Present and Future

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The Present: The first year finds Gii, Misu, and Akaike attending Tokyo International Business College to prepare to take over their families respective companies. It was agreed that it would benefit them all to study together and maybe in the future, merge their prospective companies. Toshinisha attended the same college as well. Like Akaike, he wanted to learn the ends and outs of the business world and hope it would bring him even closer to Akaike.

Takumi, on the other hand, attended the Tokyo College of Music. He dreamed of conducting an orchestra in the future. Early on Gii, a long with Gii's parents, offered to pay for his schooling. Although touched by the offer, Takumi wanted to pay for college on his own. Gii couldn't be anymore proud of his fiancé. Therefore, Takumi practiced the violin day and night during his third year at Shidou. With the help of his sensei, he was able to apply and receive a full scholarship to Tokyo College of Music.

With the help of Gii, Takumi, Akaike, Toshinisha, and Misu were all living in the same apartment complex near their respected schools. Misu wanted to live without a roommate until Shingyouji was able to join the group the following year. Shingyouji would of course visit on weekends when he and Misu had time to take a break from schoolwork. It wasn't the best of circumstances but it was only temporary until Shingyouji could be with him full time.

The Second year: finds Shingyouji finally in the arms of Misu. During his separation for Misu, Shingyouji thrived at Shidou, becoming Student Class President and later Valedictorian. With Misu's support and guidance, Shingyouji graduated top of his class, earning him a full scholarship to Nippon Veterinary and Life Science University. When his friends asked him why he wanted to be a veterinary, he explained that all pets need love and care. To which Misu blushed as all eyes fell on him. Misu didn't mine the attention, he got what he always dreamed of, Shingyouji was in his arms. He had his beloved with him, away from Shidou and his neglectful parents.

The Third and Four year: was the busiest time for everyone With full time classes and a full time college social life, took much of everyone's time and energy. There were fights, disagreements, and threats of break ups but, when those things occur, the group supported each other though the tough times. They were a family and there wasn't anything that they couldn't work though if patience and love was available. None felt this more than Shingyouji. Just like at Shidou, he was determined to catch up with the others so he decided to double his course load. A stressful time to be sure, but he had his other 'family' to cheer him on, to console him when it looked bleak, and give him a shoulder to cry on when it became too much for him.

College graduation and birthdays marks the time of adulthood and the introduction into the working adult world. For Gii, Misu, and Akaike, they took their places under the guidance of the their fathers. Learning the ins and outs, the positives and the negatives, of running a billion corporations. Takumi has made a name for himself in the musical world. It started as a fluke during his summer internship. The San Francisco Philharmonic was set to perform at Suntory Hall, the same location were Takumi was interning. As luck would have, the lead violinist was stuck with a stomach flu and was not able to perform. To save the tour, Takumi's professor volunteered Hayama Takumi as a substitute. Takumi was scared to death and unsure if he could perform under such intense scrutiny. The professor was adamant that Takumi perform and that he had faith in him. Gii and his friends gave him courage and pushed him to take the job. Needless to say, Takumi passed the test with flying colors. The audience, along with his friends, gave Takumi a standing ovation. Takumi heart soared as he basket in the glow of a great performance. Takumi's perfect performance caught the attention of the director of the San Francisco Orchestrate as he offered him a chance to accompany the tour group for the rest of the summer. Of course, Takumi was excited but, leaving his 'family' behind, he wasn't sure if he could do it. Takumi talked to Gii about his dilemma, and like any good, supporting fiancé, Gii gave Takumi his blessing with a promise to be there for him if need be. Therefore, with a lot of tears, hugs, and words of encouragement, Takumi left his 'family', to his new future.

Shingyouji's life was much like Takumi's. Being a veterinary assistant for the summer break was very exciting. He got to learn so much from the veterinary of the local animal hospital. He x-rayed animals, helped give birth to a litter of puppies and kittens, and made sure that all hospital records were in order. He was so helpful to the staff, the veterinarian offered to have Shingyouji intern in the doctorate program. Shingyouji immediately agreed. Hearing the good news, Misu, and the others, sans Takumi, congratulated him on his good fortune. Misu sweeten the deal with a proposal, something Shingyouji wasn't prepared for. As soon as the couple returned to their shared apartment, Misu set up candles, wine, and a small tray of fruits and chocolates. Misu explained to Shingyouji that he wanted to give a private celebration. Once relaxed and the wine poured, Misu presented Shingyouji with a beautiful a silver ring with a rose design in the front of it. Of course, Shingyouji ecstatically agreed and proceeded to seal the deal with as many kisses on Misu as he possibly could.

Akaike and Toshinsha's relationship was slowly, but surely become something real. Like Takumi, Shingyouji, Toshinisha interned at the same company that is owned by the Shouzou Corporation. It was awkward at first but Toshinisha and Akaike learned a lot about each other. Akaike couldn't intern with Toshinisha but he did pair him with a more experienced office worker. Akaike wanted Toshinisha to learn a lot about working in an office setting without being distracted with Akaike around. Although he didn't like the arrangement, Toshinisha did understood that it was important to remain on task. Once they got home, they spent their evenings sharing meals, going out on dates, or snuggling on the couch while watching TV. Both agreed that waiting to taking their relationship to a more intimate level would only make the relationship stronger.

