

The group looked at the Lady Phenex as she explained.

"All Devils know of Shinji-kun's past, and of his desire for a family. Therefore, since his human life has been a truly terrible one, having him begin a new life as our son would not only help him to regain the life he was denied, but it would also help the Phenex Clan in many other ways that would benefit him as well."

There was something in her voice that made Shinji suspect that she had an ulterior motive, but since she was a Devil he figured that was just part of her character. His former father, Gendo, had been human, so what was his excuse?

"I suspected as much." Mephisto said. "Now, will both Lord and Lady Phenex please come over here so I can acquire an adequate blood sample from you. As for you Shinji, remove the top half of your clothes so that I can draw a pentagram seal on your chest. Since the heart is where most of the blood goes through, this will spread the Phenex's blood much faster." Mephisto explained as he led Raphael and Rachael over to a table.

Grayfia approached Shinji, helping the young man remove the robes he had been wearing, as there were several layers to it. Soon he was left in only in a silk dress shirt, dress pants and very expensive alligator skin dress shoes. Unbuttoning his shirt and removing it along with his shoes, Shinji stepped into the middle of the pentagram followed by Grayfia. The Strongest Queen gave Shinji appreciative looks due to his athletic physique, noticing several faint scars across his body.

Shinji blushed when he noticed her staring.

"Relax, Shinji-kun. I am a wife and a mother, so you need not worry about being molested by me." Grayfia explained. Of course, if you were older, and I were single, I wouldn't mind the opposite.

At the side table, Mephisto was finished taking two blood samples from the Phenex parents, filling a semi-large chalice with the High-class devil's blood. Deeming he had enough blood, he cut the connection and unhooked the pair. As they healed themselves, Mephisto pulled out a small vile of blood, looking over to Sirzechs who gave him a subtle nod, which was returned as the ancient devil poured the vial into the chalice.

Only he and Mephisto knew the truth about that vile of blood and its purpose.

Mephisto went over to Grayfia and the Satan-in-training. Instructing Shinji to lie down, Mephisto dipped a finger into the blood and drew an intricate seal on the boy's chest.

"Alright Shinji, this is what is going to happen. Once the ritual begins, Grayfia will slit your wrists, allowing your blood to flow into the grooves of the seal on the floor. This will make your body a "blank-slate", causing the Phenex blood to change you. Once completely drained, you will drink half the blood in this chalice then I'll pour the rest onto the seal I just drew on your chest. I'm warning you now; this will hurt like a bitch." Mephisto explained.

"Have you ever been nearly boiled alive because of a laser beam that was shot into your chest?" Shinji asked the ancient devil.

"Can't say I have in either aspect." he replied.

"How about jumping into a volcano to save a fellow pilot, whose Eva had a lava-proof suit and yours didn't, but you still did it anyway?"

"Okay now you're just bragging about your threshold of pain." Mephisto smirked.

"Are you ready for this Shinji-kun?" Rachael asked, a hint of motherly concern in her voice.

"I am. I'm ready to have a new family." Shinji said with conviction as the devils nodded their heads, and Rachael herself smiling at his words.

Mephisto started the chant; Grayfia using a spell of her own to slice Shinji's wrists. An ominous red glow illuminated the chamber as Shinji felt his blood slowly but surely leaving his body. He felt his wrists burn as the flow increased gradually over time; Mephisto continued chanting. The burning increased along with the blood flow but Shinji endured it with a slight grimace. Soon the burning and blood flow began to decrease as Shinji felt the last vestiges of his blood leave him. Even though he had been told, it was a slight shock to him that while he had no blood left in him, he was still conscious. The cuts on his wrists glowed a fiery red, signifying the next step of the ritual.

Mephisto knelt still chanting, and moved the chalice to Shinji's lips, allowing the Angel Slayer to drink half of the blood in it. It tasted different from the LCL he had once inhaled on a regular basis. When it hit the half mark, the ancient devil removed the chalice and poured the rest of the blood onto the seal on Shinji's chest. The weird thing was that the blood did not run down his body, but pooled into the center of the pentagram and began to absorb itself into Shinji's body, specially his heart.

Then the pain came, but Shinji endured it with grit teeth. He could somehow feel his body changing, adapting to the new blood that was flowing through it and replacing his old blood.

He could somehow feel his genetics rewriting itself; getting rid of the DNA that made him the son of Yui and Gendo Ikari, and replacing it with the DNA of Raphael and Rachael Phenex, twisting and transforming him into the Phenex's new son. As his body changed on a genetic level, transcending his humanity and becoming a devil, hidden wells of power awoke and exploded out of him.

Sirzechs, Grayfia, Raphael and Rachael were blown off their feet and away from Shinji, even as Mephisto withstood the backlash of such power and continued to chant as he fought the slowly increasing winds that Shinji's devil energies were causing.

Soon he finished the chant, the words glowing a sickly blood red across the Chamber as he spoke the final line; "In the name of the Satans, by the power of darkness and the unholy, I beseech thy to rid this boy of his humanity, exchange it with devildom. By the blood I have given him through Raphael and Rachael, make him now a son of the Phenex Family! By the power of darkness and the unholy, in the name of the Satans… make this boy a proud devil of the Underworld!"

With that said, the Underworld rumbled as Shinji literally exploded with power; the power of darkness and the unholy twisting the boy's body as the devil transformation was being finalized. The devils in the chamber hunkering down and weathering the storm of power, the devils outside who were enjoying the party and secretly plotting became panicked as an earthquake with a magnitude of 10 rocked the area. Storm clouds gathered in the skies; rain, sleet, hail, lightning and thunder, tornados and hurricane force winds hit the area like a bomb, as the devils wondered what was happening.

As the storm raged on the outside, a storm also raged inside the chamber drenching the five powerful devils to the bone. A piercing, shrieking scream echoed through the castle as a sudden raging tempest took the form of a gigantic bird-like creature, shooting upwards and phasing through the ceiling like a ghost. It soon reached the outside; getting the devils trying to weather the sudden storm to look up at the overwhelming presence, the ethereal storm-phoenix gave the mightiest of screams that echoed throughout the Underworld, frightening many devils. The creature faded and disappeared before the storm slowly disappeared as well.

When it fully stopped, the devils, drenched to the bone and looking like drowned rats unsteadily rose to their feet, the men helping the women and allowing them to lean on them for support.

Ajuka summoned a view portal to get a hold of Sirzechs so he could find what happened.

("Hello… oh Ajuka what can I do for ya?") Sirzechs asked as he answered the view portal spell with his own. He appeared looking like he ran into a hurricane unprotected and was wringing out his robe. Grayfia was off to the side as her soaked shirt was literally transparent and she would be flashing the devils in attendance while both Mephisto and Rachael, whose clothes were also nearly transparent, was checking over a prone form. Raphael Phenex was pulling his cane out of the wall.

"You can start by explaining what the hell happened just now!" Ajuka snapped. "What in the hell did you do during the ritual to turn Shinji into devil?"

("Hey! We followed the ritual to the letter! It's not my fault that Shinji had so much power hidden inside of him!")

"You mean to tell me that Shinji was responsible for that?!" Ajuka asked shocked that Shinji rocked the entire Underworld.

The other devils listening in on the conversation were shocked that Shinji was responsible for the storm.

