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Jennifer Donna Smith had always been normal. Well… she supposed, ducking her head as her father did when he said the same word, that depended on whose standards you hold me by. If she was held to the paradigm of her family, she was quite normal. However, held by the standards of the rest of the human race, she was not normal in any sense of the word. In fact, if people knew anything about her, she would be considered quite alien. Which, in truth, wasn't that far off from the facts.

To start with, her mother and father, as well as her grandmother, were from another world, another reality. Her mother had been a simple shop girl, at least until she had met a man called The Doctor. She had travelled across the stars for two years, before Canary Wharf tore them apart. Her father's DNA was half Donna Noble, the woman Jennifer was named after, half Doctor—part Time Lord.

It was this that made her so odd by human standards. As he was half-Time Lord, she was quarter Time Lady; half if you considered the weakening bond between her mother and the TARDIS that was not only psychological but physical. And these were the things that contributed to the fact that the doctors could hardly refrain from gawking at her. Not her father, the one who went as The Doctor around family and Doctor Smith when around company, but the pediatricians, nurses, ones who had earned the title Doctor through years of medical school.

They were always amazed by her, the girl born with two hearts. Technically, only one actually worked. The other was small and dysfunctional, but its removal would still mean her death, according to her father. They didn't know why. But it seemed a fundamental truth to both The Doctor and Jennifer, as they had both immediately rejected the idea of its removal the moment the doctors suggested it.

Jennifer was extremely smart, her intellect advanced several years. By the time she had graduated, she was guaranteed a spot at Torchwood—even though her parents held very prestigious spots at the company, she wasn't ensured a spot until she shined all the way through school.

There was no Doctor in this world. At least, not the Doctor that her mother and father always told stories about. Her father's TARDIS still had a few years before becoming fully functional, so they were needed at Torchwood, and everyone in the family was very content with their job, after so many years of working there. Personally, Jennifer thought it was the best job in the universe, even if they did face death every time there was an invasion
She loved her life, and at twenty years old, she believed it couldn't get much better.


She had been running when everything changed.

Her mother, father, and her had been on a mission, being chased by some alien from the planet Kroop. It looked like a giant scorpion, and was trying its hardest to harness the Earth's carbon to facilitate its plans of destruction. At least, until they found it and fought when it refused to prove peaceful.

Though her mother and father had lived here for twenty something years, they were still in very good shape. And the extended life spans they both possessed—ones that meant they aged a bit slower than others, due to her mother's connection to the TARDIS that none of them fully understood, and her father's biology, didn't hurt on missions either.
But then all of a sudden she was falling, falling through the air. She felt all of time and space enter her mind as her knowledge expanded, and it hurt. Terribly. But then she was on her feet, still running, her mind feeling quite normal. Stopping abruptly, she looked around, wondering where she was, and why she was no longer with her parents. She was in the middle of London. The small amount of time that she knew everything had scared her, made her wonder if death was near, but now that her mind had returned to normal, her brain supplied her with enough information to understand what had happened.

She didn't know why or how, but she had fallen through the vortex. She wasn't even sure how she had survived; according to her father, that would have been enough to kill anyone. However, she supposed resistance was built up by her quarter Time Lady body. Maybe she had simply traveled by vortex manipulator technology. But why?

Pushing all her questions to the back of her mind, she returned her attention to where she was and how she would get back. Standing in a side street filled with shops, she expected it to be much louder, full of people shopping. However, there was nobody else on the street. It was snowing, maybe close to Christmas. Which made it all the more disturbing that she couldn't see a single soul. Running a hand through her short blonde hair, in a way that mimicked her father, she sighed. Nothing here suggested any reason as to why everyone was missing, and she could detect nothing out of the ordinary.

Taking a few steps in a random direction, she thought to check a store, see if there was any evidence or where or when she was. Maybe she'd even get a clue on how to return home. She figured that once she got home, her father would be able to explain everything. But maybe, her mind told suggested, that's what had happened. He often worried for her and her mother's safety, always trying to do things on his own in order to keep them safe. Maybe he had sent her back with some sort of teleport, and had gotten the time or coordinates wrong. It would seem quite uncharacteristic of him, but then again, they were being chased by a giant scorpion. Somehow, though, she knew that this wasn't the case. Something else was at work.

She was heading to a shop now, hoping to find some clues as to where and when she was, as a man with floppy hair and a bow tie rounded the corner, running as though his life depended on it. She expected at least one other person to be following him, maybe family, maybe friends, but he was alone. Noticing her, he ran over, grabbing her hand and continuing along without stopping, dragging her with him. She nearly stumbled.

"RUN!" He yelled. The hand holding may have been awkward under any other circumstance, but the way his eyes screamed horror, the way he was running as though stopping was death, she knew whatever it was wasn't a prank. She ran.

They had barely gotten off the street and onto the main road when the street exploded. Ducking into a store on the opposite side of the main road, they stopped, panting. He searched her face, somewhat worried as to her reaction. A normal person would be terrified, might even be going into shock. Her eyes were wide, showing terror, adrenaline, and…enjoyment? She wasn't nearly out of breath as a normal person would be, gaining her composure back quickly. She studied him, too, as he searched her face. He seemed to be somewhat normal, though the bow tie could go. Pain, a rush of excitement, and worry about her could be distinguished in his gaze. Both noted all of this within seconds.
"What did you do?" she questioned, amazed. Even at Torchwood, things like that rarely, if ever, happened.
"Why were you there, on that street?" He seemed to get distracted, not necessarily caring about the answer as he babbled on, half talking, half mumbling. "Oh, baiting me, very clever, very clever. Thought they could blow me up as I tried to save everyone. But they were under that street. Don't think they realized that. Quite dull, the Bamruth. Never thinking about what will happen to them, only wanting to prevail. Well, they're gone now, I suppose. I was going to offer a peaceful parting, too. Offer them—"

He seemed to notice that Jennifer was standing there now, eyebrows raised, simply waiting for him to finish his monologue.

"What?" He asked incredulously.

"You remind me of my dad. Babbling all technically."

He seemed not to have a response to that.

"Well," she tilted her head as her father usually did, a gesture she had picked up years ago. "I guess I do it a bit too, but…Anyway, why did you just blow up a street?"

His eyebrows had raised when she had said that, recognizing the way she said it—it was quite similar to the way his tenth incarnation had always contradicted himself. And a normal person would be quite fazed by what had just happened, but she acted as though these type of things happened every day. If he didn't know better, he would have thought her a former companion. They had just met, and already, she was confusing him. "Well, I didn't. There were…" He trailed off, trying to figure out what he could say.

"Aliens?" She grinned the tongue-in-teeth grin of her mother. She had caught that much from his monologue. Over the years she had learned how to catch key words and phrases from babble like that, make sense of it all, even though her mind was quick enough to catch most of the words most of the time. She figured that this man was on some mission from Torchwood himself, possibly on a mission that didn't need more than one worker. She had been sent on several of those herself. Maybe he would be able to help her find her way back home.

He stopped babbling, realizing what she had said. He was a bit thrown off by her grin. Somehow she reminded him so much of Rose. However, though he should have, he didn't put the pieces together quite yet. Anyway, Rose was in the other universe. There was no way that this girl could even possibly be related to her.