Deidara looked at the redhead earnestly and leaned up to kiss him again, his hands going up to his neck to pull him closer. Sasori didn't waste any time and licked the blond's lips asking for entrance and Deidara easily opened up. His body began to scoot closer to the older male's and Sasori leaned down to push Deidara onto his back the blond fighting at first, but letting himself submit for the moment.

Sasori's hands began moving down the blond's body as his tongue began to roam the teen's mouth, Deidara moaning lightly. After a few more moments he pulled away panting while the Devil occupied himself with nipping at the blond's neck before actually biting.

Deidara groaned and closed his eyes, before lacing his fingers through the older male's red hair. "Sasori…" The redhead began sucking on one spot and the blond let a breathy moan slip past his lips. "S-stop for a sec, un." The redhead relentlessly pulled away, knowing it would be easier to stop all of this by this point. The voice was getting louder but he tuned it out as he stared down at Deidara, who's cheeks were flushed just barely. "You know what this is going to lead to, don't you."

Sasori gave a small nod, knowing exactly where this was going to lead. "But this will be a one time thing. I still expect you to honor our deal after this."

Deidara blinked and nodded. "Of course," He said, a smirk forming on his lips. "Unless you come back for more."

Sasori rolled his eyes. "I'm being serious, Deidara."

The blond shrugged and got up so he was resting on both of his elbows, face right in front of the redhead's. "Fine, but let's count this as my payment for your attempt to teach me, un."

The redhead scowled and sighed. "Fine, and you also can't tell anyone." Deidara nodded his head in agreement before they continued.

With their conversation done, Deidara leaned upwards and crashed his lips to Sasori's the older male easily responding and pushing him down to his back again. He straddled his hips so he had more access and Deidara didn't seem to mind much.

His hands continued to go down his body, soon reaching the hem of the blond's shirt. Sasori pulled away briefly to ask a question. "Do you want me to hurry?"

Deidara sighed as he felt the redhead's hands brush his stomach softly. "You can take your time, I don't mind, un." He closed his eyes as the older male continued to caress his skin gently. Sasori nodded and he began kissing Deidara again, his hands going up higher, taking extra time to remember the blond's body.

It was different in ways that the blond was well nourished. He had been so scrawny and frail before so Sasori always made sure that he ate all of his meals so he didn't get any smaller than he was then, but this Deidara was different. He was healthy now but he still felt the same.

Sasori pushed into the kiss as his fingertips brushed the skin below one of the blond's nipples, Deidara gasping lightly. He expected the reaction and he wanted to experiment. It was the same soul, appearance and maybe even personality, but body? Sasori almost doubted it. He wanted to know if he was the same.

He let his lips brush lightly against the blond's and Deidara leaned up, wanting him to continue. Sasori smirked very lightly and kissed the blond's jawline lightly before going down to his neck, Deidara's whine just barely audible. He kissed the small bruise that he had made and bit down harshly, Deidara gasping in confusion.

Sasori continued to move his hands, which snaked their way around the blond's back, Deidara arching his chest towards him as Sasori began tracing the spots where scars used to be. He could still feel the small scars from when the blond was whipped as a child. He could still feel the burn left on the blond's back after he accidentally burned himself in the kitchen when he was working in the Inn in his early teens.

He let go of the blond's flesh and he licked the new wound of any blood that spilled. Deidara sighed in relief, as his hands made their way to Sasori's back and he clenched at his shirt lightly. The redhead began kissing his neck again, his hands going back to the hem of Deidara's shirt to pull it off. Did he look the same? Probably not, but he was curious. He wanted to know.

He pulled at the shirt and Deidara caught the drift before lifting his arms up slightly so Sasori could pull the shirt off of him. After it was off and tossed to the side, Sasori looked down at the blond's naked skin and saw he was the same. Everything about him, besides the fact that you couldn't see his ribs, was just like before. There was a birthmark that was on the right side of the blond's abdomen and Sasori was surprised that that was there like before.