("Yeah. I'm surprised too. He's definitely Ultimate-Class in power, easily rivaling us! And from what I'm seeing he's got one of the 13 Longinus!")

"WHAT?!" Ajuka snapped.

("Yeah, we got ourselves a Longinus user as a future Satan! I'm so glad we got to him first and he agreed to become a devil! Look, Ajuka, end the party and send the guests home. We'll talk later at Satans Palace about this latest development.")


Sigh. "Well you heard the man folks, the party is over! Go home, dry off, and go back to plotting on how to use this to whatever advantages you can think off." Ajuka said as he summoned a portal to take him home in the Astaroth territory.

The other devils followed his example, summoning portals to take them home until the only ones left were the Gremorys and their peerage members who headed into Sirzechs' castle.


It was morning when Shinji awoke, looking around he had only one thought.

Ugh… unfamiliar ceiling. He mumbled as he looked up and tried to recall what happened that would leave him bedridden. "Oh… the ritual to turn me into a devil would probably leave me bedridden." He mused as he tried to sit up, only to feel something holding him down.

Curious, he looked down and saw a teenage girl with curly blond hair snuggled up against him, her head and hands resting on his chest.

Worse, he could feel that both he and the girl were naked.

Even more than that, the girl looked to be about 14 years old. Two years younger than himself.

His reaction was natural: Panic!

"AHHH!" Shinji shouted, practically shooting up from the bed and throwing the sleeping girl off of himself.

"Mmph! Wha... oh! Onii-san! Are you alright?" the girl asked, crawling towards the edge of the bed to stare down at Shinji.

"Uh... what? 'Onii-san'?" Shinji gasped, trying to cover his privates with his hands, even as a confused look appeared on his face.

"Yes. You're my big brother." the girl said.

"I am... you are my..." he stuttered.

"I see you've meet your new little sister, Shinji-kun." a soft and cultured voice spoke, causing the pair to look towards the door of the bedroom.

Shinji immediately saw his new mother standing in front of a pair of beautiful young women dressed in sexy French maid's uniforms, which were red and white instead of black and white in color. They were obviously twins, having the same long blond hair and blue-green eyes, about the same height as Shinji himself, the same faces, and fairly buxom bodies, as their uniforms did very little to hide that fact.

"Good morning, Shinji-kun." Rachael said with a warm smile. "I trust you slept well."

"I did, Okaa-san." Shinji said, making the Phenex matriarch smile at him calling her mother. "Until I woke up and... is she my new sister?"

"Yes. Though this is not the way I wanted you to meet your new brothers and sister!" Rachael hissed as she stared at the blond haired girl.

"Brothers and sister? How many do siblings do I have now?"

"Three older brothers and one younger sister. This is her, Ravel Phenex, my youngest child and only daughter." Rachael said, glaring at the young blond-haired girl who was naked as the day she was born. Worse, she was completely unashamed of her naked presence. "Ravel?!"

"I'm sorry, Okaa-san. It's just that..." the girl started to say, only to shrug her shoulders at the end.

"Oh, Ravel!" Rachael sighed as she covered her face with her hand. "I knew you had a crush on Shinji, but I didn't think you would go so far as to sleep NAKED with him! He's your brother now! The blood that flows through his veins are the same as your fathers and mine!"

"Geez, mom, it's not like we had sex or anything." Ravel said with a 'whatever' tone in her voice, even as she turned to Shinji with a smile. "Although, I wouldn't mind if you..."

"RAVEL!" Rachael snapped and quickly covered the blond-haired girl with the red silk bed sheet and ushered her out of the room. She paused and quickly turned back to Shinji, who poked his head up from the other side of the bed. "Oh, before I forget... This is Antoinette and her sister Anastasia." she said, the two young maids bowing as their names were mentioned. "They are here to help you prepare for breakfast, after which we have your famille orientation."

"Really? So soon?" Shinji asked.

"Yes, but don't worry. You won't be alone." she said in a cryptic manner and then walked away, Ravel forcibly in tow, leaving Shinji with the two beautiful sisters.

"Shinji-sama. I am Antoinette." the maid on the right said.

"Shinji-sama. I am Anastasia." the maid on the left said.

Shinji noted that the pair spoke with slightly French accents, indicating an origin, or an interest in their heritage.

"We are here to..." Antoinette started.

" you prepare for your day." Anastasia finished.

"Really? Okaa-san just assigned you to help me?" Shinji asked.

"Actually..." Anastasia started.

"...we volunteered." Antoinette finished.

Seeing the sincerity on their faces, the Angel Slayer was set at ease. Though he had to wonder if this was a good thing or not.

While Shinji took a shower, the two maids quickly went about choosing his clothes for breakfast and his orientation.

The bathroom, which was large and spacious, was equipt with a dual pearl sink counter with silver faucets and handles, an ornate bath tub that was the size of a mid-sized swimming pool, a shower that was encased on two sides by white marble that had a glass door leading in to it. It had a marble seat inside it and a non-slippery bath mat on the floor. There was a towel/linen closet off to the side of the shower, and of course a toilet. All of them looking very expensive, that even the Fortune 500 Families of Earth could not afford.

Once he was done with his shower, he dried off with a white and red towel and went to the mirror. Looking at his own reflection in the mirror, he gasped. Gone were his normal features that marked him as the son of Yui and Gendo Ikari. His face looked slightly straighter than it had before, his normal blue eyes were now a shade lighter, and his brown hair was now a light blond. Even his eyebrows and groin looked the same shade as that of his new mothers hair.

While he had expected this, to see it himself was still slightly unnerving.

His body also seemed to have changed. The scars on his body were still faint, but his physique now seemed more muscular and fit. Like a person who worked out every day.

Exiting the bathroom, Shinji found the two maids standing by the newly made bed, his clothes laid out for him upon it.

"Shall we help you dress..." Antoinette started.

"...Shinji-sama?" Anastasia finished.

He blushed a little as they said that.

"Uh..." Shinji started to say.

"It is no..." Anastasia started.

"...trouble for us, master." Antoinette finished.

"We are here to..." Anastasia started.

"...service you in any way." Antoinette finished.

At hearing that, particularly the word 'service', Shinji was now as red as their uniforms.


The words left Shinji's mouth before he even registered it's full meaning.

While the pair dressed him, Shinji looked around and finally took stock of where he was. Like the room that belonged to Sirzechs Lucifer, this room was decorated ornately; it was of gothic design, a diamond chandelier hung from the ceiling, on the left side of the room was a door that lead to an entertainment area, on the right side of the room was a door that lead to an office-styled study area. Two large French-styled glass doors led to a large balcony overlooking a large European garden. The only difference between this place and Sirzechs place, was the color scheme. It was done up mostly in reds, oranges, and yellows.

He wondered if that was because the Phenex Family was partial to the legends of the Phoenix, which depicted the legendary bird as being of fiery in color.

He paused at that thought.

Family. I'm part of a family... but... he thought, pausing to recount what he remembered. He knew that Lady Phenex was now his mother and was nice and comforting. His new sister, however, gave him mixed feelings. While she clearly liked him, her brother-complex was a little disturbing. She just stripped herself naked and cuddled up against him on his first night as a Phenex. His recovery actually enabled her to do this, seeing as how he was too weak to regain consciousness.

And of course there were the male members of the Phenex Family. His new father, who seemed like a much more honorable and straightforward individual. Then there was his new brothers, all of whom were older than him if he had understood correctly, though he had not me them yet.

