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Chapter 1: Day Two

Jesse's POV


I shook Jaden's hand. There's something about him, I just can't put my finger on it. "That's strange. Have we met before?" Jaden asked curiously. That was it! The something I was feeling! That even though we just met, I knew Jaden. I turned this over in my mind as I answered.

"I don't know, but it sure feels that way."

End Flashback

I stretched and rolled out of bed after a good night's sleep. Sluggishly, I walked over to the sink and lightly splashed cold water on my face as a purple, 4 eared monster with a large ruby at the end of it's tail appeared out of my deck. I looked up and smiled at it through the mirror. It was now sitting on my unmade bed.

"Morn'in Ruby!" I said, cheerful as always.

"Rubi." The duel monster spirit replied with as much happiness in her voice as I did. It was day 2 of my first year at Duel Academy. The dueling school was very different from North Academy, one of Duel Academy's 4 worldwide branches, were I had attended school for the past 2 years. Even though I was new here, I had already found a good friend in Duel Academy's best duelist, Jaden Yuki, who shares my ability to see duel monster spirits.

I got dressed, put on my Obilisk Blue vest and walked outside. Emerald eyes squinted in the glare of the sun as a light breeze stirred teal colored , today was a Saturday so we didn't have any classes. Today was also the day Jaden was going to show me around campus so I didn't get lost again. After a minute I began the long trek through the forest towards the Slifer Red dorms.

When I got there, I couldn't believe what I saw! It looked like an outhouse with a deck!(1) It was nothing like the prestigious, palace-like dorms that Obilisk Blues like myself stayed at.

I took a deep breath and began looking for Jaden's room. I found it to be the middle room on the second floor.

I knocked on the door, but was surprised when someone else answered. He was short with slightly spiky baby-blue hair, light gray eyes, and small, round glasses. What caught my attention was that he was wearing an Obilisk Blue uniform like mine. His eyes flew open.

"Hey! You're Jesse Anderson! The transfer student from North Academy!"

"Uh... ya," I replied finally to the shorter student, "I'm Jesse. Who are you?"

Uh, I'm Syrus... Syrus Truesdale." he answered. His surprise vanished in a heart beat, only to be replacedby shyness. "I'm Jaden and Hassleberry's roommate if you're looking for them." he quietly added.

Wonder why he got shy all of a sudden. Just as I finished the thought I heard a giant yawn, followed by a loud THUD! I looked over Syrus who just sighed, slowly shaking his head, to see a boy with chocolate brown eyes and brown/orange-brown colored hair who I recognized as Jaden, on the floor, rubbing the back of his head.

"Geez, why does he always fall out of bed?"

Then I heard angry footsteps coming up the stairs to the second floor. I turned around to see a boy with spiky black hair, dark gray eyes, pale skin, a black ragged jacket, and a set frown.

"What's with all the noise?" he boomed.

"Sorry Chazz. Jay fell off the bunk again." Syrus explained, obviously trying not to shrink back in fear. I felt sorry for the little guy, but said nothing. Instead, I turned back towards Jaden who was getting up though he was still rubbing his head.

"Hey Jay!" I said, hoping that I was heard over Chazz yelling at Syrus to keep the noise down(ironic isn't it). I didn't help Syrus because he looked like he was handling himself well. Apparently, Jaden did hear me because he looked back at me and smiled.

"What"s up Jesse? Are you ready togo see the rest of the campus?" he asked me excitedly.

"Yup, let's go."

Syrus' POV

"Yup, let's go." I heard Jesse say over Chazz yelling.

"Where are you guys going Jay?" I asked.

"Oh. I'm going show Jesse around the campus. You can come too Sy, if you want to."(Chazz is still yelling in the background but, is quieting down)

Why not. I can get away from Chazz and hang out with my friend. I reasoned, quickly coming to a decision. "Sure, I'll come. Besides... if I don't come YOU would probably get lost." I said with my small, Syrus smile. Jaden made a little pouting face before running off to quickly change clothes.

"All right! Let's go" Jaden exclaimed as he bolted out the door. Jesse laughed and ran after him. 'Man, I could swear that I've seen him before.' I thought as I ran out the door to follow them, leaving Chazz in the dust. I hurried to catch up with them as they raced though the forest.

Jaden's POV

"Come on Jesse! Hurry up Syrus!" I looked over my shoulder and shouted. When I saw Syrus far off, I came to a screeching halt. Jesse, who was right behind me, stopped too. Unfortunately, he didn't stop fast enough, seeing ashow we both toppled over. I got up with a groan and wiped the dirt off my pants. I looked over at Jesse who was doing the same. I could hear Syrus panting beside me and knew that he had caught up to us.

We were just about to start up again when we heard a terrified cry and the sound of running feet.

"Ahhhhhhhh! Please stop! I'm sorry okay! Don't hurt me sis'! Somebody help me! I don't deserve this!" Our heads snapped to the side where the scream came from, to see Atticus being chased by his younger sister Alexis.

Atticus spotted us and immediatly ran behind me. Alexis soon followed, angry and annoyed. Alexis, what did Atticus do this time?" I asked, curious as to what had made Alexis so angry.

"He set me up! AGAIN! Now I would recommend that you step aside."(2) Alexis sighed. She was still mad but, was calming down. Not this again. I sighed inwardly.

"Alexis, please don't kill Atticus. He's your brother and besides, if you did then all that hard work we went through to get him back would have been for nothing." For both our sakes I hoped that she didn't try to get through, seeing as how I was the only thing standing inbetween her and Atticus.

"I gotta say that I agree with Jay, there." I jumped in surprise when Jesse spoke up because I had momentarily forgotten that he was there. Alexis sighed in defeat.

"I guess you guys are right," she paused for a second to glare at Atticus and if looks could kill, Atticus would be dead, "but make sure it doesn't happen again." Atticus nodded vigorously, needing no encouragement.

The tour was pretty boring after that though,and when it was done we all went back to our respective dorms. Jesse to Obilisk Blue and Sy and I to Slifer Red. When Sy and I got back, it was pretty late so we weren't surprised that Hassleberry was sound asleep on the top bunk. Syrus changed clothes and climbed into the middle bunk as I got onto the bottem bunk, not bothering to change into my academy provided pjs. I fell quickly into a deep, dreamless sleep as I heard the soft snoring of Hassleberry and Syrus above me.

End of Chapter!

1)This is how Syrus describes the Slifer dorm in episode 2
2)Sorry if Alexis is little OOC in this chapter

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