Eien yawned as he rested his cheek against the cool surface of the counter only to be nudged in the shin. "We're doing a lab, Eien, stay awake," Trevor scolded softly as he held a beaker of blue liquid.

The redhead nodded and stood up properly, trying to pay attention to the work. Unfortunately for him he had gone missing for another two days and by the time he and his Father got back to America it was already morning and time for him to head to school.

He was trying to stay awake but he had slept on the ground for the past two nights with no food and he just wanted to recuperate from that. But if he knew that if he stayed home Yoru would fawn over him and no offense to his boyfriend but the demon took it to a whole new level.

But then his Father wanted him to stay home to rest as well and he was talking about taking more time off and the teen knew that the man was just worried for him, but he was not going to be the reason he lost his job.

"So are you doing anything tonight?"

Eien looked up at the older male and shrugged. "Sleeping, homework, begging my Dad to come home and make food?"

Trevor chuckled lightly at the last one though his face remained the same. "I was wondering if you wanted to come over or go out to eat, you know something… Fun? Since you aren't grounded anymore is the thing." He looked up from the beaker on the counter after he found there was no reaction.

Eien gave a small smirk and raised an eyebrow. "A date?" He tantalized and the brunette's cheeks turned a little pink.

"I guess it is. Was there any place you wanted to go, if you could go, I mean? I know you have a lot of homework and I don't want to–" He shut his mouth and sighed. "Do you want to go?"

The redhead hummed. "I'll consider it. I may have to talk to my Dad about it but I doubt that he wouldn't let me."

"Mr. Vega, Mr. Akasuna please continue the lab, you don't have much time left."

Both students cringed lightly and continued their work, finishing just as the bell rang. "Hey, can I walk you to your next class since we have a ten minute break before it starts."

Eien, who had been packing up his book bag, eyed the older male skeptically. "I don't want you to start treating me like a girl, Trevor."

The brunette shook his head quickly. "No, I just wanted to talk a bit, you know?"

The sixteen-year-old still looked unsure but he bobbed his head once. "Sure, let's go." He walked out of the classroom with Trevor trailing behind before walking up beside him. "What did you want to talk about that's so important? Couldn't it have waited until lunch?" He gave the male a sideways-glance before looking ahead so he didn't run up to people.

"No, I wanted to talk alone actually," Trevor said softly and Eien stopped, narrowing his eyes at him.


"Just some questions"

"I was gone because of–"

"No, not that," Trevor calmed him quickly and pulled him towards a less crowded hall. "I wanted to ask about last week, well when you were sick." He saw the redhead's jaw tense and he bit his lip. "I know it's not really my business, but I'm curious because you're... different."

Eien crossed his arms and looked away. "Different how?"

Trevor rubbed the back of his neck. "I can't really tell, you just seem... more lively and you even look different, like you aged–"

"Everyone does that," Eien snapped now turning his burning hues up towards the male.

The brunette held up his hands once more in defense. "I know, I just phrased that wrong. You didn't really look older, you just... felt like it." He sighed and shook his head, hands dropping. "I'm not making any sense, am I?"

Eien shook his head and put his hands into his pocket. "No," He lied, knowing exactly what the teen was talking about. Of course he was different, but he was better as well. He had lived with something his whole life and even though it felt normal to him, it was killing him. But with it gone he felt even better and felt like he was more in control of himself. He just hoped that no human noticed but unfortunately it had already happened.

"Hey, are you okay?"

Eien looked up and saw his boyfriend's worried face and he sighed. "Yes, I'm fine."

Trevor ran a hand through his hair, black eyes clouded with confusion. "Look, I'm sorry, I was just confused about it, but really you're the same."

Eien nodded. "Yes, I'm the same," He added with a small smile though it was gone quickly. "I need to get to my English class now to finish some homework. You don't have to walk me there, it's fine." He smiled a little more and turned towards some nearby staircases. "I'll see you at lunch, 'kay?"

Trevor's lip twitched upwards. "See you," He called softly as the redhead walked off.


"You have three appointments each ten minutes after each other, and two surgeries scheduled in the afternoon. Plus they want to know if you can fit working in the ER between all of that."

Sasori rubbed his brow as he looked over all the papers on his desk. Even though his assistant was dealing with the brunt of it, he had things that only he could fill out. "I'm working off hours, not juggling everything at the same time. I will work extra but not if it means that I am doing everyone else's job."

"But Dr. Akasuna this is your job–"

"Yes, but they don't need me in the ER, that was just something to do on the side. As well as surgeries, that was a one time thing and they kept on forcing more on me. I am only supposed to be a family doctor," He finished as he stood with some complete paperwork. "I don't care if they're pissed that I'm not doing what they want. At the moment I am only qualified to handle fully conscious patients with no serious injury."