His hand brushed it barely as he kissed Deidara's lips lightly. His hands moved higher to cup his face again and the blond in return gripped his hair tightly. The emotions of the blond were affecting him and the kissing soon became feverish like they couldn't get enough of each other. It wasn't just lust that was coming off the blond, but longing. Almost like love.

Sasori wanted to pull away and leave once he felt that. Love. He only had the guts to say that he loved Deidara once and that had been after he died. He considered himself a coward for being afraid to feel, but he wasn't going to let that take over his life again.

He kissed back with even more fervor and Deidara moaned, this allowing his tongue to slip in-between his lips. He wanted more. His hands moved up to the blond's hair and he pulled the hairband holding his hair together in a bun, his long hair now splayed on the pillow before him. He ran his hands through the blond's hair like the blond had done with him and he pulled away from the kiss, letting the blond get a few gulps of air before continuing.

"Is this your first time with a man?" Deidara asked after a few pants.

"No," Sasori answered honestly before giving him a chaste kiss. "It's not. Is this your first time bottoming?" He asked as he began kissing under the blond's jaw.

Deidara chuckled. "No, but I'm not usually on the bottom in the first place? It's my gift to you, un."

Sasori almost froze when he heard the blond's answer. He already knew it but hearing it from Deidara hurt just as much. He almost had to hold back his anger as he took the teen's lips once more, his emotions showing in the kiss. Deidara returned the kiss just as roughly with tongues clashes almost violently. "Then I guess I'll have to make this even better for you," Sasori spoke once he pulled away.

Deidara nodded and moved his hands down to Sasori's shirt. "Off," He demanded and Sasori smirked before sitting up and pulling his shirt off over his head, throwing it to join Deidara's shirt on the floor somewhere.

"Any more demands before we continue?" He placed his hands on either side of the blond's head and Deidara stared up at him with half-lidded eyes. He shook his head but realization came over his face once he remembered something.

"One sec, un." He reached over to his night stand and Sasori moved out of the way, now on his knees allowing the blond to move. Deidara opened a drawer and got something out of a box. "Here." He handed something to Sasori who realized it was a tube of lube and a condom. He had almost forgotten. "Sorry but if we're going to have sex it's not going to be without that," Deidara explained as he looked at Sasori, his face silhouetted in the light.

Sasori nodded. "Of course." He set the two things aside for the moment as he and the blond got back into a comfortable position. They shared yet another kiss and and Deidara's hands began to undo his belt. It seemed the blond's patience was running thin. Sasori chuckled and rubbed his hips against the blond's who just gave a small hiss at the action.

His hands began caressing his skin again in all the ways he had memorized, knowing that Deidara liked to have his sides touched or that if he barely touched him it drove him crazy. Even the reactions were the same and Sasori almost thought he was in a dream. Everything was the same.

Once Deidara got his belt undone he kicked off his pants, leaving his boxers on while the blond got to work on his own pants. He slid out of his jeans and Sasori helped by throwing them off the bed as he leaned down and kissed Deidara again. He tugged at his boxers and Deidara lifted his hips to get out of the thin material. It was quickly taken off and Sasori reached for the lube. He got in-between the blond's legs instead of straddling him so he got better access to him.

He finished the kiss roughly and Deidara licked his lips as Sasori opened the lube and squeezed a fair amount of the substance onto his fingers. Deidara spread his legs further apart as Sasori reached down and stuck a finger into him gently, almost too gently for his liking.

"Go faster," He pleaded softly as he felt the redhead moving at such a slow pace. He was gripping the sheets at his head gently but they were clenched once he felt the older male add another finger, now scissoring him.

Sasori watched as Deidara's head lolled back slightly, his eyes now closed. "Uncomfortable?"

The blond's opened one eye and smirked. "No, just feels weird at first, un." He rocked his hips wanting Sasori to continue and the redhead added the third finger, this time causing Deidara to wince and close his eyes while biting his bottom lip. Sasori was thrusting the fingers in and out of the blond and he reached down to grab his erection. Deidara moaned in shock as his eyes opened. "You don't have to do that," He gasped as Sasori began to stroke him lightly.

