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Chapter 14

"Bonnie, I hate to tell you this, but that bite mark is more serious than you think." Caroline said, squatting down next to Bonnie's chair.

Caroline took Bonnie's hand in hers. "Sweetie that mark means that you now belong to Damon…you're his mate."

"That's not funny, Caroline…vampires don't have mates, that's a werewolf thing." Bonnie said, pulling her hand away and getting up. Caroline stood up, stopping her.

"Bonnie…wait…I'm not joking…it's true, but maybe mate is the wrong word but that mark on your thigh signifies that Damon has claimed you as his…and just like a blood exchange bonds you to a vampire, a marking links you to a vampire." Caroline informed her.

Elena's jaw dropped, unable to speak.

"It's just a bite mark, how can something so insignificant do something that powerful as link two people together, this is ridiculous." Bonnie said in utter disbelief.

Caroline sighed, as she tried to make Bonnie understand. "Bonnie, this all may sound ridiculous but it's real…to vampires this is as real as it gets and that mark let's every supernatural know that you are Damon's and therefore off limits to anyone else trying to claim you."

Bonnie's green eyes widen in disbelief. This was the most insane thing she had ever heard. "Caroline, are you saying that I've been branded as Damon Salvatore's property?"

"Bonnie, it's not really that black and white, there is more to it than that, but in a roundabout way, yeah…you sort of are."

Bonnie staggered back as if someone had just hit her. This wasn't possible; things like this just didn't happen in real life. This type of shit happened in movies. "This can't be happening right now, I must be dreaming…this has got to be a bad dream, a nightmare!" Bonnie said, starting to get hysterical.

Clouds started to roll in and block out the sun as thunder and lightning slashed across the sky. Everyone looked up at the sky in confusion because it had been bright and sunny moments ago. Caroline looked at Bonnie and grabbed her.

"Bonnie, you have got to calm down!" Caroline said, shaking her and looked up as the wind started to blow. She shook Bonnie harder.

"We have got to get her out of here!" Elena said, starting to panic.

Stefan, Matt and Tyler ran up to the girls because they knew that the sudden change in weather had to be Bonnie's doing. "What the fuck is going on?" Matt said as he looked at Bonnie and could practically see her toffee colored skin turn paler. He moved Caroline out the way and stood in front of Bonnie.

He touched her face. "Hey, hey Bonnie…look at me…you have to calm down…Bonnie, your affecting the weather…you have to stop!" Matt said, shaking her.

Bonnie finally snapped out of it and came back to herself, a tear slipped down her face. "Matt, you don't know what he did." Bonnie whispered softly.

What had his brother done now, Stefan thought to himself? He knew without a doubt that Bonnie was talking about Damon. "Come on, we've got to get her out of here." Stefan said.

Caroline and Elena grabbed all their stuff and they walked to their cars parked out front of the mansion. And, it couldn't have been worst timing because Damon had just pulled up and was getting out of his car. Bonnie rushed at him.

"What did you do to me?" Bonnie screamed in his face, grabbing his expensive black shirt in her fists.

Damon wondered what was going on because everyone was in their swimsuits looking like they had just gotten out of the pool. He looked down at Bonnie not knowing what she was talking about. Her long hair hung in wet loose curls that framed her gorgeous face and she had on a tiny black bikini that showed way too much of her body. Damon took off his leather jacket and covered her, placing it around her small shoulders. Bonnie would have snatched it off of her, but then she realized that she had been cold and the jacket felt good, warming her.

"Bonnie, what's going on?" he asked, lightly taking hold of her wrists.

Bonnie snatched her hands away, feeling like she was being held captive. "You crazy, sick bastard…Caroline told me about the mark, Damon!"

Damon looked above her head at the accusing, angry faces surrounding them and listening to every word that they said. He looked back at Bonnie and touched her face. "I don't want to talk about this here." He said, gently.

