Authors Note 1) This will have swearing and most certainly blood and 2) I own nothing . Okay lets begin.

Chapter 1 Beginnings

"Yo, Riku I got tickets for a show man." said Vaintas as he playfully slapped Riku awake from his spell inducing algebra textbook.

"I can't go but thanks for the offer." rebuffed Riku which caused his book to be yanked away from him.

"I didn't ask I got these trough a friend of mine who won't take them back, now let's go man." commanded Vanitas as he dragged Riku to his black semi-truck. Later they were on the road going at least legal millage or so Riku prayed because some of the cops Vantias pissed off knew his secret which was the reason he ran away and never looked back. He was then blinded by bright flashy lights and deafened by loud boom box music coming from the front doors of a very crowded area.

"Vantias where are we?" asked Riku annoyingly as he braced himself for the worst.

"Traverse town." replied Vantias as they got out of the vehicle and toward the vision of a bouncer that had the appearance of a man whose muscles would intimidate a tiger standing even if he was wearing a black suit with a white tie and sunglasses in front of a elegant velvet rope.

"We were invited here by Neku my good sir." Vanitas spoke as he showed the man the tickets who then invited both of them into a incredibly blinding room blaring loud music at an incredibly fast rate.

"Follow me." He instructed as he grabbed Riku's hand , leading him to a velvet door with ivory black door handles which Vantias pushed open revealing a room with many midnight black curtians with an ivory black titled floor surrounding many marble statues of dragons which covered the dark gray walls.

"You came Vanitas and I see you brought a friend with you as well." announced a voice coming from behind the tall red desk which revealed its owner to be a man around Vantias's height who was wearing a purple suit, a black collar suit and oddly red over headphones that covered both of his ears.

"Neku it's been ages old buddy." replied Vanitas has he shook hands with his friend professionally but with a hint of friendship hidden deep in there as the door was locked by two goons.

"Riku why don't you take a little walk and enjoy the view while we gentlemen talk." gestured Vantias as Riku left the building rather quickly and into the fresh cold air where the sky was very starry and the moon was looking its loveliest making the night more attractive than ever but the city lights hid its true beauty. Then a scream of a woman broke through the calmness causing Riku to move in the direction of the trouble rather quickly and then he saw three men all dressed in black robes and all surrounding a girl who tried to escape but every time she did one of the members of the group would hit whatever limb escaped their direction.

"Oh this is going to be fun." hissed the man in the middle as the men on the sides held her down on the dirty alleyway floor as he practically licked his prize with lust in his eyes.

"Hey you, leave her alone!" boldly announced Riku as the attention of the men shifted from the prize to him with pure anger.

"You dare tell us what to do." they replied as they all rushed toward him with nearby pipes which rushing toward him while he just stood there. The moment that they took a step near him was the moment that he drew his sword the way to dawn which he used to knock out all three of them with one swing.

" Aw crud we are in trouble now." said one of the guys as he got up and ran while the other two guys followed him while Riku approached the girl who had probably fainted from the ordeal.

"Hey you, are you alright?" Asked Riku as he looked at the girl with such a worried look. When she didn't move, he decided to carry her back to his place until she was fully healed.

As soon as he got to the truck, he tried to unlock the door but it was locked so he used a spare set of keys and prayed to god that Vanitas wouldn't mind. As soon as he was in the vehicle he put her in the back seat and then backed up carefully before heading to the highway full speed.

Then when he reached the apartment he gently laid her on his bed kissing her hand as he went out to buy her some clothes and maybe even drop her off to where ever she lived if she was feeling alright afterwords but what Riku didn't know was this was just the beginning of a journey for him that would last him a lifetime.