"It's fine," Sasori whispered as he kissed his cheek lightly before moving to his mouth. Deidara moaned and rocked into the fingers inside of him slowly. Sasori gave an expert thrust deeper, knowing his slim fingers hit the target. The blond's back arched off the bed and he pulled away from the kiss to let out a long moan.

"A-again, un~" He rocked his hips earnestly and Sasori continued to move the fingers into the blond who was now gripping his shoulders tightly, as he buried his face in his neck.

"Are you ready?" Sasori asked, ready to pull the fingers out.

Deidara nodded quickly and Sasori took the fingers out and let go of his member before getting out of his last article of clothing and reaching for the condom. He ripped the top off and took the lubed up condom out of it's packaging before slipping it onto his already erect cock. Deidara wrapped his legs around the redhead's waist and Sasori stared down at him carefully.

"Tell me to stop if it hurts." He spread the blond's legs just a little more and began to push in, noticing how Deidara's face scrunched up in pain but he voiced no complaint. Sasori lifted his hips so he could have more access as he slid in some more and Deidara gasped, now gripping his shoulders even tighter.

"Fuck~" Sasori stopped and stared at the blond's face which was a canvas of pain. "No, no keep on going, un," Deidara urged as he ignored the pain he was in.

The redhead frowned but did so until he was all the way in. He could feel the blond's legs twitching and relaxing so they weren't wrapped around his waist anymore, but resting by his hips. "Tell me when to move." Sasori kissed the blond's neck as he himself tried to get used to the feeling. The pleasure in his groin was intense and he wasn't even moving yet. Even before when his former lover had been alive the feeling was almost shocking every time. He missed the feeling of Deidara around him like this and even though he knew everything about this situation was wrong, he couldn't stop. Not now when the blond was right here in the front of him, both of them ready to give themselves to each other.

After another minute Deidara wrapped his arms around the redhead so his hands clutched at his back, his nails digging into the flesh gently. "You can go," He moaned when he felt Sasori suck on a spot under his jaw.

The redhead nodded and began to pull out slowly before thrusting in quickly but not enough to hurt the blond much. He heard a gasp from the male under him but he continued to move, his lips still grazing the blond's neck. His thrusts unconsciously sped up and Deidara was giving breathy moans every once and a while, his head now resting on his pillow again, his eyes closed.

"Faster… Please," He gasped as Sasori brushed his prostate gland, eyes now opened slightly. Sasori was now resting on his forearms so he could kiss the blond and Deidara hands found themselves in the Devil's hair once more, pulling hard in need. Sasori began thrusting harder and the blond moaned into his lips his eyelids closed clenched shut in pleasure.

When the redhead pulled away, a cascade of moans slipped past Deidara's lips and it was like music, like it was timed there on purpose. He sounded beautiful and Sasori gave him a chaste kiss almost in appreciation. Even though this was a one time thing and he knew it, he was making him feel again. He could feel Deidara's emotions even more now that he was inside of him and it made the redhead want to love the blond even more.

"God, you feel so good~" Sasori moaned into the blond's neck, his eyes closed as he concentrated on the feeling as well. He began moving slower wanting to savor the feeling but Deidara whined in need and gripped his hair even harder.

"No, keep going, un," He pleaded, eyes now opening and Sasori did as he was told.

The blond let go of Sasori's hair as the redhead sat up slightly to get a better angle and position to thrust. Deidara wrapped his legs around the older male's waist as he began moving faster and he took a liking to gripping the sheets under him once more. Sasori was staring at him, watching his chest rise in fall in pants, while his cheeks were flushed darkly, eyes clouded with lust and desire. He was holding his hips to have a better grip on his thrusting and he soon found an easy rhythm, Deidara thrusting back every once and a while.

Sasori gave an experimental thrust forward, one harder than all the others and Deidara's mouth opened wide as he arched off the bed. "Danna~!" He gasped and moaned as the redhead continued to take him roughly, the pain now gone.

Hearing the blond call him that practically sent Sasori into a frenzy as he sped up his thrusts even more, his grip on the blond almost painful for the teen though he didn't seem to mind as his body was being rocked back and forth from the strength of his thrusts.