Janet bit her lip and nodded. "Understood. I will go inform them and try to work something out to make up for hours."

"Thank you," Sasori said as he walked out of his office to head to his next patient.

Even though he had started working again the administrators were still very upset about his absence for so long. In the end he used the excuse of a rebelling teenager and hoped that they would understand but that would only go so far. But because he and Eien had worked everything out, things were supposed to be normal again. Supposed to at least.

He still had no intention of seeing Deidara even though Eien told him that if that was what made him happy, he should see him but there was the fact that the blond's memories could resurface and make him go slightly crazy if untreated. Sasori didn't want to use it as an excuse to see the blond, but he wanted to check it out and see if anything had changed. He had planned on doing this without Deidara's knowing of course so he wouldn't have to deal with the teen saying he broke the deal or something.

He just wondered what would happen if he actually saw Deidara again. He would most likely ignore him but what would the blond do?

Honestly? Sasori didn't want to find out.


Eien woke with a start when he felt someone tap his shoulder a little roughly and he guessed it wasn't the first time. "Eien, do you… need to go to the nurses office?"

He squinted his eyes slightly to see his math teacher and he shook his head. "No, sorry," He muttered as he ran a hand over his face. Luckily the woman's lecture was over and the rest of the class period was just work time but he used the time for something else.

The woman sighed and nodded her head. "Okay, just don't fall asleep again." A student raised their hand and she walked over to help as the redhead stared down at his open book. He didn't really remember what the lesson was about anymore so he closed the book and placed his head on the desktop, hoping he could stay awake the rest of the class period so he could go home and sleep.

But that didn't happen and he was snoring five minutes later but this time people left him alone until the bell rang, signifying that school was done. Because Trevor's class was in the same hall he would usually wait for his boyfriend at the door so they could walk to the parking lot together but when he got to the classroom he was confronted with his old math teacher staring down at the redhead, probably contemplating on waking him up.

He sighed and walked over to see that Eien was indeed asleep. "Hi," He greeted softly as he looked down at Eien as well. The woman responded back monotonously and she poked the teen in his shoulder, jarring him awake once more. He looked around with hazy blue eyes and Trevor waved a hand in front of his face, which he swatted away at once.

"I'm awake," Eien mumbled as he stood up and put his things away. His math teacher sighed and told him to get a better nights rest before coming to school and the redhead frowned.

He and Trevor walked out of the classroom and Eien yawned once more. "Hey, we don't have to hang out tonight. You can go home and sleep."

Eien nodded and took out his cellphone. "Thanks." He turned it on and saw a message from his demon. "Apparently Yoru is drunk right now."

Trevor raised a brow and Eien shook his head before handing him the phone. "Idfk probably I've thing," The brunette read aloud. "Maybe he's just messing with you."

"I asked him at lunch when he was picking me up and that's the response. Is it okay if you take me home?" He asked as he stopped to look at his boyfriend pleadingly. He wasn't really in the mood to call his Father and he didn't want to teleport in the bathroom.

"Yeah, that's fine," Trevor said as he started walking again, Eien falling in step beside him.

"Thanks," Eien yawned once more.

As the two got to the parking lot it was full of students ready to go home as well but once Eien got into the passenger seat of the brunette's car he nearly fell asleep from the drive. Most times he found it hard to stay awake in vehicles and his Father said it was the same when he was just a baby with carriages.

Though once they drove up to his house he could hear loud laughing and things breaking inside. He groaned and left his backpack in the car as he got out. "Hey you forgot your–"

"I may not be staying," Eien muttered as he opened the front door which had been left unlocked. He stepped in and saw that most of the living room was trashed. Kuma was lying on the couch oblivious to everything and Eien rolled his eyes.

"Master!" Yoru ran from the kitchen shirtless with a wine bottle in his hand. "Hikari wanted to know when you would be home so we could play… uh…" He paused and thought for a second and Eien saw the drunkenness easily in his flushed face. Yes he had seen the demon drunk before but this was something else. The demon then began talking in a different language which strangely sounded Mandarin to the redhead but also Cantonese.

"Hey what's…" Trevor trailed off as he saw the shirtless man and he scowled. "Aren't you supposed to be responsible?"

The demon titled his head and answered the same messed up language. Eien shook his head. "He's drunk and apparently with company."

At that moment a man with long red hair walked in, the strands of orange and yellow gleaming in the light. Unfortunately he was also shirtless, showing off his tanned skin. "Ah, the prince has returned! Rejoice!" The man walked up to Yoru and grabbed his wine bottle before chugging the rest of it down.

