-That night-

Everything was dark as to not upset Yoru's sleep. The small azure glow coming from the bed only showed a pair of hands on the demon's chest. Rain was pattering against the window and it would have been soothing if not for the current situation. The glow by the bare hands sounded like the whispers of a mother assuaging her child of night terrors.

The hands moved slowly down to the demon's abdomen, fingers stretching briefly to gain access to more aching muscles. A deep breath was taken and the hands were placed flat on the demon's creamy skin. The glow grew and the figure resting in the bed twitched, his back arching before settling down. A sigh of comfort escaped the demon's lips, the tension his body previously held no longer pulled taught.

After the glow had completely reached the demon's aching soul, the hands moved fluidly, mimicking water almost, to spread the mollifying energy throughout Yoru's core, soon spreading to his arms and legs. The body flashed lightly and if it was viewed from above, you could see the soul resting inside as it was soothed, the black turing just a shade lighter before settling on a dark silver. This went on until the hands began shaking and the figure sitting by the bed gasped harshly, his hands going to grip the side of the bed before he fell over.

Eien ran to Yoru's bathroom as quickly as possible, ignoring Yoru's groan of discomfort as the energy left his soul too quickly. The redhead kneeled in front of the toilet just as he began to vomit the rancid stomach acid, stinging his throat and mouth, eyes watering as his stomach protested with stabbing needle-like pains.

Eien thought that doing this on an empty stomach would prevent him from throwing up but it seemed that he had exhausted himself once more. It was only a small amount of vomit compared to earlier times but it still made his stomach cramp from the force to push it out.

He sat against the bathroom wall for what seemed like forever, the smell coming from the porcelain bowl not doing anything to deter him from his thoughts.

The past week had been very… challenging for him, to say in the least.

He watched as the demon rolled around in his bed, shallow gasps escaping his chapped lips as the pain intensified. Eien looked away, knowing that Yoru was strong, but it still took a toll on him to see the demon so weak.

The morning after the incident, Eien found that the demon's new body was gone while he slept, not having enough energy to keep it on. It sent the redhead into a panic and he couldn't do anymore than just leave the room to get his father. Sasori made a new body for Yoru, one that the raven-haired man preferred.

After that, Eien just went to school, trying to get the shock out of him. That was where he saw Trevor and he could barely meet his eye. The brunette was hurt, that much Eien could tell, but he let him explain himself.

After school, they both went to the older teen's house and Eien tried to explain to Trevor without revealing everything.

"I was sick…"

"And you don't think that's something you should tell me?"

Eien closed his eyes and leaned against the wall as he tried to even his breathing out. He opened them again to see Trevor still sitting next to him. "I didn't know, and… I guess when it happened I was terrified and I just saw Yoru." Eien tried to stop the tears from forming as he remembered the feeling. "He was there before and he understood… It's hard to explain, I'm sorry," Eien whispered but Trevor remained patient.

"You've known him longer."

Eien gave a broken chuckle as the some droplets fell from his eyes. "That shouldn't matter. I was unfair to you and all I can do is say I'm sorry." Eien wiped at the tears that continued to fall and he wasn't sure if it was for Trevor who he treated harshly, or Yoru who he hurt.

He felt Trevor put an arm around his shoulders and Eien sunk into him, burying his shoulder into his jacket. He didn't make a sound after that, but he cried all the more.

After that, Eien wanted to fall into a hole and wake up when everything was better. When he didn't hate himself. His father had been consoling but Eien knew he didn't understand. This mad had his destiny set out for him from even before he was conceived, just like Eien, but the younger redhead was raised different, if not for just a few years of his life.

When Eien found out that he was more than human, he was ecstatic. He was important, he had power, and he could fight back. When he thought about it, it was because of his time as a captive that caused him to crave power. But through all of it, his learning and endurance, he was never happy. He wondered if being human, if lying would make him happy but it didn't. He thought he had accomplished it with Natsuko but no such thing happened.

Then there was Souma and Masayoshi. For a year and a half, he was treated like family but all Eien could think about was living his actual life and fulfilling his fate. Then they drove him away when he saved them. At that point, Eien stopped pretending and stopped thinking of humans as someone he could trust, someone he could at least be close with.

He was the Devil's son, he had a destiny and that was that.

Then after two centuries, Trevor came along and it made Eien question his role. He wanted to be normal, he wanted love that wasn't his father's which appeared, and felt, forced through all of Eien's troubles. For the past few weeks, Eien was confused about what was right. He knew his place but he wanted to leave it even if the thing he wanted repulsed him throughout his life.

But he didn't know how much power he possessed; what it could do. It just took one thing and Eien wanted to abandon his entire life. He didn't want to be human because he knew he couldn't be, not entirely, but he didn't want this fate; one where he didn't even know what he was capable of anymore, of what he could control.

Eien was at a crossroads and he didn't know what to do. So his Father helped him. He began to teach him how to heal again and it made Eien feel at peace if only for a little. He reminded him that not all of him was bad; that there was something else besides the constant death he was surrounded by.

In the end though, Eien hadn't found true peace and he hadn't even slept for two days. All that he managed was a nap at lunch where no one would bother him. Unfortunately, screams that weren't even his own woke him up.

But at the moment, Eien wanted nothing more than to just sleep. Yoru had finally settled down enough for Eien to heal again, but he was nearing zero. The teen gave a huff that sounded something similar to hopeless chuckle. He knew that he had power but it was useless when he could not even tap into it unless he lost himself.

But there was so much more that was bothering him.

