Hungry Meloetta

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Totally origin al name, right guys? Since Meloetta always tends to be hungry, I thought this would be quirky to make... besides, it's a nice way to kick start March. Enjoy!

Aria Meloetta was inside her cozy little wooden home, having both of her hands on her stomach, sighing as she looked down at it. Meloetta's stomach growled loudly, causing Meloetta to sigh as she rubbed both of her hands softly on her stomach, slightly blushing.

"Man, am I hungry..." Meloetta muttered to herself as she licked her lips, "I sure could go for something..." She gasped, getting an idea. "Oh! Maybe icing will fill me up!"

She got up, running to the fridge, opening it to see several cartons of vanilla icing. She grabbed one of them, tossing the lid away and guzzling down the entire vanilla icing down her mouth, belching loudly as she tossed the carton away. wiping her mouth with her right hand. Meloetta looked back down at her stomach, her arms to her side. Her stomach still growled loudly, much to Meloetta's disappointment.

"Icing is good, but that's not enough!" Meloetta declared as she grabbed some plain bagels from the cabinet, taking out three of them as she raised another carton of vanilla icing, pouring the icing over the bagels. She then munched down on the bagels, one by one, finishing within five minutes. Meloetta burped loudly, rubbing her stomach with her right hand as she sighed of comfort. "Ahhh... that was certainly filling... do you like that, tummy?"

Meloetta's stomach growled louder than before, wanting more food. Meloetta sighed, somewhat annoyed as she placed both of her hands on her hips, glaring at her stomach. "Are you not satisfied? I just had three bagels and an entire carton of vanilla icing!"

Meloetta's stomach began barking angrily, causing some pain. Meloetta groaned, slightly hunching back as she placed both of her hands on her stomach. "Ouch! Okay, okay... what do you want, then...?" She widened her eyes, standing back up straight as she sensed something delicious. "Hey... I smell something good..."

Meloetta started floating in the air, closing her eyes as she opened her mouth, a smile obviously on her face. She began following the sweet scent, her hands down as she headed out of her house. She followed the scent to a picnic basket, opening her eyes to see it, as well as several bananas, apples, and oranges. She got back onto her feet, clasping her two hands together as she gasped with glee, raising her right leg up into the air. Her eyes got bigger as she noticed the delicious sight of fruit together.

"My oh my, this fruit look yummy!" Meloetta exclaimed as she licked her lips together, rubbing her growling stomach with her right hand. "I sure would like to have one..."

Suddenly, Meloetta was blasted by a powerful bluish blast of water. Completely soaked, Meloetta gasped as she got up, shaking her body to dry herself, looking up to see a male Samurott, who looked pissed. Meloetta held her hands together as she gulped.

"Does that fruit belong to you?" Meloetta asked as she blinked innocently.

Samurott scoffed, pulling out his right shoulder sword and aiming it at Meloetta's face. "Why yes. Why do you snoop upon my private picnic?"

Meloetta placed her hands behind her back, whistling innocently as she rolled her eyes. "Oh... no reason... cept LOOK BEHIND YOU!" Meloetta exclaimed, pointing at the sky.

Samurott glanced behind him, before knocking an incoming Energy Ball from Meloetta back with his sword. He then narrowed his eyes, growling as Meloetta closed her hands together, raising them by her face as she chuckled nervously.

"Ehehehe... whoops..." Meloetta muttered as she ducked under Samurott, snatching the picnic basket and all the fruit, shoving the fruit down her mouth as she gulped down, running westward.

Samurott bellowed in anger as he placed away his sword, running after Meloetta on all four of his legs, firing Water Pulses at the melody Pokemon. Meloetta screamed as she jumped and ducked, trying to avoid being blasted by the powerful. jets of water. Meloetta tripped over a small rock on the smooth grass, tumbling down the grassy hill and landing face first, her but in the air. Samurott jumped over, aiming towards Meloetta. Meloetta got up, shaking her head, as she turned her head, looking up, to see the angry Samurott coming down towards her. Screaming, Meloetta got up, dodging just in time as Samurott shook the ground, his eyes glowing as he fired a Hydro Pump towards Meloetta.

Meloetta tried to duck the Hydro Pump, but she was caught, being blasted and soaked, colliding into a large rock. Meloetta groaned, her eyes closed as she sunk, having been doused. Samurott approached her slowly, ready to attack again as he glanced to his left, to see the picnic basket lying on the grass safe. He turned back to Meloetta, approaching her further.

"Now, it's time I taught you some matters, you pesky little..." Samurott muttered as he started to form a Water Pulse in his mouth.

Meloetta whimpered as she began crying, holding her hands together as she trembled, not having enough energy to save herself. Suddenly, Samurott was electrocuted, which paralyzed him. Samurott looked up, surprised to see Arceus, who arrived out of nowhere. Meloetta gasped, tilting her head p to see the almighty Pokemon diety.

"Meloetta, what do I keep telling you?" Arceus remarked as he shook his head, landing on the smooth, green grass. "You have plenty of food at your house. Go eat there."

Meloetta was still too exhausted to stand up. "But Arceus, I'm too hungry! I just gotta eat something!"

Arceus groaned, shaking his head as he turned to Samurott, recovering him to full health. "I apologize for whatever damage Meloetta has caused."

Samurott nodded his head in respect, giving Meloetta a firm glare as he turned back to Arceus. "Just make sure to give her a justified punishment." He approached Meloetta, planting his face right into her face. "Arceus help you if you attempt to steal from me again, food or not." He then grabbed his basket with his mouth, heading northward.

Meloetta let out a sigh of relief as she wiped her forehead with her right hand. "Phew! Am I glad that's over..." She rubbed her stomach, smiling as she didn't feel any more pain. "And looks like I had enough to make my tummy nice and calm!"

Arceus turned to Meloetta. "Mel, you and I are going to have a little talk..." He then closed his eyes, teleporting himself and Meloetta back to Meloetta's house.