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"Hurry up, Mum!" A small redheaded boy jumped on his Mum's bed as she entered the room. She was slightly taller than other women her own age, but the boy just thought it was because she was just as strong.

"One moment, Eien, un," The woman sighed and ran a hand through her long blond hair, obviously tired.

The boy, now known as Eien, frowned and stopped jumping. "Are you sleepy, Mum?" The three year old asked.

The Mother looked up and gave her son a small smile. "Just a little. Did you have fun with Hinata, un?" She asked as she went to the bedside to retrieve a small illustrated book.

Eien gave a small nod. "Yes, but if you're tired we can go to bed." He sat down on the bed and began to climb under the covers.

The blond sighed. "No, I said I'd read you this book tonight and I'm going to do that. Besides," She smiled, "You aren't even ready for bed yet, un." Sitting on the bed, she pulled her son close to her body so he could see the pictures better.

The redhead just smiled giddily. His Mum opened the first page and began to read... "In a land far, far away there was a poor farmer and his farm, un. He had one cow, goat, horse, dog, duck, chicken and cat." The picture showed a man with all of his animals and a sunny day with a red barn in the background, but the man was obviously said. "The farmer wanted nothing more than to have all the money in the world, and to have everyone be his friend."

The blond turned the page. "But he has animals. Why does he want more friends, Mum?" Eien looked up at his parent expecting an easy answer.

"Well... It'd be hard for you to understand, Eien. Sometimes animals aren't enough for some people. Like how you have Hinata and I. You don't get lonely do you?"

The boy shook his head.

"Exactly." She smiled and continued. "Now the farmer went into town one day and found he could not pay for any food that day-"

Knock! Knock!

The blond frowned and closed the book. "Stay in here, Eien." She quickly left the bedroom, closing the door behind her. Eien did as he was told and stayed in the bedroom but he went to the door kept his ear by it. "I told you to leave me alone, un," He heard his Mum say in her stern voice.

"What's a simple visit, Miss Deidara? It doesn't seem like you are doing anything in the first place." The voice was obviously of a man and Eien wondered who. His Mum never had any male friends she talked about.

"I am doing something and I would like it if you left, un." This time the blond didn't sound as confident.

"You cannot order the Duke to leave, Deidara. I can do as I please."

"Then please leave!" Eien heard the front door slam and he heard his Mum's hurried footsteps. He jumped from the door as she opened it but she had changed. Instead her face seemed more tired and laced with pain and ever stranger, her left eye was covered in a bandage with something red sliding from beneath the wrapping.

"Mum?" Eien asked confused. The blond seemed to look right through him as she coughed up some red liquid and fell backward. "Mum!" He ran to his Mum's side as something dark crimson began showing up on her dress, right above her stomach. He gave a whimper and a few tears ran down his cheeks. Again, he tried, "Mum?"

And the blond was now able to see her son. She gave a small smile, her blue eyes also tearing up. "I love you..."

Eien gasped as he awoke from his nightmare. He sat up in his current bed, trying to catch his breath. The seven year old gave a small heave before falling to the ground to vomit in the bucket beside his bed.

A set of footsteps were heard and the bedroom door opened to reveal a man with bright red hair and concerned brown eyes. "Again?" He asked as he quickly went to his son's side.

The redhead just nodded once he was done vomiting.

"I'm beginning to think keeping you here is bad for you."

Eien shook his head and the older redhead sighed.

"Well, the least we can do now is get you clean up."

Eien didn't reply but let his father picked him up and place him on his bed. He had been so tired lately that he could barely move at times. His father had told him that his health was bad and that it would get better soon. The older male left only to return with a bucket of water and a rag; he sat down on a stool by his bed so he could get a better angle.

"Sit up," He commanded and Eien did just that, now able to get some of his strength back. His father took off his shirt and got the rag before wetting it in the bucket. He began to clean his son of all the sweat he had from his nightmare and Eien was thankful. It was like he was washing away the pain as well. That's when he realized he was literally washing away the pain.

He could see the light red glow from his father's hand and he could also feel it seeping into his skin. Eien was getting sick more and more often and to help soothe him of the pain, his father would use his "powers" to help.

Eien didn't really understand how it was possible, all he knew was that his father was a very powerful man.

"There, now if you feel bad again just call for me, alright?" The man asked as he stood up, picking up the bucket and rag. Eien nodded and lied back down in bed, not even bothering to put his shirt back on. "Do you need help falling asleep?" The younger redhead gave a tired nod, feeling too exhausted to fall into unconsciousness. He saw his father give a small sigh before placing his palm right above his forehead. "Good night." And Eien passed out.


Eien woke up with no dreams from the second time he fell asleep. He could hear some birds chirping by his window and frowned. He and his father were currently in a different village then the one he grew up in. This one was actually in a whole different country.

The redhead sat up slowly and found his sleeping shirt on the floor. He picked it up and slipped it on before heading out into the kitchen. "F-Father," He whispered as he saw the man sitting at the table with a paper in his hand.

The man looked up to see his son and he gave him a welcoming smile. "Yes, Eien?" He gestured for the seven year old to sit at the table and he did, but the farthest chair away from him.

Over the year Eien had warmed up to his Father yes, but something was always off. Everything just happened so quickly. His Mum died and his father was back in his life. He didn't like the man at first but he had to make due for he had no one else. He only showed kindness to him but Eien saw it almost as a fa├žade. His Mum had died a year ago and it was almost like he wanted to protect him.

Eien looked down, avoiding his father's questioning look. "Are we going to go back to... the safe place again?" He asked somewhat hopeful.

