"Do you believe that there are tribes of incest hillbillies living in nearby woods, my prince?"

"For the last time, I don't know."

"What would you do if you found some then?"

"I don't know, get away like any sane person would do."

"What if they were demons?"

"Then I would still get away, Yoru."

Eien yawned as he continued to watch the movie on the screen ten feet away from him. It was supposed to be scary but it was basically people running in the woods, trying to get away from some freaks that had inbred and were also cannibals.

Yoru had been bombarding him with questions about what he would do in each situation and Eien found it rather idiotic, considering that they could both easily get away in a snap.

Kuma didn't seem to be paying much attention to the movie as he sat on the couch next to Yoru, his head in his lap.

Eien had returned to school the day before and his reappearance had shocked a few people. He had almost been dropped out of the school's system if he had been gone anymore than he already had been.

His bullies hadn't bothered him and that was probably because Trevor was fawning over him, making sure that people kept their distance and didn't bother Eien too much. But in the end Eien just pushed the brunette away saying he could take care of himself which seemed to hurt the older male. And then Eien had to explain that he was fine and the attention was fine as well.

"Do you know when my Dad is coming home?" Eien asked as he rubbed a hand over his face. He was currently looking over his homework that he had to catch up on and it was a pain not knowing what he missed in class. His Father wasn't around to help him with things and Eien refused Yoru's help when he corrected the teachers notes on a poem that Eien was looking over.

Eien's attention was drawn towards the movie once more and he sighed before standing from his knees and falling back into the couch, Kuma whining when he sat on his tail. Grunting, Eien moved off it and the dog swatted the tail away.

"Yoru," Eien demanded and the demon tore his gaze from the screen to look at his master questioningly.

"Yes, my prince?"

The redhead scoffed and shook his head. "Never mind," He muttered.

His Father had been working almost none stop because of his unexpected leave and Eien almost felt guilty for having him take care of him. Almost. Whenever he thought about it he realized it wasn't his fault, really his Father on both parts. Or maybe three?

He hadn't told him about the curse in the first place, leaving him ignorant to it. He didn't take it out of him when it was still affecting him. And he wasn't there when he was dying.

So when Eien thought about it, he didn't feel guilty that his Father was having to work because of him. And if the Devil ever complained about it, Eien asked him why he couldn't just come in the beginning to help him and nothing like this would have happened. But Sasori was always silent after that and no matter what the younger redhead said, he wouldn't talk about the subject any further.

It was glaringly obvious that he was hiding something and it pissed Eien off when this something could have caused his death.

After another minute of watching some girl with huge breasts run through the woods frantically, Eien snatched the remote from his demon and changed the channel to something about religions. Yoru gave him a look and sighed. "We are living proof that all of this shit isn't real."

Eien shrugged and looked at the television to see some philosopher talking. "The Devil's real, so it must be real."

"But is God?"

The redhead shook his head. "Dad says that there is no god, just a council of Angels in heaven." He looked towards the demon skeptically. "Do you not know this?"

Yoru grinned. "Oh, I know all of this, even more than you but I still find religions idiotic. If humans want to worship someone, worship someone real like… The Devil?" He suggested and Eien rolled his eyes before setting his English book down on the coffee table.

"People aren't going to worship him and if they do, they usually sacrifice babies or something. They don't realize that it just creates problems for him."

When he was younger he would wonder why people were so terrified of the Devil. Even before he met his Father, people would gasp in shock when they heard he didn't go to church or he didn't know who God was. But when Sasori had raised him he didn't hide who he was from him.

Eien had even asked when he was nine why people were so afraid of him and Sasori had replied very easily. He was the painful truth, people were afraid of death. So they turned towards the angels who gave them prayers and chants to ward of evil. None of it affected him though it wasn't just because he was so powerful but it was also because he was half angel. But the prayers affected wayward souls, demons and Eien.

So no one would worship a being who punished those for their sins. They were evil, at least in their eyes.