Bonnie pushed his hand away. "This isn't about what you want, Damon…what you want doesn't even factor into this…you had no right to brand my body…I don't belong to you!"

"Damon, you didn't!" Stefan said, shocked as he walked up and stood beside Bonnie, looking for the evidence of the mark, but not seeing it.

"He did, Stefan…Damon marked her in between her thighs, just below her…" Caroline didn't finish because Damon interrupted her.

"ENOUGH!" Damon growled, silencing everyone.

Damon grabbed Bonnie's arm, snatching her against him. "We are not discussing this in front of everyone…now get in the fucking car, now!" He said, angrily.

Bonnie shuddered. She couldn't be alone with him. He would touch and tease her body until she was quivering with need and all of her defenses would crumble to the floor. "I'm not going anywhere with you!" Bonnie said determinedly.

"Bonnie, this is the wrong time for you to push my buttons, so get in the car!" He threatened, gripping her arm tighter. She winced.

Matt grabbed Damon's arm. "Hey man, let her go…you're fucking hurting her!"

Damon's angry blue eyes turned to Matt. "Stay out of this, kid…believe me, you don't want to get involved." He warned and then looked back at Bonnie. "Bonnie, tell this little fragile human to stay out of this." He said evenly. And, Bonnie knew that if she didn't he would hurt Matt.

Bonnie swallowed hard. She looked at Matt. "It's okay, Matty…he's not hurting me." Bonnie lied and Damon lessened his grip on her arm when he realized that he was holding her to tightly. When Matt still didn't let go of him, Damon pushed him back with his other arm, and Matt went flying across the yard, landing hard on his shoulder. He screamed out in pain. Everyone rushed over to him. Bonnie tried to pull free from Damon, but he refused to release her.

"Let me go, Damon!" Bonnie screamed, pushing at his chest.

"He will be fine after Caroline gives him some of her blood…now get in the car!" Damon demanded.

"No!" She screamed

"You and I both know that a broken shoulder is nothing compared to the harm I can really cause, so I suggest you get into the car before things turn ugly." He threatened.

Bonnie got into his car, sliding down to the passenger side; Damon got in after her, slamming the car door and peeling out of the driveway as Elena and Caroline screamed her name.

Bonnie's green eyes widen when Damon pulled up into her driveway. She swallowed hard, the palm of her hands starting to sweat. Her father was away on a business trip and they would be totally alone. There was no way in hell she was going to invite him in. If only she could make a run for it and get into her house, but she wouldn't be fast enough; he would catch her in a second. But, maybe not, if she gave him an aneurysm then she would have a chance. Bonnie looked at him.

"Fucking try it and see what happens." He said, glaring at her.

"So, you're able to read my mind now." Bonnie said with an attitude.

"No, but I'm starting to learn how your mind works." He informed her.

Bonnie rolled her eyes, turning away from him. "I'm not inviting you into my house."

"If you don't…Matty will be dead before the night is over." Damon threatened.

"Why do you keep threatening his life…he has nothing to do with this!" Bonnie snapped.

"Because, I know that you care about him and I use it to…"

"To control me!" Bonnie finished for him angrily.

Damon sighed. "Stop putting words in my mouth…I threaten your friends to get my way...it's the only way to get you to do what I say."

Bonnie snorted. "It's still a form of control, Damon!"

Damon was getting tired of this shit. He was tired of talking. He was tired of arguing. He was tired of her being mad at him. And, most of all he was tired of not having sex with her. It had been two weeks since he had been inside of her. He hadn't fucked another woman since going to Atlanta; he only wanted Bonnie and when she would deny him sex it was like the worst punishment in the world because he was so hooked on her pussy that another kitty cat just wouldn't do. He was whipped by this girl and now was the time to lay all of his cards out on the table because he was finished with playing games.