Eien didn't move for a few more minutes, not even when a figure stood in front of him, appearing from nowhere, but the redhead couldn't even find himself to move.

A deep sigh escaped the figures lips and Eien tried not to let the disappointment touch him. "Come on, you've been awake for too long."

His father grabbed his arm and pulled him up to his feet gently before leading him out of the bathroom, not even pausing as Yoru turned in his bed once more. As soon as they both left the bedroom, Hikari entered to check up on Yoru and perhaps give him another soul so he could rest with more ease.

Tayuya had left as soon as the sun went down and Eien was almost relieved. The demon made Eien a little unnerved, her devotion undying. To be willing to give up your life to serve someone... But besides that, she was the first born-demon that Eien had ever met and the concept intrigued him more than shocked.

Eien couldn't think anymore on the girl because his father began leading him towards his bedroom. Once he was there, Sasori sat him down on the bed before he took the seat at the desk. Eien glanced over at the clock that read one thirty-five in the dark.

"What are you trying to do, Eien? At some point, it doesn't matter how much you heal; time is all Yoru needs right now."

The redhead was still staring at the clock but he could hear his father's unease, his trepidation overwhelming, like he was talking to a frightened animal.

Eien's jaw tensed. He didn't want to talk about any of this. He knew he was doing something right, so why was his father bothering him?

"I'm just helping him," He groused, wanting the Devil to leave him alone.

"Helping doesn't work if you end up just as worse," He admonished and the tone made Eien flinch. "I have an idea as to why you're doing this and I'm telling you now, it isn't going to change."

Eien looked up at him, tired eyes questioning as his father stared straight at him.

"You will always be feeling confused. You won't know what to do because you don't know who are you." Eien noted that he didn't say 'what', but the redhead knew that was what he was thinking. Sasori took a deep breath and ran a hand through his hair. "Things happen, that's a given but you shouldn't feel ashamed–"

Eien didn't even know he was standing until, he was in front of his father, seething. "Ashamed?" He nearly rasped, but the Devil became like a statue and Eien knew the mood well. "Why don't you just say fucking disgusted?" Sasori's eyes narrowed and the redhead knew that he was all ready crossing the line. "I have been trying to accept what I am for as long as I can remember. At one point I thought I found that I had, but then you see the world and realize you aren't even close. I can't accept myself to be anything because I am not a one thing." He gave a crazed laugh and Sasori stood up, probably to restrain him soon. "And I don't even know what I can do! Do you have any idea how fucking helpless I feel?" He glared at his father who just stared back. "So I'm so very fucking sorry," He said between taut lips, "that I'm trying to fix the one thing that I screwed up the most. I'm sorry that I can't be the perfect, mindless spawn for you and just ignore all of my human instincts. I'm. Sorry."

The slap didn't have any force behind it and it didn't startle Eien in the slightest. He had been expecting it. He looked away from the Devil, but the man grabbed hold of his chin with his thumb and forefinger and forced him to look up. "Listen to me," Sasori growled, face filled with furious concern. "I have told you time and time again that who you are is not something to be ashamed of or make light of. You see yourself as a monster when you don't even know what one is." Eien took a shuddering breath. "A monster wouldn't feel regret, Eien. They wouldn't see right and wrong. And you consider yourself one just because you don't understand yourself? You have to realize that you are going to be conflicted with many things throughout your life and you have to accept it. Your actions will mold you and if you let yourself believe that you are something terrible, you will become just that."

Sasori let go of Eien but the redhead didn't move. "Then how am I supposed to tell myself that I'm something good?"

Sasori looked somber and Eien nearly gave up. "You'll have to figure that out by yourself, but you can't just try to fix it with sheer force, especially if it doesn't help you."

Eien tried not let his spirits sink further.

"So is your involvement meant to fix something?" Eien mumbled, nearing the edge of sleep.

Sasori tensed and Eien closed his eyes gently. "No, it's not."

Eien hummed and turned over to his bed before getting in. "You can feel it on him, can't you? He feels like Mum," Eien yawned. "Mum was very sad, wasn't he?"

He waited for his father's reply but he was asleep before he heard the light, "Yes."

Sasori watched as Eien finally fell asleep, but the worry didn't leave the sixteen-year-old's face. He looked so young, still in the body of a child but Sasori felt the grief and agony coming off him and the Devil knew that no one could appear so small and feel so ancient.

Eien was so confused with what he had become and Sasori knew that he wouldn't be able to help him. This was something that Eien had to figure out for himself and all Sasori could do was make sure he didn't do something to harm himself again. His son's last words rang in his head and it brought even more distress. It wasn't just him, he could really sense his former lover and it wouldn't be soon until that part of his soul gained consciousness and wrecked havoc inside the blond before killing him.

Sasori left his son's room and contemplated about what he should do first. Eien was his first priority, that was that, but with how Deidara seemed to be behaving, Sasori knew he was going to have to make a tough decision. What confused Sasori the most was the fact that Deidara was experiencing this in the first place. He had blocked the blond's previous memories but they just kept on coming back. It confused Sasori to no end and the information on rebirthing was something that he had all ready looked into centuries ago. He had all ready asked Hikari to get him the a book on the topic but it was useless, stating what he all ready knew from his father's teaching.

Sasori fell back into his arm chair, resulting in a squeak from something on the cushion. He sighed and scooted away from the kitten he nearly sat on. It was Wisp and she seemed content to cuddle with him even though he disrupted her sleep. He scratched the kitten's head before asking her the basic question of, "What should I do?"

