Once Yoru had left it took Sasori a few minutes to find his bearings and stand up. He knew that at the moment Eien was weak, but healing. For the two centuries he had stayed eternal his body was getting weaker and more susceptible to disease, but the fact that he didn't change made up for that.

When Sasori had made Eien wear the bracelets that shouldn't have changed a thing. He would stay eternal he just couldn't use his aura to do anything. But that didn't seem to be the case when the redhead became sick again.

Now that the sickness was gone, Eien would get better and this wouldn't happen again. He could even turn mortal if he wanted to with no pain. Before Sasori had the curse and plague fighting him when he turned Eien eternal, but now there was nothing standing in his way and he could easily change him back while he slept.

Though he wasn't going go do that if there was no reason to. If Eien wanted to be like that again, sure he would grant it to him but he knew that his son found humans useless and inferior so going back to being half-human seemed like a punishment.

After a few more minutes passed Sasori picked up his sleeping son and took him out his the demon's room before going to his own. He doubted Yoru would come back anytime soon so it was up to him to take care of Eien.

The teen's head lolled back as his Father carried him, completely unaware of what was going on and Sasori wondered how long he would sleep. Even though he was better, it wasn't by much. He needed nutrients and he needed to recuperate from everything.

Even though he had only been sick for two days his face was paler than before and his cheeks seemed slightly sunken as well as his eyes. But just an hour ago he was in an even worse condition so this seemed like a major improvement. Sasori placed Eien on his bed before going to his bathroom and turning on the faucet so the water was just above luke-warm. He filled the tub up halfway and turned the water off before going to Eien who moved to his side to get into a more comfortable position.

Sasori sighed and sat his son up who's eyes opened lazily. "What?" He mumbled before rubbing his eyes like a child.

The Devil tugged at Eien's shirt and stood up. "You're having a bath. You can go by yourself or you can have me wash you, your choice."

Eien stared up at his Father with confused and tired blue eyes but he slowly processed what he had said. "Fine," He muttered with attitude and Sasori rolled his eyes. "I'll do it myself." Eien tossed his feet over the edge and stood up shakily, Sasori steadying him before he stood on his own.

"Call if you need help."

Eien nodded slowly and walked to the bathroom slowly, mostly supporting himself by the wall. Once the door was closed the Devil went to his son's room and began going through his dresser in search of some pajamas for him to wear for his sleep to come. Once he found a pair he went back to his own room and set them down on the bed.

While the Devil waited for his son to finish up he did paperwork at his desk and tried to come up for a good excuse of skipping work for later on. After ten minutes Sasori stopped hearing the small splash of water in the bathroom and he stood up from his chair. He knocked on the door but there was no response so the redhead sighed before opening it.

He found Eien's head resting on the side of the tub lazily, his arms hanging out as well and he was clearly sleeping. Sasori sighed and walked over to him seeing suds in his red hair and Sasori kneeled by the top before shaking Eien lightly.

"Wake up," He ordered and the younger redhead's eyes fluttered lazily.

"I'm almost done," He moaned before sitting up though he leaned forward and Sasori had to grab his shoulders before he face planted into the water.

Sighing once more Sasori began to splash water onto his son's head, the teen keeping his eyes closed so the soap didn't bother him. After that Sasori grabbed a scrubber and began to wash his son body of the filth of two days and Eien actually fell asleep again.

After Eien was rinsed of the soap and dirt and the water was drained out of the tub, Sasori made Eien stand so he could dry him and the redhead ended up falling against his Father. The Devil held Eien by his shoulders and made him stand properly before putting a bathrobe on him.

"Can you walk over to the bed and put on your clothes?"

Eien blinked his drooping eyes, obviously confused by the question and shrugged. "I guess I like waffles…"

Sasori's eyebrow twitched and he knew that the answer was no. Sasori walked him over to the bed and sat him down so he could put the shirt over his head and Eien managed to get the pants on by himself but as Sasori was drying his hair with a towel, his eyelids began to fall and his leaned to the side. But Sasori kept him up until his hair was completely dry before letting him fall onto the bed with ease.

Sasori put the blanket on top of him and sat at his desk once more to now look at bills. After a minute Kuma walked into the room with a whine and he placed his chin on the bed to stare at his master. Sasori looked back and pat his lap catching the samoyeds attention. He walked over to him slowly and the Devil scratched him behind the ears, making the dog huff in appreciation.


