A Weekend at Soifon's

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The sun slowly eased its way onto the face of one Ichigo Kurosaki. He grumbled and rolled over in his bed, not ready to get up yet, and wrapped his arms around his wife, Yoruichi Kurosaki. Yes, the renowned "Goddess of Flash" had settled down with the orange haired Substitute Shinigami. They had been married for eight years and during that time Ichigo had become Captain of the 13th Division after Jushiro Ukitake had taken over as Head-Captain, with Rukia as his Lieutenant. Ichigo grumbled again as he began to wake, much to his displeasure. He sighed as he just laid there, holding the dark skinned beauty that was his wife. Ichigo knew this moment of silence wouldn't last for long, and if his guess was right it would end in about 10 seconds. Suddenly the bedroom door flew open and a streak of orange made a beeline toward the bed.

"Good morning Daddy!" The streak yelled as it began to tackle the orange haired Vizard. Ichigo grunted as he began to wrestle with his little attacker, a dark skinned boy with the same bright orange hair and brown eyes he had.

"How many times do I have to tell you not to do that Kouken?" Ichigo tiredly asked his son.

"But it's fun, and besides Grandpa told me to." The six year old replied, like it was the most obvious thing in the world. Naturally Ichigo could handle his son very easily, but let him win. He saved the retaliation for his father when he saw him for teaching Kouken his psychotic sneak attacks. At this point Yoruichi woke up and stretched in the cat like way she always did.

"Good morning my Little Guardian." The purple haired woman said, using her pet name for her son, as she reached over and hugged her son.

"Morning, Mommy." Kouken replied as he hugged his mother back.

"How about some strawberry pancakes?" Yoruichi asked as she rubbed Kouken's hair. The little boy quickly jumped off the bed and ran downstairs to the kitchen to wait for his favorite breakfast. Yoruichi got dressed and went down to fix her son his food, as a Hell Butterfly flew threw the window. Ichigo sighed as he listened to the message, and it was from Ukitake. Apparently Ichigo along with a two other Captains were needed to help in the extermination of several high class Hollows that have been sighted in the wilderness near Rukongai. Ichigo went downstairs to tell Yoruichi, who had just placed Kouken's food in front of him.

"I gotta go find a few Hollow's that are just outside of Rukongai, and it'll probably take a couple of days. Well there goes the weekend." Ichigo said in aggravation. The Vizard looked over at Yoruichi, who had a nervous looked on her face.

"Relax, I can handle anything those Hollows can dish out." Ichigo said as he pulled her into a hug. Yoruichi nuzzled into his chest as she said,

"I know, but I have to go away this weekend to." Ichigo raised an eyebrow as he asked,

"Where to? And please don't tell me Urahara needs your help moving that filthy shop of his or something stupid like that." Yoruichi blushed for the first time in her very long life as she said,

"Well..." Ichigo cut her off and said,

"It IS that isn't it?" He felt Yoruchi nod and he sighed.

"It'll only take a couple of days, but since it'll probably take you that long on your mission, we need to find a sitter for Kouken." Yoruichi said as she got out her husband's embrace to look him in the eye.

"How about Rukia and Toushiro?" The were-cat suggested. Ichigo shook his head and replied,

"Rukia's gonna have to take care of my work while I'm gone so she won't be available, and Toushiro doesn't like kids." Yoruichi thought for a moment before saying,

"Ulquiorra and Orihime?" Again Ichigo shook his head and said,

"Ulquiorra's one of the Captains going on the mission, and Orihime's going to use the time alone to go visit with Tatsuki and everyone in Karakura." Yoruichi racked her brain trying to think of someone suitable to leave Kouken with until she came to a conclusion.

"Well there's always Soifon." The were-cat said. Ichigo went over and covered Kouken's ears as he said,

"Hell no. That woman hates me!" Yoruichi then countered,

"But she loves Kouken and I'll be the one to drop him off so you don't have to talk to her." Ichigo replied, his hands still over his son's ears,

"Sure she loves him, but she's never spent more than an hour with him, and even then at least one of us around the whole time." Yoruichi sighed, as Ichigo let go of his son's head. Kouken, having finished eating, ran outside to play leaving his parents to discuss his living arrangements for the weekend.

"What's you're problem? You're talking like she's gonna try and cook him as soon as we leave." Yourichi said as soon as Kouken was out of earshot. Ichigo flashed his trademark scowl and replied,

"Well that IS what witches do." Soon they were both staring each other down. After a minute Ichigo sighed, a clear indicator he had given up.

"Should we take him over now, or later?" Yoruichi asked as she smirked in victory. Ichigo cursed under his breath and said,

"Better do it now and get it over with."

Yoruichi carried Kouken piggyback as she Flash Stepped toward the Second Division. Soifon was currently doing her daily paperwork, when Yoruichi suddenly appeared on top of her desk. Soifon looked up in surprise and stuttered out,

"L-Lady Y-Yoruichi!" Yoruichi laughed at her apprentice, loving the fact she still got so flustered around her.

"Hi Aunt Soifon!" Kouken said as he waved from Yoruichi's back. Soifon composed herself and gave a rare smile as she said,

"Hello Kouken." Yoruichi jumped off the desk and sat her son down. The were-cat turned to her apprentice and said,

"I need you to watch Kouken for the weekend." Soifon nearly fell out of her chair when she heard that. She loved Kouken very much, even though she despised his father, but she had never spent much time with him and didn't have the foggiest idea on how to handle a child.

"W-Well, I suppose..." Soifon started, only to be cut off by Yoruichi.

"Great! I'll be here to pick him up by Sunday afternoon, nighttime by the latest. This has all of the clothes he'll need, and a couple of his favorite movies." The were-cat as she shoved an Iron Man backpack at Soifon.

"Bye sweetie, see you later." Yoruichi said as she knelt down and kissed her son's head. Kouken hugged his mother one last time before she left, a gesture she returned. The were-cat then Flash Stepped out of Soifon's office. The normally calm, cool, and collected Captain of the Second Division was panicking! She had absolutely no idea how to take care of a child! She was just happy that he wasn't a baby or else she really would be screwed. The feeling of something poking her arm shook her from her thoughts, as she looked down to see Kouken standing there.

"Aunt Soifon, are you okay?"

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