Stubborn and Determined

Chapter 1

Picking up where "Marshall Lee's Closet" left off.

Fionna and cake were getting ready for Prince Gumball's party that night.

"Are you going to the party with Lord Monochromicorn, Cake?" Fionna asked as she finished putting on her outfit

"You know it," Cake replied "there'd be no other for me to go with."

After putting her jewelry on, Fionna put on the cape she had borrowed from Marshall Lee...after hiding in his closet for five hours. She looked at herself in the mirror and instantly favored the cape, as it was the most unique feature of the outfit.

Then she started to think about the vampire king, remembering his rant about why he would not want to go to the party.

"Cake," Fionna wondered "do you think everyone's gonna be at the party?"

"Everyone usually is." Cake replied

"Almost everyone." Fionna stated

"What are you talking about?" Cake asked "Who wouldn't be here?"

Fionna gestured to the borrowed cape.

"Marshall Lee?" Cake responded "Well he doesn't go to every event, and he's not a very social type."

"Maybe if he was he'd have more friends around here." Fionna said

"He's got us," Cake affirmed "well maybe not me as much, but he's got you, so that must be enough for him."

Fionna looked at the cape.

"It shouldn't have to be just me." she said solemnly

"Marshall Lee is an ardent recluse," Cake told her "and you can't force someone to socialize."

"No," Fionna said "but you can pester them until they do."

She picked up the phone and, despite Cake's protests, called Marshall Lee.

The human girl waited as the phone rang until the vampire boy picked up.

"Hey." he answered, seeing her name on his caller ID

"Hi Marsh," Fionna asked "whatcha doin'?"

"Hangin' at home," he said "playin' guitar."

"Cool, cool," the human girl asked casually "so you doin' anything tonight?"

"Hadn't planned on anything;" he responded "hey, weren't you supposed to be getting ready for that party you were going to tonight?"

"Yeah I was," Fionna said "I just finished getting ready."

"Is the cape working out for ya?" Marshall Lee asked

"Oh yeah," Fionna replied "it's perfect."

Brief silence.

"Speaking of the party," Fionna wondered "were you planning on...showing up...there at any time tonight?"

"...Not really," Marshall Lee said flatly "I don't have any reason to go."

"Ah," Fionna responded "you sure?"

"Yep..." Marshall Lee replied "gotta go." Then he hung up

Fionna put the hone down.

"Told ya." Cake said

"This is how persuasion works," Fionna explained "you start with a phone call, then you show up in person. Now let's go."

And so starts the Mission Persuasive.