He hoped they would accept him as family.

Once Shinji had given them the 'okay', the twins smiled happily and began dressing their new master.

His silk boxers were first, followed by his socks, then his pants and silk shirt, followed by his gold cufflinks and his belt. Lastly, his finely crafted black-leather shoes and a dress jacket.

Looking at his new clothes, he found that they were of a material far superior to anything else he had worn in the past.

The maids led Shinji to the dining hall where his new family was waiting.

They bowed and left to preform their duties.

Once the maids were out of sight, they started whispering to each other.

"You saw it, yes sister?" Anastasia asked.

"Of course. He is much larger than was indicated." Antoinette said.

"Well... he is older than when he was an Eva pilot." Anastasia stated.

"True. His restraint was also impressive." Antoinette noted.

"Yes. He is not a perverted hentai who only thinks about fondling naked women." Anastasia said.

"But he did blush when he met us, and when we dressed him." Antoinette explained.

"Which means that he found us attractive." Anastasia replied.

"Indeed. We must work hard to please him." Antoinette said.

"Yes, we must!" Anastasia smiled to her sister.

Shinji entered the grand and elaborately decorated dining hall where his mother, father, little sister (now fully dressed) and two young men were waiting patiently for him. Raphael and Rachael sat side-by-side at the head of the large table. On their left, sat their daughter Ravel. On their right side, sat two young men who Shinji assumed were his new brothers.

"Ah, Shinji! There you are." Raphael said, standing up to greet him.

"I apologize for being late, Oto-san." Shinji said, bowing to his new family.

"You need not apologize to us, Shinji. We are family, after all." Raphael Phenex said and waved a hand at him, indicating that he take the seat next to Ravel.

Ravel beamed and smiled happily as Shinji came over and nervously sat next to her. He was nervous at the possibility that she was going to try something.

"Now, Shinji-kun, before breakfast, we have some introductions to make first." Rachael said.

"You have already met your younger sister, Ravel." Raphael said.

"Yes. I have." Shinji said with a blush, while Ravel just smiled.

"She is only 14 years of age." Rachael explained.

"But I'll be 15 in two months." she smiled.

Which means I'll have to get her a birthday present soon. Shinji thought.

"To our right are your older brothers, Ruval and Ridar." Raphael said.

"Greetings, Shinji." the older of the two brothers said. "I am Ruval Phenex. 35 years old, eldest son of the Phenex Family, and next heir to our clan."

"I am Ridar Phenex." the second of the brothers said. "31 years old, second eldest, Captain of the 107th Inferno Battalion, and the person who will be training you in the use of your Phenex powers."

Shinji noticed that there were a couple of differences between the two. For one thing, Ruval had a thin mustache and goatee surrounding his mouth. He was dressed in a finely crafted business suit that was bluish with a black tie, white shirt, and red handkerchief in his pocket. Ridar was slightly different, as he had short, neatly-cut blond hair and was dressed in a white tuxedo-like outfit with a red tie, a pale blue shirt, and pair of gold bars on the side of his neck collar, indicating a Captain's military rank.

(AN: For Ruval, think Robert Downey Jr from Iron Man with blond hair. For Ridar, think Chris Evans from Captain America)

Shinji nodded to the pair before turning to his new mother.

"I thought I had three new older brothers." he said.

"Yes. Unfortunately, Riser was unable to attend today." Rachael said.

"Which is a problem. I told him specifically that we needed to meet so that Shinji could get to know all of us." Raphael said.

"We will deal with the problem later, Father. I'm sure Shinji has other matters to deal with today. His first day as a Phenex." Ruval said.

Shinji then realized something. Everyone present, including the nonexistent Riser, all had R-names. He was the only one with an S-name. It was a small thing, but seemingly large in comparison.

He shoved the thought from his mind as six maids brought out their meals.


After breakfast, Lord and Lady Phenex gave their new son a tour of their castle, which was divided up into several different wings. Shinji apparently got his own wing of the castle, which included his bedroom, his own swimming pool, an office, rooms for his future servants, a personal gym, and a garage for his own cars. (Which already had three waiting to be driven: A 1967 Shelby Mustang GT500, a 1964 Aston Martin DB5, and a 2016 Aston Martin V12 Vanquish)

Ridar Phenex actually suggested that Shinji be given his own mansion to accommodate his future family. While Shinji thought little of that idea, since he did want a family of his own but wasn't willing to start one right now, the way Ridar had said it made Shinji wonder if that wouldn't happen sooner than later.

The rest of the tour of the castle had just about everything one could imagine. A large kitchen where a dozen cooks and chefs were working on various dishes. They had an observatory with a star map and a massive telescope, which confused Shinji seeing as they were pretty much underground. They had an Olympic-sized swimming pool, ice skating rink, a fully stocked gymnasium with a running track, a computer room which ran all the high-tech electronics in their castle, four different trophy rooms, a security room, a weapons room, a massive wall-to-wall library, a gigantic treasure vault that was underneath the castle, a private museum, two different dining halls used exclusively for guests and dinner parties, an entertainment room with various games (everything from classic Chess to digital games like Heroes Duty), a personal movie theater, servant quarters, and, of course, hundreds of talented and trained servants.

Shinji was introduced to several of the Phenex servants, most of whom tried very hard to not ask him for his autograph. Some of them even blushed when he smiled and acknowledged their existence.

Their tour continued using the Phenex Helicopter, showing Shinji their own theme park with various rides and attractions that would make Disney World look like a weekend carnival. There was also a large industrial complex, a race track, a trio of Casino's, an Opera House, a 30-screen movie theater, and a 300-store shopping mall.

All around them, was a vast and dense forest with a multitude of wildlife that was not 'normal' wildlife in any sense. Their territory also had a small mountain with a waterfall that emptied into a lush lagoon surrounded by a personal beach.

After the tour of their territory, Lord and Lady Phenex brought Shinji back to the castle for lunch.


It was three days later and Shinji was awoken to another day as a member of his new family.

For the last three days his new brother Ridar had been training him in the techniques and abilities of the Phenex Family.

Shinji's mastery over fire, wind and lightning had actually impressed his older brother. More from the fact that Shinji listened to him, and that he actually worked hard at trying to master his powers in such a short time.

It actually made Ridar proud that Shinji would show such dedication to the art. Not like Riser did.

Today, Ridar had elected to let Shinji sleep in, seeing as how yesterdays session was particularly rough on the Phenex's newest son. And this was a good thing, since Shinji had a very important meeting today. With the leadership of the Underworld.

Once Shinji and his new family had finished lunch, with a somewhat lengthy series of questions and answers passed back and forth between them, Shinji was escorted into the office of his new mother. His new sister also accompanying them.

The office itself was elegantly decorated, sapphire-colored walls with silver metal outlining the edges of the walls and ceiling, a silver and crystal chandelier hung high from the ceiling. The desk in the center of the room was made of rich oak and cherry wood, and all around the room were cases loaded with all manner of and size of books. A large full-length mirror was off to the right side of the desk against the wall. There was a white-paneled computer set up on the desk with a 30-inch screen and a wireless mouse and keyboard. On the back of the computer screen was the Phenex crest.

Rachael stood behind her desk, while Shinji and Ravel stood in front of it.