Deidara was panting harshly and he managed to let go of the sheets to grab Sasori by his shoulders and pull him down to kiss him passionately. Sasori groaned as he felt himself nearing his end and he released the blond's hip so one of his hands could jerk the teen off. He could feel Deidara tense up under him as he touched him and they both opened their eyes before pulling away from the kiss.

The pants soon became gasps and Deidara clutched at Sasori's back again, nails raking at the flesh. Sasori hissed and kissed Deidara more harshly as he began pumping the blond's cock quicker. Deidara's moan was muffled against his lips and he pulled away to breathe again, his moans almost drowning out the sound of the bed creaking under them. "More!" He pleaded, nails dragging against the redhead's skin once more, just adding to Sasori's sick pleasure.

Sasori's thrusts seemed to get harder and faster and it was soon too much for either of them to handle. Sasori groaned and rested his forehead against the blond's as he came. Deidara only came a few thrusts later screaming Sasori's name as he came over their chests.

Sasori's thrusts began to slow and he looked at Deidara who seemed to be on the verge of passing out. He kissed him once more deeply but not as harshly as the others. The kiss lasted for minutes as they laid there completely wrapped up in each other and Sasori was almost convinced that they were going to start another round if not for Deidara pulling away gasping.

"I… I really... really wouldn't mind if you came back, un," He panted with a tired smirk and Sasori just kissed him once more, Deidara responding just barely. Though he pulled away far too soon for the blond's liking and he pulled out of the teen who grunted in some discomfort. "Waste basket is beside the bed," He mumbled and Sasori nodded before slipping off the soiled condom and tying it off, throwing it into the garbage a few seconds later. He was about to get off the bed but Deidara grabbed his arm and stared at him with tired eyes. "Stay the night… Please, then you can go, un."

Sasori eyed the blond and the full realization came to him when he realized what he had just done. He had been so wrapped up in the blond that he couldn't see himself breaking the one rule that he made for himself.

"Please?" Deidara closed his eyes and he fell asleep right there.

Sasori frowned and he sighed deeply before looking at the blond again. After a few moments he pulled the sheets from under the blond and put them on top of the blond so he didn't get cold. And in a few minutes he found himself under the sheets as well, pulling the blond close to his chest.

Everything was the same, but it was different all the more. This wasn't Deidara. He had to tell himself that. This wasn't the man he fell in love with. But wasn't he? He had the same soul, same look, same body. Sasori sighed and buried his face in the blond's hair. But he wasn't the same, was he?


Eien screamed and clawed at the sheets under him, tears falling from his bloodshot eyes and Yoru did his best to calm him down. He was constantly calling the Devil's mobile but he wasn't picking up.

Kuma whined from the other side of the room ignoring Yoru's orders to stay out even when the demon took him out. The samoyed was lying on his belly by the bed his master occupied and he let out another whimper.

"Where is he?" Yoru growled as he threw the home phone on the ground before tending to his master who was writhing on his bed. He held him down but that didn't help at all and it seemed to increase the pain for the sixteen-year-old.

"Stop it! Make it stop!" Eien screamed and Yoru wondered how the cops weren't called yet. After a moment Eien began coughing and blood came from his mouth but it soon stopped, the redhead only crying now. The demon held his master close to his chest and that seemed to calm the teen down just barely. "Where is he?" He sobbed.

"Can you hold on a little longer, Eien? Just a little while? I promise that your Dad will be here soon, okay?" The redhead was still crying into his chest and Yoru rocked him back and forth in an attempt to calm him down. "Just a little longer, all right? Then you'll be all better, okay?" He was almost saying it to himself, to keep himself calm.

After an hour, Eien had fallen asleep again, his cheeks covered in even more tear stains. Yoru laid him on the bed gently and covered him with the sheet, making sure that he was comfortable enough to stay asleep unlike last time. He picked up the phone and dialed the Devil's number once more only to receive the voicemail.

Yoru growled and pulled at his hair. Couldn't he sense that his son was in danger of losing his life? That he had the plague and was in pain? He stared down at his master who had unfortunately woken up again only after a minute.

