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18 years after Epilogue. (3rd POV)

The girls sat on the porch swing on Bella's and Edward's porch as they watched their three husbands with arms across their chests confront their group of eighteen year olds. The young adults were headed on a road trip of their own.

"Kind feels déjà vu-ish, doesn't it?" Rose was amused, unlike the group of teenagers.

"Definitely reminds me when the boys were being lectured by Charlie." Alice laughed.

In the eighteen years since they returned, many things have happened.

First of all, all three families have grown.

Edward was now police chief of Forks. He left the Marines when he turned thirty and joined the police force. Not long after Charlie trained him to take over so he could retire. Bella was a stay at home mom, but she wrote a series of children books that were popular.

They had a large family. Their daughter, Elizabeth Alice, arrived eight hours after the boys did. Eleven months after her, her brother, Andrew Carlisle arrived.

(EPOV, 23)

We had just moved to the new base, Camp Pendleton, two weeks ago. Bella had been tired and irritable lately. I knew that she just had a baby, then moving eight weeks later had to be rough on her. I was doing the best I could to help her out when my schedule allowed it.

I entered the house and heard the baby crying. I walked to the crying girl and started to smell something burning.

"Bella?" I called out, quicken my pace. I turned off the burner and removed the sauce from the burner.

The baby was strapped into her swing and was crying. I picked her up and tried to hush her.

"Bella?" I called out again concerned. Bella wouldn't leave the baby for a minute, when she was alone. She even left the bathroom door open so she can see her.

"In here," I heard a weak voice call from the bathroom. Bella was on the floor next to the toilet. I appeared in time to see her get sick again.

"Sweetheart, how long have you been in here getting sick?" I brushed her hair back and got her some water. She didn't feel warm to me.

"Not that long." She muttered.

"Do you want me to bring you to see the doctor on base?" I asked concerned.

"I don't need to see a doctor yet." She shook her head. "I know what is going on." She didn't meet my eye and bit her lip.

"Bella, I'm trying not to freak out here. Just tell me please." I bounced our daughter slightly. She had calmed down the minute she was in my arms.

"You knocked me up again," she glared at me.

"Are you sure?" I was confused. She just gave birth to our daughter ten weeks ago. She grabbed something off the counter and handed it to me. I looked at the digital sign that read 'pregnant'.

"Wow, this is great." I couldn't help but beam. I would be here for it all this time. Bella wasn't as happy as I was.

"Great? I just had our daughter ten weeks ago. Don't you think you could've waited a year, at the very least? I asked you to use protection." Her eyes narrowed.

"But, baby, the last time I wore a condom we were eighteen." I felt instantly guilty. She did ask me to but it was expired and it had been so long. I didn't tell her that then. She was upset when she found out afterwards though. I should've sucked it up and checked Emmett's room or asked Jasper.

She huffed and got up from the floor and headed back into the kitchen. She looked at the burnt sauce and burst into tears. I felt even worse than before, I was a selfish prick.

"I'm sorry that I didn't listen to you." I came up behind her and touched her shoulder gently. She turned and buried her face into my shoulder and wrapped her arms around me.

"It's just too soon. What if something goes wrong?" She asked softly.

"Then we can get through it together." I rubbed her back with my free hand.

"I burnt your dinner," she sniffled.

"Still smells better than when Alice cooks," I joked and she started to giggle. "I will go out and pick something up. What would you like?" I offered. She stepped back taking Elizabeth from me and cradling her.

"Um… fried pickles and mint chocolate chip shake," she smiled.

"Is that healthy?" I asked.

"It is what the baby and I want," she pouted. I smiled and kissed her lips. Anything to get back into her good graces.

"Alright," I agreed. I had already upset her enough. "I will clean up the kitchen when I get back. Go relax." I kissed the top of our daughter's head and left.

(3rd POV)

Two years later Alex Charles was born. Their daughter Carlie Esme was now thirteen. Anthony Emmett was now eleven. The youngest was Vanessa Rose and she was now eight.

After six kids Bella told Edward that was enough. Edward agreed without arguing.

Emmett and Rose got married just before they moved to Camp Pendleton. Emmett left the army the same time as Edward and moved to Forks as well. He got a job at the high school as the gym teacher and football coach. He worked part time for the Forks police department. Rose and Alice had opened a shop in Forks and year later one in Port Angles.

Like Edward and Bella, Rose got pregnant right away with twins. They were born two days before Andrew entered the world. Lillian May looked just like her mother but her personality was just like her father. Emmett Dale Junior had the size and athletic ability of his father but attitude of his mother. Two years later they had a set of identical twins, Jonathan Edward and Jason Jasper they had features of both parents. Ironically, they seemed to have similar personalities, which they had to have gotten from their Uncle Jasper.