"Now, Shinji-kun, before we venture to the Satan's Palace for you to have your meeting with the Maos, I have a gift for you." Lady Phenex said as she lightly tapped the small bell that sat on her desk with a metallic wand.

Seconds later, the side-door to the office opened and five young women walked in. They walked in a straight line and stood not two meters from her desk, right in front of Shinji and Ravel. The pair of siblings took in the quintet of lovely young women, though only Ravel knew why they were here.

"Shinji, my son, allow me to introduce you, to the start of your new peerage." Rachael said.

"They're my what?" Shinji gasped when he heard that.

While he had learned, during his tour of the castle, that he would eventually get a peerage of his own, he had hoped that he would have been given the chance to choose them himself.

However, what his mother said next surprised him.

"Your new peerage. As we told you, every high-class devil gets his or her own peerage, and you are no exception. These five girls were once members of my son Riser's peerage. When they discovered that you would become a member of our family, they immediately put in numerous requests to be traded to your peerage. However, Riser refused them every time, yet they did not give up. My son almost killed them in anger until Ruval and Ridar intervened and brought this to my attention. I then convinced Riser to trade them to me. And I am giving them to you as the start of your peerage." She explained. "Ladies, please introduce yourselves to my son."

The first woman stepped forward. She was a well-endowed Chinese-looking woman, with shoulder-length black hair and blue-green eyes. Her hair has two Chinese-style buns on both sides of her head, while the front featured bangs that formed a slight V-shape across her forehead. Her outfit consisted of a navy blue qipao with gold accents, a white sash around her stomach, and black, low-heeled shoes. The qipao had a hole in the chest area, giving view to large breasts and cleavage. She also wore black arm guards over her forearms.

"I am Xuelan, Riser's former Rook." the Chinese she-devil said with a bow.

The second woman stepped forward. She was a beautiful young Japanese woman with long black hair, blue eyes and an angelic face. She was dressed in a royally elegant black and blue kimono that went all the way to the ground, a red sash around her waist, and white tabi-socks on her feet. Her shoes were traditional slippers. She wore no make-up nor had any special accessories, which didn't hinder her beauty.

"I am Mihae, Riser's former Bishop." the kimono-clad woman said with a bow.

The third woman stepped forward. She was the tallest of the five, with the long black hair with blue tint, and brown eyes. Her hair had five thin ponytails spiraling out around her head, which were held up by a golden hair accessory on top of her head. Her outfit consisted of a white top with black accents that was modeled after a Chinese cheongsam, red short-shorts that showed off her long and toned legs, and armored, knee-high boots with matching gauntlets. In the center of her top was a diamond-shaped hole that gave everyone a clear view of her breasts and cleavage. Her weapon of choice, secured firmly on her back, was a Zweihänder - a two-handed broadsword.

"I am Siris, Riser's former Knight." the tall sword-wielding woman said with a bow.

The last two to step forward were both catgirls, if their ears and tails were any indication, but also twins.

The catgirl on the right had pinkish hair; the one of the left had light bluish hair. They both wore boxing gloves that were the same color as their hair, and rather provocative school girl outfits. Their cat ears stuck out of their hairs and their tails were swaying from side-to-side behind them. Their uniforms had bright yellow ribbons on their chests, the lower half of their shirts were trimmed up high, exposing the bottom half of their breasts, short skirts that barely showed the edges of their butts, and shoes that matched their hair color.

"We are Riser-sama's former Pawns." the pink-haired catgirl on the right said.

"I am Li and this is my sister Ni." the blue-haired catgirl on the left said.

"So these five wish to be traded and serve me?" Shinji said as he looked over the lovely women who fidgeted nervously under his gaze. Each of them were amongst some of the most appealing women he had ever seen, and even if he didn't know what they were truly capable of, he knew, as if by instinct, that his mother wouldn't give him these girls simply by looks, and requests, alone.

However, Shinji suddenly realized something.

"I... can't accept them." Shinji said.

"What?" Rachael asked, causing the five girls to stare at him in shock.

"Why not, Onii-san?" Ravel asked curiously.

"Well, because..." Shinji began.

"Are they not beautiful enough?" Rachael asked.

"No, they are!" Shinji said quickly.

"Xuelan is a Queen-level Rook. Siris is one of the most formidable swordswoman in all of the Underworld. Mihae's magical powers can be used offensively, defensively and can heal as well. And Ni and Li are a lethal tag-team with incredible speed, agility, reflexes and coordination." Rachael explained.

"I'm sure they are." Shinji replied.

"Then why can you not accept them?" Rachael Phenex asked.

"Because I don't have an Evil Piece set for which to trade you for them." Shinji finally explained.

At hearing that, every female in the room practically face-faulted into the floor.

While Shinji wasn't rejecting them, he could not accept them because he had no Pieces to make them his own.

Rachael Phenex just laughed as soon as she recovered.

"Then we must rectify that. Come, we must be off for your meeting with the Maos." she said as she summoned up a portal that would take them to the Satans Palace.


(Satans Palace)

Shinji Phenex, wearing the robes of his family, walked the halls of Satans Palace once again. This time with his new mother, new sister, and five beautiful young women accompanying him. The five girls were behind him, his mother and sister on either side of him. Lady Phenex had been to the Satans Palace once before, to receive her own Evil Piece set after she obtained her rank of High-Class Devil. Now it was her son who was to gain his own peerage, and she was more than happy to assist him in this.

Shinji, however, was quite nervous about all this. Mostly since the leadership of the Underworld, the Godai Mao's, were giving him so much, even if it was to repay him for everything he had done for them and the world. He had a new family, he had incredible new powers, he had his own group of servants who wanted to serve him (even if they didn't belong to him just yet) and, for some reason, he felt that it wasn't over just yet.

While Raphael Phenex, his father, had told him about the Piece Collect; a book composed of various beings in the world, both the human and supernatural, that devils saw and knew to be high-valued people, and that they (the people) wanted to serve them (the devils). A literal who's who that devils wanted to be members of their peerage. (Kind of like the Bingo Book from the Naruto anime)

Though, unlike most devils he wouldn't have to work too hard to gain his peerage members. Both his mother and father had shown him a few Piece Trade Requests from several devils whose servants were literally begging them to trade them so they could serve under him. Shinji himself was convinced of this, since Xuelan, Mihae, Siris, Ni and Li were are ready lined up to serve him.

Shaking his head to clear his jumbled thoughts, Shinji finally reached the central palace, the doors opening up to let him in. Rachael ordered the five girls to remain in the waiting area (which was the size of a baseball stadium) while she accompanied her new son and only daughter into the inner sanctum of the Satans Palace. There, the five Satans turned to see Shinji walk in, wearing the robes of the Phenex Family proudly. His new appearance didn't fool or deter them. They would know him anywhere, and not by guise alone.

Serafall sensually licked her lips, her eyes darkening a bit in lust.

"Mao-sama." Shinji said with a respectful bow, as did Rachael and Ravel, though they waved it off.

"Come now Shin-chan, you don't have to bow and call us Mao-sama every time we see each other." Serafall said with a sultry smile that did not suit her child-form. "You have earned the right to call us by our names."

"She's right. With what you've done for all devils, us Satans included, you have more right to call us by our names than any other devil." Ajuka said.

Shinji merely nodded in acceptance towards the Satans.

"It is good to see you again, Lady Phenex. And you've brought your daughter as well." Grayfia said to the Phenex matriarch.