Everyone around him was falling apart. Yoru, the invincible demon was in the other room wasting away slowly and his son, who thought he had become corrupted, was nearing on self-destructive trying to make amends for something he had no control over. And he hated to admit it, but his involvement with Deidara was finally making him snap.

It pained Sasori to see others close to him suffering and knowing he couldn't do anything for them. Yoru needed time, Eien the same plus some self-confidence and Deidara just needed to stay away from him. Simple as that.

Wisp was purring loudly as Sasori contemplated other things when a voice rang out in his head.


He was gone before he could even think about it and the grey kitten gave a surprised chirp as her master disappeared, causing her to stumble.

The Devil was in a dark room but the noise of someone moving around was unmistakable. He recognized the room immediately and saw Deidara thrashing around in his bed, trying to push something away.

"Danna~" He whimpered and Sasori rushed over but nearly stumbled away as he saw the blond's eyes shone brightly in the dark. It was the color of his soul. Deidara didn't seem to see him, but he continued to whimper and cry even as Sasori tried to hold him down so he could get a good look at him. "He's hurting me, un," The blond keened before sobbing pitifully.

The emotions rolling off the blond filled Sasori with anguish and he quickly pulled him into his arms, rocking him back and forth so he could mollify the weeping teen.

"It's okay, Deidara, I'm here," He hushed and Deidara clung to him like his sanity depended on it. His eyes continued to glow and once the crying stopped, Deidara looked up at Sasori and, his eyes slitted as he concentrated. A moment later, he looked around the room and Sasori's brow furrowed. What was he doing.

"Danna, un?"

The accent was unmistakable and Sasori tried to keep his grip on the blond so he wouldn't fall. This couldn't be happening.

"Danna, where are we?" Deidara looked back at his lover and put his arms around him, obviously terrified of the unfamiliar surroundings. "Sasori, where's Eien, un." Now the blond's voice was filled with nagging worry. "Where is he?"

Sasori found it hard for him to lift his hands, Deidara's words tearing at his insides.

"Where's my baby?" Deidara began to thrash as he looked about the bedroom.

Sasori pushed the blond down on the bed before he could react and he held the teen's head, gently shushing him as he began to cry again.

"He is sleeping right now, Dei. But you need to go back to sleep now, too, okay?" He felt his throat constrict as the blond wailed as he was rejected his child. "Go back to sleep, Deidara." Very gently he found the part of his lover's soul that was usually dormant and numbed it, before settling it down.

Deidara stopped crying after a minute and his eyes turned calm once more, now filled with sleep. Sasori gulped and did his best to lock not only the memories away but his former lover as well.

Deidara's head lolled to the side on his pillow and his breathing evened out, sleep claiming him once more. As carefully as he could, Sasori moved off the sleeping mortal and he sat on the side of the bed, his head in his hands.

He couldn't handle this. Perhaps he could handle this new Deidara but his former lover… He was all ready filled with so much shame for not being able to save him and he had accepted long ago that he was gone, but with this experience, Sasori wasn't sure how much longer he would be able to last and it terrified him.

He had to find a way to make things better, maybe even just for Deidara. This mortal didn't ask for his life to be taken over by his past life. It wasn't fair.

No amount of reading did any good for Sasori, going through countless tomes in the Underworld and he was unable to find anything that helped, even the extensive layout of a soul. He read about the mind, a book he found in Eien's room, but it had what Sasori all ready knew with repressing memories and it wasn't all ready helping.

Another book mentioned taking away memories completely, away from the soul but it could only be done if the memories were from the current life. You could not take away the foundation of something and expect it to stay up. If any part of a soul from the past life was taken, it would throw the mortal off balance and they would feel incomplete, soon leading to suicide or death one way or another.

Sasori even found demons who were experts on this topic but most of them just recited what he knew all ready. He was supposed the master of souls, so he should have the answers on why nothing was working, but he didn't. There was never a situation like this.

He knew that it was morning on Earth so he teleported back home only to find the house quiet. He sensed Eien still sleeping in bed but Yoru was awake and resting in his room. The kittens were sleeping in Sasori's room and Kuma was still probably in Yoru's bed with him.

There was a soft clang in the kitchen and Sasori walked over to see Hikari preparing breakfast. "Good morn, Sire. Waffle?"

Sasori shook his head and took the cup of coffee offered to him instead. "How is Yoru?"

The red-haired demon hummed thoughtfully with a smile that held no mirth. "Recovering. I would give him another month before he doesn't need my assistance. And the prince? How does he fair?"

Sasori sipped at his coffee, now leaning against the counter. "He exhausted himself again, the fool."

Hikari gave another hum that was nearing a chuckle. "It took my nearly five centuries until I finally understood my capabilities and I'm sure it will take him longer with such a strong and true lineage."

"Yeah," Sasori scoffed, wondering just when Eien would want to learn again. Perhaps in a decade. "Is Tayuya coming back soon to visit."

Hikari's smile turned tired but it began to fill with loving worry. "No, she… she decided that it was time to move on. Happens with most children, I know, but she was always persistent and I thought that she would stay longer."

Sasori sighed, "You left her at only two decades, Hikari."

The demon frowned and lifted the waffle-iron to get the checkered food out. "The others usually try to leave at just one, being fully grown and all, and I thought I made it clear that she would be on her own. I had no idea that she was still looking for me. Usually my other children aren't that thrilled to see me when 'accidentally' bump into them," The demon said morosely, now frowning at the waffle-iron, the breakfast inside burning.

Sasori tried not to let the demon's mood affect him. Demon's could have children and easily if they wanted to and Hikari easily took up on that offer. Sasori knew of Hikari's life as a mortal fairly well. A man who was infertile, wanting nothing more than to just have a child. But instead he got an unfaithful wife and was later killed by her lover, drowned in a lake. Most souls became corrupted like that.