Eien looked at him with tired and pained eyes, though no more screams ripped at his throat like before. Strange how someone could change in just the matter of minutes. "Water…"

Yoru nodded and got the cup of water he had prepared for when Eien had stopped coughing up blood. He knew the symptoms of the plague and how to treat the illness even though it wasn't the most effective. Two centuries ago they bled some of their patients in hope of getting rid of the bad in the blood but it only made them worse. But from how much blood Eien was already losing, purposely draining the sick of blood would drive them into their graves even quicker.

The redhead drank quickly but Yoru stopped him before he would choke. After that the redhead was very quiet, even the sound of his breathing was inaudible to Yoru's ear. His chest barely moved when he inhaled or exhaled and Yoru had to put his hand on him to make sure that he was breathing.

The whole night Yoru forced himself to stay awake and he would ask Eien a question every hour to make sure that he was still alive. It was a smart precaution because most people died in their sleep that would soon turn too peaceful. But Eien didn't sleep, he was just there, asking for water every few minutes if his coughing got any worse.

Slowly, morning rolled around and Yoru did his best to keep his master for as long as he could.


When Sasori finally woke up, he realized he was cold.

He looked to his left to see Deidara's back facing him as he slept in what the redhead assumed was a peaceful slumber. The bed was rather large and they were easily separated by at least a foot.

Sasori knew what he had done and he sighed to himself before sitting up so he was at the edge of the bed. He put his head in his hands and tried to find a good reason for his actions. He looked back at the blond to see him breathing softly, and the only excuse he could find was because he was weak.

He couldn't help himself? I wanted the blond? He almost rolled his eyes. That one was now painfully obvious. He sighed once more and continued to look at Deidara who didn't seem to be waking up any time soon.

The digital clock on the side table glowed with green numbers reading four o'clock. He would have to get up sooner or later anyway so why not go now? He really didn't want to see Deidara wake up and the reason was obvious.

There deal was done now, there really was no reaosn for them to see each other again and Sasori didn't want to deal with what he assumed was the awkward conversation after the one-night stand. He wondered how Yoru dealt with it when he realized that the demon ate his victim's souls after sex.

Taking a small breath, Sasori stood up and found his clothes on the ground before picking them up, being sure to avoid Deidara's clothing. He slipped on his clothes and realized that he didn't feel very clean after a night of sex. He smelled like sweat, sex and some of the blond's body spray. He wasn't about to ask the teen to use his shower to he left the room, not even bothering to have a last glance at the boy.

He found his jacket and shoes by the door and slipped both of them on before teleporting out of the blond's apartment so he wouldn't have to deal with the lock. He walked down the two flights of stairs, pulling his jacket close as the morning air swirled around him.

Once Sasori reached his car, he unlocked it and got into the drivers seat before starting the engine. The drive to the hospital would be shorter than the drive home which he was trying to avoid.

He had just told Eien the day before that he wasn't fucking Deidara, but what did he just do?

He frowned and began heading towards the hospital. They didn't mind when he worked this early but they did start to get ticked off if he stayed and did overtime too much. They didn't have a that much money to pay him and they would soon kick him out so they wouldn't lose all of their money.

Once Sasori got to the hospital, he sat in his parked car wondering if he could get a half hour of rest before going to work. The thought sounded good but he really didn't think he could do that, not with his current situation.

Though there wasn't one, right? He wasn't going to see Deidara again that was why he had gone ahead and slept with him.

After a few seconds he opened his car door and embraced the chilled air. The hospital had showers and he really doubted anyone was going to use them at this time so he might as well come in and use them, right?

When he entered the hospital the receptionsist was shocked to see him there this early but he just told him good morning before heading to the showers. Unfortunately he did not have any spare clothes with him so yesterdays would have to do.

When he had finished the shower, he found a clean towel waiting for him and he had used it to dry off before getting into the semi-used clothes. Afterwards, he left to his office before his shift started and began doing paperwork.

He also began checking his email and inbox for more work and soon he checked his cellphone for messages and was shocked to find that he had seventeen missed calls from home.