"This is a big day for my new son. Raphael and I agreed Shinji-kun should not go alone." Rachael said.

"Now Shinji, it's time that you receive your certificate and gain the right to have your own peerage." Sirzechs said happily. "The Godai Mao are happy to present you, Shinji Phenex, with your official certificate stating your new status within the Underworld. This also gives you the legal right to make your own peerage to serve you until they one day ascend and become High-Class Devils." Sirzechs said as Grayfia approached Shinji and handed him his certificate.

It read; 'This certificate is presented to Shinji Phenex of the Phenex Family. This certificate is official proof of Shinji Phenex attaining the rank of Ultimate-Class Devil. This certificate also certifies that Shinji Phenex has the legal right to form his own peerage.'

Shinji read it twice, and then three times to make sure he was not misreading anything.

"But... I thought was I going to be a High-Class Devil!" Shinji asked, shocked at having gained the rank for the pinnacle of power in devildom.

"What do you mean, Shinji-kun?" Rachael asked, approaching him and standing beside him to read the certificate. Ravel was trying to read over his shoulder.

"Originally, yes. But after experiencing your power firsthand during the ritual to turn you into a pure-blooded devil, your power far exceeded even my expectations." Sirzechs explained. "I, we all thought it'll take close to century for you gain the necessary level of power to equal us and take your place next to us. But you already have the power level needed to rival us and you have yet to realize your full potential! You'll be a Satan in no time!" Sirzechs laughed.

"Sirzechs is right. When you transcended from a human to a devil, you unleashed a tremendous amount of power so vast it shook nearly the entire Underworld. We certainly felt it at the party; an earthquake and a super thunderstorm happened! Hell I wouldn't be surprised if you're a Super-Devil like Sirzechs and Ajuka." Falbium said.

"Super-Devil?" Shinji questioned. That term was not in his studies that or he couldn't recall it. Even Rachael and Ravel had curious looks on their faces. While they had heard the term before, they did not know that Sirzechs and Ajuka were Super-Devils.

"A Super-Devil is a devil with a rare mutation in their bloodline." Grayfia explained to the confused trio. "Their power is so abnormally vast they surpass the might of the Original Lucifer by a factor of 10."

"You really think I could be a Super-Devil?" Shinji questioned. This was a bit much for him; first Ultimate-Class ranking and now potential Super-Devil status. Why must his life be so complicated?

"You are a Super-Devil! Before the ritual started, Mephisto added a small vile of my blood with a spell that targeted the Super-Devil mutation in it. So congratulations! You're the third Super-Devil in the Underworld!" Sirzechs howled in laughter only to get hit by his wife/queen with a harisen whose eyebrow was twitching at her husband/king's actions.

The recipient of said actions had quickly taken a seat so he could digest this. Damn his complicated life.

"You lying... And you said you followed the ritual to the letter." Ajuka mumbled, though he was a bit happy there was going to be another Super-Devil like him. It meant that there was going to be someone else around to share Sirzechs insanity with. "And I suppose that's why he also has one of the Longinus's as well?"

At hearing this, Shinji's head snapped towards the other Super-Devil.

"I have a what?" Shinji gasped.

"Ajuka!" Sirzechs snapped.

"Oh, don't start, Sirzechs! You messed with his transformation, and kept it from him. Both of you did! His gaining one of the 13 Longinus's should also have been told to him up-front!" he snapped, throwing glances at both Sirzechs and Rachael.

"I was trying to ease him into his new life slowly. This is a lot to take in, you know." Rachael said.

"Of course, as soon as this gets out, there's going to be hundreds of Trade Requests flying at you, Onii-chan." Ravel said with a giggle to her brother.

"Speaking of which..." Ajuka said as he approached Shinji, an ornate rectangular box with the initials 'S.P.' upon it beneath the Phenex crest, the crest stamped upon the middle of the box itself. "This is your Evil Piece Set, Shinji. Just channel your devil energies into it and everything is set. The set will attune itself to your energy signature, this also means that when you reincarnate someone into your servant, your energy will bond to them and create the master-servant connection. To say nothing of them becoming more powerful than they were before."

"Because I'm an Ultimate-class Devil now." Shinji surmised.

"Yes. You'll also be able to communicate with each through telepathy, which is helpful in the middle of a battle, but you should train a bit before actually using this skill in a real-life fight." Ajuka explained.

Shinji nodded and placed his hands upon the box, focusing on sending his Super-Devil energies into the set. It glowed a bright ruby red, nearly blinding everyone present, before fading into a dull glow.

"Also, as a gift from me to you, I've given you six Mutation Pieces instead of just one." Ajuka said.

Taking the set with a thank you, Shinji stood and was about to leave when Sirzechs halted him.

"Hey, Shinji, why not come by the Gremory Castle to meet my cute sis Rias. Especially since you are engaged to her now." he said.

At hearing that, Shinji froze up. Ravel looked annoyed and Rachael let out a loud sigh. While she had planned on telling Shinji about the arranged marriage, she was waiting for the right time. But since the cat was out of the bag anyway...

"Okaa-san, what is he talking about?" Shinji asked, confused.

"Your arranged marriage to Rias Gremory." Rachael said.

"My what to whom?" he gasped, shocked to hear this.

"Originally, my son Riser was engaged to be married to Rias Gremory. But because my husband and I won you in the Lottery, you became the next in line to be married to Rias." she explained.

"But... how is that possible? I mean... if Riser-sama was already engaged to her..."

"It's because you are the youngest male of the Phenex family." she explained.

"Huh?" he asked, clearly confused.

"The initial agreement of the arranged marriage, states that the youngest male of the Phenex family be engaged to the youngest daughter of the Gremory family. And since you are younger than Riser..."

"I see." Shinji sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose at hearing this. It was so much to digest in such a short period of time.

Within a week, he had found out he was a major celebrity in the Underworld because he rejected Third Impact and remade the entire world. Then he was approached and killed by a Fallen Angel, and was then rescued before he died, healed and given a choice to become a Devil, as part of one of the noble families, by the leader of the Underworld himself. Which would give him powers and abilities he never had before, not to mention becoming a Satan-in-training as well. Then to be won by the Phenex family in a fair lottery of sorts, who seemed to truly care about him. Then there was his intensive training by his new older brother in mastering his elemental abilities. Then there were the five girls who wanted to become part of his peerage before he had gotten his Piece Set. According to his mother they were adamant about serving him. Then when he gets here to the Satans Palace, he finds out that he is not simply a High-Class Devil, but an Ultimate, and then a Super Devil. What's more, is that he discovers he has a Longinus, one of the 13 most powerful Sacred Gears in the world. Something like that (one or the other) would overwhelm anyone. And now he was being told that he was engaged to one of the most beautiful girls he had ever known.

The last part, however, left a sour taste in his mouth. He wanted to marry for love, not for an increase in political and financial status. Then again, Rias Gremory was the kind of girl that anyone would want to marry. She was sweet, kind, smart, beautiful... and that was it. It was all he knew about her.

How can I marry her if I know so little about her? As I understood it, she is the most sought after She-Devil in the Underworld. But... it's an arranged marriage. She may not even want to be with me of her own choice. He thought with a slight frown.

"It shouldn't be so bad." Sirzechs said, shaking Shinji out of his thoughts.

