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Remember When?

A group of friends from early childhood just graduated high school and were looking foreword to spending the summer together going cross country before they split up for college.

A small brunette was saying good bye to her overprotective father at their front door.

Her name was Isabella Marie Swan, although she preferred to be called Bella. She was about 5'4 in height with wavy mahogany hair past her shoulders and chocolate brown eyes. To her, she was average and nothing special, but to her boyfriend she was beautiful and his angel.

"Dad, come on, they are all waiting. I'm old enough to make my own decisions and I'm going," Bella said with the confidence that she usually lacked.

"I still don't like this. No parental supervision. You alone with your boyfriend," her father gruffly spoke as he eyed the boy in question over Bella's shoulder. Besides being a single father, Charlie Swan was also the town police chief. Bella glanced behind her to her boyfriend, Edward Cullen. His 6'2" broad frame was leaning up against his Volvo XC90, his messy bronze hair was being tousled by the wind. Currently his green eyes were covered by sunglasses so no one could read them, but his expression said he was slightly amused by the situation. The others in the group kept their gazes away, but they too were also listening.

"I'm going, I love you. If you're going to eat out every night remember your vegetables," Bella spoke with concern, knowing without her to cook, her father's eating habits were not the best. She gave him a quick hug and headed to the car.

"Hold on. Boys a word," Charlie spoke gruffly and waved them over with one hand. The boys moved away from the car to meet with the chief, their smirks wiped from their faces. "Go on to the car, Bells."

"Be nice," she pleaded before walking away, casting the boys an apologetic look as her face turned pink from her blush. She prayed her father wouldn't embarrass her too much.

"Don't worry about it, Bella, they already got this lecture from my dad and Rose's dad too. I think they would've been surprised if they got away from the chief so easily," Alice Cullen giggled. She was very small and pixie like in her 4'10' frame. She had spiky black hair and hazel eyes and was very cute. Alice was Edward's adoptive sister. When Edward was young, he was adopted by the Cullens and he gained a sister his own age and a brother, Emmett, a year older.

"Just be glad you avoided the mothers cornering us girls and giving us the 'talk' again," Rose rolled her eyes. Rose, or Rosalie Hale, was how most would describe as drop dead gorgeous blonde, 5'9", thin and blond hair with big blue eyes. She looked like a model. "Who says I did? Esme cornered me before I left yesterday," Bella giggled with the girls as they watched Charlie and their boys.

"Alright, I'm assuming that car has been checked out before you decided to go on this trip." Charlie stood with his arms across his chest.

"Absolutely. I had it inspected last week. Plus new tires and an oil change to be on the safe side," Edward stated proudly. The only thing he loved more than his car was Bella. He took good care of both. Better than himself even, so it was a good thing Bella took good care of him.

"Insurance?" Charlie questioned, he was making sure all bases were covered.

"Yes, Sir," Emmett said with respect. "Our parents added additional roadside service just in case, as well." Emmett was the biggest and oldest by a year of the rest of the group. He was 6'5" with a muscular frame. He has curly brown hair and brown eyes. He technically graduated the year before, but took a year off to leave at the same time as the rest.


"My car has a GPS system," Edward stated with confidence.

"You shouldn't rely solely on those things." Charlie's eyes narrowed.

"No worries, sir. My mother doesn't either; she gave us all the appropriate maps." Jasper Hale broke in with a calming demeanor. Jasper was Rose's twin and stood at 6'3", broad frame with shaggy blond hair and blue eyes.

"Area hospitals?" Charlie glanced over at Bella, knowing how clumsy and accident prone his daughter was.
"Dad," she hissed in embarrassment, her face bright pink. The girls giggled in amusement.

"Ahead of you there. Dad gave us a list of hospitals for all areas we plan on visiting." Edward was thinking the same thing as Charlie. It often seemed like a full time job keeping his Bella safe, but it was a job he enjoyed.

"We also have first aid kits and our cell phones for emergencies too," Emmett added with a grin. He liked to make it his mission to embarrass Bella, when she seemed to get herself in to predicaments no one seemed to be able to do.

Charlie was satisfied as he could be. Though they were young, he knew that Edward would take could care of his daughter.

"You will call me every night, young lady," he huffed, turning back to his daughter.

Bella ran back to give her father one last hug which was a mistake; before she could get there she tripped over her own feet. Four pairs of hands shot out to grab her before she hit the pavement. Edward caught her first and steadied her before she threw her arms around her father to give him a hug.

"Bye, Dad." She hugged him.

"Please try and be careful," he sighed as the others chuckled.

