Halt scowled at the world from under his hood as yet another cursed raindrop splattered on his face, running into his beard. He questioned his thought process earlier this morning when he had decided to set up a training activity for his apprentice in the pouring rain. It must have been the combination of the ungodly hour and lack of caffeine that led him to continue even though a storm front was moving in over Redmont. He had been stalking through the woods leaving as little evidence of his passage as possible. Being a ranger he left a track only another ranger could follow. Reaching a spot he deemed well hidden and far enough away from his cabin he took out a strip of cloth he had put into his pocket earlier this morning. He tied it to the highest branch he could reach, which just so happened to be the lowest branch.

"Damn trees keep getting taller." He growled under his breath and ghosted back to the cabin. His mind was occupied with thoughts of coffee and his favourite armchair. As always, at the back of his mind was his new apprentice Will. He hadn't at first wanted to take on another apprentice but the boy had won his heart, albeit grudgingly. He was quite proud of how well he had progressed in the last few months and was looking forward almost as much as Will to the next ranger meeting when his apprentice would get to show off what he had learned.

Upon reaching his cabin he contemplated waking Will early to send him off on his tracking exercise but the need for caffeine won out.

"Good morning Halt. What are you doing up so early?" Will appeared as bright and cheerful as ever, still in his night cloths, hair tousled from sleep.

"Can you not start a single day without a question?" Halt asked his apprentice,

"Sorry Halt." Will replied still smiling and not looking the least bit sorry. Filling his mug with the already made coffee he took a seat opposite from Halt on his couch.

Halt smiled inwardly at his apprentice and his boundless energy. He wondered briefly how his hair maintained its shape without some sort of paste. It looked as if he had a hedge hog on his head. After taking another sip of coffee Halt explained his plans for the day.