Chapter Freaking 3!

Susan lands the plane back in the facility and drops the babies onto the table. Rusty went to the side to watch from the ground.

"I can't believe you burned down my parent's house," she said a little annoyed.

They just looked at her with smiles and some sucking on a thumb.

"Well, here's the antidote Bentspawn had…Thank God we were able to find it," she said taking out five needles full of blue liquid.

She and some other people that weren't turned into a baby helped give the antidote, once she got a sample, they all went home.

She gives a shot to Baby Monger first. A shine came out from him then, *poof* he was back to normal sitting on the table.

"Nice work Susan!" he said getting off the table.

"Thanks Monger, but what about my Quantonium? How am I going to get that back?" she said impatiently,

"Oh don't worry Susan. The soldiers are getting' Bentspawn and his robot back to the facility. They'll be here in no time," he said with a smile and taking out a tablet from his back pocket.

"Okay…" she sighed bringing out Dr. C's bear arm out and shoving the needle in.

He squirms a bit but then begins to suck his thumb again. She takes the needle out and waits.

"Why isn't it working?" she said.

"Apparently the antidote works longer on monsters," Monger said scrolling down on the tablet.

"So you mean…" Susan said with uncertainty.

"Yep," he said with a smirk, "You're gonna have to take care of your little baby friends there."

"Oh," she said taking another needle and moving towards Link, "Can't be too hard," she said not even remotely thinking about what happened at her parent's home.

She shoves in that needle into his arm; he lets out a tiny squeal for a moment.

Monger lets out a snicker, "I'd doubt that Susan."

"Why?" she said now putting the liquid in the giggling blob.

"Taking care of monsters is a whole lot easier said than done."

"Oh yeah?" she turned around and folds her arms, "Care to place a wager on that?"

"You can bet your sweet little Quantonium that you're gonna need my help," he grinned.

"Deal, but if I don't need your help, I get my own flat screen in my room," she said carelessly, "One I can actually see in my size as Ginormica."


*20 minutes later*

Crying took over the main room. Bottles of empty milk scattered the floor a three high chairs held three monsters wailing at the tops of their lungs. Insecto flew around the room like a bird in the mall looking for a way out.

Susan on the other hand had her hair messed up, lines under her eyes and her clothes full of stains of either vomit or milk. On the table were three blenders, one filled with fish the other filled with ham and the last filled with trash.

Susan turns on all three of them at the same time, "Don't worry guys, dinner will be here shortly alright?" she said hysterically.

Link, Bob and Dr. C responded by crying even louder in their high chairs.

Monger was leaning on the table with a smug look on his face, "Need any help?" he said.

"No…" Susan said irritated. She stops the blenders and pours them into separate tiny bowls. She gives the green mush to Dr. C and places a spoon in his hand. She gives the pink mush to Bob and sticks a straw in him and into the food. She gives the grey mush bowl to Link in his hand.

They stop crying and begin to eat their food. Susan sighs and plops herself on a chair. Before she could close her eyes, crying started up again. She sighs frustrated and gets up again.

*1 hour later*

"Stop splashing Link!" exclaimed Susan being splashed with water.

She was on her knees near the bath tub full of bubbles and Link giggle as his tail lashes in the water. Dr. C was on the floor next to Bob both wrapped in a small towel.

Susan was drenched in another splash of water.

"Still think you got it under control Susan?" Monger said leaning against the doorway with the smirk still on his face.

She turns to him, "Yes Monger," she said irritated, she turns back around to Link, "Okay Link-y, it's time to get out."

Susan reached for him but Link scooted back and whined.

"Come on Link. You don't wanna catch a cold now do you?" she said trying to persuade him.

Link whined louder and splashed Susan again with water as he backed up against the tub.

*50 minutes later*

Susan ducked almost getting hit by a laser. She looks at the ground to see Dr. C with a smile and a handmade laser pointing straight at her.

"Alright, who let Doc into the toy box again?" Susan shouted annoyed. She snatched the laser gun away; he gives her a hostile glare folding his arms.

"Don't give me that look Doctor, you had it coming," Susan said aggravated.