He wondered what could be so important that Yoru or Eien called him this many times. Maybe they got hungry? They've made food for themselves before or at least Eien would tell the demon to make the food, so it couldn't be that.

He sighed and ran a hand through his hair once he realized his mobile was going to die soon. He found a charger in his briefcase and hooked it up to the wall so his phone would charge.


Eien's breathing was now ragged and pained. Water didn't soothe him anymore than it did hurt him. Yoru had tried different medicines by now that all turned out to be useless.

The bruises on the redhead's chest had spread to his arms and legs, some even on his back. The sun was rising and it was shining in Yoru's room, making it look like a bright day was ahead of them but the demon didn't see that in his master's future.

If Sasori did actually come around the best he could probably do would be to put Eien out of his misery.

"Where's my Dad?" Eien asked after a small cough.

Yoru, who had been wiping his master's bloody nose, gave the redhead a calm look. "I don't know. Probably working at this time." He turned the wet rag over and wiped his nose again.

"Why didn't he come home?" Eien whispered hoarsely.

Yoru shook his head. "My guess is as good as yours." He narrowed his eyes. "But it better be important if he is neglecting you like this, my prince."

Eien chuckled bitterly. "You haven't called me that all month." He gave a small moan of pain as laughing became too painful. "These bracelets should be off by now, no?"

The demon sighed and ran his free hand through his hair. "If that were the case then you would have gotten better by now but I think it's too late even if we do get those off." Eien gave him a questioning look and Yoru smiled bitterly. "It's the curse, my prince. It's always been the curse. You were born with it and it nearly killed you before like it is doing now. Your aura always kept it dormant but with the power now gone it's raging inside you, free." Yoru frowned and wiped Eien's face with a clean rag as sweat began to form on the sixteen-year-old's forehead. "By now I'm not sure that you will get better even if your aura comes back to help you."

Eien frowned and looked away. "I'm sure that my Dad will come and help me." He smiled hopefully. "He loves me, right?"


Trevor sighed as he drove towards his boyfriend's house. He wasn't at school that day and he couldn't get ahold of him on the landline. He was still going to pick him up though so or at least see what he was doing.

When he did arrive at the redhead's house he parked his car by the curb and walked up to the front door before knocking. After almost a minute someone answered the door and the brunette saw it was the raven-haired man whom he strongly disliked.

"Yes?" He asked, annoyance showing on his face and Trevor didn't let any emotion show on his face like usual.

"I told Eien yesterday that I would pick him up and take him to the basketball game. Is he here right now?" Trevor asked, looking around the slightly taller male only to have him move in the way.

"Yes, but he can't go, he's very sick."

The brunette looked concerned. "Is that why he didn't come to school today?"

The demon rolled his eyes. "Yes, now if you don't mind-"


Yoru's eyes widened and he turned around to see Eien walking out of his room, wearing his bathrobe to make up for his lack of shirt. He was luckily wearing some pajama pants to cover up his bruised legs but Yoru was more concerned to see him out of bed.

"What're you doing? Go back to bed before you pass out," Yoru rushed over to him and Eien glared at him before pushing him away. Trevor walked inside once he got the chance and Eien smiled up softly at him.

"I can't make the game today, but maybe next time, okay?" His voice was still raspy and it seemed just taking those few steps had him winded. Yoru was by him incase he fell down again and Trevor narrowed his eyes at the closeness.

"Well since you're sick you should get back into bed."

Eien nodded, still smiling. "Well, I-" He was suddenly cut off as he went into a coughing fit, his body hunched over. He coughed into his palm as a few splatters of blood got on it but he closed his fist before Trevor could see.

Though Yoru was by him when he lost all feeling in his legs and collapsed, startling his boyfriend. The demon helped him down, his bathrobe falling off one of his shoulder and Trevor's eyes widened when he saw the red and purple bruises.

Eien looked up, some blood still on his lips and he looked at the brunette with his bloodshot eyes. "You should go," He suggested just as he was forced into a coughing fit before actually vomiting up blood and Trevor stared horrified.

