Eien sighed in relief as the weekend finally approached. He had no idea what it was about school but he found working much easier, wether it be in a mechanic's shop or working with flowers. His Father discouraged that he was working with more technology and Eien told him he wanted to learn a new craft like he did all the time. He even told him that he was inspired by him being a black smith.

That seemed to shut Sasori up for a while. That was actually where Eien saw a customer sell a wrecked motorcycle and he made it his project to fix it up. But in the end he had to sell it because he didn't have enough money to keep it in storage for five years. He only had two part-time jobs and Yoru wouldn't lend him any money from modeling.

"We need to take Kuma for a walk, he's getting moody," Sasori called from his newspaper. He was at the dining table reading and Eien had been lying on the couch, wanting to rest from all his homework.

"Why don't you just go?" He moaned into the couch cushion. "I'm tired~"

Sasori rolled his eyes and set the paper down. "Because you need to get out, too. Now get your jacket, I'm waking up Yoru."

He heard his son groan as he got up and went to his room to get dressed and rolled his eyes once more. He walked to the demon's room to find him resting on his stomach, laptop in front of him.

"Get up, we're going for a walk," Sasori said and the raven-haired male barely looked up from the screen for more than half a second.

"Too busy," He mumbled.

"Up," Sasori ordered more forcefully and Yoru glanced at him a little longer before giving a groan and closing the device.

"Fine," He grumbled as he got off the bed.

The Devil's eyebrow twitched. The demon had more attitude than his son.

After a few minutes the two were ready and Kuma was practically tearing the door down, whining and panting while doing so. He glance at Sasori and gave a bark just as the redhead clipped his leash onto his collar.

When Yoru opened the front door, Kuma tried to take off but Sasori kept a firm grip on the leash, telling the dog to heel as he did so. After that the trio began their walk and Eien was still silent and grouchy from having his rest ruined. Yoru on the other hand didn't mind complaining.

Sasori had chosen to ignore the demon and he had to give props to his son for at least trying but after the first five minutes Eien tried walking into traffic. Luckily he grabbed him by his hood and pulled him back to the sidewalk where he kept a watchful eye on him.

Besides Kuma trying to chase every vehicle passing by, the walk was pretty calm. But as they reached the park for Kuma to run around in, Yoru shut up completely and that enough was a bad enough sign. He was like a canary when it came to danger.

Sasori hadn't sensed anything too out of control but that was when he felt an angry presence. Not in the park, but nearby. He brushed it off and walked to a bench before sitting down, glad for a dry seat. Kuma was whining and panting again so he unclipped his leash and Eien yelped as the dog nearly ran him over.

"Hey, dogs are supposed to have leashes at this park," He complained just as Sasori handed him the leash.


Eien gaped and made a noise of protest before taking a moment to groan. He then began chasing the samoyed around, some people laughing at his troubles and a few girls giggling. Sasori overheard one was trying to tell the other to go and ask for his number and he rolled his eyes. Eien would never admit it but the teen was a looker; if it wasn't for his bad attitude most girls would probably be all over him, but that may be why he chose to be a brat.

Sighing, Sasori noticed that Yoru was wandering around the park still silent and he knew that he was on guard mode. Not directly protecting Eien but close enough to get to him if needed.

Sasori closed his eyes, glad that he had the Saturday off. He really needed to get out but not be completely alone. If he did that then he would begin to think and that was the last thing he wanted. He took a deep breath when he sensed someone sitting down beside him silently.

Cracking open one eye he looked at the person and closed the eye again. "How is your mission of keeping him safe? No dark things trying to get near him, right?"

"I don't have to tell you anything," The person snapped.

"Oh?" Sasori opened his eyes to look at the woman fully. "Then why did you come here to bother me? You weren't in the park when I arrived so you must have followed me."

"No, I didn't it was just a coincidence," Konan explained tensely. "Besides since you're here I'm checking up on you because I'll never know when you'll do something again."

Sasori scoffed and was about to insult her guarding skills but stopped himself when he realized that would be a bad idea.

"So where's your partner in crime? He's making my demon anxious so can you just call him off?"