Eien sighed and saw as one religion switched to past lives. And without thinking he opened his mouth and asked a stupid question. "Does everyone have a past life?"

Yoru raised a brow at him and laughed. "You're asking me? Excuse me, my prince, but wouldn't you be the expert on this subject? I just kills things and have sex according to you."

The redhead's cheeks became slightly flushed and he looked away briefly. "That's not what I meant, what I… Whatever! Do you have a past life?" He asked after he crossed his arms and turned his attention back to the screen.

Yoru shrugged. "Don't know. When I was alive there were barely any people as it was so there seemed to be no reason to reuse souls." He chuckled to himself. "I can barely remember being human but I guess that would be considered my past life."

Eien was about to ask Yoru about his life when the garage door slammed closed. Eien heard no footsteps but that was to be expected from his Father. The man looked worn out with yet another long day of work and when Yoru saw him he scowled. But as the Devil turned his narrowed eyes on him, he looked away.

Eien didn't know what happened between the two of them but Yoru was being very cold to the Devil.

"Shouldn't you be in bed?" Sasori asked as he walked into the living room to turn off the television.

Eien just shrugged. "It's only two in the morning and I need help on my homework."

Sasori ran a hand through his hair and shot his son a vapid look. "Go to bed, you have to be rested for school tomorrow," He ordered and the younger redhead puffed up his cheeks before exhaling upwards, his bangs moving.

"Fine," He muttered as he stood up and went to his bedroom, not even bothering to clean up his school work for the night. Sasori turned to Yoru who was glaring at a corner and the Devil gave a small huff.

"Go to bed too, Yoru. Aren't you going to be looking for a job tomorrow?"

The demon shrugged. "I have enough money as it is so there's nothing for me to do."

Sasori pursed his lips and he nearly growled in frustration. "Then why don't you just leave? I have tried relieving you of your duties but you always claim there is something to do but now that there isn't, why don't you leave and go be someone else's problem?"

Yoru narrowed his eyes and turned his head to look at his master, hues turning silver as he did so. "Now if I did that the prince would probably end up dead, no? I'm here to protect him because apparently someone is too busy to pay attention to him," Yoru practically growled out.

Sasori's hands balled up at his sides and he glowered down at the demon. "I can take care of him perfectly fine, Yoru. I have taken care of him-"

"For what? Two years of his life before he was dumped into my lap like what the past King, rest his soul," Yoru added in spite with a mocking smile, "did to you. Yes, you provide for him and make sure that he has all the means to live but are you ever really there to take care of him? Sure in his times of extreme need you are there but other than that he has to rely on me."

Sasori could feel his nails biting into his skin and could even feel the aura in him grow, making his eyes glow. "Well then you should go so he knows how to take care of him. And you better leave now before I rip your head off. Get out my sight."

Yoru glared back just as fiercely and Kuma whined from his spot on the couch. Yoru stood and walked to his room calmly even though he knew very well he stood on dangerous ground. Sasori could easily kill him for speaking out this much and insulting him none the less.

Kuma followed him, his head hung low and the demon closed his door behind him. Yoru contemplated wether he should leave or not, really. Eien seemed to have a normal life now, besides him throwing some chaos into it every once in a while, it was like an average teenagers.

It seemed that his badmouthing to his King was beginning to grate on the redhead's nerves and Yoru wondered how long it would be before the man throttled him out of his life or stick a sword into his chest.


Eien had heard the whole conversation. It was rather irritating that Yoru had basically called him useless but it was just as shocking to hear him say that his Father didn't do much to show his affection. He knew the man loved him but sometimes he wondered himself.

When they were on earth Sasori would bury his whole existence in the human arts on creating, medicine, anything. He would still talk to him but it always seemed that his full attention was drawn towards something else, leaving Eien with Yoru.

But it didn't end there.

In the Underworld Eien couldn't casually talk to his Father. That was the mans true work. The Devil. He had judged the important souls or those seriously wicked. He had made sure things stayed calm with other neighboring lands like other Gods who roamed the Underworld.