When Yoru had arrived home it was around ten in the morning and he was surprised to find his room cleaned of blood and the bed made. He heard light snoring coming from the Devil's room and when he peaked inside he saw his master sleeping in the large bed with Kuma while the Devil himself was talking on the phone.

"I've already told you that theres's been a family emergency and I can't come into work for a while." The demon heard the man sigh and he looked over at his other master who was curled up comfortably in the blanket. "Yes, I know that I had appointments scheduled but this is more important." Another sigh and the Devil sighed. "Fine." He hung up the phone and Yoru walked into the room quietly though Sasori already knew he was there.


"Yeah, I may get fired for taking so many unexpected leaves." He rubbed at his forehead and turned around to see Yoru standing at the foot of the bed, watching his master sleep. "Did you enjoy your leave?"

The demon shrugged, not taking his eyes off the teen. "I was more worried for the prince. I was worried he would be abandoned once I left honestly." He cast the Devil a glance and Sasori narrowed his eyes before standing up.

"I am tired of your attitude towards me just because I was late this time." The room turned a few degrees colder and the lights dimmed, but that didn't stir Eien in his sleep at all. "Just because you took care of him doesn't mean that you have the right to lecture me."

A look of hesitance passed over the demon's features but it was gone as he looked down at the ground briefly before looking back at the Devil. "Understand, my King, that I am… upset that you did not head my words when they were correct. I am just concerned for the life of your son."

Sasori didn't seem fazed by his explanation. "You may worry, yes, but don't let that worry turn into disrespect for your superiors. If not turn that worry into something else like devotion for your master, not hate for your other."

Yoru nodded his head slightly but he pursed his lips. "If you do not mind me asking, my King… Where-"

"Yes, I do mind, Yoru. Now leave, you are not needed here." Sasori turned around and the demon bit back a remark before leaving the room.

Eien stirred in the bed lightly as the temperature in the room returned to normal and Sasori turned to his son who appeared to be getting better.

Sighing to himself he felt his shirt and realized he still hadn't changed from two days ago and he was tired of wearing old clothes. Taking another glance at the young redhead he went to his dresser and grabbed some clothes before heading to the bathroom to take a shower.

Once he had finished he had gotten into his clothes except for his shirt because he still had to dry his hair and he walked out to see Eien slightly awake.

"How are you feeling?" The younger redhead shrugged lightly and sat up, clutching at his head with a hiss and Sasori realized he might be dehydrated. Sasori nodded and turned towards the door to get his son water when his son stopped him. "Yes?" He asked, turning his head to look back.

Eien's eyebrows were furrowed in confusion while his eyes were narrowed. "What happened to your back?"

Sasori didn't understand what he meant but after a second he realized what he was talking about. "Nothing, maybe it's a rash." Eien couldn't say anymore as his Father left and Sasori swore to himself.

For a moment he thought Eien was talking about the three large scars on both sides of his body. The first two were complete but the third one went through his left side. This was the result of Hidan's scythe and once he got to the Underworld he had taken it out with little difficulty and trapped the demon due to the powers of his own domain. It healed automatically while he was there after a few days but the scars were always there.

Of course minor scratches wouldn't heal unless he actually started bleeding. His body didn't heal everything automatically because if it did it would take more energy than necessary so it was a way to conserve the energy until he really needed it.

Sasori bit his lip and felt his aura swirl in his body and he made it go to his back and made the scratches heal so Eien wouldn't question him again. He began filling up a cup of water as this was done and by the time he got back to his bedroom Eien had taken a liking to lying down again but he tapped his shoulder and roused him awake.

"Drink this," He ordered and Eien's eyes opened to see his Father looming above him. He nodded and sat up before taking the cup and having a sip. Sasori then moved to his shirt and he could feel Eien's eyes on his back, probably wondering where the marks had gone.

There were demons who liked to torment humans in the dark, messing with their head, touching them to freak them out. Only corrupted demons would slink into bodies and possess them and Sasori had to send his assistants to take care of the problem before priests became involved.

But no demon would even approach him unless summoned and most of the time then they would keep their distance from him. The only one who you dare come near him casually was Yoru and he almost treated him like a friend, but not at the moment.