Jasper and Alice got married a year after the boys got back. Unfortunately, Jasper was sent to a base in Hawaii while the others were in California. Since they knew that their nieces and nephews were fairly young to travel they had their wedding in California.

Two years later, Jasper was moved to Camp Pendleton. That is when Alice and Rose opened their first shop.

They adopted a little girl named Claire, which was Alice's mini-me. You would never know the two weren't related. Claire was the same age as Elizabeth, Andrew, Lillian and Emmett junior.

When they moved to Forks, Jasper started up a ROTC program at Forks, and Port Angeles high schools. He worked part time as a police officer for Forks too.

In addition to their own kids that were leaving on the road trip, there was one more. Jackson Uley. They met his family in Camp Pendleton. His father Sam was killed in action.

Alice and Rose offered his wife, Emily, a job as manager at their second store. She moved up to Port Angeles. Jackson though close to their kids went to Port Angeles high school.

(BPOV, 28)

We were having a small cookout in our backyard. The adults sat around the table drinking as we watched the kids play in the yard. Our five year olds were playing in one section. Alex, Johnny and Jay were playing with a ball in another part.

"Wouldn't it be sweet if they all got married to each other one day?" Alice sighed watching them.

"One problem: they are all related." Rose scoffed.

"Not by blood. Well obviously siblings are. But Claire was adopted. Edward was too, so he's technically not blood related to Emmett or me. So it would be perfectly fine." Alice defended herself.

I eyed the kids myself as they played. Elizabeth was a lot like Edward personality wise. Our son was more like me. Quiet, studious, and he also had my grace. I bit my lip as he tripped over nothing. Edward sighed and shook his head.

"One problem, we are missing Jasper." I mentioned.

"Right here, Bells." Jasper snickered waving a hand as he held a beer in the other.

"No, she's right. All the kids have similar personalities to us, except, Jasper." Rose agreed. "Although those two remind me of him." She pointed to the other twins.

"That might be him right there," Edward nodded over to the bushes that separated them from their neighbor. A small boy with blonde hair wearing fatigues was watching the others play.

We watched as the others approach him and after a minute he joined them.

"Jackson?" we heard a women call from next door. The boy stopped and looked over.

"He's over here," Emmett bellowed. A short dark haired woman dressed in a t-shirt and sweats came over.

"Thank you. I hope he isn't a bother." She looked uncertain.

"Please, one more isn't that much of a difference." Rose shrugged. We introduced ourselves.

"Jackson, we need to go." Emily called.

"I want to play," the little boy looked upset.

"I have errands I need to run today." She looked tired, like she needed a break.

"You're welcome to leave him with us. We are having a cookout and have plenty of food. We would be happy to have him." I spoke up

"That is nice of you. I haven't had a break since Sam was shipped over seas." Emily looked grateful.

"Take your time then," Edward encouraged.

"If you ever need a break we will be happy to help out." Rose agreed.

"Thank you, I appreciate it." Emily smiled before saying good-bye to her son and leaving.

"Anyone else want a beer?" Emmett asked getting up. The guys asked for another.

"I brought homemade margaritas. Alice, Bella?" Rose offered.

"Yes," Alice hopped in her seat.

"No, thank you," I declined politely. Rose eyed me for a minute and started to smile.

"Bella, are you?" she prompted and I started to blush. Edward beamed from next to me. The girls started to squeal.

"What did I miss," Emmett looked confused.

"I'm pregnant." I told him. He shook his head and smiled.

"What are you two, rabbits," he teased. Rose and Alice hit him off the side of the head at the same time and he winced.

(3rd POV)

"Alright, first-aid kits?" Edward questioned.

"Of course, dad. At least three; one from you, one from grandpa Carlisle and one from grandpa Charlie." Elizabeth rolled her eyes thinking it was over the top. But the men just nodded.

"Maps and insurance," Jasper asked.

"We have a GPS," Claire answered confidently.

"What if you're out of range," Jasper pushed.

"That can happen?" Claire looked upset.

"We have current maps." Jackson answered.

"Plus, dad updated our insurance last night and we all have AAA." Elizabeth answered. Edward nodded.

"What do you do if the car breaks down?" Emmett asked.

"I fix it," Junior shrugged. "Mom, taught me and she's the best." He smiled winningly at Rose. Rose smiled back, pleased with her son's answer.

"What if you can't?" Emmett pressed.

"Improbable, Mom taught me." Junior shrugged again.

"Say you don't have the right part and you're on the side of the road. No cell service." Jasper wasn't happy with his nephew's nonchalant attitude. He took after his mom too much at times.

"Then I go to the side of the road, whip off my shirt and flag down the first driver. Hop in his car and ride to the nearest part store giving him a hand job on the way to save time. At the store I pay by a BJ then get another lift back paying double." Lilly tossed her blonde hair over her shoulders. The three older men eyes were bugging out of their heads. Emmett was turning near purple.