Eien bit his lip and tried not to scream as the pain ripped through him.

"He-he needs to go to hospital," Trevor said worriedly. "He's sick!"

Yoru glared and helped Eien up far enough so he could pick him up, the redhead curling up in his attempt to escape the pain.

"Yes, he is but that doesn't mean that they can do something, now please leave," Yoru ordered as he carried Eien away.

The brunette shook his head and followed. "But you can't let him stay here. He may get worse," He exclaimed.

Yoru set Eien down who lied on his side to get into a more comfortable position. "Just get out, Trevor there's nothing you can do." Eien looked at him as he talked, his voice turning nasally as he spoke due to his nosebleed starting up again.

The older teen just stared helplessly though you could see worry written all over his face. "B-but-"

Yoru sighed and took the teen by his arm before leading him out. "He will be fine. You can see him later." The demon escorted him out and the brunette couldn't even reply as the door was shut in his face.

Once the demon returned to his master, the redhead was moaning in pain and he got a another rag to keep him cool and at ease. "Just a little while longer and the King should return, my prince."


Sasori stared at the clock and saw it was nearing ten pm. He really didn't want to return home, not yet ready to face his son but there was nothing else for him to do and the supervisors were getting tired of his presence. Janice had left hours ago when she had enough work hours for the day, leaving Sasori to do his own thing.

The redhead sighed as he headed back to his office, surprised to see his mobile buzzing on his desk. He hadn't payed attention to any messages or calls he got even from his office phone so he wondered who could be calling him this late. He walked over to his cellphone and looked to see who was calling only to see it was from his current home.

Sighing he answered it and put the mobile by his ear.

"Where are you?" Yoru's cold voice cut through and Sasori could easily tell that he was pissed. But to go as far as to question him, that was something else.

"I am working. I can't just-"

Sasori froze and his eyes widened as he heard screaming from the other line. It sounded painful and hoarse, almost animal like and he talked into the phone quickly. "What's going on? Yoru?"

"I fucking told you he was sick!" The demon was letting his true colors show and that was care and anger. "He's been dying for the past two days and you need to get here now before he actually does. Now," The demon ordered and Sasori ignored the fact that he was being ordered around.

He quickly teleported not even bothering to take his car and he found himself home only to hear the screams more clearly. He ran to Yoru's room just in time to see his son coughing up blood, chocking on the substance. Yoru held him on his side but Sasori pushed him away so he could get his bracelets off.

Eien stared up at his Father with a curious glance. "Why're you here?" His voice was rasped as he spoke.

The question shocked the Devil and he shook his head. "Because you need help." He grabbed the bracelets and took them off but nothing changed. After only a few seconds Eien's eyes widened and a bloodcurdling scream was ripped from his throat.

Kuma whined now sitting in the corner and Sasori stared down at Eien who was turning worse by the second. Yoru was by the redhead calming him down and it seemed to work because he was quieting down but he was still getting worse. Bruises spreading and more blood coming from his mouth and nose.

Yoru turned to glare at Sasori darkly. "Since you're here, help him," He ordered gravely and Sasori nodded, trying to get over his shock. Eien was supposed to get better. Why wasn't he getting any better?!

He got on the bed and took the sheet off of his son to reveal his damaged body. He straddled his hips and placed his hands on his stomach though Eien couldn't pay attention to the warmth as he stared up at the ceiling, small moans of pain escaping his lips.

Sasori took a deep breath and Yoru watched him as he kneeled by his young master. The Devil knew that this was very dangerous and it could lead to his son's death but he was going to die anyway if he didn't try. He cast a small glance at the redhead who began sobbing and his demon just stroked his face, in an attempt to calm him.

Taking another deep breath, Sasori applied a large amount of energy to his fingertips, knowing the red threads would appear but they were going to be used for something else. Once he had concentrated enough the threads penetrated Eien's skin and went into his body, getting another scream from the redhead who began to thrash around.

Sasori swore when he felt himself slipping lightly. If he let go now he would damage the muscles that he was buried in. "Hold him still," He ordered Yoru and the demon did so, keeping his arms pinned, making the sixteen-year-old moan in pain before sobbing again.