"I'll try," she turned away blushing but before she could walk anywhere Edward picked her up bridal style. "I can walk," she huffed.

"Not very well, love," he chuckled as he carried her to the car. Since Edward was driving the first leg of the journey, he insisted Bella ride shotgun. They were taking Edward's Volvo because being a seven passenger since it was the biggest. Everyone had carpooled in his car to school everyday, so that was why he needed a big vehicle for everyone fit.

"Let's get the show on the road!" Emmett cheered from the back throwing one arm around Rose.

"Good bye, dreary old Forks," Alice bounced from her spot next to Jasper.


An hour later into the drive, Emmett was getting restless. "I'm bored," he whined.

"Emmett, you can't be bored already. You do realize that we are going to be in a car most of the summer, right?" Rose looked up from her fashion magazine. He shrugged and still looked antsy.

"We can play a game," Alice cheerfully announced.

"What kind of game can we play in a car?" Bella asked turning around in her seat to see the pixie.

"How about Remember When?" Alice's eyes sparkled.

"What's that?" Edward asked keeping his eyes on the road.

"Well, we tell stories about our past; remembering the good times and the bad." Alice spoke with so much enthusiasm it was hard to resist.

"Where should we start?" Jasper drawled with his southern accent he picked up from summers visiting his grandparents in Texas.

"How about when Bella literally crashed into our lives," Rose giggled.

(BPOV) New School, New Friends (6yrs old.)

I was starting school today and I was very nervous. My family and I had just moved to this town called Forks and I didn't know anyone. My mommy hated it here due to all the rain, but daddy got an important job as the chief of police, so we had to stay. My mommy put my hair into two long braids with blue ribbons. She made me wear a long sleeved blue dress that went to my knees. I wanted to wear my sneakers, but my mommy told me I had to wear my black dress shoes with stockings. The stockings itched and made me uncomfortable.

"Isabella, please be more ladylike. A lady doesn't squirm. Smile. You need to be more outgoing to be popular and get friends. No one is going to be friends with a shy little mouse," Mommy sighed. I wanted her to be proud of me, but I was too scared. It was hard not to be shy. She waved good-bye as she left me at my classroom door. I walked into the classroom that was filled with students at their desks. All heads turned to me and I blushed. The teacher gave me a smile, so I walked up quietly to her, unfortunately I tripped and the classroom giggled.

"You must be Isabella Swan. I'm Ms. Tanner" She got down to eye level and smiled at me. She seemed very nice.

"Bella, please," I said softly.

"You can take the seat right there," she pointed to a seat near the back. "Class this is Bella, please make her feel welcome."

I looked around the classroom for a friendly face. Just about everyone seemed to be staring at me and I blushed. Two girls looked at me then whispered and giggled. Another boy with blonde hair and blue eyes smiled shyly and looked away when I caught him staring. Another boy in the back row wasn't looking at me. He had the oddest color hair, it was reddish, but it was also brown looking. His arms were across his chest and he was frowning. He must have sensed me looking, because he suddenly turned to glare at me with bright green eyes. He seemed mad at me. Embarrassed I turned my gaze to my desk, blushing bright red. I hope he didn't hate me already for looking at him. I felt eyes on me all day. Only the blonde boy and the boy with the weird color hair didn't look my way again.

It seemed like a long day by the time lunch rolled around. I was the only one that knew the answer to the math question. I thought that it was a good thing, but a bunch of others kids were giggling. I walked into the lunchroom and felt nervous again. I didn't know where to sit and no one was seemed friendly. I had just gotten my lunch and turned to see if there was an open spot. Most kids ignored me and put things on open chairs when I came up to the table.

When I passed by this one table a foot stuck out and I tripped, dropping my tray, which made a huge clattering noise and I fell into another kid, taking him down with me. I looked up and saw the boy from my class glaring again. There was a bunch of laughter in the cafeteria.

"I'm so sorry," I whimpered, turning red and tears came to my eyes. The boy turned away from me and glared at the two girls who were giggling at me earlier. They were giggling again. I was pretty sure I had tripped over one of them.

"It wasn't your fault. You were tripped," he hissed at the two girls, who immediately stopped giggling and looked afraid. He turned back to me and I flinched away from him. His face softened. "I'm Edward. Please don't cry, are you okay?" I nodded. He stood up and picked up his lunch bag then held out a hand to me and pulled me to my feet.

"I'm Bella, Thank you." He glanced at my tray. Everything was on the floor now. He sighed and started to pick it up.

"You'll probably don't want to eat this now. My mom always packs me two sandwiches; she thinks I eat like my brother. You can have one if you like." He gave me a small crooked smile.