He was really running a kingdom and Eien could only help by taking the workload off with judging. Either than that he was training with Yoru.

Besides that it seemed he didn't have much interaction with his Father which made him think that Yoru's cause was just. Sighing, he buried his face into his pillow and tried to block out any other thoughts that tried to probe at his mind. He needed rest after all.


Since Sasori had worked nearly sixteen hours the day before he only had to show up at the hospital at noon so he took his time to sleep in. Ah, what a nice thing it was to sleep in till six. He had gotten dressed after taking a shower and headed to the kitchen to make breakfast, Yoru's words still echoing in his head.

Had he really not been paying attention to Eien that much. He didn't see it like that until now. He had worked so hard to make sure that Eien could live in ease and comfort but for that to be complete someone had to watch after him as well so he got Yoru to accompany him.

But besides that Sasori thought he was doing a fine job with giving Eien enough attention, maybe even a little much. His own Father sometimes wouldn't talk to him for months because of his nature, the passion he felt for his work. And Sasori accepted it, the solitude. And even when the previous Devil stepped down and passed his power to Sasori, the redhead hadn't felt much. The man had been put to rest after that and not even then had Sasori felt sorrow for the loss. Yes he had lost the only person who would ever understand him, his Father, but he didn't leave a big impression on his life after his first few decades of life.

Sasori hadn't stopped his ministrations as he continued to think. He had taken out some flour, eggs and milk and began making a batter for crepes but before he knew it he was already pouring a ladle full into the pan.

That's why he thought he was doing his best to make Eien feel loved, something that he hadn't felt from his own parent after he had turned fifteen.

So when Yoru had gone and criticized him on not taking care of Eien, he nearly blew up. He had been doing his damned best to make sure that the teen had been well taken care of but according to Yoru it wasn't enough.

After he had made a stack of plain crepes he set the plate on the counter as Eien walked out ready for school. He walked into the kitchen and saw his Father's handy work and yawned. "Thanks," He said, voice muffled by his hand over his mouth. "What's the occasion?"

Sasori frowned lightly. "I'm not working so early? There's sour cream in the fridge or whipped cream, whatever you want." He shook his head lightly and leaned against the counter, his arms crossed.

Eien nodded and grabbed another plate from the cupboard near the sink before going over to the crepes to pick the top ones off.

"Do you want tea?"

The younger redhead eyed the Devil and nodded his head. "Yes, thank you," He said slowly, wondering what happened to make the man willing to share his tea with him so easily.

Sasori nodded and got out a few things from a cupboard to the right of the stove. A few minutes later he had the water boiling with some extra assistance and was having the tea steep and that was when Yoru walked out of his room in a bathrobe, Kuma following behind him sullenly.

The Devil narrowed his eyes at him and the demon inclined his head before continuing his walk to the back door to feed Kuma.

Sasori heard an exasperated sigh from the table and he saw Eien rolling his eyes. "What?"

The sixteen-year-old gave his Father a look. "If this is about last night I will tell you that I am fine. Don't let Yoru get to you, he's just being a dick."

"Good to know how my concern for you is appreciated," Yoru said as he walked into the kitchen to get some crepes as well. Sasori was still leaning against the counter waiting for the tea to finish steeping.

"Stop babying me, Yoru," Eien growled out harshly. He didn't need anyone to take care of him, he didn't. Sure his Father was busy but that wasn't all of his fault and Eien had realized that this morning when he had woken up.

The demon shrugged and sat down at the table with his master. After the tea was done Sasori poured three cups before carrying them to the table.

Yoru was absently ripping a crepe when he said something that made Sasori want to kill him on the spot.

"So I'm guessing your dry spell is broken, right?"

Sasori had been holding his mug at the time and even though his face seemed well composed, the cup was smashed under the force he had been holding it. The hot liquid sprayed everywhere, some even getting on Eien but the younger redhead couldn't even pay attention to that.

"What did you say?" Eien asked, his shocked voice carrying towards Yoru. "What are you talking about?" His eyes slid over to his Father who was glaring so fiercely at Yoru that all of the lights in the house broke, sending them all into darkness.

