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CHAPTER 1 - Safe

Nina Dobrev had had a regular day. Her father had taken her to school while her mother had gone to her yoga classes. Routine felt good for the little girl. At night, everything seemed to be just fine.

Her father, Anthony, wasn't the most present one, due to his job as an international lawyer, but he and his wife Judith had built a comfy and cozy nest to witness the growth of their family.

They were both tall and athletic. He had green eyes and short black hair. She was a brunette, with deep brown eyes. Anthony always said that his wife could read right through people's souls with them. When they got married, they were madly in love. The only thing that they wanted was to spend the rest of their lives with each other.

From these genetic lottery winners and their love, Nina was born. She was planned and eagerly awaited by her parents. She had inherited not only their beauty, but also their intelligence.

Although his presence at home wasn't the best, Anthony was promoted at work very often, since his dedication became notable to the company he worked for. He had now been working on a case involving powerful people and a lot of money. For the sake of the family, he began to hide some secrets, considered unimportant by him. As he was providing food and comfort for his wife and child, he thought that everything would eventually be okay.

However, at the same time, Judith started to cultivate some fears. Those were the main cause of tension between her and her husband, especially after she and her daughter had been threatened on the street right after Nina's school time.

With her father's case going deeper everyday, Nina's safe nest was in jeopardy. Not that she was really aware of that fact. As the four-year-old she was, everything looked like fairy tales and the happily ever after did exist. The three of them seemed to be living in a sort of cage now, but she imagined herself to be in Rapunzel's castle and whoever was threatening her family was the evil witch. It was this witch that she imagined to be on the phone, every now and then when it rang, full of rage and bad intentions.

And what felt like a normal day, and even a good one, was actually going to be a decisive day. The day when her parents, because of another fight, would forget to set the alarm on before going to sleep. The day when she would learn the "don't trust anyone" lesson in the hardest way. And also the day she would, instinctively, erase from her memory.

If anyone from the CBI team stepped into the room 451 of the Skyniard Hotel that night, he (or she) would immediately blush. Teresa Lisbon had had a horrible day, following Jane around, like she was his puppy, and trying to put some wisdom in his head while he insisted in 'using' Erica for the case. She was not a fool and decided that she would stop playing cool when she was treated like one. Patrick Jane could go screw himself right now. She never thought that fate could make it up to her just in time. Especially when she wasn't looking for that much fun.

Moans and gasps filled the space to where Teresa was taken by her lover.

"Hmm…" She moaned while his mouth travelled through her body. "Who knew that a Heineken drinker could be so good…"

The guy chuckled. She had to admit that the thought crossed her mind when she spotted him at the bar. That would do for a one night stand… she thought, without the knowledge that her wishes could be heard by the responsible for watching over her from the 'sky'.

And when the hot ginger approached her with a beer in hand, she barely hesitated. Well, what could she say? The almighty agent Lisbon had her wild side in need of an adventure.

But something got in the way of her relaxing plans for the night ahead, as usual.

"Ahm, I hate to say this, but your phone is vibrating, I guess." He said between soft kisses on her neck.

"Oh God, what now?" She reached for it and looked at the screen. Her hair was messy and her shirt hanged unbuttoned from her shoulders. "Cho… It's from work, I have to get it." She explained.

He raised his hands, letting her free to do what she had to.

"Hey Cho, what's up?" Her voice was husky and strong.

"Hi boss. Sorry about the time." She looked at the clock: 3:40 AM. "We have a double murder, an attempt of fire and a missing child at Carlisle Road, number 54. We're all here already and the cops are taking notes."

"Thanks Cho, 'be there in a sec." She hung up and turned to her object of desire that was next to her, taking up from the point he had stopped, nuzzling her left ear and neck. "Hmm, I'm sorry… I gotta go…"

"Sure, babe?" His voice sounded hoarse. He was, indeed, handsome.