"Yoru," He called and the demon was back in his room except wearing pajamas.

"Yes, my King?" Yoru asked with bitterness in his voice. Yes, the demon did not consider him a friend at all.

"I need you to get some things from the store for Eien." Sasori went over to his desk for a list he had prepared while the sixteen-year-old had slept and handed it to the demon who eyed it.

"It's just vitamins. Can you not get this at the hospital, my King?" Yoru looked up with a tired expression and Sasori realized even though he had eaten he needed rest to be fully functional, or at least not cranky.

"I won't be going to the hospital for a while and I need you to get these as soon as possible."

Sasori heard Eien putting the now empty cup down roughly on the side table due to weariness and the sound of him falling back into the bed greeted his ears a moment later.

The demon was watching his young master intently but he looked back at the Devil and scowled. "Fine," He practically growled before leaving the room in literally a huff. Sasori just hoped that he wasn't going to rob the store due to his mood.

Sasori turned around to see Kuma licking Eien's face with a whine and the redhead shoved the dog off of him with a groan. "Stop, that's gross," He mumbled.

Sasori smiled lightly and left the room to see if there was anything in the house to help Eien.

When he was looking through his cupboards for anything he realized that since neither of them got sick there was no need for medicine in the house which was why he had sent Yoru out who should be back in about half an hour.

When he went back the bedroom he saw Kuma panting lightly as he lied on the bed next to his sleeping son. His ears perked up when he saw the Devil and he jumped off the bed to run up to him and Sasori sighed before leaving the room to take him outside for a break. The samoyed whined in protest but Sasori cast him a look that had the dog running out of the house.

Afterwards he continued to do paperwork when he heard the wind howling above the house and finally settle inside the room. "Did you get everything?"

"Yes," The demon answered before setting the plastic grocery bag on the desk. "If you don't mind I am going to be taking a leave."

Sasori looked behind himself and stared through half-lidded eyes. "I did not authorize this at all."

The demon had his arms crossed and his eyes away but defiance shone up. "You have taken it upon yourself to take care of the prince so I thought I could have a rest."

The Devil was obviously not pleased with this as he stood up and turned around to face the demon. "And where do you plan on going?"

Yoru scowled lightly. "You didn't-"

"It does not matter what I did, Yoru. I can easily put those bracelets back on if you defy me anymore."

The raven-haired man bit his lip and finally looked at the devil with stormy-gray eyes. "South America. I'm not sure exactly where just in that general area."

Sasori nodded after a few moments and sighed. "Fine, for your service you are allowed some time off, but if I call for you, you come right away, understood?"

The demon nodded bitterly. "Yes, my King," He answered with a kneel that seemed far too forced. "Now please excuse me." The wind whipped around him, tussling his hair as well as the Devil's and he looked up to see the redhead staring at him with narrowed eyes before he was gone.

-One week later-

The teen panted harshly as he held himself up with his hands on his knees. He looked up through his messy hair to see a crowd beyond him but he didn't see the one face he was hoping for. The last he had seen of him he was coughing up blood, not even able to keep himself on his feet.

What had become of him? He was practically chased away by his protector so he had no clue, even when he called his home. There was no news from the teachers or the office so he had no idea what to think.

"Hey, get back out there!" He looked up to see his coach shouting at him and he wiped the sweat off his forehead before taking a swish of gatorade from his waster bottle and moving back out to the court.

No matter how much he thought about it he never got any answers so why think anymore? He had no idea wether his boyfriend was still alive at the moment and he wished he got an answer soon before he drove himself crazy.

As he got in position to run around some more for a pointless game he saw something in the crowd waving at him but didn't let any emotion pass his face as he saw the girl grinning and cheering him on. He really wanted to be rid of her but there was really nothing he could do anymore to get her to back off.

As he continued the game he found it hard to concentrate, especially when he saw a flash of red in the crowd. He had turned his head just in time to have a basketball hit him in the face. Apparently he forgot he was getting a pass. He swore and the referee blew the whistle as he got a bloody nose.

He heard his coach yelling at him but as he held his nose he searched with eager eyes, trying to locate that brief flash of brightness. When he couldn't find one he looked back at his coach who was telling him to go to the locker rooms and get cleaned up, he wasn't playing another quarter after that.