"Well I am guessing that is why you were busy last week which was why I gave my little speech on not paying attention to the prince. You were too busy getting laid, correct?"

Eien quickly made a gesture into the air, a blue orb of light going up to illuminate everything. And in front of him sat his Father's empty chair.

"Fucking hell," He swore and stood up but Yoru shook his head while tapping his finger against the tabletop near his plate.

"You won't find him here."

The redhead growled and turned towards the demon. "You're lying, right? He didn't actually-" Eien cut himself off and swore again. "You're just trying to piss him off." He walked into the kitchen to see if he was there but found nothing.

The older male scoffed. "No, I've done that enough by now. I'm just confronting him on his decisions but as you can see he has run off and that seems like enough of an answer, so-" Yoru stopped as a fist connected with his cheek and he swore at the impact once he landed on the ground. "... Ow!" He touched his nose and lip realizing he was bleeding. He almost looked at Eien to see why he had hit him but he knew that the redhead probably couldn't punch that hard.

He looked behind him and saw the Devil glowering down at him. "You have insulted me for the last time. Not only that but you accuse me of not taking care of my son and claim that you have done better." The demon got up onto his elbow and saw a black sword in the Devil's hand, the same one he had been threatened with two-hundred years ago. Pursing his lips, Yoru looked down, knowing that he really pushed the line this time.

"I suppose it's time I pay for my insolence after all," He said softly, a bitter smile on his pale lips, the black blood standing out in the blue light. He made no more sound as he got onto his knees, head bowed and Sasori narrowed his eyes.

The sword in his hands hummed with power and the thirst for the rare demon blood it was meant to kill for. Sasori didn't hesitate in raising it and he swung it down. A slightly ripple went through the sword and the Devil was almost convinced that the sword had stuck in the demon but he had to blink to realize there was no sword. It took another second to realize that there was an arrow in the table.

"How about you talk to me first before you try to kill my demon."

Sasori became even more riled up as he saw Eien standing in the kitchen with his bow set to the highest level. It seemed he was the only was pissed. Giving a growl the pieces of broken sword started flittering back to the hilt he held until the sword was complete.

"He was never yours to begin with-"

"You may have formed the contract but he was given to me as a gift."

"I'm not an item," Yoru muttered and both redhead's directed their heated gazes on him.

"You are right now," The teen corrected.

The demon sighed. "Sorry, sorry…"

Eien took a deep breath and eyed his Father up. "What did Yoru mean by what he said? What did you do?"

It wasn't like the teen needed an answer once he saw the Devil's face. It was in his eyes for just a moment, a sliver of guilt. It was even in his mouth as he bit his bottom lip lightly and to Eien that was enough proof.

He pursed his lips tightly and looked down before glaring at his Father with red eyes. "So was that the reason you were gone."

This time Sasori's mouth pulled down in a frown and Eien chuckled humorlessly.

"Unbelievable," He laughed to himself. "You can't do the one fucking you told me not to do. To get close to anyone reborn yet you go and sleep with one of them!" His smile was now gone replaced by an angry scowl. "And not just anyone. The fucking person who I am not allowed to be around because you are afraid of their life. Well look at the fucking hypocrite!"

Yoru looked at his master. "Eien," He warned lightly, telling him to stop.

"So what, is he going to go mad now?" Eien asked with bared teeth, fangs already growing. "Well I hope he does so you are hurt from your actions." He was gripping his bow so hard that it was cracking but he didn't care anymore. His Father still seemed indifferent about this but Eien knew that deep inside he was regretting something. "Oh but I'm guessing that since you have him a second time so you're going to bring him back into your life but I may be in the way, right?" His voice rose to a yell again. "Then I will just go so you can have the fucking love of your life back!"

And Sasori ended up staring at the spot where Eien had been just a few milliseconds before. He heard something shuffle at his feet and remembered that Yoru was still there but he didn't care about the demon anymore. Eien was gone, that was more important.