Yoru laughed and clapped his hands. "He began eating real food again so I told him it's fun to get drunk. You haven't experience this in a while, ne, Hikari?" He asked, switching back to English.

"Who's he?" Trevor asked as he stepped back from the new strange man.

At that, Hikari finished the bottle and turned his amber eyes on the teen in front of him. "I am the sun that burns your skin and the light that illuminates your way at night. I am the fire that cooks your meals and the one that also kills you if you ask stupid questions," He answered straight-faced. "I know I am an amazing poet, there is no need to be jealous," He spoke highly as he flipped his hair with his hand.

"Oh, God," Eien groaned. "This is Yoru's friend Hikari and I really doubt that I will get any sleep here with them doing… This." Eien gestured to the living room then them.

Trevor still looked mildly confused and Yoru grinned. "Hikari, this is Eien's fiancé. They plan on marrying in the summer when the fruit will be it's ripest and they will share a sweet apple together in matrimony." Yoru put his arm around the demon's shoulders and waved his hand out in front of the them as if a picture was coming over the couple. "Aren't they amazing!"

"What?" Trevor near shouted as he looked over at his boyfriend who was shaking his head in annoyance.

"Can I go over to your place?"

"But, my prince," Hikari dropped to one knee pulling Yoru with him who was snickering. "I have come because I am in need of work. I can plow your fields and sew your seeds if needed." The demon kept a straight face but his lips twitched and he ended up laughing with Yoru.

"Was that intended to be dirty?" Trevor asked as he saw his boyfriend glare at the two men laughing together on the ground.

"Yes, now can we please go?" Trevor nodded and headed towards the door, ignoring the shouts of from the two men to stay. Eien closed the door behind him and rubbed his brow. "Sorry about that, he's an old friend of Yoru's and whenever he comes over something bad happens."

Trevor nodded and got into the driver's side, Eien going to the passenger. "For a second I thought he was a relative of yours but you don't really look-alike besides the hair. Does he dye his?"

Eien shrugged, not wanting to be truthful. "No idea, he's obsessed with fire though."

"Pyromaniac?" Trevor raised a brow as he turned on the car and the redhead nodded.

"One time he visited and the house was set on fire, but that was only because he made me mad." Eien shrugged once more nonchalantly and Trevor looked at him as if he had told him that he loved Yoru. "What? I'm not a pyro," He argued and the brunette just shook his head.

"No, no I never said you were… I'm just thinking that I need to stay off of your bad side," He chuckled as he backed out of the driveway.

Eien smirked. "What would your parents think of you dating a 'bad boy?'"

"Not sure, they don't even know that we're dating so…" He chuckled once more and shook his head. "You know I'm still surprised that you're Dad is completely fine with all of this."

"He's not." Eien's smirk was still in place but he didn't feel malicious, happy or even angry. He was very passive at the moment and he didn't care much of what his Father thought.

"But he seemed okay with it." Trevor turned off the street and headed to his neighborhood.

The redhead sighed and looked out the window to see the urban scenery. "I think he is just concerned with the future. He doesn't want me to get attached to anyone or have a serious relationship. He thinks it will be harder for me."

The older male furrowed his brow and looked over at his boyfriend, whose face was blank. "What? Are you going somewhere? "

Eien shrugged, eerie smile coming back as he looked at Trevor. "Not anytime soon, so there's nothing to worry about." Trevor was looking at him a moment longer and Eien dropped the smile.

"See you looked older there," Trevor said and Eien glared before crossing his arms and looking again.

"You're seeing things."

After that they arrived at the brunettes house and Eien was reminded of how tired he was. "My parents shouldn't mind you coming over. It's been a while since my Mom's seen you so she'll probably talk to you and scold you for getting into trouble." He gave a dry smile. "She thinks that you're my only friend." Trevor opened his door and stepped out of the car, going for his bag in the back seat.

Eien got out of the car and shrugged on his backpack. "You're my only friend," He admitted before walking up to the door with his boyfriend.

Trevor must have not heard the comment because he just took out his keys and unlocked the door before pushing it open and stepping aside so Eien could go in first. The redhead walked in to hear the brunette's Mother in the kitchen calling for him and Eien suddenly felt a pull, a longing. He pushed it away and followed his boyfriend who walked to the kitchen.

"Trevor I need you to…" The woman stopped once she saw who was behind her son. "Eien, it's nice to have you back," She said grinning. "Do you want a snack or anything?"

The redhead smiled politely and shook his head. "No thank you, I just came here to hang out and finish up some homework that I missed out on."

The woman nodded and worry filled her eyes. "You're okay, right? I heard you were out for a week then a few more days after that. Everything all right?"

Again the longing came back and Eien sighed from annoyance. There was something about a Mother's worry that brought something out of him and he was tired of feeling it.

