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Blue Wallflower

Chapter Five: The Unseen


I wanna tell you something. But, you have to keep it a secret. Do you wanna know what it is?

Raven loves Richard. Yeah, I know how you feel. It's a 'What the hell?' kind of thing. I've known for a long time. Since the sixth grade, I think. You could see it in her eyes every time he would open his mouth to say something. How her smile would get bigger. How her cheeks would turn a slight shade of red. How she never let anyone say or do anything bad to 'Robin'. C'mon. Anyone can see that she is madly and hopelessly in love with the rich and famous Richard 'Robin' Grayson. But he has Kori Anders. There's no place for Raven. Which is so not right.

But! And there is a big but (no pun intended, you sickos) here. That doesn't mean she can't find another place to squeeze into. Jaya took her in with open arms. The rest of the guys did too. One more than others. That's right. Another secret I don't think anyone knows yet. Elliot Knight, longtime friend of Jaya, has a major crush on Raven Roth. And to think, I used to say he was a total weirdo! Yup, but I take it back now. I take it back because somehow he makes Raven smile. He makes Raven not think about Richard. He makes Raven forget that her love is unrequited because someone else can talk more than her.

In all honesty, I don't get exactly why Dick went for Kori and not Raven. He's ditched her plenty times. My friend Karen is kind of close to Victor Stone, and she tells me a lot of things that Richard has and had done to Raven, but she continues to be by his side no matter what. It's plain to see that Richard just-… he doesn't get it. He doesn't see what's right in front of him. Roy and Garth fight over Kori all the time, saying who she would rather choose. In the end, even after all the hours of arguing and headaches, Kori will be with Richard, while Roy and Garth are in the same league as Raven. The Unseen.

My thoughts snap back into reality when someone pinches my shoulder. "Ow!" I hiss. Jaya smirks from besides me and says nothing. See, here's another secret. I like Jaya. A lot. Aren't I just full of secrets today? Anyways, Jaya is kind of like Raven, except a little louder and rougher. But that's okay. I like her the way she is. I just hope I don't end up like Seymour. Poor dude.

"Get your head on straight, East. We need to find a store to trash." Another secret? I don't wanna trash a store. If I get into trouble, my Uncle Barry will kill me. Not to mention my dad and mom, but Uncle Barry always pulls the guilt trick on me and I feel like crap afterwards.

I halt in my tracks as she eyes a horribly pink store, ironically called The Pink Hub. With a shudder, I turn to my 'companion' and try to lead her off track.

"Any idea as to where Raven and Elliot went?"

"No clue. Now, c'mon; I want to make a ruckus in this one."

"Hold on a second, pinky. Let's not get too excited."

"Oh, shut up."

I rise up my hands in surrender. "I'm just saying. You like this whole 'anarchy' thing a little too much. How about we try the food court, then we decide whether or not to trash this place. You know you're better than that, right?"

It might be the tone of voice I'm giving her or the words that fall from my mouth that make her stop her march to the pink hell on earth. Jaya kind of just stands there, not knowing whether to listen to me or to ignore me all together. I really hope she picks the first thing. She was actually better than that; I know it and somewhere deep down so does she.

Jinx turns around with a huff. "God, your so annoying," she pauses then grumbles," your buying me a smoothie."

I smirk and inwardly pat myself on the back. Job well done, West. Job well done.

After about ten minutes of bickering on which way is the fastest to the food court, we (the infamous duo that we are) decide to go left (her way). There are tons of stores I have never gone to, and I hardly pay them any attention. The way Jinx walks, with such confidence and independency – it makes I guy like me lucky enough to even hold some sort of conversation with her. What a love sick idiot I'm becoming, huh?

We pass this dark store. And when I say dark, I mean dark. But that isn't what caught my small attention span. No. It was the people that were walking out of it. Raven and Elliot were having a one-sided conversation. I inwardly cheered for the mute. They were just so cute! (Oh, Gawd. Did I just say that?) Kinda – I dunno – like a match made in Hot Topic!


I feel like I want to bolt out of the mall. Like literally zoom out of there with Raven in my arms and Elliot in the other. If only. Why, you ask, do I want to do such a heroic thing? Well, good person, I want to super sprint out there because not only was the one and only Richard 'Dick' 'Robin' Greyson standing by the smoothie shop, so are the rest of Raven's so called friends.