Konan wasn't looking at him and Sasori saw her eyes following something and that was when he noticed she was following Eien. He had finally caught Kuma but was still running to keep up with the samoyed. He wasn't swearing or angry and it seemed that he was enjoying himself, a small smile on his face. That was until the dog made his trip in a pothole, making him let go of the leash.

Sasori winced and had the urge to go and help him but he had to tell himself to not treat his son like a child anymore. After a few seconds Eien got up, rubbing his elbows which he landed on. A few girls came up to him to ask if he was okay and he stared oblivious to their eagerness.

"Well? I'm guessing he's nearby," Sasori pursued once more and Konan tore her amber eyes away from the teen only to glare at the Devil.

"Yes, he's close but he isn't doing anything so don't get your panties in a knot."

Sasori widened his eyes in faux shock. "So rude for an angel," He mocked. "Where did the polite words and perfect behavior go?"

"I don't have to be kind to you." Konan was still glaring and Sasori sighed. Angel's held no respect for him, really. Maybe the main seven because they were in the same boat for trying to keep balance but that was it.

"Then can you at least answer a question for me?"

Konan shrugged one shoulder. "Depends," She answered as she looked ahead again and Sasori did so as well to see Kuma licking Eien's face when he got to close. Eien swore and wiped his hands over his face to wipe the saliva off.

"Why are you still with Hidan? After everything's he's done, not only to you but to Deidara, me and even Eien. He's not very good company."

Sasori saw the angel's head drop lightly as she stared into her lap where her hands were clenching her skirt. "You have no idea what it's like do you? To have no one know who you are, even your own parents." Sasori stared at her, hoping she would continue. "I grew up having all these memories, knowing exactly who I really was and knowing that I could do nothing about it. I contacted my superiors who told me to stay on Earth because they didn't want to cause any issues with my current family." She was still staring at her lap, lips pursed and brows furrowed in not only anger but grief. "But when I turned five I met a boy and I thought I wouldn't be alone anymore but unfortunately he didn't remember me."

"Be lucky he didn't remember you," Sasori said more to himself than to the angel who's head snapped towards him.


Sasori looked at the angel confused and wondered what she meant until he realized he spoke aloud. "Those reborn shouldn't be associated with past experiences or the wall separating memories from past lives will break and it just confuses them while killing them. They usually go mad and end their life before they actually die." Sasori sighed and looked over at Eien once more who was sitting on another bench, Kuma's leash held firmly in his hand.

"You knew this and you still came around Deidara?" Konan asked angrily.

Sasori shrugged. "I sealed off those memories more securely the last time I saw him so there's less of a chance of them escaping. Now back to your story of why your good pals with Hidan."

"Shut up," Konan hissed, edging towards the Devil. "You really want to know why I put up with him? He found me and he actually remembers me, sure he apologized and I know that doesn't make everything okay but…" She groaned and looked away. "You don't know what it's like to pretend to be human."

"Sure I do, I do it every day," Sasori retorted. "And I understand why this all must be frustrating for you but to be honest I can only empathize with you but after a melennia I don't care about being alone anymore."

"But you have your son so you aren't completely alone," Konan explained, most of her anger gone.

"Sure and he's great company but how do you think he feels? He's in the same boat as you and he grew to accept it, over time that is."

"Yeah, let's all become loners," Konan teased. "But if you don't understand, being friends with Hidan was a last resort, someone who actually understands."

Sasori frowned. "I thought angels go through many lives, so why are you so upset about this?"

"No, I've only been born on Earth once before this," Konan explained solemnly. "I don't miss the people back then if you hadn't guessed, I miss my true home, another reason why I'm with Hidan. He's the only one who knows what it's like there." She tilted her head up and inhaled deeply almost like she was expecting to show up there.

"Are you also upset because you don't have a purpose here?"

Konan bit her lip. "I suppose that's another reason but I also want to know how I was reborn." She glared at the ground before turning the gaze at the redhead and Sasori sighed.

"I had no control over this, I'm being honest. It was mostly just people in your generation but for some it goes back a few generations. I didn't make this happen," Sasori argued before the angel got mad at him again.

"Fine, but I still hate you," She growled but she wasn't looking at him anymore and Sasori didn't even have to guess that she was glaring at his son.