"Yes, I was just a little sick was all," He assured with a confident smile. She still looked worried and opened her mouth for another question so Eien just sent a sliver of energy to her, just to make her get off the topic. Carly closed her mouth and furrowed her brow.

"I was going to say something," She murmured to herself and Trevor sighed. "Oh, it's nothing. Go upstairs and I may bring you a snack later on, okay?"

Both males nodded and headed up the stairs, but with Eien feeling a little guilty for manipulating the woman like that. It was like his Father's power of calming but instead it was confusion. Sure he could also calm after almost one-hundred and fifty years of practice but that required a physical touch to work. He had some angels blood but in power it was so minuscule that it barely even counted.

When the duo got to the bedroom Trevor told him he could put his stuff anywhere and that the bed was open if he wanted to sleep. Eien gave a humorless chuckle. "Thanks for taking me in again."

"Hey they were probably going to mess with you in your sleep, draw on your face or something."

Eien nodded and set his backpack on the ground. "Don't want another fire now, do we?"


When Eien had woken up he started on his homework with Trevor which ended in a fight of who was right.

"I have been in school more than you, I think I know what's right?"

"But think of it logically," Eien retorted as he sat crisscrossed in front of Trevor.

"I am, this is the logical way, Eien."

The redhead scoffed and rubbed at one of his eyes with the heel of his hand. "Whatever," He muttered.

Trevor frowned. "I'm trying to help, Eien."

"I know," The redhead said exasperated.

The brunette scoffed. "Don't act like brat, I'm helping."

Eien nodded but kept his mouth shut once he he had been called a brat. That was not a word that he wanted to associate with himself. "Can we do something else? I want to get my mind off of work."

Trevor nodded and closed his science textbook. "Do you want to go out and do something? It's already five."

The redhead nodded, now realizing that he slept for two hours. "Yeah, that's fine."

They both got up and grabbed their things, Eien his bag and coat, before heading out of the room and down the stairs. "Where are you boys going? Dinner's almost done," Carly said, poking her head out of the kitchen. Eien wondered if she had been cooking all this time and he felt another wave of guilt if it was because of him. He hadn't meant to confuse her that much.

"We're just going out, Mom. I'll be back here in time for dinner."

The woman just shook her head before going back into the kitchen, muttering something about energetic kids. Eien walked out of the house and to Trevor's car to put his backpack in the back before getting in himself.

"Where to?" He asked once the brunette also got in.

The male shrugged. "I was thinking some food then some food."

Eien smirked mockingly. "So it is a date?"

"Yes, Eien it is," Trevor replied a small smile on his lips. He put the car in reverse and backed out of the driveway before driving into the city. "Where do you want to eat?"

"No idea, I never eat out," Eien answered as he looked towards the older male. "Anywhere is fine."

"Okay," Trevor drawled out as he continued to drive. Ten minutes later they ended up at the a local restaurant that Eien had heard about. Just a few friends of Trevor's had talked about it and it sounded good but Eien wasn't very picky. Trevor opened the door for him and Eien stepped in but stopped once he saw who was at the cashier.

He saw flicker of recognition in the blue hues and it felt like hope slapped in his face. Deidara was radiating emotion and it was almost too potent for Eien to deal with. Though once Deidara realized that it wasn't who he thought it was, he turned back to the costumer who was paying. After that disappointment wrapped around Eien and he felt very cold.

"Hey why did you stop?" Trevor began pushing Eien's back gently to make him go forward.

"It's nothing," Eien stuttered as he tried to get the emotions off him. He had no idea why Deidara was affecting him so much but it was obviously too much. What had his Father done to make the man act like a freaking high school girl?

Once they got to the blond, he smiled though Eien felt something new from him. Guilt? Why would he feel guilty? "Hey, guys, haven't seen you in a while, un," He said as he grabbed two menus.

Trevor nodded and tried his best to smile. "Yeah, I heard that you came back from your trip a few days ago so I thought it'd be fun to come here and eat."

Deidara chuckled and rubbed the back of his neck. "Well I can't just drop everything to socialize." He cleared his throat lightly. "Would you like a booth, un?"

"Sure," Trevor said, shrugging. Deidara waved for them to follow but Eien noticed right away that Deidara was very tense. But as he watched Deidara he realized something. He had no longing towards him. Unlike when he saw random mothers tending to their children he felt something but this was… different.

It seemed that he finally understood that this wasn't his Mum. His soul and looks yes, but he didn't know him, Deidara didn't know of what he and Sasori were.

And Eien was almost disappointed when he realized he didn't feel anything anymore, that he didn't feel anything towards Deidara. Probably some contempt for him sleeping with his Father but that was pretty much it. He knew who his parent was and this man wasn't him.