"My King," Yoru started slowly as he got up, head still bowed.

Sasori didn't hesitate to take a swipe and stab at the raven-haired man, not needing any light to do so. When Eien had left the light he put up had gone out but neither of them needed it to see each other. "You…" Sasori said softly before turning his burning eyes on the demon who stood a few feet away from him. "Why did you do that?" He rasped. His son was gone and at the moment he couldn't even sense him. Where was he?

Yoru sneered at the Devil and turned his head away. "You know a while back after the prince had been introduced to Deidara I told him that he could not interact with him like he had before. That what he had as a child could't be reforged and I meant that for you too." Yoru narrowed his eyes slightly. "I vouched for you saying that you knew not to get close to him because I know your afraid to hurt him again."

Sasori balled up his hands and looked away, remembering that day.

"But I was wrong," Yoru said softly. "I thought that you would at least respect your son and stay away as well but temptation is very powerful, even against someone like you." Yoru frowned. "So don't go blaming me that he left when it was you who had done this. You went against your own word and betrayed your son. He is usually forgiving when it comes to you but I'm not so sure this time." Yoru took a step towards the back door. "You may have lost the closest person to you and have no one to blame but yourself."

-Next day-

It had been a day and Sasori still could not sense Eien. The younger redhead couldn't block him out this much and if he ever did then Sasori could overcome it. But maybe he was far enough that Sasori couldn't sense him. Where could he have gone?

But with the house completely empty, save for Kuma, it gave the Devil a chance to think. Were his actions worth losing his son? Granted Eien would probably come back but he lost his son's trust and probably his love too. But what did it matter if Sasori slept with someone?

Did Eien find it unfair that he was with Deidara when he couldn't be? Or was it something else? He had screamed the day before about leaving about leaving so he could live his life and Sasori wondered why Eien mentioned that. Did the teen feel neglected?

Sasori scoffed and placed his head on his desk. Well he should feel neglected since Sasori almost let him die but it didn't seem like that was what he was mad about. Then what was it?

"Dr. Akasuna?"

He looked up and to see Janet standing in his doorway and sat up. "Yes, what is it? Did I forget about an appointment?"

"No, sir-" Sasori scowled. "Dr. Akasuna," She corrected. "It's just that you still have to make up some hours and the supervisors said you can work in the ER for now. Is that all right?"

Sasori sighed and ran a hand through his hair before nodding. "Yes, that's fine. For how long?" He really just wanted to get home and wait for Eien to come back but he might as well be holding his breath.

"Until ten or so, not like last night."

He bobbed his head once more and left his office to head to work. On his way he was stopped by a certain person of dislike and he sighed.

"Yes, Dr. Uchiha?"

They had stopped in the lobby, Janet ahead of them and the man looked very disgruntled. "I assume that you are done with your help towards, Deidara?"

Sasori gave a bitter nod. "Yes for a week now. Why do you ask?"

The other doctor shrugged. "I wanted to make sure that there was nothing else going on between you two or else I would have to report you."

The Devil rolled his eyes. "There is nothing else going on so don't worry. And I would appreciate it if you did not snoop through my personal life." He turned towards the ER. "Goodbye."

The younger male didn't say anything, instead just turning around and going to his own things.

"Dr. Akasuna," Janet called from the other hall and the redhead started walking again, trying to get his mind off of Deidara and back on work. In the end, he worried about Eien for the rest of his shift.


Sasori was sitting in his living room with Kuma, waiting for either Yoru or Eien to come home. He had called the demon to ask if he knew where his son was but Yoru answered honestly and told him he had no idea and that he couldn't contact him or even find him.

Kuma was panting lightly against Sasori's leg before whimper and panting once more. He stared up at his master and Sasori scratched him behind his ear, the dog giving a small content whine. Sighing to himself, Sasori let his head fall back onto the couch.

He was still trying to find a way to apologize to Eien but he doubted that the teen would forgive him for this. Maybe it wasn't the fact that he got near Deidara that got Eien upset. Maybe he saw it as betrayel. Not just for himself, but also for his Mum.