Bob and Link made rocket lunching space ships sounds as they fly around toy rocket ships next to each other. Bob looked over at Link and decided his friend's toy looked much better looking than his.

Bob reached over to Link's toy in his hand and grabs. Link let out a whine as Bob pulled back. Link pulls back harder but as did Bob; both started to play tug-a-war with each other crying out loudly.

"Wait…Where's Insecto?" Susan said with anxiety setting in. She walks over to her cell and finds a small cocoon hanging from her ceiling.

"What the hell was in that dosage? First hamsters with wings now she's in a cocoon….I don't get life any more…" she said dully.

"I see emotions are setting in already…" commented Monger walking beside her.

"I don't need your help General!" she snapped and walked away.

She goes up to the three monsters with toys scattering the ground.

"Alright, time for bed!" she said cheerily.

The monsters look up at her and burst out crying.

"Master…are you sure you're not in need of assistance?" Rusty said coming up to her.

"Sorry Rusty, when she said she didn't need any help, she means she didn't need ANY help," Monger said coming beside Rusty.

Susan sighed again and began to take up her crying friends.

*5 hours later at night*

The facility was a mess, food dishes, bottles, toys, binkies, and even some property destroyed. Susan's hair was covered in soot and looked it hasn't been groomed. Her clothes were ripped and she had more lines under her eyes. She was looking down at three cribs, one with each of her friends sleeping peacefully.

Dr. C's antennas occasionally twitched as he sucked his thumb and gripped at his blanket, Bob sucked on his binky as soft moans came from him while he dreamed, and Link's tail curved between his legs as he snuggled with his teddy bear on his side.

Monger was beside Susan gazing down as well, "Well done Susan. They should be back to normal by morning," he whispered grinning to her.

"Yes," she breathed exhaustedly, she felt her legs about to go out on her, "Now I can finally go to sleep." She and Monger walk out. Monger says good night but Susan mumbled it. She goes into her room, falls on her small bed and begins to sleep.

Her eyes break open when one cry from the other room was heard, then all three monsters began to cry together.

"MONGER!" she shouted.

It was morning as the light shined through the blinds of the baby room where Monger and Susan sat on the carpeted floor sleeping near the cribs. Susan had rested her head on his shoulder and was now waking up. She rubs her eyes and sees Rusty at her lap still sleeping.

"Already morning?" she groaned.

She heard a short snore come from Link in his grown size next to her in a crib then he sat up real quick.

"Wha- Where am I?" he said drowsily still holding onto the teddy bear.

Dr. C in his grown size as well, next to him yawned and stretched his arms, "That was the best night of sleep ever," he said holding onto the small blanket.

"Oh, hi Susan!" Bob said grown up with a smile when he woke up in his crib, "Why was this in my mouth?" he asked holding up a binky.

"Yes!" Susan shot up, "Finally, you guys are back to normal! I've never been so happy to have my grown up friends back, even if they're cocky, crazy and dumb," she said with a smile and sighed heavenly.

"Well looks like someone lost a bet," Monger said standing up next to her.

"Yeah, yeah I know…" she said folding her arms irritated, "How long till I get my Quantonium back General?"

"Wait, wait, wait…" Link said shaking his head, "You two made a bet? About what?"

"Whether she can take care of yall or not," Monger smiled.

"Wait so you mean…she fed us, cared for us and…bathed us," Dr. C said with blush starting to form on his face.

"'Corse!" Monger said.

The monsters looked at each other for a moment.

"Well," Link broke the silence, "Imma go eat," he said getting out the crib side jumping over the gate. He walks out of the room as Bob slides out from his crib. Monger and Rusty follow them out.

Before Susan could too, Dr. C speaks up, "Um Susan?" he said shyly.

"Yeah Doc?" she said turning back around.

His antennas flatted and he shrinks lower, "Um…Could you just cradle me one more time?" he said with a nervous smile and pinching his fingers together.

Susan sighs, "Alright," she breathed. She pushes down the gate and grabs Dr. C in a baby hold with two arms, one under his legs and the other in his lower back. He closes his eyes and nuzzles into her collarbone. She rocks him from side to side gently.

"I'm a man, right Susan?" Dr. C said without looking up.

"Yes Doctor, you are a man," she responded making him smile more.

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