"Your server today will be Greg and he will be here in a few. See you guys, un," He said as he left the table, though Eien saw his eyes linger on him for a moment longer.

And even if he wanted to, Eien couldn't get close to the blond. He wasn't cruel enough to force memories out to see his Mum.

"What do they serve here?" Eien asked absent-minded as he opened up his menu to survey the food. He had had food from all around the world, well in the Eastern Hemisphere, but most food in the Western Hemisphere was influenced by culture in the East.

"Just the usual stuff, salads, burgers, they even serve breakfast any time of day," Trevor murmured as he looked over his own menu and Eien smiled.

"That doesn't seem very usual."

Trevor looked up and rolled his eyes. "Sorry, I'll roll in the filet mignon when I get the chance."

Eien laughed and shook his head. "Is that the only 'fancy' food you know of?"

Trevor paused to think. "… Fettuccine alfredo?"

The redhead laughed once more. "Honestly, I do like American food. The portions are a little large sure but besides that everything tastes good… Even though my Dad makes me stay home and eat there. He doesn't even know I'm out."

"Maybe your drunk roommate will tell him?" Trevor looked back to his menu just as the waiter appeared. He was a man with curly blond hair and he had an impish face, making Eien think that he was already mischievous. He had met enough pixies and imps to recognize the face of one, but this man only resembled one. If he really was one of those creatures Eien wouldn't want to eat the food served here.

He asked if they were ready to give their orders and Eien told Trevor to order for him and he requested the same thing for the both of them.

"Oh I wanted to apologize about my Mom when we got to my house, she can be very… concerning?"

Eien, who had been messing with the straw in his water, looked up and shook his head. "It's fine, she was just worried."

"Yeah I'm not sure what she would have done if she knew how sick you were." Trevor frowned and narrowed his eyes slightly. "But you still didn't go to the hospital?"

"No, I was fine at home, in fact after you left I got better. I was only gone because I was resting and my Dad wouldn't let me leave." Eien was tired of the questions not only from other people but also his boyfriend. He really didn't want to talk about that experience so he wished that everyone would drop it.

"But what were you even sick with?"

That was the main question and Eien glared before crossing his arms. "I don't know, it was just something that passed. Now can you stop asking questions, I don't want to talk about it."

Trevor frowned. "Why're you getting so upset? Is it so bad for me to be concerned?"

"Are you afraid that you're going to get infected too?" Eien snapped harshly. That was the main thing. No one wanted to be near someone sick. Back when he was mortal even he had the mentality to stay away from the sick, but mostly because of his Father's warnings of dying.

The brunette's eyes widened and he opened his mouth to say something but he closed it, trying to compose himself. "No, I'm not worried about getting 'infected,' I'm worried about you getting sick again. When I saw you, you were covered in bruises and vomiting blood so of course I'm going to be worried about you." His brow furrowed and he sighed before leaning back into the booth. "Fine, I won't talk about it anymore if it makes you happy."

"Thank you," Eien muttered even though he felt guilty for snapping at his boyfriend. After that, their food came and Eien saw there was a side of some potato skins filled with cheese, sour cream and bacon with the main course being a burger with fries; what kind, he had no idea but he guessed he would find out.

"Because I never get to eat anything bad for me I thought I'd treat myself," Trevor said with a small smile. "I hope you don't mind the food."

Eien shook his head. "No, it's fine, I think it'll be really good." He smiled back lightly though he still felt uncomfortable about their last conversation.

They talked while they ate and even though the food was very good, Eien couldn't finish half of it. Trevor had told him that they could take it to go and Eien was fine with that as long as someone didn't eat his fries like before. Trevor had finished all of his food and he told the redhead he wasn't going to pass up the opportunity to eat junk food.

"What movie do you want to see?" Trevor asked as he stood from the booth.

"I don't know what's playing." Eien stood up as well as they both took out their wallets and the shorter male narrowed his eyes. "Do you really want to go through with this again?"

"Come on, Eien, this was supposed to be my treat," Trevor complained.

"No, I can pay for myself, I'm not a baby." Eien opened his wallet but Trevor just grabbed the bill and walked to the front of the restaurant before his boyfriend could do anything. "You ass," Eien called.

Trevor already took out his debit card when Eien caught up to him and Deidara chuckled before sliding it through the machine. "Did you enjoy your meal, un?"

"Yes, it was very good," Eien replied as he elbowed the brunette in the side.

Trevor faked a wince as he took back the card. "Thanks. I guess I'll see you later, Deidara?"

The blond grinned. "Better plan on it."

Eien didn't say anything to the blond before he left and he wanted to keep it that way so he wouldn't form a relationship with him. It was best to keep things as they were.