Sasori frowned deeply and ran a hand through his hair. That might have been it. That Sasori betrayed the real spirit of Deidara, the first one, by being with the new one. It didn't seem like much but maybe that was why Eien was upset. When he had gotten upset about Deidara being alive again but not being able to be with him Sasori had wondered why he even cared. That was his Mum but in a past life. He was different now but Sasori still understood the longing.

It may be someone different but he still craved to be with the blond. Did Eien feel that way as well? Probably. And maybe that was another reason to be mad. He could make another relationship with the blond but Eien could never recreate what he had before. A parents love. Yes Sasori loved him but to Eien, his first parent was Deidara, someone who took care of him and put his life before his own.

And Eien would never get that from the blond again.

"Have you sensed anything?"

Sasori gave Yoru a sideways glance to his right before looking at the ceiling again. "No." He hadn't even felt him teleport inside the house. "Maybe he went to the Underworld?" But there was no spinning vortex like there usually was. That was the only way to get into the main castle of the Underworld but with some extra concentration Eien could get in regularly into the city.

"Well this sucks," Yoru heaved as he flopped back onto the couch. Kuma poked his ears up but nestled against the Devil's leg again before giving a content sigh. "Your turn to go look? Since it kind of-"

"I know," Sasori growled as he stood up, jarring the samoyed from his rest. "I'll find him."


That was harder than it looked. Sasori didn't want to go bug Trevor and ask if he was there, instead he looked inside the brunette's window and found no one but the teen. After that he just wandered around Europe and Asia, trying to at least get a sense of where Eien was. None of their past homes, or places that he wanted to go. He had even contacted his advisors but they had no sign of him either.

In the end Sasori just began wandering around teleporting in random places, hoping to at least feel a weak signal from him. He knew that his son could take care of himself but he was beyond worried for him. Usually when he had a fit he would be gone for a night and apologize. Where was he?

Sasori was beginning to become panicked and was behaving like a human parent. Imagining the worst possible situation ever. It didn't happen often but on occasion Eien would be attacked by a demon or two because he was the heir but he could get out of situations like that normally or Yoru would take care of him. But what if he teleported too far, used all of his energy, was stranded and then was attacked?

By the end of thinking of all the possible situations Sasori found himself sitting on a random bridge in the woods. Where he was, he didn't know, nor did he care. He just had to find Eien. It was night time where he was at and that was all he knew. The bridge he sat on was covered in moss and looked ready to collapse but with Sasori it barely even budged.

There was small ditch under the bridge and Sasori wondered if there was a river or stream here before. If there was it was obviously dried up. Lifting his head, he looked at the trees around him and realized they were familiar. They were deciduous and broad leafed with thick trunks and even in the winter time the leaves didn't fall, like they had faced this kind of weather before.

He wondered where he'd seen trees like this before as he got to his feet and began wandering around again. He was walking for two hours but his mind was elsewhere. So far there was nothing but trees but after a while he saw a small brick wall the height of his knee and raised a brow in thought. Why was that in the middle of a forest.

After a few more minutes there were more walls until he was surrounded by ruins. After that he came into a clearing with ruins all around. His brow furrowed in confusion but he continued his stride but stopped as a moving image formed in front of his eyes. A sunny day with full buildings all around. People walking in the streets and children running around. He took a few steps and the image dissolved.

Sasori eyed the strange ruins and wondered if there was a demon playing tricks on him but he hand't sensed a thing. After another minute the image appeared again but with some sound added. He kept on walking and after a while he heard a loud giggle. He turned around quickly to see if a child had been following him causing the image to dissolve once more.

After that he stood still and thought. They were obviously memories but whose, he had no idea. Some souls who hadn't been taken care of by his assistance wandered around and were considered ghosts, but there were also humans whose fears conjured up entities or provoked them to come forth.

Was this it?