"'Shouldn't be so bad'? He's rich, he's powerful, he's young and handsome, he's got one of the 13 Longinus weapons in his possession, not to mention a celebrity status that rivals ourselves..." Ajuka said to the group.

"Speaking of which... what Longinus does he possess?" Grayfia asked.

Everyone looked at Shinji with questioning eyes.

"I... don't know." Shinji replied.

"We have not had a chance to test him to see just which Longinus he possesses." Rachael.

"Well, there's one way to find out." Sirzechs said as he approached Shinji. "Now, Shinji, I want you to close your eyes and concentrate on the strongest image you possibly can. This will bring forth your Longinus."

Shinji nodded and closed his eyes, concentrating on the strongest possible image.

However, since everyone draws strength from different sources, Shinji's source was from the simplest of images.


He imagined his first mother Yui Ikari, and his new mother, Lady Rachael Phenex. He imagined his new sister Ravel, his guardian Misato, his first crush Rei, his first girlfriend and lover Mari, his former roommate Asuka, and even his former friends Toji and Kensuke staring at him. He thought of his new father, Lord Raphael Phenex and his new brothers Ruval and Ridar. Filled with their love and support, Shinji's inner light surrounded his entire body, before manifesting itself into a physical form in his outstretched hands.

The other Satans and his new family members were shocked at what they were seeing.

Shinji opened his eyes and stared at the six foot staff in his hands. It was of silver make with a white crystal sphere at the top. The staff itself was about an inch and a half around, but seemed very light as he held it.

"I... what is this?" Shinji gasped.

"I don't believe it. It's the Zenith Tempest!" Sirzechs cried out in surprise.

"What?" Serafall gasped.

"Impossible!" Falbium gasped.

"Ha! Incredible! I knew he was powerful, but I never thought Shinji would get the second most powerful Longinus in existence!" Sirzechs cried out happily.

"The second-most powerful? I do?" Shinji gasped.

"Yes, Shinji. You do. The Zenith Tempest is said to be able to control the weather, as well as it's other elemental attributes." Ajuka explained.

"Which would explain that thunderstorm that took place when you were transformed into a Phenex." Sirzechs stated.

Off to the side, Rachael and Ravel were just in awe of what was happening. Not only was their new family member famous, not only was he powerful, as well as a future Satan, but he also wielded the second most powerful Longinus weapon in existence.

If Rias Gremory doesn't want to marry him after hearing about this, then her status as being the most sought-after she-Devil in the Underworld is highly exaggerated. Rachael thought.

I wonder if Onii-san will let me play with his staff? Ravel thought with a mischievous grin.

However, as Shinji stared at the staff in his hand, he felt a sort of tingling in his mind. As if the staff itself were trying to tell him something.

Turning back to Sirzechs, Shinji spoke.

"Sirzechs-sama. Please tell your sister that I will meet with her in four days." Shinji said, getting a confused look from his family and fellow Devils. "If I'm going to marry her, I will need some sort of engagement gift for her."

"Oh? Did you have something in mind?" Sirzechs asked.

"I think I do. But in order to help me get it, I'll need some help." Shinji said as he bowed to the Satans and picked up his Piece Set before heading out into the Waiting Area.

Curious, the other Satans followed Shinji out into the Waiting Area where the five girls that had accompanied them were patiently waiting for them.

They watched as Shinji and Rachael preformed the trade-ritual which caused each of Rachael's five servants to be bonded to Shinji now.

Xuelan the Chinese rook was first. Then Siris the Knight. Then Mihae the Bishop. And finally, the catgirl Pawns Ni and Li.

Grayfia actually smiled at seeing the happy expressions on the girls faces that they were now in the service of Shinji Phenex. They bowed to Shinji in unison, with Shinji bowing back to them.

Bidding a fond farewell to the Satans, Shinji summoned up a portal that took himself, his family and his new peerage back to the Phenex Castle.


(Gremory Castle, Four Days Later)

Rias Gremory, the crimson-haired, blue-eyed and shapely heir to the Gremory Clan sat in her family living room, dressed in her Kuou Academy uniform, impatiently drumming her fingers against her arms as they lay folded underneath her generous breasts.

"Why are we waiting here for that jerk Riser?" Rias asked with a huff.

Despite what her parents had tried to teach her, Rias was in no way ready to accept marriage to a man as arrogant and narcissistic as Riser Phenex. When she learned that Shinji was going to be a Phenex she had quickly tried to get her parents to confirm whether or not she was going to trade-up to Shinji over Riser. Her parents had tired to find out if this was true, or even possible, but the Phenex clan, and even their own son Sirzechs were very closed-lip about this.

"Just be patient, little sister." Sirzechs said to Rias. "I'm sure you'll like the surprise your fiancé has for you." he said with a smirk.

Across the way, both Lord and Lady Gremory sat patiently with their two children, sipping some tea while they waited.

Standing behind Rias, stood her queen Akeno, her knight Kiba, her Rook Koneko, and her new pawn Issei, who looked like he was going to die of boredom. Though in truth, he was hoping this Riser guy didn't show. He wanted Rias for himself.

Rias, meanwhile, just sighed, wondering how Shinji was doing.

It had been a week since the famous Angel Slayer and Messiah had been adopted by the Phenex Clan because of her brothers lottery, and no one had heard anything about him since. While she suspected that the Phenex family was most likely trying to get Shinji acclimated to his new position as their newest family, she was curious as to his progress.

I wish it were Shinji-kun coming to court me instead of Riser-teme coming to paw me like I'm some kind of an obedient sex slave. She glumly thought to herself.

While Rias desired intimacy and love more so than anyone else in her family, and was sure Riser could not provide it, she wondered what it would be like with someone like Shinji.

Just then, a fiery portal baring the Phenex Crest appeared in the center of the large and spacious living room.

"Ah, good. He's here." Sirzechs said as the Gremory family stood up as several figures materialized into their midst.

The flames died down and the Gremory clan welcomed the members of the Phenex clan.

Lord Raphael and Lady Rachael Phenex, their youngest daughter Ravel, six very beautiful young women of varying appearance and ranks, and a very handsome young man... who was not Riser Phenex!

"Rachael!" Venelana Gremory shouted.

"Venelana!" Rachael Phenex shouted.

The two women hugged each other like two old friends who hadn't seen each other in years.

The Lord's Phenex and Gremory shook hands firmly.

Ravel bowed to Rias, who only briefly took her eyes off of the handsome young man who was waiting for his chance to introduce himself. Rias nodded and greeted Ravel, before turning to the young man who had accompanied them.

"Ravel-san, who is this?" Rias asked the Phenex daughter.

"My new Onii-san, Shinji Phenex. Formerly Ikari." she smiled.

At hearing that, Rias and her peerage gasped and stared at Shinji, who bore a handsome regalness that made even the unflappable cold-fished Koneko stare at him with eyes of lust.

Shinji approached Rias and bowed deeply, respectfully, to the crimson haired beauty. Rias smiled, silently hoping that this is what it appeared to be.

"Greetings, Rias-san. I am Shinji Phenex of the Phenex Clan." he said, formally introducing himself to the girl. "My mother has informed me that we are engaged to be married, something that I did not know about until four days ago. As such, I have brought an engagement gift, for you and for your peerage." he said as he gestured to Mihae.