"Yeah, I'm sure." She went apart from him and put a hand on his chin, kissing him delicately on the lips. "Sorry." She started to button her shirt. "Guess we'll see each other around, someday, Peter."

"It's Rick…"

"That's what I said." She smirked, while passing her fingers through her hair, trying to make it look better without too much work. "Bye, Rick."

The ride to the crime scene only lasted fifteen minutes, but tiredness was winning her over. If she still were at the hotel, she was pretty sure that she wouldn't be sleeping. But right now, at four in the morning, ready to deal with broken hearts, angry cops and opportunists, all she wanted to do was drink a little bit of coffee, in exchange for a sleepless night. She got out of the car and took a look around.

The house where she was supposed to go was in a sort of pre-burned state. She wondered if the people who lived in there deserved it. Probably not. She thought. If there was one thing she had learned from her work, it was that murderers always exaggerated in their ways. Victims never had a real, concrete, reason to be killed but ended up dead anyway. There were police cars' lights everywhere and the sirens made her flinch with headache. She took a deep breath before walking into the light's direction.

"Boss!" Grace shouted, filled with relief, while walking towards her. Rigsby and Cho came right after.

"Hi Grace, what have you got?"

"The man's name was Anthony Dobrev and his wife's, Judith. They've been married for the past six years and had a daughter."

"According to the neighbors, they had a very normal life." Rigsby continued.

"Not so normal, as we can see it… And the girl is missing?" Lisbon said, glancing at the woods, behind the house.

"Yes. Jane's inside the house. According to him, she was a dreamy six-year-old girl. 'Very imaginative' he said.

"Yeah… Well, let's take a look at those bodies first." She said, getting inside the house, along with the team.

The interior wasn't as destroyed as she thought. The furniture was intact, except for the bookshelves near the window. Everything was neat and organized. It didn't look like a house with a child, at all. If she didn't know that there had been a murder, she would have thought that a very rich and happy family lived there. She stood still, just observing, until Jane's arrival.

"I know what you're thinking." He came closer. "Why such a lovely family was killed this way? Right?"

"Wrong. Actually, I'm thinking about where am I going to find these bodies and the motive behind everything." She replied coldly. "What have you found out upstairs?"

"Nothing special. I already told Van Pelt about the little girl and that was basically what I was looking for: facts about her. About where might she be hiding."

"Hiding? Don't you consider a possibility of abduction?"

"Highly unlikely. The girl was intelligent. Fairytale intelligence, I have to say, but intelligent. The window that she escaped through was wide open. She might have jumped as soon as she heard the gunshots. By the way, the victims are right over there, in the kitchen."

She went to see them. Anthony was in the entrance, with three shots on the chest and one on the leg. Lisbon knelt down to examine him better. The first thing she noticed, and that scared her a little, was how much the man reminded her of her father. The traces of the face: mouth, nose. Everything inhim screamed Samuel Lisbon. Teresa trembled and got away from the body, quickly, walking towards Judith. She had just two shots on the chest. "They weren't expecting anything." It hit her.

"No." She looked at him. "They never do." He stated, staring at her, intently. Something about Lisbon wasn't normal. A little tired, maybe?

"They were probably gathering up to sleep, when the killer broke into."

"And they forgot to turn on the alarm." Jane said, pointing to the small device at the wall next to the door. Lisbon turned her head at it.

"Boss, we should look for the girl, if you think she's out there." Cho interrupted. "Here with the dead ones we're not going to get anything."

"You're right. I have a hunch about where she might be."

"The woods." She and Jane spoke together. The team had to hold a laugh.

"Okay. Van Pelt, Cho and Rigsby, you go through the right side of the house while I go with Jane through the left one. Don't go in too deep. It's a six-year-old we're talking about, if she's around, she wouldn't have gone very far. Just enough to hide herself." And enough to feel safe. She added mentally, while she waited for the police to take both of the victims and zip their bodies into the black bags.

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