"Lillian May…" he growled.

"What? You don't think they are big enough?" she batted her eyes at her father. "Andy, seems to think so." She winked at Andy. He blushed bright red and prayed his uncle wouldn't kill him. "Or is it the payment that is the problem? I figured if cells and GPS didn't work than credit cards wouldn't."

"Young lady…" Emmett started and stopped, having trouble finding the right words.

"Relax, Uncle Em. She's just joking. We would never let her do something so stupid." Elizabeth rolled her eyes and elbowed her friend.

"What? They are being ridiculous." Lilly rolled her eyes. "I mean how many time have we gone through this the last few days?"

"Alright. We're just concerned parents." Jasper sighed.

"May, we go then so we can get to the first place before dark?" Andy asked.

"Yes," Edward sighed.

The kids waved good-bye before getting into their car. With Emmett Junior driving first shift they drove off.

I wish you boys could see your faces when Lilly said that." Bella started laughing.

"How could you laugh at that?" Emmett grumbled.

"Oh please, no daughter of mine would ever do that. Unfortunately, she has her father's sense of humor." Rose snorted.

"Not to mention, Andrew and E.J. would kill any car that stopped." Alice giggled. She hadn't been wrong thinking the kids would pair up. Elizabeth and Jackson were first to start dating followed by Lilly and Andrew and then finally Claire and E.J.

"Face it, Emmett, it's just payback for the all times you made crass comments and jokes." Rose smirked at him.

"What is your boy doing looking my daughter's boobs." Emmett glared at Edward.

"Probably the same thing you did when you stared at my sister's," Jasper snickered as Emmett paled.

"If we leave now, we can catch them," he turned.

"You will not. Leave them be. They are the same age as we were when we went." Bella answered.

"At least it is just boob touching, that I can handle." Emmett calmed down.

"Hate to break it to you, but none of those kids are virgins." Rose smirked and all three fathers paled.

"What?" Edward looked back to the empty street. He wasn't too happy to hear this news about his daughter.

"Not by a long shot." Bella smirked too. Did Edward forget what the two of them were like, they did have a house full of children.

"Whose car are we taking?" Jasper scowled.

"Jasper, you leave them alone. They are all good kids." Alice scolded.

"Dad, we are going to be late to practice." Jay walked up with Alex and John with him.

"Right," Emmett sighed and headed to his jeep with the boys following him.

"Uncle Em, can I come?" Carlie came out of the house in a tank and short shorts. She was already blossoming into a beautiful teenager.

"I guess," Emmett shrugged surprised that his niece was interested in it. She skipped to the jeep and sat between the twins in the back.

"Since, when is she interested in football," Edward frowned watching them drive away.

"She's not. She's interested in the boys." Bella giggled as Edward pouted.

"Already?" Edward groaned.

"She is thirteen. The same age I was when you told me that you liked me more than a friend and kissed me." Bella pointed out.

"You still have me, daddy," Vanessa pulled on her daddy's hand trying to get him to crouch down. She cupped her hand over his ear but they could all still hear her. "The only guy I like is Uncle Jasper, but he's taken." The girls giggled and Jasper looked slightly embarrassed.

"Dad, practice soccer with me," Anthony begged.

"No, Daddy, have a tea party with me." Vanessa pulled on his arm again.

Edward looked torn between his two kids.

"You know, Nessie, Uncle Jasper loves tea parties." Alice spoke up winking at her husband.

"You do?" She looked at her uncle with wide eyes. He chuckled and nodded, it wouldn't be his first since he had a daughter.

"May I have the pleasure of having a tea party with you, little darlin'," he drawled in a southern accent.

"Yes," the little girl's eyes lit up as she dropped her father's hand like a hot potato and pulled her uncle into the house.

"There goes not being replaced." Edward chuckled in good humor.

"Dad… come on…." Anthony pleaded.

"Ask politely." Bella scolded.

"Dad, may I have the pleasure of you practicing with me?" Anthony rolled his eyes

"Yes, I would be delighted." Edward smirked as the girls fought to control their laughter.

"Oh my, it will never be dull will it?" Rose sighed after she finished laughing.

"I don't know, my bird is out of the nest," Alice frowned thinking they should have adopted a second time.

"I have a few more years left. Thankfully those two are like Jasper. They are easy after the other two." Rose looked thoughtful.

"I still have four to go. I never thought I would have such a big family. But I wouldn't trade any of them." Bella caught Edward's eyes and blushed when he winked at her.

"We should go on another road trip when they are all out of the house." Alice suggested.

"Maybe this time we can hit Europe, but I'm not backpacking." Bella brought up.

"Europe sounds nice." Rose nodded.

The End!


When I started this story I need fun chapters to distract me from Enough, which got to be depressing to write at times. As I quoted in the beginning most chapters were funny or happy only about three were sad.

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