"So because you didn't say what movie you wanted to see, I'm just going to decide, okay?" Trevor asked as the both of them got into his car. Eien's eyes were beginning to drop at the thought of doing something else and he repressed a yawn.

"Yes, that's fine," He said, trying to make his voice as clear as possible and to not sound tired. "Can I pay for something there?"

"Nah, everything at the theaters is too expensive." Trevor pulled out of the parking lot and began driving towards the theater. "One movie should be starting a few minutes so we can make it. It's an action movie if that's okay."

Eien nodded. "That's fine."

Though as soon as they got to the theater they saw how many cars were parked and Eien could see the long lines inside. Trevor swore as he parked the car. "Do you still want to go?"

The redhead nodded and unbuckled himself. "Yeah, I don't mind waiting if you don't. I just don't want to go home too soon."

The brunette exhaled and took the keys out of the ignition. "It shouldn't be too long of a wait," He muttered as he opened the door to step out, Eien doing so as well. Spring was just around the corner but it was still cold outside even during this time of day. Eien pull his jacket closer to himself feeling too lazy to just warm himself up with some energy. "You okay?"

Eien looked up and saw Trevor standing a few feet in front of him. "Yes, it's just a little cold."

The older teen smiled reassuringly. "I'm sure the theater will be warm. Come on, let's go before the line gets longer."

Eien stuffed his hands into his pockets and walked beside the taller male as they walked up to the movie theater. Trevor opened the door for Eien who narrowed his eyes at the male for doing so again. "Don't expect me to behave like a girl just because you're doing these things."

Trevor smiled and walked in after the redhead. "Chivalry still exists, Eien and even if it didn't I'm just being nice."

Eien scoffed. "I hate chivalry," He muttered as he looked at the ground.

"Eien?" The redhead looked up and he stared stoically at a girl with freshly died blond hair and Eien almost didn't recognize her. "I haven't seen you in a while, how have you been?" She grinned as she continued to hold her date's hand and the redhead realized it was Aaron from the soccer team.

"Fine," He replied monotonously. Trevor sighed and that was when the girl noticed him.

"Hi, Sarah, how have you been?" He asked politely, sending a small glare towards Eien who just crossed his arms.

"Uh, so you guys are the only ones here, like by yourselves?" Sarah asked, pointing at the two teens and Eien remained just as stoic as he began. Trevor frowned at having his question ignored but the girl continued. "Like a date?"

Eien was going to deny it but after a moment he just shrugged. "It doesn't matter what we say, you're still going to spread rumors aren't you?"

Sarah blushed. "No, I-I wouldn't do that, you just… didn't answer and-"

"It's a guy's night out, is that so bad?" Eien interjected and Trevor frowned at the redhead's attitude.

"Sorry, Sarah he's just tired. No, this isn't a date, we just haven't hung out in a while and Eien just got ungrounded so we wanted, like he said, a guy's night out." He tried to smile but he was still trying to get Eien's attention so he would be nicer.

"Oh, well that's cool. If girls go out all the time, so should guys, I guess," She grinned and walked towards the door with her date who looked shocked and for a moment Eien caught a whiff of disgust from him. He narrowed his eyes and Trevor nudged him to stop. "Have a good movie."

Trevor nodded as they left. "Try not to be so sassy, okay? She was just asking a question and you went all defensive."

Eien scoffed and uncrossed his arms. "Well that's just how I act and I don't like it when people assume a bunch of things–"

"They aren't assuming if they are right."

The redhead glared up at the older male. "Then maybe you should just jump out of the closet and people will be happy," He hissed as they moved up the line. Trevor pursed his lips and turned his attention forward so he wasn't looking at the redhead. "Ignoring me won't fix the problem."

"What problem?"

"The one that you're avoiding," Eien snapped and the brunette groaned in frustration.

"I'm not avoiding it, Eien, can you just leave it alone? There's just no need for me to tell anyone yet."

Eien frowned and sighed. "It's not that bad to be labeled, you know."

"Well Eien you got the shit beat out of you because of labeling, so sorry for being concerned for the both of us."

The redhead flinched and kept his gaze directed downward. He didn't think he got beat up because of people assuming they were gay, he had always thought that he had gotten beaten up because he had pissed those guys off before.

"We wouldn't get beat up because of that. My best guess would be that people would pat us on the back for being strong or some shit," Eien said, looking up and making a gesture into the air. "Or some would just stay away, I don't think it matters much but people are different."

Trevor sighed as they moved ahead in the line again. "That's why I asked you why your Dad is okay with this. I don't think my parents would understand and if they did I'm sure they'd be disappointed. My Mom will probably complain about no grandchildren or something."

