Meloetta popped her head out of the bushes, finally save from the angry Swanna. She spotted a picnic basket, noticing that a female Wooper and a female Cherubi were about to eat it. She giggled evilly as she tapped her hands together.

"Man, it sure is nice to have a picnic, 'ey Cherubi?" Wooper asked as she jumped up and down.

Cherubi giggled as she tilted herself left to right. "Yeah! I can wait for those yummy Pecha Berries!"

As they were about to open up the picnic basket, Meloetta snatched it in one fell swoop! Wooper and Cherubi collided with each other, hurting each other as they opened their eyes, seeing Meloetta run westward. Wooper and Cherubi looked at each other, and cried as they were unable to chace after Meloetta.

Meloetta cackled as she poured all of the Pecha Berries from the picnic basket into her mouth, burping as she tossed away the now empty basket. Meloetta tapped her fingers together again as she sensed more sweet berries nearby. "Those pecha berries were pretty good... I need more..." She started to cackle evilly again as she dashed away.