Jaya bites back a snarl as she pushes me inside a store. We quietly watch the group as they chat amongst themselves. Richard looks like he's looking for something; Raven, I'm guessing.

"They cannot – and I repeat, cannot! – be allowed to see Raven. Do you hear me, East!? That would ruin everything!" she demands franticly. There's something in her odd colored eyes. Something close to-… Bingo.

"You care about Raven," I mutter bluntly.

"What are you babbling about?" she snaps back.

"You set up this whole shindig so Rae and Elliot could be alone together. You were playing match-maker! What's more, you're Jaya Lane. Aka Jinx. Bad girl of the school. Andy you care!" My voice rises with every word that comes out of my mouth. Jaya kind of just gaps at me before shaking her head and scowling.

She furrows her eyebrows. "Will you get a grip?! I don't care. But if they are actually doing some good ruckus in any store at all, I don't want them to get caught, alright? What if they sell me out? Please, I don't care about their stupid romances." Yeah, no. I don't believe any of it. At all. And I was just about to tell her too, when low and behold, Kori walks in with Richard in tow.

I give a nervous laugh and scratch the back of my head. Richard smiles politely, eyes covered by his infamous shades, and slaps me on the back. He doesn't spare Jinx a glance. And when I do, she's gone. Leaving me alone in Marcie's Make-Up Boutique. Alone. Why world, why?

"Wally. What's up? I didn't know you were, uh, into this sort of stuff," Richard comments. Kori giggles from beside us. I give her a polite wave and smile. Kori's a nice girl and all, but, well – I guess the dark ones are just my thing.

"I'm not, honest. Just – you know, mom wanted me to pick up some stuff for her. And you? Kori whip you into coming in here?"

Richard playfully punches my shoulder. "Shut up."

I glance at my watch after we stand there in an awkward silence. Whistling, I make for the door. "Sorry, guys, but gotta run. I'll see ya later." Man, I am thankful to be out of there. Just before I was at least five feet away from the door, Richard swings it open and jogs towards me. "What's up, man?" I ask lazily.

"Have you… seen Raven?"

"Raven? No. Why? Is she here?"

"Yeah, she said something about coming with Jaya Lane and her pack of no-gooders. I thought you were also going." He's giving me this suspicious tone that he only gives people he thinks is guilty. And man, am I guilty of lying under oath. Wait; what oath!?

With a simple shrug of the shoulders I shake my head. "Nah. Thought about it and decided against it. You're right. They're no good. Too dumb to know right from wrong." Man, I felt like a douche. "I'll keep an eye out for her. Who knows, maybe I'll ask Raven out to a movie? She's single, right?" Damn me and my compulsive mouth.

Richard's smile falters just a bit at that. A twinge of pride swells in me before I get distracted again. He nods and says a goodbye before going back into the make-up boutique. I high tale out of there and round a corner with a gasp. Jaya is standing there with her arms crossed over her chest and eyes narrowed. The only thing I can think of is, Oh Gawd. She heard.

She takes a step forward in anger and points and accusing finger at my chest. "No good, huh? Guess what West. I could have trashed that stupid Pink Hub place. And I would've too. But I didn't. So don't go taking back your words just to impress Greyson!"

Even if it isn't touching me physically, I feel like her finger just jabbed my heart. I shake my head furiously and try to reason with her. "No! It wasn't like that. I had to think fast before he got suspicious. You know I didn't mea-"

"I don't want to hear it. Next time, pick which side you're really on." She turns away from me and starts down the hall. I jog at her side and attempt to explain myself. She just wouldn't have any of it. So in the end I am stuck at the mall by myself. With a crushed spirit and shoulders weighed with guilt. A part of me hopes that Raven and Elliot are doing okay and won't run into Richard. The other part wants to go and give the adoptive son of Bruce Wayne a black eye.

As I walk aimlessly around I thought about my options.

One: Go find Jaya and demand she listen to me.

Two: Go home and try to forget that this just happened.

And three: Find Richard and tell him off.

I ran, picking number one without any more hesitations. Because I make a promise to myself. I would not be the Unseen.

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