Camp Drama Mysteries

Chapter 1: Soothing Marge

It was yet another season for Chris McLean, but first thing was first he had to calm down a certain Marge Simpson who wasn't going let the producers film in her home town of Springfield anytime soon, but that wouldn't stop Chris from starting the season either.

"Welcome to Season Six, where this season will be a mystery themed season, where our contestants will have to solve" said Chris.

"And these mysteries don't just include some crazy person in a mask" added Chef.

Indeed a certain Marge Simpson was quite angry at both Chef and Chris as they began their introduction as she was standing right in front of Chef referring about the crazy person in the mask.

"You two will not take a step near my children!" roared Marge.

"The producers already talked about this with you" said Chris to which he turned over to Chef, "Chef if you don't mind please take her off my hand!"

"Will do" said Chef as he had to move Marge back into her house.

"This season will include some fifty sum contestants and five separate teams" continued Chris.

"That's right Chris" said Krusty as he showed right up.

"Where the heck did you ended up signing up on this, I do not recall Chef telling me he'd have a helper like you" said Chris.

"Well, because with the situation with Marge, Chef rang me up asking me if I could help fill in when he had to keep watch over her" added Krusty.

"Hmm, good to know that" said Chris, "as I was saying, there'll be five teams that'll be lead by members of Mystery Inc., each team will be involved in the challenging solving the mystery."

As both Chris and Krusty were heading to the area where the contestants were, it was finally time for them to be added to a team.

"Alright Krusty, if you do the honors, please tell us the names of the teams and who they'll be on" said Chris.

"I would but I cannot read" said Krusty.

"Fine, I guess that'll leave me to do it" sighed Chris, "Bobby, Joseph, Edmund, Red, Coraline, Wybie, Manny, Frida and Django, you'll be known as the Bottomless Pits and will be led by Shaggy; Tak, Dwight, Cindy, Marc, Libby, Susie, Gwen, Ben and Tails you'll be known as the Big Brainiacs being led by Velma; Alex, Hiro, Danielle, Gaz, Danny, Sam, Vanessa, Zim, Dib and Jessica, you'll be part of the Fashion Titans being led by Daphne; Johnny, Sissy, Abigail, Wally, Kuki, Yoshi, Courage, Eustace, Tony and Lee, you'll be known as the Scooby Snax and you'll be led by obviously Scooby; and lastly, Riley, Megan, Huey, Sheldon, June, Jenny, Jake, Rose, Hoagie, Reggie you'll be known as the Killer Ascots being led by Fred."

"Let's not forget to mention where they can take their confessions" added Krusty.

"Yep, we have decided to bring back the powder room as the confession area" stated Chris.


"Alright, I feel like this is my season!" laughed Manny.

"All of them think they'll get something this season, but Django here will be taking it all the way to the top" laughed Django.

"Wow, I can't believe I couldn't make the cut this time" sighed Timmy.

"Chef better not pull my back with labor" said Mandy.

"I can't believe it, I'm just as rich and popular as Alex or Jessica, I should be a contestant" said Greta.

End of confessions.

As the contestants were following Chris to the area they were going to do their first challenge, the scene switches to a certain Nicky Flippers whom was rather disturbed on how the villains he had apprehended the last season had escaped from prison. His only turn was to obviously go toward the Delightful Children and Father.

"I must say that Lucius Malfoy is turning up the heat" said Father to Nicky.

"Well, I want to assure you that we'll be legally bringing in your Delightful Children as possible contenders in the last phase" said Nicky.

"My Delightful Children have not become contenders since the first season" said Father.

"Ah, but this time they'll be doing it for a good cause since I do have files from your enemies from the Kids Next Door that they're the missing members of Sector Z who could be of some use" continued Nicky.

As Nicky was prepared to do just the unthinkable, Chef was busy keeping an eye on the Simpson residence making sure Marge wouldn't go out of the house to follow and disrupt Chris.

"Mom, why do you have to be obsessed about Chris McLean?" asked Lisa.

"Because there is no way that I'll let that Chris McLean get away for putting you two in danger" continued Marge.

"Oh come on, just give the guy a break" said Homer, "that 75 million bucks can go a long way."

"Not if it's not worth it putting grave injury to Bart and Lisa" continued Marge.

"But the money" said Homer.

"Money isn't everything in this world, mark my words, Chris McLean will be going down this season!" roared Marge.

"I do not know since that crazy Chef guy is outside our house watching" said Bart as he observed Chef putting up a chair and started to read the newspaper.

But Marge wasn't the only one who was plotting to stir up trouble for a certain Chris McLean, the group of villains who had escaped prison thanks to Sartana's help by her own blind rage had arrived in Springfield with Shere Khan's limo leading the pack.

"You think this plan will work for this season?" asked Blaineley to Shere Khan.

"Ha, this plan is full proof" said Shere Khan, "Lucius told me so."

"Well I have been trying since season two and they do not go so well" said Blaineley.

"Well I have been trying longer than you have" continued Shere Khan.

As the villains started to get out of the van, a certain Le Quack started to scout the areas where Chris would implement his challenges.

"Time to do some scouting around here" said Le Quack.

As for Chris and the contestants they were quite unaware of such a plot were to unfold as they were heading for the first challenge that Chris was prepared to initiate, as for Marge, she was still being watched over by Chef whom was bidding his own time into making sure she would not ruin Chris.


"Ha, just doing my job" laughed Chef.

End of confessions.

Chef indeed was well prepared to handle Marge as he would have to, if he wanted Chris to get through the first challenge with the contestants.