The man sighed and nodded. "Yes in a year. We cannot stay there for long right now, but we will go back soon."

Eien nodded and sneezed. His Father sighed. "I don't know why you're getting so sick."

The small redhead frowned. "I got sick a lot before. It doesn't seem like much."

"Yes well being so sick that you can't even move is nothing normal, Eien." The man sighed. "I'm going to make breakfast then we're going to work." Eien nodded and sat at the table as his Father went to fetching some food. Eien always went to work with his Father.

Ever since they were run out of their other village, his Father didn't feel safe leaving Eien alone so he took him where ever he went. For breakfast Eien had two slices of bread with some cheese. He couldn't always have certain food because he ended up throwing it up. After they had eaten, they got ready to leave.

The new village that Eien lived in was very populated. It helped them blend in but news had spread like wild fire that a small village had gone into a rampage and killed something; there was also news about it being the work of the devil. No one had been able to send any pictures from his old home but his Father still took precautions. They both wore hats to cover their red hair but they couldn't do much more.

As they left their tiny house, Eien took his Father's hand as leverage. At times he was too exhausted to walk and he had to be carried to work. He honestly never remembered being like this before but he supposed that he was just weak.

When they finally arrived at work, the little redhead sighed. His father was a carpenter and all Eien had to do was sit around. Sure it was boring but he got to see the man do all different kinds of things. People would walk up to him, pay him and in a day or so they'll have a chair, or chest; though all of his current projects were all houses which took longer to build.

"Hello, Sasori," His latest employer greeted. Sasori just nodded his head in acknowledgment and continued to work. Eien sat down in a chair, keeping his head down. His Father was in charge of everything. He hired workers and told them what to do and expected them to know how to do it. He was a master builder and everyone knew it.

"Why, hello there, Sasori~" Eien looked up to see the employers wife walking up to his Father and he scowled at her. He saw the way women looked at his Father and it made him sick. He almost always expected him to give in and flirt with the women but he never did.

Sasori nodded his head and the woman pouted. She brushed her blond curls off of his shoulder and smiled sweetly at the man.

"I was just wondering if you wanted to come inside for a glass of ale. It's awfully hot and you shouldn't be working out here." She straightened her dress slightly, showing off her large bust.

"I am fine, thank you, Madam Mika." Sasori took a tool out of his personal box and looked at a block of stone in front of him, wondering which way to approach it.

"But it's so hot! Aren't you a little tired? Besides, you have all these men working."

Sasori sighed and looked down at the women. "Well, they have their own break time. If you want to help out so badly, you can let my son rest inside." Eien looked up when he saw his father mention him. He saw the woman's smile falter and he shrunk down in seat. "Would you like that, Eien?"

The little boy nodded, wanting to get out of the unbearable weather. Mika set her lip in a thin line. "I'm sorry but I remembered that I have chores to do. Good bye," She said, leaving in a huff.

Sasori sighed, picked up his chisel and hammer before getting to work. He wasn't the best sculpture around but he could make do. He was currently making some decorations for the house he was building which was much more exciting than actually building the house.


Sasori looked up from his work to see his son looking tired and sweaty. "Yes, Eien?" He asked, as he put down his tools.

"Can I go in the shade?"

The redhead nodded. "Of course. Would you like me to move your chair?"

In any other instance Eien would have declined, saying he could do it himself but just the thought of it made him feel terrible. Instead, he nodded and got off his chair, his Father then picking it up easily and moving it under a large tree. Eien sat down in the chair and pulled his knees to his chest.

"If you need anything else just ask, alright?" Eien nodded and Sasori frowned before leaving.


"Oh, but I insist that you come in for some wine! You've been working hard all day."

Sasori sighed, "Fine, but this is the only time."

"Of certainly!" The blond woman just giggled and motioned for Sasori to enter her current house.

"One moment, I just have to get my son." Sasori went back to the tree with the woman calling for him back at the house. He found Eien sleeping on the grass by his chair. Giving another sigh, Sasori picked up the boy who didn't stir in his sleep. He walked back to the house and the woman just looked at the little redhead as if he were a stray dog. "We should be heading back now."


"Share some wine with your husband, if not." Sasori shifted Eien so he was in one arm with his head resting against his shoulder. He picked up his tool box with her free hand and headed off towards home.

This had been the normal routine ever since they had moved to the village known as Iwa. Get up, take care of Eien, go to work, go home, take care of Eien, go to bed. It was boring to Sasori but what else was there to do? It was awkward most of the time. He knew nothing about his son who despised him and his son knew nothing about him, just that he was gone for the majority of his life.

There was one thing Sasori could do but he knew it was wrong. He could go back to the Underworld and go through his deceased lover's memories. He could see Eien grow up and see what he was like, but Sasori almost didn't want to. He would have to see what Deidara had gone through when he was gone and Sasori knew the guilt would consume him. But it meant he would get to know his son better. He still hadn't made his decision but he was going to be spending five years in the Underworld soon and he planned on doing it then if he was going to.

When Sasori got to the front door of his house he put down his tool box and unlocked the door before opening it. Picking up his toolbox, he set it inside and closed to the door. He went to Eien's bedroom and set the sleeping boy down onto his bed. Sasori changed him into his nights clothes before tucking him in, leaving after he closed the door. We went into his own bedroom and got into his bed.

He would be lying if he said he didn't miss Deidara. At times the blond was a pain to be around but other times Sasori had to be around him from going insane, though the blond got what he wanted. He was in an eternal rest and Sasori respected his wishes by keeping him that way.