But when Hikari found that a demon's body could bare children, he found out all he could before conceiving his first child. The man was a mortal and he gave up his soul to have a companion like Hikari. But once the child was born, the demon took the mortal's soul and child. Sasori had been told by other demons that Hikari loved and coddled his son as much as any mother would with her first born, but it didn't last long.

The babe had died when pious villagers had managed to get ahold of him and kill him in a fire. The burning scar of the village could be seen from miles up in the sky even now. Hikari didn't hold back once they tore his son away from him.

After that, Hikari made sure to only have children with those he trusted completely, and only with demons, even though they were savage, they understood one another. Though he chose to bare the children, for he didn't want to be separated from a child for longer than he had to be.

Hikari had five offspring all together, Tayuya being the youngest, and Sasori had wondered if the demon would have more. Hikari took a very strong liking to Yoru, but the demon had refused to father a child, knowing he was too free spirited to be tied down to anything besides his contracts or serving his King. Hikari didn't expect any help from the fathers, though it was appreciated every once and a while, but Yoru still refused, telling him it was unfair to the younger.

Sasori sighed involuntary once more. Though the sex between them seemed ever active.

"My King?" Sasori looked up to Hikari who was setting the table. "Would you mind getting Eien before the waffles and eggs cool?"

The Devil nodded sleepily and knew that even though the demon addressed his son as such, he meant no disrespect. Sasori walked over to Eien's room but just as he was about to knock, the door swung open violently. Eien looked like he had seen terrible things in his sleep because as soon as he saw his father, his eyes widened and he flinched away, almost thinking he was something else.

Eien looked even more sickly than Yoru and Sasori gently touched his shoulder so he could calm down. The heir took a shuddering breath and nodded slowly before brushing his father's hand away. "I'm fine," He rasped as if he had been crying all night.

Sasori lead him to the dining room, Hikari doing the same with Yoru who took a liking to flirting with the demon.

The breakfast was quiet and awkward but it mostly consisted of Yoru scarfing down his own meal plus a little bit of other's, while Eien nodded off into his food. Hikari seemed to be enjoying the morning paper while refilling his master's coffee mug constantly as Sasori tried to think while hyped up on caffeine.

Sasori noticed the tan demon looking at the three of them and frowned. "It seems that all you still need some sleep? Would some tea with honey help? Perhaps warm milk?"

Eien sneered harshly, sending a withered glare at the demon for being treated like a child but Sasori sent him a small look to calm down. Eien was dejected almost immediately and Sasori knew he was only tired.

"Tea would be wonderful, Hikari. Green, please." He smiled gently and the demon nodded before standing to get the cups ready.

Yoru was sucking on his spoon as he fingered a piece of bacon wordlessly, before he glanced over at Eien who was resting his head on the table. Kuma walked up to the table, whining all the way and Yoru shot him a quick look before throwing the strip of bacon.

"My King?"

Sasori looked away from Hikari's paper only to see Yoru rubbing at his earlobes. "Yes, Yoru?"

"I don't have my piercings anymore. That's not fair," The demon mumbled as he looked away from the Devil. Kuma whined some more and Yoru snapped his shining eyes towards the dog, a snarl wrinkling his face. Kuma just whimpered and scampered out of the room, almost knocking over Hikari who had a tray of mugs.

The demon moved aside easily, not mentioning Yoru's mood swings. He placed the platter at the edge of the table and handed each occupant a warm cup. Sasori saw Eien eye his cup, the younger smiling lightly.

"When did you last feel happy?"

Sasori was startled by the question and he continued to watch his son for any signs of anger. Everyone went quiet but Eien continued to speak.

"I honestly can't remember, and isn't that just sad?" Eien looked up and met his father's eye, his brow furrowed but it was all mocking. "Sure, I've had happy times, but it didn't make me feel any better. I think I finally realized the difference, you know?"

Sasori didn't want to interject but this all ready seemed to be going too far. "Eien, I just think that–"

The teen laughed and Hikari frowned at the false ring it had. "You think I'm going crazy, or that I'm riddled with guilt, don't you? Why don't I just accept what I am, right? You tell me to do all these things but you can't get your own shit together." The smile was replaced by a hollow glare long ago and Sasori was starting to worry for his son's sanity.

"What do you mean?"

Eien's glare became real and he stood up, knocking over his tea. "I could hear him screaming last night," Eien rasped and that was when Hikari took Yoru back to his room even though the older demon wanted to know what was happening. "You think you're the only fucking one affected by him, don't you?" Eien was bitting his lip as a tear fell from his eye and Sasori just stared. "I've been hearing him for the past month and last night was…" Eien's voice broke and he suddenly looked crazed, like he was trying to explain something to his father, but he was talking in another language. "He was never happy! How could you just let him live like that? And now you can't even put him back to rest. It's killing him and it will kill Deidara as well," Eien spoke softly now, his voice shaking. "First there's Yoru who I might as well have killed, then my mother who died for me as well. Oh, and did I mention the others who died because they got too close to me?"

Sasori was trying to shake off the shock of the sudden change of direction the conversation was taking and he all ready knew what he had to do, but Eien narrowed his eyes at him.

"You aren't going to fucking calm me down. I haven't said any of this ever and I think it's time that I get to say at least something," He hissed but his father just asked if he would sit down.