Eien was talking to Yoru, the demon grinning and it seemed that he was putting up a good façade if the teen didn't notice. "Don't blame him for something that wasn't in his control."

"Why can't I hate the both of you?" Konan asked bitterly. "He's also the reason why Deidara died."

"But you died protecting him." Sasori looked over at the angel stoically.

"No, I died protecting Deidara but that ended in vain, now didn't it?"

Sasori pursed his lips. "That wasn't in our control either, he was going to die sooner or later, but If I could have saved him I would–"

"But you didn't," Konan interjected with a laugh. "If you really cared for him like you claim then he wouldn't have died. In the end if was the both of your faults and you know it."

The redhead sighed and nodded. "Yes, you're right it was my fault that he died, and I have to admit I like your guts for judging the Devil. Real classy."

"You behave as if you were a god," Konan spat, not tearing her eyes away form Eien.

"There really isn't a category for me so perhaps I am a god? Or the God," Sasori exclaimed with faux enthusiasm. "It's so thrilling to have your career being to manage the dead."

"You just love being sarcastic, don't you?" Konan finally looked over at Sasori and the redhead shrugged.

"I honestly don't care what you humans or angels do. All of you are too wrapped up in your lives or objectives to notice anything in front of your faces. You do know that there is a world out there."

"But unfortunately we don't live for centuries for the hell of it." The angel brushed her hair back and sighed. "I'm just wondering why you would want to stay on Earth when you can be in Hell."

Sasori scowled at the name and rolled his eyes. "If you hadn't figured it out I can't stay there for too long, nor can I stay here for more than two years. I'll tell you the reason if you tell me the exact location of your demon."

Konan scoffed. "I don't own him, I'm only with him because we share a hatred for you but if that's what gets you to talk, sure. He's on the South end of the park."

"More specific," Sasori ordered blandly and Konan growled lowly.

"The far end of the second water fountain. Now why do you come here?"

Sasori nearly yawned as he saw Yoru walk towards the South end. Eavesdropper. But the conversation was becoming far too boring for his taste. "Because sometimes working for five years straight gets a little boring. And after going to Earth for a few decades I found that I can stay on Earth for around two years, give or take a couple months, before I have to go back. The reason is because there are too many souls for my assistants to handle but sometimes if I go to the Underworld too close to the end of the cycle I'm stuck there, like the clock was just broken."

"I wasn't allowed to view Deidara after I died so how did you leave him?" Konan asked, most anger and fight out of her voice and Sasori smirked very lightly.

"Your friend attacked us. He was trying to kill Deidara and Eien, who had not yet reached his first birthday at the time, and I had to stop him. Granted I have new scars that won't heal because of it, but they were safe when I left. Unfortunately when I tried to get back to Earth I found I was… stuck." His smirk fell and he was frowning. "I didn't want to leave them but I had left Deidara all the money I had so he would get by for the next five years. I could barely contact him because even my demons have a hard time getting through the barrier."

"And I'm guessing that's when Itachi got to him?" Konan asked softly.

Sasori nodded tensely as he saw Eien talking to some girls, one of them scratching Kuma behind the ear. "They were able to get away but… he came back. If you hadn't noticed this was the reason I have a demon for Eien."

Konan scoffed once more, looking away. "A little late for that now," She muttered.

The Devil narrowed his eyes at the angel. "I do not think you are in the right to tell me how to protect someone. You did a fucking great job last time when you couldn't even protect yourself. You couldn't protect him then and you couldn't protect him now," Sasori snapped and that was when he realized he said something he shouldn't have.

Konan blinked and turned her amber eyes on the Devil. "Now…?" She said slowly and her eyes widened before she stood. "You did something to him? You're going to use him again aren't you? No, you've already done it," She gasped and tensed. "What did you do?"

Sasori shrugged, looking indifferent. "Nothing, I just wanted to point out that he and I made the plans that I teach him how to dance and you couldn't even find out by yourself." He scowled. "Stop jumping to conclusions all the time, it'll get you killed."

Konan growled and stomped one foot. "You did something and I will find out. God, I can't believe that…" She groaned loudly and stomped away.

The Devil watched her go and stood up once she was out of sight. He walked over to Eien who was still talking to the other teens dully. "We have to go now," Sasori said and Eien looked up briefly.