The kimono-clad Bishop approached them, carrying what looked like an oak-made cigar box. She set the box on the table and opened it up, revealing four 3-ounce vials of Phenex Tears.

"This is for your peerage. They were made from my own tears. My mother and father helped me with them." Shinji said as Mihae bowed and went back to where Shinji's other peerage members were standing.

"Thank you, Shinji-kun. I'll make sure my peerage makes good use of it." Rias said, encouraged at having Shinji give them something so personal.

"And this, is for you, Rias-san." Shinji said as he motioned to Xuelan.

The Chinese Rook approached the Gremory heir, a large, ornate wooden case in her hands. She held it up in both her arms, as Shinji flipped open the latches and opened the lid.

Rias looked inside, seeing a strange looking twin-bladed battle axe inside. It had a black handle with yellow and red wraps around the handgrip, the head of the axe was a polished silver-colored metal with a lions head-like symbol on the flat side of the blade.

Rias just stared at the weapon curiously for several seconds, before she gasped.

Picking up the four-foot long battle axe, Rias was trembling as she held it.

"This... this is..." she stuttered.

Shinji and Xuelan just smirked as she held the axe.

"The Regulus Nemea! One of the 13 Longinus weapons!" Rias cried out in shock and joy, her family also stunned at the gift. "You... you're giving me a Longinus?"

"Yes. It took me a while to locate this particular weapon, but I felt it was appropriate for you." Shinji said to the beautiful she-devil.

"But... why wouldn't you keep this for yourself?" Rias asked, gripping the weapon possessively.

"Because I already have one." he said as he held out his right hand and summoned his own Longinus to him.

A flash of lightning and a boom of thunder, and Rias could only gasp again when she saw that Shinji was holding the Zenith Tempest, the second most powerful Longinus in existence, capable of controlling storms and all the elements associated with it.

"You have the Zenith Tempest!" Venelana gasped when she saw it.

"That's right, I do." he said with a smile.

Rias looked back to her own Longinus in her hands. In comparison, the Regulus Nemea, or The Lion King's Battle Axe, was mid-tier at best.

The four elders of the two clans were just watching the exchange and smiling with approval.

"It is said that Regulus, the Lion King, is sealed with it. It does feel like he's asleep. Dormant." Rias said as she examined the axe. "How do I awaken it?"

"Infuse it with your Devil energies." Lord Gremory stated to the girl.

Summoning up her powers, Rias infuses the axe with her essence.

The axe glowed brightly before turning to energy, leaping out of Rias's hands and landing in the middle of the open living room. There, it took shape, transforming into a large lion-like creature.

It stood 9 feet tall and 13 feet long (which did not include it's 7-foot long, whip-like tail). It had a powerful, muscular build and a large fiery red mane that surrounded it's head. It's golden-tan fur seemed to glow, as if it were phosphorous. It's body along it's back, and the lower parts of its legs looked like it was encased in silver armor, it's red claws stretching out about five inches in length. It's deep green eyes glowed as it focused it's attention on Rias.

Everyone looked stunned at the imposing creature before them.

The lion walked over to the Gremory heir, slighting intimidating the beautiful young woman, before bowing deeply to the girl.

"I am Regulus, the Nemean Lion. You have given to me your essence, to awaken me from my slumber. I am your servant, your weapon, your battle steed." he said with a deep rumbling voice.

Rias looked stunned, before getting up off the couch and walking over to it. She looked into the lions eyes and smiled, gently petting the head and then the mane of the large creature.

"Oh! You're so cute!" Rias bubbled as she rushed forward and hugged the Lion/axe around it's head.

Everyone sweat-dropped at Rias's childlike attitude towards one of the most powerful creatures in existence. Shinji just smiled, glad she was happy.

"And you feel so powerful! I can't wait to see what you're really capable of!" she said.

"I look forward to proving my might to you, my lady." the lion said.

Rias then walked over to Shinji who was glad to see the smile on her face.

"I hope you like your..." Shinji started to say, before...


Everyone paused, looking up to see a fiery explosion rip through the ceiling, and a blond-haired man in a red velvet suit fly into the room, hurling fireballs at everyone.

"Look Out!" Shinji shouted as he quickly raised the Zenith Tempest, surrounding the whole room with an ice-shield.

The figure blasted through the ice-shield and landed in the middle of the room.

Regulus was at Rias's side, putting himself between the figure and his master.

Xuelan and Siris were at Shinji's side, while Mihae used her powers to protect herself, Ni, Li and Asia Argento.

Lord and Lady Phenex, along with their daughter Ravel, as well as Lord and Lady Gremory, were off to the right side of the figure, being protected by Sirzechs.

Rias's peerage had maneuvered themselves over to where Rias stood, Kiba having saved their box of Phenex Tears from destruction.

Everyone gasped when they realized who their intruder was.

"RISER! What are you doing?!" Raphael Phenex shouted at his son.

"Taking back what is rightfully mine!" Riser hissed at his father.

"What are you talking about?" Rachael asked her son.

"I want the Zenith Tempest, the Nemean Lion, the title and position that Shinji has, my five former peerage girls, the girl he saved two days ago, and Rias Gremory back as my fiancée!" Riser demanded as his phoenix flames surrounded his body.

"Riser, you have no right to demand any of this!" Raphael shouted.


"That's it." Shinji said as he looked at Ravel, who nodded at her new brother, but before they could do anything, Issei Hyodo shouted at Riser.

"You won't take Buchou!" Issei shouted as he summoned up his Booster Gear, the red, clawed gauntlet forming over his left hand. "Die you bas-"


Riser's fire-arrow blasted Issei in the chest, sending him flying across the room and into the back wall.

Which was a hundred feet away.

Issei slammed into the wall, causing Akeno to cry out in concern and race over to him.

Koneko gave a dismissive glance at Issei as Kiba looked at Rias for orders.

Rias shook her head in the direction of Issei and Akeno, and turned to face Riser.

The arrogant Phenex shouted as he charged at Shinji, before the newest member of the Phenex Clan twirled the Zenith Tempest over his head, slamming it into the ground and knocking Riser back.

Ravel pulled something out from behind her back, a gold and silver fingerless glove that fit over her left hand. It glowed with an emerald light, even as she pointed it at Riser. Greenish light flew from her hands and blasted Riser in the back as he stood up.

"What?" Riser gasped as he turned around to see Ravel glaring at him. "What Did You Just Do, You Traitorous Little Bitch?!"

"RISER!" Rachael shouted at what her son had just said.

Shinji gripped the staff and slammed it into the ground, sending tremendous energies through the floor and erupting around Riser himself.

"What The ARRGHHHHH!" he shouted as he was suddenly enveloped by stone and fire, a bright flash that temporarily blinded everyone in the room.

When the light died down, everyone just gasped when they saw Riser Phenex, encased in a large crystal shard, completely immobile and with a shocked expression on his face.

Shinji collapsed to his knees, the Zenith Tempest still in his hands. Xuelan and Siris quickly went to Shinji's side, the rest of his peerage surrounding him to make sure he was alright.

Just then, Yubelluna the Bomb Queen, and the rest of Riser's peerage blew open the doors, rushing in to aid their master.

"Riser-sama! We are here to..." Yubelluna shouted, only to get imprisoned in a red-glass like sphere that was created by Sirzechs.

"Do nothing." Sirzechs sighed lazily as he glared at Riser's peerage, who were slightly less immobile as their master currently was.


