The moment that gurney rolled in my heart dropped. His hair had lost its fluff. Actually most of his hair was gone. He was going to cry when he woke up and saw that. His love for his hair was even bigger than his love for his best friend. Not only that, but his face was red and wrapped in bandages. A breathing tube came out of his throat, keeping his chest moving up and down. It was sort of frightening to see someone so strong, so weak and defenseless. His arm and leg were pure plaster from the broken bones he sustained.

I don't think I've ever seen him to still, and so quiet, all at once. It just wasn't like him. Even when he was sleeping he was moving around, and when he was sitting he wouldn't shut his face. I sort of missed the old Newbie. I may pretend to hit it, but I secretly did enjoy it. It was relieving to see a happy face in this place some days. He was a ray of sunshine in a sea of storms. He's what kept this hospital afloat on its worst days.

"Kid. Please be okay."

"Perry, telling him that is going to get him nowhere. Nor will it get you anywhere." Carla came behind me to say. "Just tell him how you feel."

I just look up to her, give her a stink eye, and looked back at my feet. I had carefully propped them up on Newbie's bed, and leaned back with my arms behind my head. I was ready to stay here as long as it takes.

A sharp huff sounded behind me, with the ringing of footsteps leaving the room. I definitely had my moments where I could truly piss off Carla. It was a lot easier than you'd think, but I just never tried because I actually liked her. Carla was one of the few sane and non-annoying people in this hospital that I could stand. I liked her for that.

Thinking back to what I had found earlier, I also considered what Carla had said. Maybe I should talk to him. It felt so useless to try and talk to him when he couldn't respond, or likely consider what I had to say. Yet I suppose saying how I felt now would be better than later. I could think it out now, and perfect it when I actually talked to him.

"So Newbie. I mean JD. See I said JD. It actually has a nice ring to it. It really does suit you for a name. This is well, awkward to say the least though. As for the girl names. Kid, I've been here so long that I can't even remember how long. The amount of women I've met is endless. That's where I've picked up most of the names I call you, then some I just randomly come up with on the spot. It all depends on my mood I guess. And kid, you didn't do okay. You've never done okay. Okay is so mediocre, and you are not mediocre. You are beyond okay. You are one of the best god damn doctors I've ever met, and had the chance to be around. You're important to everyone in this hospital. You're the reason this whole hospital runs so smoothly. You're the one holding it together! Sure you're a nuisance, but every single person here loves you to death. Whether it's the nurses, or the surgeons, or the patients, they all do. As for being a doctor like me. You aren't me. You aren't ever going to be like me. You're going to be better than me with no doubt. You have the promising potential. You always have"

"As for making me happy. Newbie that is the nicest thing anyone has ever said about me. No one seems to give a shit about my happiness. No one stopped for one second to try and make me smile. I pushed everyone away, and they let themselves be pushed away. But not you, you've stuck around since day one. I could not appreciate that fact any more than I already do. You have been one of the most amazing guys I have ever met. You're just an annoying ball of sunshine Susan, and I think your sunshine may have rubbed off on me just a tiny bit. And I have to admit this. I've been this way since day one, and it's grown ever since. But kid. I am proud of you. I am completely proud. Words can't describe how proud of you I am now. You're so much greater than you let yourself believe. Also, thank you for my life. Thank you for everything."

With that I breathed. It was sickening how sweet and honest I was being right now. All of it was for waste for he'd never hear it. I honestly don't think I could go back and do it all over again. There was a shuffle of feet coming into the room, and hugging the back of me.

"That was kinda beautiful for you Perry" A sweet Hispanic voice whispered in my ear.

"I mean I'm a pretty sweet guy, isn't it obvious?" I questioned her sarcastically.

"But of course Dr. Cox. You're famous for it" She muttered back.

"Yes, Yes I am." I said smiling at the thought. Being nice wouldn't be so bad, but being mean and harsh was so much more fun!

"How's he doing," she asked quietly.

"For what he's been through, pretty well. Now we just have to hope the fever disappears, and he wakes up." I replied. Waking up would be the worst part. The amount of pain he was going to be in would be unbelievable. Luckily we had morphine for that. Morphine made everything better.

"I just can't believe my little Bambi is all banged up." She said with a pouty face. Carla was like an overprotective mother sometimes, but only towards Newbie. Everyone had the need to protect him from every little thing. Yet he finds himself in the most dangerous of situations.

"Oh dear, Susan is a strong girl. She'll be perfectly fine."

"Stop calling him girl names."

"I'll do whatever I want to do!"

"You called him JD. Why don't you just call him that for once in your life?"

"Because our little princess can't be so spoiled all the time!"

"You're saying he's ours?"

"Possibly. Have a problem with that?"

"It's not like he would be half dating my husband. Making it even more awkward!"

"We sound like him. Just going off randomly"

"Hopefully he'll wake up soon enough so we won't have to do it."

"Yeah. I'm not liking it very much anymore."

" Did you mean everything you said about him earlier?"

"Yeah. I actually did mean every word. This is a first for me. But it seemed right to say to him, even if he can't understand it."

A faint rumbling noise came from over by my feet. For a second I was confused until I saw two very fear filled eyes staring back into mine. My god he was awake.

"JD, you know what to do right?" I asked, even though I knew he did. He nodded in agreement anyways.

"On three I want you to start coughing, okay?"




With that he started coughing, and pulled the breathing tube out. Just that seemed to wear him out. He looked up at me with weary eyes, and pointed to his throat with his good hand. I looked back to Carla, but she was already on it. She came running back with a cup of water, which she helped Newbie drink slowly. In no time he had gone through the whole cup.

"Okay JD. Look here…. Now here…. And over here. Good good. Now does anything hurt?"

He shook his head and his eyes drifted shut. He was so weak and tired. It concerned me that he didn't say anything between the time he woke up and now. For now I was going to blame it on fatigue, but I'm going to investigate when he comes around again. I placed a mask over his face to help him breathe, and went back to my chair. Carla and I continued our conversation for a few hours until it became dark again, and she left for her husband. I stayed though.