Eien did so begrudgingly and Sasori noticed he was panting harshly. "No matter where we go, someone dies because of me. It doesn't matter who they are, if I get close to anyone, they get hurt and they die," Eien stared intently at the Devil, another tear slipping past his dark lashes.

Sasori wanted to tell Eien that he was wrong but he had found the pattern long ago. People die but it seemed when anyone got close to Eien, it was only a matter of time before they would they would bite the dust. Sasori noticed a century ago that Eien began distancing himself from any mortal but somehow, someone got past the barrier and they were gone.

It seemed that wherever Eien was, disaster followed. And Sasori had wished with everything he had that Eien wouldn't realize what was happening.

"Am I cursed?" Eien's voice was now steady and dark and Sasori tried not to look guilty.

"No, you're not cursed, Eien. You just can't control–" He cut himself off, not wanting to explain this to Eien when he was like this. "Death follows us everywhere and you know that–"

"Have entire cities been destroyed just because you've been staying there for a few days? Have families been killed because you asked to stay for a fucking night?" Eien's nostrils flared and his jaw clenched shut as he tried to calm himself down. "When Mum died, I believed that it was because of me. And really, it was. I was the reason he was kidnapped–"

"You were not," Sasori spoke with a chopped tone as he interjected and he really wished they weren't talking about this. This was something he wished he didn't have to prove endlessly to Eien. "That Duke was crazy and you two were taken out of coincidence."

"And what a fucking coincidence that everyone in that village died. And the next that we went too, soon including that whole blasted nation. Not to mention that adorable couple that tried to kill me. They would have been doing me a favor, really–"

Sasori nearly snapped at his son. Eien could go far, he really could, but talking about his own death and appreciating it was something else. Eien most have realized what he said because he immediately shut up. His began fiddling with his hands under the dining table.

"I'm just tired of this," He said in a softer voice. "When you notice that people around you die, you realize you're the one killing them, literally in some cases. Then as you consider what you had become, it just gets deeper," He said with intent, but his voice was barely above a whisper. "I didn't realize I had such power and I know now that I was greedy for it when I had no idea what I was getting myself into." He chuckled sadly. "But there is no way out and I have to accept that." He pursed his lips. "But that's just so hard to do."

Sasori looked down at the table and contemplated if Eien was getting any better. He knew that if he continued to get worse, he would have to do something about it before Eien inflicted danger upon himself or onto others. He would go as far as to remove the new memories of his conflicting emotions just to bring him back, but he may fall into the same pit again and be right back where they started.

"Do you know what you want to do, Eien?" Sasori might as well have asked that from the beginning.

The teen just sat back in his chair and looked at his father, finally seeming to concede. "I want to set things right. Slowly, if not."

Sasori nodded his head. "And do you know where to start?" He inquired.

Eien licked his lips and looked away, reluctance covering his features. "Yes."

"Eien, from all the times I've told you–"

"You didn't even notice it, which means the ward worked," Eien interjected as he pulled a small tome from under his bed. "Thankfully the animals didn't notice either."

Sasori exhaled harshly and was getting in the mood to lecture but he didn't want to bring Eien down as he took the books to his desk and began flipping through the larger one. "Fine, what are you doing with those books…? Where did you get those?" Sasori stepped closer but Eien didn't seem to sense his urgency.

"Your chambers in the Underworld." Eien's reply didn't hold a tone and he wasn't aware of his father's impending anger.

Sasori crossed his arms before rubbing a hand over his mouth. The tomb that the teen was flipping through was created by Sasori's father, the first Devil and it resembled a manual, giving clear instructions on how to judge souls, what rituals there were to deal with them after judging and so forth. Sasori had just learned everything he knew from the Devil before he finally died but the book was given to him in case anything had happened. Sasori had skimmed it, found rituals he found more time effective or just stuck with the ones he knew. He hadn't even bothered to go to it last night. Still, he kept the book guarded in his room with numerous traps if anyone were trying to steal it.

And Eien got past those traps with apparent ease. "Just how long have you had it?" Sasori asked as Eien became absorbed in the book, still flipping the endless pages rapidly.

The redhead barely stopped the flick of his wrist to look at his father and answer. "Before the other books. Once I saw how you freaked out over a few books on concentration, I found a better warding spell in the Underworld. You can thank Sandaime."

Sasori sighed harshly and turned away, walking around the room to control his anger. Eien was really pushing him.

"I just hope you know–"

Eien stilled and the pages fluttered to a stop. "This is the one." He pointed at the small incantation and Sasori walked over to him, brows furrowed.

"Eien what is this supposed to help with? This just puts a soul to rest." His son just stared at him, like he didn't understand again, and he looked even more troubled. "Eien, what are you planning on doing?"

The younger just looked away, his eyes flittering back in forth, trying to find the words. "I've already looked into blocking memories, locking them away, pushing them somewhere else but sometimes it doesn't work."

Sasori narrowed his eyes as Eien continued to speak hastily, his fingers slipping as he went through the smaller tome too quickly.

"I know that the other book has basics of rebirthing, how to cast it, but this one has more of the mechanics. Look," Eien pointed to a long section of smudged phrases and he just began rambling. "It describes why a soul would be reborn without the Devil in the first place. Most of the time it happens without him knowing, and it doesn't even matter where the soul is placed after judged. Most of the time, it happens with large groups, usually a generation and it's one from pain." Eien looked at him like it was obvious but Sasori just continued to eye his son who just waved his hand at him. "The plague and war. It's happened with others as well when I looked into it, but those souls have gone back to the Underworld again. It will probably happen to the World Wars when the time comes again–"

"Stop," Sasori scolded and Eien froze, eyes wide. "Tell me what you're planning on doing."