"Okay. See you in school," He called to the girls who were grinning and nodding.

Sasori took the leash from Eien and Kuma stayed calm under his hand. "Where's Yoru? He was here a little while ago," Sasori commented, wondering why he wasn't sensing the demon. He had told him before to not mask himself from him.

Eien shrugged. "No idea, he left saying that he had to take care of something. Food?"

"No, he knows not to eat right now." Sasori sighed and they walked out of the park only to be accompanied by the missing demon. "Don't cloak yourself, it's a pain in the ass to find you," Sasori ordered and the demon nodded.

"Just wanted to let you know that he's following us. Seems mad about something," Yoru commented.

Sasori glared at the ground ahead of him and quickened his pace. "He better not do anything, we're in public."

Eien's eyebrows furrowed. "Who's following us?"

Yoru rolled his eyes. "That wannabe demon. No offense to Jashin but she isn't the best at making quality minions."

"Shut up," Sasori hissed as he walked even faster, Kuma having a hard time keeping up. "Yoru take the dog home, now," Sasori ordered and the demon took the leash with hesitating. Most people didn't notice that a man was gone in a blink of an eye but Eien and Sasori didn't slow their pace making it seem like there was never a third person.

"Did he find out or something?" Eien asked, pursing his lips afterwards.

Sasori shook his head. "I don't know but Konan realized that something happened so she went to find out but I think Hidan beat her to it."

Eien sighed in annoyance. "At least somethings happening. I haven't trained in months," He muttered to himself. "And now that I'm ungrounded I might as well test myself."

"No Eien you aren't getting into a fight now. If you get into trouble he won't stop and you know that," Sasori warned as he sensed the demon coming closer. He wasn't running and Sasori just hoped that he wasn't flying. There were still people around.

Sighing, Sasori pushed Eien towards an alley the younger redhead scoffing. "I know, I know, I'm not five," He muttered as he and his Father teleported somewhere else.

Eien almost expected to end up home but when he saw that they were both in a clearing he nearly grinned. But one look from his father made him calm down. He summoned a scythe with a similar design to his bow, holding it upright as he waited.

"It may not get to that, Eien," Sasori scolded but the redhead just scoffed and waited for the demon to show up. The redhead ended up waiting a whole two minutes for the demon to show up and by then he was almost willing to charge in to fight. Almost. He was still pissed about him coming into his home and insulting him like he controlled him.

But the demon didn't jump into the fight like Eien thought instead he was walking over. He had his scythe in hand and there were bat wings on his back and the redhead assumed that was from his angel side. Most angels had different wings like Konan had paper ones.

Though Hidan was suddenly in front of Eien and the redhead grinned viciously before deflecting the scythe heading for his Father's head.

Sasori was at ease as his son rushed at the demon and he knew that he would step in when he needed to.

"Move, fucker, this is between me and the Devil," Hidan growled as he sidestepped only to have sixteen-year-old's scythe grow, blade turning gold and silver.

"I'm sorry, I didn't know that you owned me," Eien mused as he put the scythe up, holding it as he leaned against on it softly. "Maybe I can pass on the message?"

Hidan bared his teeth and charged straight for the redhead though Eien just gripped the handle tightly and a shield of gold shot from the weapon. "This doesn't fucking involve you, shithead!"

Eien pouted his lips lightly as the shield went away and Sasori rolled his eyes. It seemed Eien was in a good mood if he was willing to play with his enemy.

Though this time Hidan jumped over the redhead and Eien began fighting. Sasori was still on the sideline watching calmly and he knew that he shouldn't be having Eien fight for him but the redhead was more than willing, the reason not even mattering; he just wanted trouble.

The clearing was all grass and the weather seemed mild so Eien had no immediate advantage of elements unless you counted fire.

But as Eien had deflected another hit from the scythe, Hidan got close, a stake in his hand pointing upwards towards his heart. Sasori saw Eien's hand go to deflect it with a shield but he wasn't going to risk him getting hurt.

Sasori slid between them easily and magenta eyes went wide with rage but before he could change the direction of his weapon, the Devil pumped his hand against the demon's chest, a shock of red lightning going through his whole body. Hidan froze and stumbled from the shock and he took a few steps back before falling over.