Life and Beyond: It was Spring in New York City and the air was filled with excitement as the wedding of Saki Giichi and Hayama Takumi was about to commence. From their first meeting together on the grounds of Shidou High School, to the New York Botanical Gardens, were the wedding ceremony and reception were the be held. A year after the proposal and graduation, Gii and Takumi decided that a ceremony in New York would by more symbolic than in Japan. Gii's mother and father both were thrilled and offered to take care of the plans in New York. Gii's mother coordinated the event including getting the wedding party's outfits. Gii and Takumi's part was the guess list, which consisted of business associates, friends, and family. Takumi's mother and father, however, decided not to attend. From the very beginning, Takumi's parents didn't make the effort to keep into touch with Takumi. Gii thought that Takumi should make more of an effort even though he didn't have to. Takumi agreed and visited his parents during summer breaks. Each visit was more awkward than the next. When Takumi told them that Gii proposed to them and that he was happy, his parents were stunned. They, once again, accused Takumi of seducing Naoto, and that he, Takumi, will kill Gii too. Takumi exploded with anger and excused his parents of being neglectful and cold people, and that he had his other 'family' that loved and supported him. With unshed tears, Takumi turned walked away from his parents for the last time. When Takumi got home however, he fell into Gii's arms as tears and anger came out when he held him. Later that evening, Takumi laid down for a nap and Gii called Takumi's parents and told them what he thought of them and that they are not welcomed in their household unless it was to apologize to Takumi…the call never came. Akaike, Toshinisha, Misu, and Shingyouji were there, as always, the lend support to the couple and for that, Gii was very grateful.

The day of the ceremony, Gii with the assistance of his groomsmen, Akaike and Misu, helped Gii get ready. Gii wore a simple Chinese Long Gown of black with white cuffs. The others wore gray Chinese Long Gowns. Gii wasn't nervous, not at the least. He had been dreaming of this when he first seen Takumi when he was eight years old at the violin recital. His best friends were there to help him get ready but, for a while, he wished that one more friend was there to join in their happiness. Suzuki Takeshi, the friend he lost his second year at Shidou. He wondered what it would've been like if Takeshi had lived, if Takeshi and Morita Toru would have finally confessed their love for each other. Gii had learned that Fate is fair in some things and unfair in others. He was glad that Fate decided that he and Takumi should be together until the day they left this world.

In the next room, Takumi with the help of Toshinsha and Shingyouji the get dressed and ease his nerves as the ceremony was about to begin. Takumi's wedding outfit was similar to Gii's except that it was snow white. He let his hair grow out to soften his facial features, which Gii liked. Shingyouji and Toshihsha, like their significant others, were dressed in gray Chinese Long Gowns. Just like Gii, Takumi felt that Fate has blessed him by having Gii in his life. If it weren't for Gii, if he wouldn't have meet these wonderful people in his circle or that he wouldn't have had the violin in his life again. He would have remained a victim to his 'human contact' phobia and would have remain that way forever. Gii was able to give him the strength to forgive his brother. It was a hard and long process but, with Gii's support, he gave his brother's soul the chance to rest.

The Ceremony: The garden was decorated with white and pink fluffy cherry blossoms that drifted through the air, the chairs were covered with white satin, and the alter was decorated with white and pink cherry blossoms trees, a statue of Buddha, a bell, and a brass bowl with water. Standing to the right of the alter were Akaike, Toshinisha, and Misu and Shingyouji were to the left. The Shinto priest stood in the middle and in front of the alter, with Gii and Takumi facing each other. The priest gave each man pebbles to throw in the bass bowl and each thanks to the Buddha. They turned to each and gave a Buddhist Wedding Prayer and vows:

Gii and Takumi: Today we promise to dedicate ourselves completely to each other, with body, speech, and mind. In this life, in every situation, in wealth or poverty, in health or sickness, in happiness or difficulty, we will work to help each other perfectly. The purpose of our relationship will be to attain enlightenment by perfecting our kindness and compassion toward all sentient beings.

Priest: Saki Gii and Hayama Takumi, are happy today not only because they can share the joy of their love for each other with friends and family, but also because they have the opportunity to express their aspirations for the future.

Giichi and Takumi, do you pledge to help each other to develop your hearts and minds, cultivating compassion, generosity, ethics, patience, enthusiasm, concentration and wisdom as you age and undergo the various ups and downs of life and to transform them into the path of love, compassion, joy and equanimity?

Gii and Takumi: "We do"

Recognizing that the external conditions in life will not always be smooth and that internally your own minds and emotions will sometimes get stuck in negativity. Do you pledge to see all these circumstances as a challenge to help you grow, to open your hearts, to accept yourselves, and each other; and to generate compassion for others who are suffering? Do you pledge to avoid becoming narrow, closed, or opinionated, and to help each other to see various sides of situations?