The redhead's eyes dropped slightly and he became passive, his tone monotonous as he spoke. "It only happens to a few souls, the memories. Sometimes it takes an influence of others to wake up a past life, and other times the previous life won't even stir, it really just depends." Eien flipped to another page. "But some souls are more sensitive than others. If they stay intact through the remainder of their rest, the memories might as well be fresh. Other may be damaged and never remember." He sighed harshly and shook his head. "And sometimes it's just random and nothing helps. Look," Eien snapped as he glared up at his father. "The simplest thing to do to not make Deidara go crazy is to just put that part of his soul to rest again."

Sasori swore he heard the Underworld from how quiet it had gotten, and he really didn't mean to laugh. Eien's face crumbled but he knew it wasn't a mocking laugh, it was one of shock.

"Eien, that will never work. There is no way to– Just think about it," Sasori exclaimed and Eien scowled.

"I have. I don't care if that man isn't my blood, that soul was apart of the one who was and I am not going to let him fucking die because of neglect. He all ready died painfully once and I'm not going to let it happen again," Eien swore and Sasori stare incredulously and he shook his head.

"It's crazy and hasn't even been done–"

"By you," Eien corrected. "You've always stayed with things you knew and never moved past that. You've never tried anything new," The redhead scolded.

"Because I know my limits. You claim that you have no control, but you are trying new things when you don't even understand yourself."

"I don't have control!" Eien's eyes flashed red but he quickly smothered it, nearly ashamed for the reaction. "But I do understand this. I have looked into it and the worst that can happen is a bad fainting spell."

Sasori scoffed and rubbed a hand over his mouth, knowing that he was going to do something really stupid if he didn't step out of the room soon. "Eien," He spoke darkly and the tone was rarely used. "This is not an order that is to taken lightly. At the moment, the blood that relates us should not mean a thing right now." The teen seemed lightly shocked and disturbed but he still stared up at the Devil, even though his eyelids fluttered with unshed tears. "This is an order from your superior and I am giving you a fair warning. If you go through with this, the consequences will be something even you haven't seen. Do you understand?"

Eien had his lips pursed to force them to not tremble but a lone tear fell from his eye and it barely touched his cheek before it fell to the ground. "Of course," He choked out. Sasori moved closer to Eien but the redhead shifted away from him, now staring at the floor placidly. "Please leave, I wish to be alone. I will have the books sent back and we won't speak of this again."

Sasori frowned, knowing that restricting his son from doing this was burning him on the inside. "Eien–"

"Leave!" Eien glared up at his, his eyes remained blue but the rage behind them changed them all the more. Then the betrayal came and Sasori knew those eyes anywhere.

Sasori didn't bother trying to comfort his son, knowing he was too far gone for something like that now. The only person Eien needed right now was himself.

The knocking was startling in the quiet house that even the kittens woke up and scampered into a nearby room. But Yoru remained laying on the couch, a Nicholas Sparks books resting on his abdomen, reading quietly as Sasori went to the door.

When he opened it, he nearly froze. Deidara looked like utter shit.

"H-hi, un," The blond stuttered, looking like nothing but skittish and paranoid. "Umm, can I- can I come in?" He was practically shaking in his spot.

Sasori didn't hesitate to move as Deidara practically shoved his way in. It seemed that the blond didn't even bother to brush his hair that day, just letting it hang down, nearly covering his blood-shot eyes and clammy skin.

Yoru didn't move from his spot by the couch as Sasori listened to Deidara ramble. "I, uh, left my coat in your car, I mean I think I did, I can't find it anywhere, you know what I mean?" Deidara's laugh was rushed and practically filled with terror as he stared up at Sasori. "Can I… have it back, un?"

Sasori stared at the blond and gently touched his forehead. "Deidara, are you feeling okay? Do you have a fever?"

The younger male's eyes widened and he moved away, like the touch burned him. "I'm fine, just… No, I'm not fine, Sasori," He spoke, his voice breaking as his knees buckled and he practically fell over, but Sasori caught him gently and had him sit down.

Yoru looked up from his book now, contemplating on wether he should move or not.

"Deidara, just breathe deeply, okay?" Sasori knew that the blond's illness wasn't actually one, but if he made Deidara think so, he may get something done.

"He won't go away," The blond whimpered as he held onto Sasori's shirt, not even aware of what he was saying. "He won't leave me alone, un!" He wasn't even looking at Sasori by this point but slowly, his eyes began to glow and Sasori shook his head.

"No, no, not right now, Deidara." Sasori had a vague idea of who wasn't leaving him alone and for the first time, he wished he would simply just rest.

The blond fell limp in his arms, head falling back as he stared up at the ceiling, mouth slightly agape. It looked like he had just died and the worry in Sasori's chest made him believe so.

"Danna, un."

It was so strained that Sasori barely heard it but he held Deidara closer as the blond finally looked at him. He leaned in close to his ear and whispered, "He's hurting me."

By now Sasori understood the words, that it really was his past life harming him, but he was at a loss as how to help him. He had all ready done this last night but here he was again, going crazy in his arms.

"Let me see him," Deidara finally whimpered and Sasori knew it was going to come to that. It always came to that. "Where is he, un?"

"He's not here, Deidara, and right now you have to be strong," Sasori spoke roughly into his ear. "Fight this."

"I can't! Just let me see him, un!" Deidara began wrestling out of his grip and the Devil was close to sending him to sleep if he didn't feel the sudden presence behind him.