"I was fine," Eien exclaimed and Sasori smacked him upside the head before pushing him away from the demon.

"No, you were going to be dead or hurt. Pay attention next time and keep your distance." Eien was naturally good and long distance and naturally horrible at fighting close up.

Sasori turned to Hidan who was getting up, ignoring the lightning still coursing through his body.

"Fucker, what did you do to Deidara? The dumbass won't stop talking about you," Hidan exclaimed, clenching his teeth and standing rigidly so he wouldn't fall again.

Eien sighed and his scythe went back to normal before it went away completely. "So much for training," He muttered, now crossing his arms.

Sasori ignored him and stared at the demon stoically. "I did nothing to him, it was the other way around."

Hidan seemed to get more enraged from that one sentence and he tried running at him but Sasori's finger twitched at the shocks intensified. After that he fell to his knee, trying to breathe and the Devil wondered why the demon would ever get accustomed to that when he didn't need to.

"Deidara and I had a deal and when the deal was completed he promised to leave me alone," Sasori explained clearly. "I suppose I did do something to him but it was harmless and it's not like I need to bother him again." Sasori shrugged his shoulders. "He'll forget about me when I leave again so that's that."

Hidan gasped when Sasori lessened the lightning. "Wh-what did you do?" Hidan growled and Sasori didn't answer as he grabbed Eien's arm and teleported back home.

"I was fine," Eien exclaimed again as he stepped out of his Father's reach. "Stop treating me like a child."

Sasori scowled and fell back into his armchair, now rubbing his eyes. "I'm just making sure your safe. I know you can take care of yourself but that was not something that I want you to go against. You're lucky that I even care for you this much, Eien."

Eien frowned and sat down into the sofa roughly. He didn't know Yoru and Kuma were but it didn't seem to matter. "Well you're strict as hell," He muttered under his breath and Sasori narrowed his eyes dangerously.

"Yes, I am strict but for a good reason. If I let you do whatever you wanted, cities would be burned down, you'd probably die at least three times and demons would be after you like none other."

"What? Did that happen to you when you were growing up?" Eien mocked and Sasori leaned back in his chair.

"Pretty much, my Father didn't give a fuck about what I did. I cast a plague on an entire country when I was only a few decades old just to get his attention and I didn't even get a slap on the wrist for it."

"No way," Eien exclaimed now on the edge of the couch. "You were able to do that when you were how old? Why didn't you teach me that?"

Sasori sighed and rubbed his brow. "Something's wrong with you. Anyway, you're lucky to have a parent that cares for you. When I turned eight my Father didn't even let me call him Father. It was either Sire or King and he made me put up with all of his consorts as well," Sasori explained, wondering why he was telling Eien about the previous ruler. He didn't like him much so he barely talked about him.

Eien's brow furrowed as he sat in the couch fully again. "You never talk about him, so why now?"

Sasori made a gesture. "I don't know, for comparison about my effort to raise you."

"Well he taught you everything, that's for sure."

"If I taught you everything my domain would be a wasteland by now," Sasori explained. His Father taught and told him everything he wanted to know but he never showed him any compassion. The only time the previous Devil was kind was when he had loved the fallen angel that was Sasori's mother. But he had had many partners before her and many after. Sasori almost had a headache thinking of the children his Father had, most before him.

He had sex with random mortals and when the children would come of age they would fight for his attention all of them dying by their siblings hand. But Sasori was the only child born from an angel which made him special but his Father pushed it further and had a child with a demon to give Sasori a challenge and see who was more superior.

Sasori had killed his half-sister to live but she almost had an upper hand on him. Angel's didn't have much fighting power so when he was only thirty his Father had brought forward a woman a few years younger and the fact that she had demon and Devil blood made her very difficult to kill.

After that his Father didn't make him prove his worth anymore, but he didn't pay attention to him either.

"What else did he do that's different from what you do?" Eien asked as he put his hands behind his head.

Sasori scoffed. "Well I didn't have a shit load of kids and pin them against each other to see who was the worthiest to be my true heir."

Eien's eyes widened lightly and he smiled. "So I'm perfect?"

"The best," Sasori commented as he stood. "Where's Yoru, I want tea."

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