A/N: ajskfj I don't even know what this is you guys, I don't believe half of it and the last paragraph=NO SENSE, but ajksdfjkdfkj I was in a bad mood and I had to get something out and I'm like LUNA COULDN'T'VE BEEN ALL RIGHT ALL THE TIME and so I just I don't even know gah

here it is though :)





the words that they come up with

are endless, so it seems

every day

a new taunt that they have to

h u r l at you

and you skip and hum

and blame it all on the Wrackspurts,

but inside (inside, baby)

it hurts/it hurts/it hurts

but you're

luna lovegood

nothing matters to

you; nothing at all

say what you will to her,

she'll just laugh

or she'll twirl her hair back and

smile vaguely at you but she won't

e v e r get angry

she barely even feels, that girl




'cuz sometimes/sometimes/sometimes

not a l w a y s

(cuz baby, if it was a l w a y s

you'd e x p l o d e)

sometimes their

silly remarks that are probably the works of

wrackspurts, and all that, sometimes

they sting you, sting your very insides because

they're so h o r r i b l e to you and you have

n o o n e

and you never even did anything, not really

you're just you

but everyone seems to think that you

committed a felony by being you

so sometimes (only sometimes, baby, only sometimes)

you wonder if it's even worth it (cuz is it?)

worth being


worth being

c/r/a/z/y l/o/o/n/y l/o/v/e/g/o/o/d

cuz their words, sometimes (only sometimes, I swear)

those words slash you o/p/e/n

cut you into b\i\t\s

leave you c r u m p l e d and c r y i n g

and is it worth it, all the pain

all the hurt they give you

the words

the sneers



you're screaming, screaming, screaming

for someone, anyone, anyone at all

to see that you can't, not always

you can't always not mind, s/o/m/e/t/i/m/e/s

their words sLasH at the inside of you

knife right through the middle of you and dammit, sometimes they sting

so you wonder if it's worth it; being the zane, the loon, the oddity, the (words you can't repeat)

because it hurts you, when they say those words to you, is it worth it?

Is it worth it?



and then someone does.


neville longbottom

(fighting voldemort in a cardigan)

he meets you, he sees you when

you're at your worst, when you've had

enough, he finds you when you're crying quietly

crumpled in the hallway because it's been too

long, and you just want to

you just want to stop, stop being so crazy

stop being yourself

maybe just try your hand at normalcy, for once and the thought,

it makes your insides squirm but you're tired of it, tired of being scorned so,

but he sits with you,

and he asks you, "what's wrong?"

and you whisper to him, you tell him e v e r y t h i n g

because he - he - he listens, like no one does

and when you're done, he tells you,

he tells you, i think you're amazing, luna, they're not worth it,

they're not worth it, they're just human, they shouldn't have

any effect on you, because they're just like you, aren't you?

they've got their hearts, you've got yours,

they can't do anything to you, and you,

you're perfect, don't ever change.

that's all he has to say, that, a smile,

a quick hug, that's all you need,

and suddenly, you're all right.


and he teaches you,

and he teaches you that it's all right, it's always all right,

to be who you are, it's perfect to be who you are

and you knew that already, of course,

(you just forget, sometimes)

but it was so splendid to be reminded

that that day, that day you fell in love with that neville longbottom

and you knew he'd never be yours (never)

but it was okay, because everything was okay,

because it was always worth it. (Always.)

and so he gets married, neville does, and he lives happily forever

you find someone too, eventually, but you never forget

that when you were at your lowest, you had that silly boy in a cardigan

teaching you that it was always all right.


i realize neville isnt really that eloquent but c'mon who wouldnt love someone like him to come up to us at a time like this?

/review, my pretties :)