He scoffed and walked out into the deserted hall to go to the boys locker rooms to clean the blood off his face. Once he went in he went over to the many sinks and splashed the cold water over his face to cool down before grabbing a paper towel and wiping the blood off which had stopped rather quickly. It was rather cold in the whole building and he noticed it a while back but thought nothing of it.

When he opened the locker room door to leave, he nearly jumped out of his skin when he saw a red haired figure staring up at him with cold but bright blue eyes. The figure smiled happily and the teen realized who was standing in front of him and he gave a large grin.

Eien expected him to be happy but he didn't expect to be brought into an embrace this quickly. Once he got over his initial shock he wrapped his arms around the taller teen and clutched at his jersey softly.

"You're okay," Trevor stated happily before pulling away, holding Eien away a little just to make sure that he was really there. "You're okay."

Eien chuckled lightly, and looked away, the light silhouetting his nearly white skin ominously. "Yes, yes I am," He said almost darkly.

Trevor noticed that something was different about him, almost inhuman. He obviously looked better than when he last saw him but this was something else. His features seemed sharper as well as his tone of voice and just the look of his eyes. Though he seemed just as happy as he felt.

"What happened?" Trevor let go of the redhead who finally looked back up at him, pale lips pursed in thought.

"I was sick," He admitted slyly and the taller teen just frowned so he continued quickly. "But I got better." He held up his hands in a way to calm his boyfriend down. "If I didn't I would not be here." He smirked and the brunette realized he looked much older for a moment but it flashed by in a second.

"But how did you get better? Before you were-"

"I'm fine, really," Eien said with a reassuring smile before patting his chest. "All in one piece." And a little more, He thought to himself.

Once he had woken up four days ago he was so pumped with energy he practically punched his Father, wanting a fight. He was much more than better. With his curse gone he had gotten rid of the last of his vulnerability, making him more powerful and less human. He could barely feel the human side of him, instead the Devil's blood flowed through his veins.

"And I wasn't contagious so don't worry," He said still smiling.

Trevor shook his head. "I wasn't worried about that. I thought something happened to you when I got no answer from anyone so I thought the worst and-"

Eien put a finger to his lips, silencing him with a smirk, before he leaned up and moved his hand to kiss him softly. The feeling was brief and he barely had to remind himself to breathe as he felt two hands cup his face, pulling him closer. He wrapped around arms around the brunette's waist and stood on his toes to get a better reach on him and he could feel the mortal relax around him.

He pushed with a dominating air around him and forced his tongue into the older male's mouth, being fueled by the affection that was radiating off of him. He felt the teen stiffen but relax and Eien's hands moved downward to his lower back before one hand went up to tangle itself in Trevor's messy hair. He roamed the teen's mouth who's tongue soon joined his and he gave a small moan before tightening his grip and pulling him closer to his body which was once again responding to the brunette's emotions which at that moment turned towards lust.

Giving a sigh, he pulled away and stared at Trevor who was panting while he found himself less than short of breath. "You sure are eager," He mused softly.

The teen blushed and rubbed the back of his neck. "I'm sorry, it's just… been a while."

Eien nodded and smirked before going to his toes to kiss him once more. "I know it's been a short time but I have to go home now."

Trevor's eyes widened and he shook his head. "But you just got here," He exclaimed.

The redhead bit his lip with a smirk. "Yeah but I snuck out and I'm sure my Dad is extremely pissed by this point. I wasn't supposed to leave the house until Monday but…" He shrugged and chuckled darkly. "I didn't want to wait. I'll see you soon, all right?"

The brunette pursed his lips and he sighed. "I can take you home," He offered and Eien shook his head, smirk still in place.

"No need, you have to get back to your game. I'll see you Monday, okay?" He kissed the teen before he could say anything else.

"How did you even get here?"

The younger male narrowed his eyes, though the playfulness was still there. "I drove. And I have to get home because I'm sure Yoru noticed his car is missing." He turned around and waved. "Bye," He said while looking back with a wave, eyes still lit up with mischief.

The brunette couldn't remember what happened next but the redhead was gone and he frowned, still feeling the touch of his lips against his own.

Eien's turning evil O_O Or just tuning in with his true nature XD