Eien shrugged. "Well you need to know if your gay or bi and that may give her hope."

"I'm not so sure myself," The brunette muttered. "You?"

Another shrug. "Whoever I'm attracted to, no real sexual preference." They still weren't looking at each other and Eien almost wished that they would stop fighting.

"So your Dad wouldn't hound you for grandchildren?"

Eien gave a bitter smile as he looked up at the brunette. "No, he knows I'm not having kids anytime soon. Honestly I don't think he wants me to grow up, well he wants me to be responsible but he still treats me like a child."

Trevor finally looked at Eien and he sighed before running a hand through his hair. "Do you want popcorn?" Eien realized that they finally got to the head of the line and he shook his head. Trevor then asked for two tickets for a movie that Eien had never heard of.

After that they walked to the theater and Eien was completely reliant on Trevor. He had never gone to a movie theater before, maybe once in 1954 if he remembered correctly but that was an outdoor movie. His Father didn't want him too involved with technology because he said the media may change his way of thinking for his next job. But in the end he had caved when Yoru begged for a television set.

He continued to follow Trevor to a row in the middle and they also sat in near the center. Eien was in slight awe when he saw how large the screen was and just how large the whole room was. When he had seen the movie they had benches and everything was crowded and sweaty. After that he hadn't bothered to go to another showing for a movie thinking that it hadn't changed, but one thing he learned around humans was that they always changed, improved in some cases. He was there during the technological revolution and that was almost too much change for him to deal with.

"Eien…" Trevor said waving his hand in front of the redhead's face.

The teen blinked and looked over at Trevor. "Oh, sorry I was just thinking about something," He replied absent-mindly.

"Okay but you looked like you've never even been in movie theater."

Eien shrugged. "It's different from what I remembered is all. Thank you for taking me here, my Dad would probably have objected me to coming," He explained, as he bit his lip then smiled.

"Well I'm glad I could snatch you up before something else happened. First your sick, then you go on a trip," The brunette gave an exhausted sigh. "I'm never going to be able to spend time with you, huh?" Trevor looked over at his boyfriend who rolled his eyes.

A second later the lights began to dim and Eien looked around confused. "Did the power go out?"

"Uh, no the movie's starting and it's best to watch it, you know… In the dark so we can see it better," Trevor whispered before chuckling.

Eien raised a brow but he nodded. "Yeah, I guess I just forgot," He muttered to himself.

The theater wasn't filled very much and the couple were in a good position to see the whole screen which Eien was thankful for. Sometimes being short sucked ass.

Though as the lights went completely dim, Eien felt a hand come over his own before lacing their fingers together. "Yes?" He asked Trevor quietly as he looked at the older male's face, his eyes completely accustomed to the darkness. Compared to the Underworld, this was a sunny day.

"Nothing, just wanted to do this," Trevor replied as he squeezed Eien's hand.

The redhead chuckled. "The whole dating experience," He whispered back before holding his hand back.

But as the pictures on the screen began to play Eien realized they weren't the movie, but the showing of movies for later on. He assumed that every showing had this when he saw no one react in any way. So he sat through the sneak peaks of movies for about ten minutes before everyone went completely quiet.

Eien hoped the movie was going to start but it did when he saw a man running through the forest, a brown briefcase in one of his hands. He looked like he had been through shit and then the narration started and the redhead realized that the movie was taking place in future events. Then the screen went black and Eien frowned, wondering if the movie broke or something.

He leaned towards Trevor to ask a question but the screen went blindingly white and he hissed. "Fuck," He swore, shielding his eyes.

The brunette leaned towards him a hand raised to help block the light. "Are you okay?"

"Shh!" Someone shushed from the row behind them, all the way in the back and top due to the theater being sloped that way.

Eien nodded and blinked the tears out of his eyes. That was another thing, darkness he could do fine with, but when it came to light he was a wimp. The whiteness faded to a hospital room ceiling and the story went from there.

Eien's eyes had adjusted quickly and he just wished that whoever had done the lighting wasn't blind. Eien knew that he wasn't the only one experiencing a migraine at the moment.

Though throughout the movie Eien could feel himself resting into Trevor, almost using him as a pillow and he realized he was beginning to get tired again. Yes the movie was filled with running, fighting and a plot to save something or someone but it didn't keep him awake. To be honest, he was in worse situations that were real and this wasn't so it didn't hold his interest much.

Though as he leaned closer he felt Trevor shift and he was about to apologize if not for the brunette kissing him. He made a noise softly but kissed back. He had no idea what had gotten into the older male to start kissing him, and in a movie theater at that, but when he thought about it, he didn't mind.

They barely had an intimate moment anymore because they were never alone when they visited each other but where they were at the moment was a good place to start necking? Eien didn't understand the logic, but he didn't care enough to pull away. The movie was boring anyway.

