Wammy's House was beautiful; there was no denying it. But Raito didn't care, and L refused to even look outside.
Watari spoke up softly. "You have to choose an alias, Raito."
"Tsuki," the ten-year-old muttered bitterly, staring out the window.
L reached out. "Raito, I'm sorry."
"This isn't yours or anyone else's fault but the government," murmured Tsuki.
The boys hugged as the car came to a stop. Watari added one last statement. "You cannot take mementos of your old life with you... But we'll keep these books and Matsuda-san's note for you."
"Okay," Tsuki mumbled. As he stepped out of the car, his hands shoved in his pockets, he smirked, both in sadly and triumphantly. For tucked neatly in each pocket was a piece of paper. One paper was covered in the messy kanji of Matsuda, and the other a note from one L Lawliet.
Roger led Raito to a room with a white door. As they approached the room, Raito noted that the door on the left had a plaque that read Mello and Matt, and the door to the right, Pandy and Demise. The white door itself read Near.
"Tsuki, you'll be roommates with Near," Roger began as he knocked on the door.
"Enter," a soft voice called.
Raito and Roger entered, and the mask Raito wore around strangers immediately went up, for Near was very different from the usual, and Raito had to be very careful with him. Near was pale, with white hair and gray eyes reminiscent of L. He was smaller than average, and wore white pajamas.
"Near, this is Tsuki, your new roommate." Roger introduced the two.
Raito bowed in greeting, and spoke, forgetting to slip out of his native tongue. "Hello, Near-kun."
Near clearly spoke Japanese, because he was quick to greet Raito in the same language. "Greetings, Tsuki-kun. You are lucky to be rooming with the only person who speaks Japanese in the house."
"Oh," Tsuki fell into English. "I forgot which language to speak momentarily."
"He's intelligent, right?" Near asked Roger in French.
"Yes!" Raito snapped quickly, speaking in the same tongue as Near, "And I speak French too!"
"He has anger issues," Near added in Russian.
Tsuki scoffed, and hissed, matching Near's ability for language. "You are very rude, Near-chan!" He didn't say it, but he was quite upset that Near had broken his mask so easily.
Roger left quickly.
"So what's your skill?" Near demanded in English.
Raito smirked. "Anything I want it to be."
"Mello will be displeased with that," Near grinned; it really didn't fit his face. "You may get a few bruises before Roger can stop him."
Tsuki shrugged. "I've faced worse."
"Good, cause Mello will be pretty violent if you get a higher ranking than him." Near explained.
Tsuki frowned. "Ranking?"
"Yeah, L's most likely successor," Near said nonchalantly.
Raito froze. "What? Oh hell no. I won't do it."
"Didn't strike me as the swearing type," Near stated. "Well, protesting won't do anything. L never comes here anyways to know you're unhappy. The only visitors we get besides potential adopters is Ryuuga."
Tsuki laughed at hearing this. "Of course he'd do that. Why am I not surprised? Well, whatever. I won't be L's successor after he dies. Stealing his job after he's dead doesn't sound okay with me."
"You are leading me to believe you are closer to L than most Wammy's orphans," Near stated monotonously.
"You are leading me to believe you are not as stupid as you look," Raito teased.
"That was not very nice, Tsuki-chan." Near mumbled. Raito shuddered and mumbled something unintelligible as the name reminded him of that fateful day. "Tsuki? Are you okay?"
The mask was back. "I apologize; I don't know what came over me. I should go find out where everything else is."
"I see… Allow me to be your guide, Tsuki-kun." Near offered with a slight grin. He is like another puzzle for me to solve, the pale-skinned boy thought.
Tsuki spoke evenly, "That would be nice; thank you."
Near started out of their room and approached Mello's and Matt's. He knocked softly.
"Who is it?" An irritable-sounding voice snapped.
A calmer voice called, "Mello, chill! Come in!"
Near opened the door and a blonde leapt at him snarling, "Near, get out of here! …Hellish little sheep." Raito followed Near into the room, and the blonde… male? Demanded, "Who're you?"
"Tsuki," The cinnamon-haired boy answered coolly, "And you are?"
A brunette spoke up. "He's Mello," He said, jerking his head in the direction of the blonde while staring at a DS. "I'm Matt."
"Yay, we're all friends now. Get out so we can force food… I mean, feed Marowit." Mello spat.
Near and Tsuki headed on towards Pandy's and Demise's room.

God, I'm so sorry for the long wait! I've had a lot of problems I've had to deal with including being in and out of the hospital and things like that, so I haven't been able to do any work on this.