Sasori nodded and made the strings go further, making Eien cry even more. He couldn't move too fast or else he would damage something else so he had to keep a very slow but steady pace.

As he did this, Yoru looked over at him with narrowed eyes. "Where were you?" He demanded to know and Sasori shook his head very slightly and clenched his teeth shut in concentration.

"Can we talk about this later, I really need to pay attention to this," He hissed between his teeth and Yoru scowled before turning his attention back towards Eien who's bloody nose was making it hard for him to breathe. He grabbed a rag and began to clean the blood off his face so he wouldn't be caked in it later.

After about an hour, Eien hadn't stopped crying and Sasori progress had gotten better. He was almost to what he needed to get out, he could feel the sickness; the source of it. Once the strings attached to it Eien's back arched off the bed and his bloodshot eyes filled with even more tears.

Sasori had to ignore his scream as he began pulling the sickness out of him which proved to be more difficult than he thought. It was rooted in his son's soul, not just his body and this could seriously injure him. Taking a shuddering breath, he pulled upwards and Eien was in a hysteria, Yoru almost not able to keep him down by now.

"Damn it, you should have taken these things off," Yoru swore as Eien's eyes turned red. "He's hard to hold down now," He panted and Sasori didn't say anything as he continued to pull.

After only a few minutes Eien was growing weaker and weaker and Sasori looked at his face to see his eyes blue once more and his breathing more shallow. The Devil's eyes widened and he shook his head. If he did manage to do this and he survived he may not be able to save him.

Eien finally met his gaze and he actually smiled. "I-it's okay if it hurts. If i-it hurts it means I'm alive, right?"

Sasori didn't want to see that smile there. It made him look so much younger and weaker than he really was. He wasn't going to die though because Sasori wasn't going to let him.

Taking an even deeper breath than the others, Sasori's eyes turned red and he applied more energy to get a better grip of the sickness. He began pulling again and Eien threw his head back, his eyes closed tightly in pain. Yoru stroked his face to keep him calm, his hold on his arms now softer.

It took another hour for Sasori to draw the strings out and when his fingers left the skin on his son's stomach an inky black followed and that was when Eien gave a large gasp, tears falling once more. The black followed Sasori's fingers and soon it was out, a dime size of it hovering by all ten of the Devil's fingers. Afterwards he burned the sickness until it was all gone.

Eien was gasping by the end of it, his head was turned to the side in exhaustion. Sasori quickly got off of him and Yoru moved out of the way so the Devil could be by Eien's head.

The younger redhead looked at his Father with tired eyes his breathing now calming down but far too quickly to be considered good.

Sasori placed a hand on his chest and pumped energy in like he did when he was just a baby. Eien's eyes widened slightly and his breathing picked up again as his Father kept his heart pumping. He kept it up for a few minutes before taking his hand off and Eien gasped, his eyes closing almost immediately but his breathing stayed the same as before. The bruises were disappearing and his skin was becoming flushed once more.

Sasori sighed in relief and his rested his head on the bed right next to his son's body.

"Where were you?"

The Devil didn't answer as he sat up and checked the clock seeing it was passed midnight. "I was busy."

Yoru rolled his eyes which had bags under them and he scoffed lightly. "Well you should have taken better care of him."

Sasori bit the inside of his cheek and he sighed. "Yeah." He looked back at the demon. "Would you like to sleep? I can take him to my room if you want."

The demon shook his head. "My bed's covered in blood and I need to take care of him anyway."

"No, you've done enough. Here," Sasori stood and took the bracelets off Yoru's wrists. The wiriness and exhaustion left the demon's face and the Devil frowned. "If you need to, go. I can look after him."

Yoru looked hesitant but he was gone in a second, leaving Eien and his Father alone. Sasori stared down at his son and his frown deepened. Yoru said he was sick for two days. He had ignored his son just to have a one-night-stand with some guy. He kneeled by the bed again and grabbed his son's hand as the redhead continued to sleep.

He didn't consider himself a good Father anymore.

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