He let go of the brunette's hand to lace his fingers behind his neck and Trevor cupped his cheek before shoving against his lips. Eien made a soft groan and licked the brunette's lips slowly, asking for entrance and the older male opened up for him. They hastily moved the armrest up so they could be closer until someone through their empty canby box in their general direction.

"Knock it off!" The person hissed and Eien glared up at him with red eyes that glowed before flipping him the bird. He scoffed and pulled away, crossing his arms while doing so.

Trevor frowned and leaned back in his seat before running a hand through his hair. Apparently his plan for making out didn't work.

"Do you want to go, you look like you're about to fall asleep?" Trevor whispered as he saw his boyfriend's eyes droop.

Eien sighed and nodded as they both stood, the redhead taking extra time to stretch before walking out of the aisle. But as they walked out of the theater he glared up at the projector at the top of the theater and it began to flicker before completely shortening out, shutting off the movie. People complained but Eien smirked to himself.

He hated technology anyway.

The car ride back to Eien's home was quiet, the redhead dozing as they drove through the evening light. Trevor didn't make a move again and Eien guessed it was because he was tired.

Though once they got home Trevor bet Eien five dollars that Yoru and his friend were still drunk. Eien laughed and told him that they were all ready hungover. But once they got inside, they saw the two demons on the couch, holding ice packs to their heads. Yoru seemed to be passed out but Hikari had the decency to nod his head in respect.

Eien gave a chortle and held out his hand as Trevor handed him a five dollar bill.

"Where were you? I've been making this food for you and you don't even come home," Sasori called as he took a lasagna out of the oven with no mitts, not needing them.

Eien sighed and explained the situation but Trevor just stared at the angered redhead. "Did you just take that out of the oven?"

Sasori raised a brow and was about to answer the obvious but he realized where that may be bad. "Oh, no I was just putting it back in to heat up but since you Eien's home I guess it doesn't have to go back in," He explained quickly. "I got off work early because there was literally no work for me to do."

Eien nodded and walked into the kitchen, his shoes being taken off at the door. He set his leftovers on the counter and narrowed his eyes at his Father. "I ate a while ago but I'll finish my food later and I don't need your help to."

Sasori rolled his eyes and nodded before looking over at Trevor who was getting ready to go. "You're not staying?"

"Nah, I still have a lot of homework to do." He looked over at Eien, "Do you need a ride tomorrow for school?"

Eien nodded and yawned. "Yeah, that'd be great."

Trevor nodded and said his final goodbyes before leaving.

"So how are the idiots?" Eien asked as he saw his Father cut into the lasagna.

"Sick, very sick, your highness," Hikari walked in with a melted icepack and sighed. "These things don't do much for me," He muttered. Eien understood why but he wasn't going to pity the demon. "I want to apologize for my brutish behavior but someone had to get me drunk for the fun of it."

"You loved it, don't lie," Yoru called from the living room and Eien rolled his eyes.

"You're forgiven. Honestly, anything involving Yoru is bad news so just don't listen to him," He said shrugging.

"But it was so fun~" Yoru slurred before groaning and Eien rolled his eyes.

"Don't forgive so easily. They wiped out my whole wine cabinet," Sasori said, glaring at the red-haired demon who smiled apologetically.

"I sincerely am sorry, my King, but I feel that I should be going. I do not wish to impose any longer."

"Too late," Sasori retorted as he put a slice of lasagna on a plain plate.

Hikari smiled once more and vanished in a flame that left the floor unmarked for once. Eien sighed and sat down at the dining table to munch on a few fries.

"How was your outing?" Sasori sat down at the table with the lasagna slice and Eien shrugged.

"It was a date and it was okay, but I have to ask you a question," The younger redhead said as he stared at his Father who nodded. "What did you do to Deidara that made him fall head over heels for you? Because when I saw him, he was radiating something that was far from like, until he realized it was me of course."

Sasori's eyes widened and he leaned his head back lightly. "Fuck, are you serious?"

Eien eyed him and nodded. "Didn't you say it was a one time thing?"

"Yes," Sasori said quickly, now looking at his son. "But I guess spending time with him before wasn't a very good idea."

"Is that the only reason he's reacting this way?" Eien asked as he played with a fry.

Sasori shook his head. "I don't know, what else is there?"

Eien didn't say anything for a moment. "Past feelings resurfacing. You said that you had a deal with him, one that you would both leave each other alone but I don't think that's going to happen if he's starting to feel that way again." He frowned. "I'm not quite sure of what he'll do."

So I'm going to try to update once a week at least and hopefully I'll be able to do so now that the good stuff is starting to happen :D