While Ravel was walking around the crystal-encased form of her brother, the Phenex elders were apologizing to the Gremory elders and Sirzechs Lucifer for all the trouble their son had just caused. Sirzechs, however, was not holding them responsible for Riser's actions. Though he did state that he would give Riser to the Phenex Clan to punish as they saw fit. Lord and Lady Phenex agreed.

The blond-haired Asia Argento, who had been rescued by Shinji two days ago from the clutches of the Fallen Angel Reynalle and the psychotic priest Freed, was carefully going over her master and friend to make sure he was alright.

"I'm fine, Asia-chan. I just used up a lot of energy doing something so complicated." Shinji explained to the girl.

"I'd say so. You summoned up coal and rare metal beneath the Gremory Castle, and melted them with intense heat in order to encase Riser in a block of crystal that will keep him immobile." Siris said.

"While his immortality will ensure he doesn't die, which is something that will annoy him again since he can't go anywhere or do anything." Xuelan said.

"And Ravel using the Telos Karma on her brother was a nice touch." Mihae said.

"It made the Zenith Tempest energies seek him out like a super-magnet." Ni said.

"And helped turn those elements Shinji-sama summoned into a crystal to trap him." Li said.

Shinji stood up as Rias and Regulus approached the group.

"I'm sorry about what MMPH!" Shinji gasped as Rias wrapped her arms around Shinji's neck and thrust her lips against his, sucking on his mouth with great want and desire.

After nearly two minutes of kissing and rubbing her body up against Shinji, the crimson-haired girl broke the kiss and smile longingly into Shinji's stunned eyes.

"Wow." was all Shinji could say.

"I was hoping you'd say that." Rias smiled, her arms still around Shinji, her body still pressed against his.

"I... take that to mean that you are not against the idea of my courting you?" Shinji asked with a small smile on his face, a faint blush on his cheeks.

"Courting? Hell, I'll marry you right now if you want!" Rias laughed.

"You... really?" he asked.

The Gremory and Phenex elders looked at Rias in shock, the women happy at hearing that.

"Yes, really! You give my peerage Phenex Tears you created yourself as a gift. You give me one of the 13 Longinuses as a gift. You save me from being attacked and raped by Riser. Not to mention you are the one who restored the world to it's rightful status, including my favorite holiday spot: Monaco. Besides, I have no problem marrying another High-Class Devil, especially if it's someone who is as honorable and sweet as you."

"Uh, actually, I'm not a High-Class Devil. I'm an Ultimate-Class Devil." Shinji said sheepishly.

"What?" Rias gasped as she heard that.

"That's right, Rias." Sirzechs said as he approached the pair, still locked in their embrace. "Shinji's power potential is that of an Ultimate-class. And as a Satan-in-training he'll eventually be able to achieve Super-Devil status, like me."

Hopefully Shinji-kun won't be as difficult to be around as onii-san. Rias thought with a smirk.

"Though I was surprised that you found so many Longinuses." Sirzechs said to Shinji. "One of which you gave to your sister, Ravel."

"Yes. The Telos Karma, or Ultimate Karma, as it's known." Shinji explained.

"And my new Pawn Issei also has a Longinus. The mid-tier Boosted Gear." Rias explained.

"You two are truly meant for greatness." Sirzechs laughed.

"Indeed." Venelana said, as she approached the pair. "Now... about your wedding?" she smiled.


Authors Notes:

It's been a long time since I updated or wrote anything. Hopefully everyone enjoyed this and will leave me reviews that say so.

Also, yes I gave Lord and Lady Phenex names, as well as the third brother of the Phenex family who has not yet been named in the series. Keep in mind that this is mostly for the sake of the story and my own convenience.

I'd been working on this for a so long. Damn procrastination and writers block!

But, here's hoping I can move on after this.

And now, an omake for after the initial story.



Shinji and Rias entered the Student Council Room, arm-in-arm, where they were met by Souna Sitri and her peerage. Both Tsubasa and Momo blushed when they saw Shinji Phenex.

"Rias! It's so good to see you. How was your honeymoon?" Souna asked while trying to keep a straight and happy appearance on her face.

Souna, like her own peerage, had attended the wedding of Shinji and Rias Phenex, and that had been over two weeks ago. The pair had been on their honeymoon since the wedding.

"It's was wonderful! So many memories!" Rias said with a genuine and gushing expression, though Shinji was blushing at that.

"And what brings you and your new husband here today?" Souna asked.

"We have a gift for you." Shinji said as he set the box down on Souna's desk.

Souna looked at Shinji questioningly before she opened up the box, gasping when she saw it.

"This is... The Innovate Clear!" she gasped as she removed the small, strange-looking metallic-green scepter with a crystal ball in the head of it, and a tree-symbol on it's handle. "One of the 13 Longinus weapons, also known as The Miniature Garden of the Green Tree of Innovation!"

"Yes. Shinji found it while he was searching for my wedding present." Rias said as she held out her hand and summoned her battle axe to her.

"The Regulus Nemea!" Souna gasped as she saw the battle axe.

"Yes. And despite that we each have one of the 13 Longinus weapons, Shinji's is more powerful." she said as Shinji summoned his own Longinus.

"The Zenith Tempest!" she gasped, causing the other members of her peerage to gasp as well. "So... you came here to brag about what you have?" Souna asked Rias.

"No. Rias came to brag, I came to give you one of the Longinus's as a gift because I want us to be on good terms with each other." Shinji explained.

"By giving me the Innovate Clear." Souna said.

"He gave the Telos Karma to his sister Ravel." Rias explained.

"He did?" Souna gasped.

"Oh, yes."

"So many Longinus's!"

"I know, right?"

"But how?" Souna asked.

"Shinji's Longinus was somehow able to locate other lower-power Longinus's. He located three of them in four days. It was just amazing." Rias explained. "Though I think it has something to do with Shinji's own unique power-set." she smiled.

"I thank you, Shinji Phenex, for your gift, and accept it in the spirit of friendship between us." Souna said. "And in that respect, I have a gift for you as well." she said, calling over her two servants: Tsubasa Yura and Momo Hanakai.

"You do?"

"Yes. Tsubasa and Momo have put in their trade requests to serve you when they found out you were going to be a member of the Phenex family. I was not accepting of this idea, until you gave me a Longinus as a gift. That is, if you wish for them to serve you."

Shinji looked at the two girls, who looked at Shinji with adoration. The famous 'Puppy-Dog Eyes' technique. It was too much for Shinji to resist.

"I remember both of them. Momo and I share the same art class, and Tsubasa helped me to prevent the Perverted Trio from taking pictures of the girls in the locker room when they were changing for P.E. class."

Shinji and Souna made the trade for the two girls, who happily thanks Souna for trading them.

However, Rias had a special surprise for them.

"So, a new Bishop and a new Rook. I'm sure they will serve my husband and king well." Rias said.

The pair looked at Rias in shock.

"You mean you're..." Tsubasa begun to ask.

"Yes. I am Shinji-kun's Queen as well as his wife." Rias smiled.

The pair looked at each other in shock.

While they were overjoyed to be serving Shinji, they also had to take orders from Rias, who was the second-in-command of their new peerage, but also Shinji's wife, which put them more under the authority of the crimson haired girl.

Even so, they were more overjoyed than upset.