"Go back to your room," Sasori ordered but Eien just ignored him, deciding to kneel by his parents, ignoring his father's glare of warning. "Eien–"

"Eien?" Deidara's shining eyes turned to the teen, nearly shocked to see him grown up. He easily crawled out of Sasori's lap to embrace the teen, both of them going to theirs knees. "Eien, un," Deidara whispered once more but Sasori saw that Eien remained impassive. "Let me look at you," Deidara exclaimed, grabbing his son's face as he stared at his profound features, a mirthful smile on his face. "You grew so much, un," He marveled as he stroked the hair away from his face. "I've missed you. So much," His voice broke as he continued to talk and Sasori was close to taking him away.

"Aren't you tired, Mum?"

The question seemed to send a shock through Deidara and his smile faltered. "I… yes, I am tired, Eien but what matters is that you are okay." The smile was trying to grow again but it was ruined from the fact that he himself was not okay enough for Eien to be satisfied.

"Then you should go back to sleep," Eien suggested, a petulant frown on his face, like he was trying to trick Deidara into getting his way.

The blond shook his head and held Eien close once more, his chin on his shoulder, a hand cradling his head while the other held his back. "No, I want to make sure you're okay, sweetie," Deidara sniffled and Sasori had seen about enough, moving to pull Deidara away, but stopped once he saw Eien moving his hands to touch Deidara's head.

"I'm always okay when you're here, Mum," Eien reassured as he gently pushed the blond off of him, holding his head to look at his face. "But you need to rest now. I'm sorry. I love you."

Sasori thought he was just soothing him, but the sudden change of air made his eyes widen and he couldn't pry Eien off soon enough.

The redhead was muttering the words so quickly, eyes now red as he stared into Deidara's which began to droop, eyes dulling almost immediately. As soon as the spell was done Sasori pulled Deidara away only for the blond to fall unconscious in his arms. Sasori couldn't control his breathing as he saw the blond wasn't waking and his pulse slowed until it completely stopped in a matter of seconds. His skin went chilled and Sasori realized he couldn't feel the blond's soul anymore.

He turned enraged eyes towards Eien who looked completely fine with what he had done, sitting on the ground with a sense of accomplishment. He had killed him. Sasori had struck him before he even knew it and the blow sent Eien into the coffee table, shattering the glass as it rained down on him.


Sasori barely noticed that Yoru had gone to his fallen master who was coughing up blood from the blow. All he knew was that he was getting up to go after him again, leaving the blond's body to lay there. At this point he had no idea what was fueling this rage. All he knew was that Deidara was taken form his once and he was taken once more.

Eien barely whimpered as Yoru tried to help him sit up, just squinting as glass fell from his hair. Sasori stepped forward and Eien just stared at him, not fearing him in the slightest because he knew what he did was right.

Sasori had just reached Eien and he pushed Yoru aside to grab him by the collar of his shirt, pulling him closer. "You are a fool and I–"

A sudden cough cut him off and Eien turned triumphant eyes past his father's shoulders. Sasori turned around so quickly he barely missed Deidara coughing, laying on his side like he had just been choked. The blond looked weary and drained but he was alive and Sasori's anger was replaced by shock.

He didn't even get to turn to Eien who pushed his hands off of him to get away. "I wouldn't do something intentionally if I didn't know it would work one-hundred percent," Eien mumbled, blood still dripping from his mouth as his cheek blossomed with a dark bruise.

Sasori didn't know what to do but Yoru quickly whisked away his son before more harm could come to him. The demon turned to him with an angry glare on his face. "Handle the mortal and be done with him. This has caused too much grief."

"Yoru," Eien scolded, and the demon backed off before leading him to his room.

Sasori was sitting there in a daze that he couldn't snap out of until a voice reached his ears. "Why am I here, un?"

The redhead turned around only to see Deidara sitting up and looking around the house. Sasori swallowed painfully and went over to Deidara quickly, touching his arm to make sure he was okay.

Deidara just looked disorientated, a little on the sleepy side but otherwise he was okay. Sasori risked a check and he cupped the blond's cheek, making Deidara blush and look at him with sincere bashfulness. Sasori need Deidara distracted so he quickly kissed him and Deidara tensed up under him before kissing back mildly. As soon as his hands wound their way around Sasori's neck the Devil felt his soul. He searched for any crack in it, for any tear that showed that the blond's past life and when Sasori found the past life, he found it in the recess of the soul, sleeping.

He gave a sigh of relief and allowed himself to kiss Deidara fully, just for a moment before pulling away. "Sorry," He whispered as soon as they moved away and Deidara shook his head.

"I just… I came over for my jacket, un."

Sasori chuckled lightly and licked his lips before nodding. "Yeah, you did but you just fainted and you gave me quite a scare," He replied and Deidara blushed some more, now removing his hands.

"I'm sorry, I just haven't been having a good nights rest is all, un. So– Holy shit, what happened to your table?"

Sasori looked over, barely noticing it. The coffee table was made completely from glass and it had shattered into smaller pieces while others went into shards. He realized the dull ache his fist had and he clenched it. He wasn't the only one who needed lessons in self-control and he felt his throat tighten once he saw blood on the floor.

Deidara asked again and Sasori snapped out of his daze to look at the blond, a well-trained smile to look embarrassed on his face. "I was carrying a cup of coffee and it slipped from my hand and broke it."

Deidara looked even more confused, because he knew that one mug could not shatter a table that size into such small pieces. "When did that happen, un?"

"Right before you came. You said you wanted your jacket then you just collapsed. You looked very tired," Sasori explained quickly, as he directed Deidara's gaze back to him with his hand still on his cheek.

