Would you marry me?

Would you do me the extraordinary honor of becoming my wife?

Would you tie your life to mine forever?

Has anyone ever asked for your hand in marriage? Or are you hoping and dreaming of the day this will happen to you?

This contest is the place where you can tell us your proposal stories or dreams with the help of the Twilight characters. Inspired by newly-engaged Stickybuns, "Pop the Question" wants to hear your version of the perfect (or not-so) engagement.

Whether it truly happened that way, you wish it did, or you're hoping it will – tell us about it! We want the fluff, the happy tears, the nervousness, the what-went-wrong and, of course, the YES or NO.


Organizer and ring bearer: Chrisska


Abstract Way, author Work of Art and Animate Me

Jada Pattinson, author of Fold Your Wings

Sydney Alice, author of Pros and Cons, I Thee Wed, Forget Me Not, and others

Stickybuns, author of Beloved

TKegl, author of Beyond Time, Just One of the Boys, Cutlass, and others

WhatsMyNomDePlume, author of The Best I Ever Had, Legendary, A Matter of Life and Death, and others

Windchymes, author of Distractions, The Decision, The Keepsake, and others

Magic-maker (aka banner-maker for the winners): Rose Arcadia, whose creations are too many and too wonderful to be named individually

Official Contest Twitter: Pop_the_Q

DATES for the contest:

Submissions: from February 14th, 2012 to 11:59pm EST on March 16th, 2012

Popular Voting: from March 17th, 2012 to 11:59pm EST on March 31st, 2012

Winners Announced: April 5th, 2012 on Pop_the_Q and this profile page


This is an anonymous contest. Feel free to say you're participating, but please do not disclose any details about your entry.

Your entry must include some form of a marriage proposal. You are free to decide the way it's done and what the outcome is. There will be no official pic/song prompts, but you're welcome to tell us in your entry what inspired you. The only required prompt is the proposal.

Word limit: 3 000 to 10 000 words.

This is a contest for independent one-shots. No outtakes and/or futuretakes will be accepted. Once the contest is over, you can decide whether to expand your entry.

Pop the Question is a fluff contest. Angst is not excluded, but fluff is preferable.

All Twilight characters are acceptable, in any pairing. AU, AH, Canon are acceptable.

There are no rating requirements, but authors of M-rates stories must be at least 18.

Lemons are not required. But who can say no to someone who's just asked you to be his/hers forever? ;)

Authors may submit up to 2 entries, including collaborations.

Sensitive subjects are acceptable, except incest, pedophilia and character death. If you decide to include sensitive topics in your entry, please provide warning. However, please bear in mind the nature of the contest.

Please submit your entry after it has been edited by a beta. If you have trouble finding one, contact the contest's Twitter (Pop_the_Q) or Chrisska


Submissions must be sent from February 14th, 2012 to 11:59pm EST on March 16th, 2012.

Submissions should be sent to question(dot)contest(at)gmail(dot)com where Chrisska will check that they adhere to the rules. Afterwards, they will be posted as anonymous entries on this page.

Please include the following with your submission:

Pop the Question Contest Entry

Pen name:

Twitter Name:


Word Count (without the A/n and header):




Warnings (if any):


Two 1st Place winners – Popular Vote and Judges' Pick.

Two 2nd Place winners – Popular Vote and Judges' Pick.

Individual Judge Favorites

* Prizes may change depending on the number of contest entries.

One final thing – the organizer would like to thank the judges and the banner maker for agreeing to take part in this contest. Many thanks also go to the fabulous Katinki, whose help made this possible.

Thank you for participating and good luck!

Let the swooning begin!