"That would be very nice of you. Thank you!" I gave him a shy smile back. I took my milk off the tray and threw the rest out. He led the way to his table. At the table were four other kids, one was the blonde boy from my class.

"This is my sister Alice, she's in our grade. My brother Emmett, he's the grade above us. This is Rose and Jasper; they are also in our grade. Everyone this is Bella," he introduced me around. I blushed and everyone smiled at me except the girl named Rose.

"Hi," I said shyly taking a seat between Edward and Alice.

"Hi, Bella. I like your dress," Alice said to me, She reminded me of a hyper pixie.

"Thank you," I said softly. Edward handed me a sandwich and I gave him a smile which he returned. I noticed the others looked at us a little surprised.

"My lunch ended up on the floor. Edward was nice enough to offer to share his," I said meekly.

"Yeah, we all saw what Lauren did. She and Jessica are the biggest pains. Don't worry about them," Jasper smiled at me.

"What we are all surprised about is Eddie here never smiles," Emmett laughed at his brother.

"Don't call me, Eddie," Edward hissed, his scowl was now back on his face.

"I bet you wouldn't mind Bella here calling you 'Eddie'," Emmett teased again and I blushed looking down at my sandwich. Edward just sighed and decided to ignore Emmett.

"Where are you from, Bella?" Alice asked to change the subject.

"Phoenix, Arizona." I answered her.

"Do you like it here?" Emmett asked.

I shrugged an answered. "I don't know yet. You're the first ones to be nice to me. It's kinda of wet and green here and I'm used to the sun," I responded. I was already hoping I found new friends.

"Why did you move here then?" Rose asked coldly.

"Rose," Jasper sounded embarrassed.

"My dad got a job here," I answered.

"Where are you living?" Jasper asked. I answered starting to feel a little overwhelmed with all the questions.

"That is right near us. Actually I think our houses back each other and Rose and Jasper live next to us," Alice said excitedly, I smiled at her. Emmett started to open his mouth, when Edward cut him off.

"Lay off the questions." he said sharply, I was grateful to him once again.

"Don't mind him. Being adopted makes him grouchy," Emmett laughed. My mouth flew open in shock; Edward got up and huffed away.

"That was just really mean," I snapped at Emmett and followed Edward out.

"Edward, wait," I called. In my hurry to catch up to him, I tripped and fell.

"Are you normally like this?" Edward was in front me and gave me another hand up.

"Thought I was done answering questions," I mumbled. He nodded and turned to leave.

"Wait, Edward. Are you okay? What Emmett said was really mean?" I asked, for some reason I felt a connection to him already.

"No different than normal. Emmett is always like that." He answered as he crossed his arms around his chest.

"Will you be my friend?" I asked than regretted it instantly because I was scared of his reaction. I looked at the ground so I didn't see his face.

"I would like that. You can even call me Eddie if you want, as long as you don't tell Emmett," his voice was soft. I looked up and he gave me that crooked grin that he gave me earlier.

"Ow, ow, Rose, quit it," I turned when I heard Emmett coming. Rose was dragging Emmett by the ear over with Jasper and Alice following behind. Once they were closer Rose pushed Emmett in front of her and stood with her hands on her hips.

"I'm sorry, Edward," Emmett pouted once he was in front of us. He rubbed his ear that was red from Rose's yanking on it.

"Bella, I hope you're willing to be our friend. Despite the goon here," Rose gave me a small smile, she used her thumb to point at Emmett.

"I would like that." I thought my mommy would be proud of me that I made five new friends on first day.

"I can already tell the six of us are going to be the bestest friends ever," Alice hopped up and down squealing.

The bell soon rang and we headed off to class. I walked back to class with Edward and Jasper.

Present day (3rd pov)

"You were wrong about one thing there, Bella," Jasper chuckled. Bella turned around and looked at him. "Edward was looking at you in class that day. He was just good enough not to get caught." Bella and Edward both blushed and Edward took her hand in his, giving a small squeeze. He remembered that day fondly. Even when he was six years old he felt the need to protect Bella. He was miserable at that time in his life and she became a bright light in his life.

"Technically, I only crashed into Edward that day and it wasn't even my fault." Bella huffed and looked out the window; the others chuckled.

A/N: This story has no exact storyline it will be a series of flashbacks of events in their lives growing up. They will mostly be light, funny and sweet memoires between friends; almost no angst. Present will always be 3rd person. But the memories which flip through all six point of views. Note: that while they are kids, the povs are going to sound kiddish to match their age.