When he began walking he was transported back into the old world and he heard another laugh while someone's eager voice spoke to the child, encouraging something. Eyeing a nearby house, he walked up to it and touched the handle, surprised the memory didn't fade away as he touched it. Opening the door he peered inside and his eyes widened as he saw who it was.

A little boy was running around with his Mother pulling him into a tight hug, before showering the boy with kisses, furthering his giggles.

Sasori felt tears prick at his eyes but the image dissolved before he could do anymore. He was left standing next to some old bricks and ended up walking away from the home. Once he got to the outskirts of the village he saw a hill and the only way it caught his attention was from the blue figure sitting at the top.

His curiosity was naturally peeked and he walked around half a mile before trekking up the green mound, stopping a few meters away from the light. But that wasn't the only thing there.

Eien sat in the grass crisscross with his hands gripping his ankles softly. He was looking down away the figure, who was sitting on her knees, her long hair draping her back. She said something so low even Sasori didn't hear it but it caught his son's attention.

Sasori saw Eien smile softly as a hand cupped and stroked his cheek. He leaned into the touch and the hazy figure said something, making him laugh lightly. She cooed a praise for the reaction and Sasori almost did as well. He hadn't seen his son smile like that before.

"Eien…" It was a whisper and Sasori was almost convinced it was the wind if not for seeing his son look at the figure squarely. She said something else and Eien frowned but she just shook her head and kissed his forehead in assurance. She rubbed his cheek to mollify him and it seemed to work because the redhead smiled once more.

She said something and Sasori took a step forward to hear but as he did so Eien's head snapped towards him, the figure doing so as well to see who was there but she dissolve; like just the fact that someone had looked at her was enough to break her.

Eien's eyes widened once he realized who was there but he didn't get up to greet the man or even yell at him, he just… sat there completely silent.

"What was that?" Sasori said quietly, his voice seeming to boom in the silence.

Eien looked away and looked towards the ground. "You should know, you were the one who taught me."

Sasori raised a brow and took a step closer but Eien shied away from the closeness even though they were still far apart. "What do you mean?"

The redhead smiled fondly and Sasori could feel his breath leaving him. It seemed that the teen was in a state because he looked so happy, so serene that his smile almost didn't seem real.

"We… we can show, share our memories with others. But sometimes it goes further and we can show everyone. You've told me that some humans emotions go so far as to bring back an image of a loved one, though only they can see them." His smile fell and Sasori almost wanted to beg to have it back. "But with us… we have so much emotion and… power that others can see as well. Whole memories come back and some even interact with us." Eien's voice dropped to a whisper as the figure came back and touched his cheek softly. "But memories can only help so much," His voice cracked and Sasori was shocked to see his son cry, the image gone again.


"You have to understand why what you're doing is hurting me," Eien said after a few minutes, now looking up at his Father, all traces of his old self gone. "You're not betraying me, you're betraying him." Sasori's heart fell at his pained voice and he didn't know how to feel anymore. Eien gave a humorless chuckle as the hazy figure came up again and Sasori realized who they were.

Deidara shushed Eien as he wiped away the tears and tried to assuage him once more but Eien ignored the touch. The figure soon went away after it's fuel of memories stopped.

Eien turned to face his Father again who had stepped closer once more. "The Deidara I know is gone and I know that only he can make me happy," The redhead whispered. "But… but if this Deidara makes you happy as well then I shouldn't be the one to deny you that."

Sasori's eyes widened and he shook his head as he kneeled next to his son. "No, I was weak and it didn't make me happy. I thought it would but… as you can see it's not making my life any easier." Eien didn't respond so Sasori touched his cheek and the redhead leaned into the touch, the same smile slipping to his lips as the tears continued to pour.

Deidara reappeared, completely oblivious to his former lover as he ran a hand through his son's hair. He said something softly and Sasori could actually hear him this time. "But are you happy, un?"

The song that I think describes Eien's and Deidara's relationship is called Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift. I've been thinking this since I wrote the story and have been listening to it most of the time while I write.

The emotions! And for no one who got it, that was Deidara's grave.

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