He had come to Atlanta for one purpose and one purpose only, to get into Bonnie Bennett's pants. He had never traveled to another state before for some ass, but he had done it for her. The first time he'd had her it was a done deal, she owned him. He liked spending time with her and everyday he got to know her better. He liked talking with her and teasing her, wrestling with her, something they did quite a lot. He had never been this way with anyone before. Bonnie had seen him at his very worst and yet she still chose to be with him. He would never forget that day in Atlanta when she had told him that she accepted him and all of his crazy ways. She would never know what her words meant to him because no one, not even Stefan had ever said that to him and accepted him so fully, good, bad and ugly.

She knew who and what he was and never once backed away from him until now. And, if he didn't want to lose her then he would have to let down all of his walls and tell her how he felt because waiting for her to be the first one to say it was getting them nowhere fast. Damon pulled himself from his thoughts.

"Bonnie…would you just stop talking…please." Damon said, touching the bridge of his nose. Damon laughed softly to himself. He was actually nervous.

"When we started this whole thing, never once did I imagine that I would end up here." He said, shaking his head in wonderment.

"Damon, what are you talking about now?" Bonnie sighed, suddenly feeling very tired.

Damon looked at her. "Bonnie…I'm in love with you." He finally confessed and watched as her body stilled.

"Why are you doing this?" Bonnie asked looking at him.

Damon's face fell. For the first time in his life he was totally and completely in love with a woman and it wasn't driven by blind obsession or the need to take something that wasn't his because time and time again she had given herself to him freely and willingly without hesitation. And, now when he bared his heart to her this was the reaction he got. He was speechless.

"Are you trying to hurt me?" Bonnie asked, tears spilling down her face.

"How is me telling you that I'm in love with you, hurting you?" Damon said hoarsely, his voice choking.

"Because you don't love me, Damon…and for you to sit here and tell me that you do is really heartless and cruel." She said, wiping her tears away with her hand. She looked away from him, not being able to take the look on his face.

Damon wasn't going to let her get away with this shit. "Is it that hard for you to believe that I love you…or are you just scared and using it as an excuse to run away from my feelings for you because then you would have to admit that you have feelings for me too?"

"There it is, that twisted mind of yours coming up with all kinds of crazy shit to suit your purpose!" Bonnie scoffed.

"For once, honey, my mind is clear and I'm thinking sanely…but you on the other hand are so scared of what is happening between us that you can't think or see straight." Damon said, unwaveringly.

"How can I be scared of something that isn't real, Damon…not too long ago you were confessing your undying love to Elena, remember that?"

Damon refused to look away from her challenging eyes. "When I was with you in Atlanta, everything about being with you came naturally, nothing was forced. I could be myself and didn't have to pretend to be something that I'm not. Even when we got into arguments I didn't have to sensor myself or take it easy because I knew that you could handle me and I liked how you stood your ground with me and didn't allow me to intimate you. With Elena, it's nothing like that, it doesn't even come close. All I got to do is raise my voice or glare at her and she cowers."

"And, being with you Bonnie made me realized that I don't want that, not anymore. I want my woman to give just as good as she gets and not fear me, but put me in my place when I get out of line, and Bonnie you do all of that and more. Bonnie, I put that mark on your body to let everyone know that you are my woman. And, whether you believe it or not I love you and I will wait as long as I have to for you to come to turns with your feelings for me." Damon finished quietly.

Bonnie just stared at him almost stupidly because her mind was reeling. She had been so scared to be alone with him in fear of him touching and teasing her body, leaving her quivering with need and therefore stripping all of her defenses away but there was no need to fear because he had just done all of that and more with just his words. He had just made love to her mind, touching and teasing it, leaving her quivering with need and stripping her of all her defenses, leaving her bare and vulnerable, but that fear that once held her captive…the fear of loving someone like him, melted away, leaving behind a joyous heart that would love him openly and freely.

Damon Salvatore was a monster, but he was her monster, and Bonnie Bennett wouldn't have it any other way.


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