Zane: Jesse, why did you lock Rai out?

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Chapter 6: Surprise Surprise... Another Nightmare

Jesse's POV

Ms. Fontaine gave me the not-so-pleasant-tasting medicine. I could feel the sweat beginning to drip down my forehead as she handed me a small glass of water.

"Get some rest Jesse." she whispered as I shakily handed her the now empty glass. I nodded and laid back down on the fluffy white pillow. Closing my eyes, I drifted off to sleep.

(Inside Jesse's dream)

It's warm again... Which dream is this... Is it a different one... What's happening... My thoughts drifted as I tried and failed (A/N: EPIC FAILURE!) to figure out was going on. I still couldn't see, but I felt like I was being held yet again. It was someone else though. It wasn't the first person, whose hold was light and gentle but at the same time protective. It wasn't the second one either, that one had an icy grip rather than a hold.

No. This one I recognized and have known my whole life. This was the comforting, no nonsense hold of my mother; Sarah Anderson. But why wasn't this the first? My thoughts were cut short by a young feminine voice that belonged to my at the time 7 years old sister Krystal.

"Who's that Ma?" her question rang though the room. I didn't have to be able to see to know that my mom was smiling.

"Krise, this is Jesse. See?" I felt the paper bracelet from earlier move and assumed that it had my name on it.

"Why is he here?" I couldn't help feeling a little sad when she said that. I made a mental note to get back at her for that later. My mother just chuckled.

"Jesse is your little brother now, Krise. Would you like to hold him?" Now? Wasn't I always her little brother? However, I just brushed it off as simply a poor choice of words.

"Sure!" Krystal said her voice cheerful and light. I felt myself being moved as Ma handed me to her. "Oh! Jesse your heavy! A few days old and already needing a diet. That has to be a world record." I could feel Krystal slowly shaking her head. Ma began to chuckle again at my sister's silliness. I thought this was a nightmare. I guess it's just a memory this time. Talk about a lucky break. I mentally sighed with relief. My tiny hand reached up and grabbed my sister's finger, causing a laugh to escape her lips.

"Man Jess, you've got quite a grip for such a lil' guy." she stated matter of factly when her giggling subsided. I felt soft tickling on my stomach and began to gurgle. I tried to open my eyes again. Why, I honestly didn't know, but this time they opened just a slit. Huh, that's new. After a few seconds my eyes opened all the way.

I saw Krise holding me and my mom looking at me over Krise's shoulder. Krise looked the same only much younger. Her light brown hair was longer, going a few inches past her shoulders, while her eyes were the same bright sky blue that I remembered. She was wearing a plaid, green and purple button up shirt with a necklace of a raindrop hanging loosely around her small neck.

Shifting my gaze to my mother, she had the same brown hair as Krise only a shade or two darker and silvery gray eyes. A smile lit her face as she swayed contently.

The rocking motion was calming and I soon found myself on the edge of sleep. My eyelids fluttered as I glanced out the window behind Ma. Suddenly, I froze, finding myself locked in the icy glare of pitch-black eyes. They held no emotion at all. What is that? I felt myself getting lost in that void of nothingness.

NOOOOO! I shrieked in my mind. Everything around me was dark. I saw nothing, I heard nothing, and worst of all, I felt nothing. Unlike the last 2 times, my eyes were open and I was my current age. I blinked a few times before falling to my knees. "Why is this happenin' to me?" I mumbled as I wrapped my arms around myself, trying to find any warmth that could possibly have been spared.

Soon there was a warm presence by my side. Strangely enough, I wasn't surprised in the least. I simply turned my head, forgetting that it was impossible to see right now. The air around it was warm but oddly had a slight glow to it. It was a soft brown. "What are you?" I whispered, trying not to sound rude. It just chuckled a little, causing the glow to shake.

"So... you don't remember me?" it asked. There was slight sorrow and disappointment weaving it's way though the voice. I shook my head.