"And why did you kiss me?"

Sasori's smile seemed genuine now even though he was feeling disgust creeping up inside for what he had done to his son a minute ago. "Because I was happy when I saw that you were okay," He admitted. "You worried me a lot there," He chuckled sadly and Deidara averted his gaze, embarrassed once more but Sasori made him look at him before giving him a chaste kiss that was anything but platonic.

Sasori could feel Deidara relax and swell with something akin to love. He pulled away before anything went any further. "Your jacket."

Deidara pursed his lips and nodded even though he was smiling. "Yes, un. That."

Sasori's smile was playful and he helped Deidara up before leading his to the garage. "I think you said you left it in my car. Probably from your drunken escapade."

Deidara laughed and affirmed lightly. "Yeah, that one."

Sasori got to his car and went to the backseat where he found the peacoat on the ground, scrunched up. He picked it up, dusting it off before handing it to the blond. "Good as knew."

Deidara's nose scrunched up lightly at the smell that he knew was from him, probably when he vomited. "Thanks. I've been looking for it everywhere," He muttered in embarrassment.

Sasori shrugged and led Deidara back to the front door. "Well I have to clean up the coffee table before someone steps on any glass but it was… good to see you again," Sasori finished in a small breath.

Deidara nodded and tucked some dirty hair behind his ear. "I guess I'll see you around, or, sorry, I'm–"

"Yeah, we'll see each other around," Sasori supplied and Deidara bit his lip in mirth before nodding and opening the door.

"I'll see you, un."

Eien whimpered pitifully as Yoru touched his cheek gingerely to assess the damage. It felt like his entire cheekbone shattered and he wouldn't be surprised if it was. The demon moved his hand away to not hurt the redhead anymore. Eien was sitting on his bed with Yoru kneeling in front of him, holding a bloody rag beneath his chin. The blood from Eien's mouth came from when Eien bit his cheek as he was struck and it was still bleeding. He had to keep his head down to not swallow any blood and let it drip onto the rag. Luckily none of the grass pierced his skin but his upper back was aching almost was bad as his cheek from where he hit the table.

Eien found it ironic that Yoru was in a worse condition yet he was still caring for him. The left side of Eien's face was practically covered in a large bruise with the center the darkest.

Taking a deep breath, Eien brought his hand to his face and gently touched the bruise, whimpering again as a few tears fell. He started out with a small amount of energy he began to heal and he had to bite his lip to prevent another cry to fall from his lips.

He could soothe the wound but he needed to heal it before it got worse and in it's condition it was going to hurt. Only a minute in, he began panting from the pain as more tears fell but Yoru just wiped them away before they became any trouble.

He gripped for something as the pain intensified and Yoru grabbed his hand, knowing that even if he told Eien to stop he wouldn't listen.

The redhead gave a small sob and held on tighter. Beneath the glow of his fingers, the bruise turned darker, spreading, before turning lighter than yellowing. Eien only got that far before he had to stop completely, falling forward lightly as nausea swept over him again. Yoru grabbed the waste basket before he could think and Eien was throwing up whatever remains he had for breakfast that morning, still weeping softly.

The bruise was still in it's last stages of healing but all Eien cared about now was the headache rampaging through his head. Yoru soon moved the trash away and had Eien lie down on his side so he could still catch the blood. His back still continued to ache but he knew he no energy to heal it.

"He shouldn't have hit you," Yoru seethed as he touched Eien's face once more, and the cool skin felt nice for a change. "No matter what you do, or how angry he gets, he does not have the right to hit you."

Eien just stared at the wall. "I went against a direct order and he had all ready given me a warning not do what I was planning. I was expecting worse when Deidara wasn't waking up," He rasped, now closing his eyes to rest.

Eien had gotten much worse, been thrown through a building, been stabbed a couple of times but for some god damn reason, he seemed to be hurting even more. The teen didn't want to think about it, his father's reaction once he realized Deidara was nearly gone. To think that his father was going to continue what he had started with him before the mortal awoke.

It made Eien realize his position in the Devil's heart and that ached more than his current injuries. A hand ran through his hair and Eien opened his burning eyes slowly, his vision obscured by a pale wrist.

"I cannot tell you that things will be normal again. It would be cruel for me to lie to you when we both know the truth that's coming. He will say that he loves and needs you more than that mortal, but you have to keep an open mind to what just happened. By now you realize the kind of connection he has with him and it would be best to leave it be." The hand moved just enough for Eien to see the demon's dismal face. "For your own safety, do not interfere. I fear that a fractured cheekbone will be the least of your concern."

Eien nodded slowly just as his bedroom door opened and Yoru's entire posture turned rigid and his face resembled one of a stone statue of a soldier heading off to war. Standing, he didn't let the redhead have a word.

"Get out, you have done enough harm to your son," Yoru ordered, not fearing for his life as he stood up to the Devil.

Sasori seemed bewildered, then ashamed. "I'm just here to check up on Eien–"

"I'm fine," The teen groused as he sat up, but he did not meet his father's gaze. Only his profile showed, the small lamp by the bed illuminating his yellowing bruise. "I've ask before that you leave me be. I'd like both you and Yoru to leave so I can rest."

Sasori's countenance was pained and Yoru's was filled with distaste at leaving, even in his current condition. "Just let me–" Sasori started, stretching out his hand but Eien didn't react violently. He merely turned away and lied back down on his bed, ignoring his father's attempts to reach him and Yoru's bickering to take care of him.

But they didn't last long. As soon as they left, Eien let out a tremulous breath and buried his face into his pillow to muffle his choked sobs.

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