Gii and Takumi: "We do"

Priest: Understanding that just as we are a mystery to ourselves, each other person is also a mystery to us. Do you pledge to seek to understand yourselves, each other, and all living beings, to examine your own minds continually and to regard all the mysteries of life with curiosity and joy?

Gii and Takumi: "We do"

Priest: Do you pledge to preserve and enrich your affection for each other, and to share it with all beings? To take the loving feelings you have for one another and your vision of each other's potential and inner beauty as an example and rather than spiraling inwards and becoming self absorbed, to radiate this love outwards to all beings?

Gii and Takumi: "We do"

Priest: When it comes time to part, do you pledge to look back at your time together with joy-joy that you met and shared what you have-and acceptance that we cannot hold on to anything forever?

Gii and Takumi: "We do"

Priest: Do you pledge to remember the disadvantages of ignorance, anger, and clinging attachment, to apply antidotes when these arise in your minds, and to remember the kindness of all other beings and your connection to them? Do you pledge to work for the welfare of others, with all of your compassion, wisdom, and skill?

Gii and Takumi: "We do"

Priest: Do you pledge to work to develop the wisdom understanding the relative functioning nature of things and the wisdom knowing their deeper way of existence that they are empty of inherent existence? And to remember the laws of cause and effect?

Gii and Takumi: "We do"

Priest: Do you pledge day to day, to be patient with yourselves and others, knowing that change comes slowly and gradually, and to seek inspiration from your teachers not to become discouraged?

Gii and Takumi: "We do"

Priest: Do you pledge to continuously strive to remember your own Buddha nature, as well as the Buddha nature of all living beings? To maintain the awareness that all things are temporary, and to remain optimistic that you can achieve your greatest potential and lasting happiness.

Gii and Takumi: "We do" (Exchanging of Rings)

Priest: "The wedding ring is the outward and visible sign of an inward and spiritual bond which unites two loyal hearts in partnership."

Priest: (Pronouncement) "By the power vested in me through the wishes of Saki Giichi and Hayama Takumi, as well as the blessing of the lineage of their Spiritual Friends, I now pronounce you couples for life."

Priest: Offer one long katag over both of them together.

Priest: (Presents and Congratulating the Couple) "Ladies and Gentlemen please join me in congratulating Mr. and Mr. Saki."

Both Gii and Takumi turned the audience and bowed. Gii's mother and father looked on proudly at their sons as they clapped. Gii and Takumi turn proceeded down the isle and into the reception hall. The wedding party danced, ate, and drank the night away. Everyone was happy for the couple and wished nothing but the best for them. A soft glow surrounded the couple and everyone their couldn't help but be drawn to it. As the festivities ended, the couple was ready to leave and start their honeymoon. The elder Saki's gave the new Saki's a gift of a Hawaiian trip. So, from the hotel to the limousine, they were taken straight to the airport. Saki Giich and Saki-Hayama Takumi left their friends and family and onto the next chapter of their lives.

A year later: Takumi and Toshinisha tried to calm a frantic Shingyouji from having a panic attack. A year after Gii's and Takumi's nuptials, Misu made it official and decided that he and Shingyouji would marry in the same fashion. Shingyouji had has doubts and that he still felt that wasn't good enough for Misu. Takumi remained him that Misu loved him unconditionally and that Shingyouji should keep strong for the both of them. So, with a calming, Shingyouji knew that his friends were right and began to prepare for his life with one Misu Arata. Surprisingly enough, Misu was having the same panic attack. With Gii and Akaike surrounding him, they both remained him that Shingyouji worshipped the ground that he walked on. Honestly, they didn't know what to do with a hysterical Misu, a man who is so posed and cool under pressure but, a back-handed slap to the face and a couple a rough shakes by Gii woke him up and made him listen to reason. The ceremony and reception went on without a hitch and as with Gii and Takumi's wedding a year prior, the couple was given a luxurious honeymoon trip from the 'family' and like Gii and Takumi, their chapter was just the beginning.

The End

The End…what, wait! What about Akaike and Toshinisha, you ask? Well, would you believe that those two finally joined the 'Married Club', as Shingyouji called it? Feeling the need to solidify their relationship, Akaike and Toshinisha were official engaged and were to married in the next six months. What finally made Akaike give in, was watching Gii and Takumi and how they interact with each other. Although he was an accomplished businessman, he was afraid that would get in the way of his relationship with Toshinisha. His long hours at the office, being away from just about all of the time, would kill any relationship like a water-deprived plant. However, time and again, Toshinsha showed Akaike that he could handle the stress of the business world. He never complained and helped Akaike when it became too much for him. Akaike was proud of him and wanted him to remain by his side. So on bended knee and with ring in hand, Akaike proposed during a Tanabata Festival in Tokyo.

Like all the others, their ceremony was both beautiful and spiritual. Their souls were bare to each other and nothing was hidden. Their union was pure and real, and as with the rest, their own chapter was about to begin.

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