"I'm sorry, but I don't." I sighed, squeezing my knees tighter as if it would make me remember.

"There's no need to apologize. I don't remember you either. I know that we've met before though." Suddenly the warmth was gone. In its place were those black eyes from before. First they appeared, followed by the rest of it. At first it was human; with just-above-the-shoulders straight black hair with different shades of gray streaked through it, dark-wash jeans with multiple tears along the shin, a midnight blue shirt and a black leather jacket.

He only stayed that way for a second though. Kevin (as he has now been dubbed) grinned before transforming. The jacket morphed and grew to become large, bat-like wings as the other various things he was wearing changed until Kevin became a monster. His skin became a pale grayand scaly while his eyes became wide though they remained the same bone-chilling black as before.

Kevin screeched his high-pitched, shrill cry as he jumped up. "Who are you?" I yelled as he hovered a few feet above me. However, Kevin simply did a strange chuckle before breaking into all-out laughter, only to fall silent moments later.

"Who am I? Who am I? The real question is, who are you." His face hardened as I thought.

"Is this some trick question? I know who I am. I am Jesse, Jesse Anderson. The son of Sarah Anderson and the brother of Krystal Anderson." I stated confidently, even though on the inside I was confused. Kevin looked at me for a second before smirking victoriously.

"So, you don't know. You are lost to yourself, Jesse." as he said it, Kevin flew away, seemingly vanishing into the dark. I heard the same screams again, piercing my very soul. I stood there, frozen in place, forced to listen to cries of loss and sadness.

"Jesse!" came a voice I had grown fond of over the past 2 weeks.

(Out of Jesse's dream)

"Jesse! Are you okay?" My eyes shot open at the sound of Jaden's concerned voice. I tried to sit up to look at Jaden but only made it a few inches before collapsing back onto the bed. He ran up beside me as I shifted my gaze. Though I was still half asleep, I could see Jaden breathing slightly harder than normal.

"Ya, I'm fine." I lied, still feeling awful. An awkward silence hung around us, only to be broken by Ms. Fontaine walking back into the room with a phone pressed against her right ear. In the silence I caught bits and pieces of Ms. Fontaine's side of the discussion. I heard things like "come" and "check on" and "helicopter".

She walked closer and I heard the last part. "Thank you Krystal. I'll be sure and tell Jesse." I didn't move while I put the pieces together in my mind. I had just got it when she reached the side of the bed. "Jesse. Krystal is coming to make sure that you're alright." I nodded, unsurprised while Jaden on the other hand looked completely lost. However, I ignored him deciding to explain things later.

"When does she get here?" I asked, slightly worried about what she might do to me for not telling anyone earlier so we could've helped. Shuddering at the thought, I took the glass of water Jaden offered me and drank some.

"She arrives tomorrow night." She replied, looking from me to the clipboard and back to me again. I nodded in acknowledgement. To one side, Jaden crossed his arms and began to pout.

Okay. Did I miss something here?" he asked. I laughed a little before coughing. When I finished I smiled.

"Ya, actually you are. Krystal is my older sister. Apparently, she's worried so is coming for a visit tomorrow night. That gives me just enough time to hide from her." I explained, grinning like a maniac when I finished. Jaden laughed, understanding what I meant. Ms. Fontaine smiled a bit. She took off the now almost completely dry cloth and replaced it with a moist one.

"All right Jesse. I think that's enough excitement for today. Go ahead and go back to bed. I'll bring you some dinner later since slept through lunch. Jaden," she said as she turned to face said boy. "May I talk to you for a moment?" I closed my eyes, both welcoming and resenting sleep. I felt Ruby curl herself up by my head and began to purr in a comforting manner.

"Sure thing." Jaden replied. I heard them walking away as I was on the cusp of sleep. I wonder what they're talking about. It was my last thought as I fell off the edge of consciousness and slipped into a dreamless sleep.

End of Chapter!

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