Chapter 3 Fun

Vanitas hated Riku tonight, after he jacked his semi-truck while he was in a meeting with the head of the reaper mob himself Neku, which resulted in at least forty people getting shot which compared to other meetings was like another day in the office for him but then after the meeting, he had noticed his lack of a ride causing him to say 'pretty things' and having him walking back to his apartment.

Oh well the sky looks pretty tonight thought Vanitas as he walked to the apartment. As he made it to the bed he then saw a pale, redheaded girl wearing torn skimpy clothing that exposed her skinny legs and her medium sized bust a little bit lying there. Vanitas approached the girl when all of a sudden she woke up and nearly slapped him in the face.

"Pervert, wadda want from me huh!" she snapped. From what Vanitas could tell she was pissed as hell but why at him, he wondered but then Vanitas caught her anger as soon a Riku entered the room.

"Where the #$%^ have you been!" cursed Vantias as he glared at Riku with a look in his eyes that if he wanted too he could burry him in deep *&^%.

"Out buying clothes for a girl I saved from a bunch of $#^ heads working for my old man." Riku explained.

"Is this girl the little s- OWWWWWWWWWWWWW!" said Vantias as his hand was chomped down upon by the girl who later got out of the bed and grabbed the bag from Riku's hand while giving him a quick peck on the cheek which caused Riku to blush.

"Thanks for saving my ass but I gotta ask you to leave to give me some privacy." she said, "Oh and the names Shiki."

"Riku." replied Riku as he dragged Vantias out of the room.

Five minutes passed on for a while, then she came out wearing the clothes Riku picked out for her which consisted of a pair of pink jeans with a rhinestone belt, a white low cut sleeveless shirt with a rhinestone butterfly on the back of it and a pair of golden flip flops.

"Not bad at all, you know what Riku I think you deserve a little night out don't you?" said Shiki as she dragged Riku out of the room despite the objections coming from Riku's but notheless .

Of all the things I gotta put up with, this has got to be on of the worst ones yet. thought Vantias as he stared at the she-devil known as Shiki, not even breathing until she was gone from his sights.

Meanwhile Riku was lucky he didn't die of a heart attack from Shiki's fast driving nor from the loud horns which basically said, 'get off the road mother ****er.

"Shiki, do you want us to go to kingdom hearts!" yelled Riku for the one hundredth time.

"Relax we're almost there." replied Shiki as she drove toward a building which Riku never saw before in his life.

"What is this place?" asked Riku.

"This is just a little black market/red light arcade that's all." sweetly replied Shiki. Riku was about to open his mouth to object to the idea but Shiki literally dragged him in the arcade. The moment the doors to the arcade were open, Riku saw dim red lights surrounding the place but he saw the entertainment all too well.

"Well aren't you going to play something?" asked Shiki as she glanced at Riku like he was some rag doll.

"Uhhhhh Just one question how do you know this place?" asked Riku.

"Oh that, used to work here until I met Neku," replied Shiki, "Real life saver too, I hated this one runner in this place and Neku had him sleeping with the fishes just like that."

Riku then made a mental note not to let this girl hurt.

"Uuhhhh I'll play whatever game you recommend for me Shiki." said Riku.

"Let's make this more interesting." proposed Shiki "If you can survive all of the games and make me happy, I'll give you a treat."

"Done." said Riku.

Then Shiki took his hand and dragged him down to a table that looked like an air hockey stadium with a sign that read 'Tin Pin Slammer'.

"Okay how do I play this?" Riku asked Shiki.

"Just knock off-" Shiki instructed when all of a sudden a sleek blonde young man with a light blue collared shirt and jeans approached Shiki, which caused her to grow angry.

"Hello Shiki." the young man greeted.

"Joshua, what the hell are you doing here?!" demanded Shiki.

"Is that any way to greet your friend?" Joshua questioned, "Besides I'm here for Mr. Riku."

Before anyone could object, Riku then punched the guy in the face.

"What makes you think I'm going with you." Riku said about to punch him again when all of a sudden a hand pulled him back.

"Don't." Shiki ordered which Riku obeyed as Joshua got up on his feet.

"Well that was quite the punch, " Joshua replied "Anyway why I am here is because to protect Riku from his father."

"His Father?!" Shiki asked.

"Sephiroth, you know him right?" Joshua asked Shiki who was now staring at Riku like he was a prince or something.

"Why do you want to help me?!" Riku demanded.

"Because I'm bored." Joshua replied as he suddenly knocked the couple out without lifting a finger.

"Very good no wonder why Neku says you are the smartest." a man dressed in a suit said.

"Well Megumi , I suppose you are right," Joshua replied , "But you miscalculate me."

"How so?" Megumi asked.

"Simple, I need them to oppose Sephrioth to end him not take his power snake." Joshua said before he disappeared along with Riku and Shiki.

"This will be fun." Megumi muttered to himself before a figure came out of the shadows and shot him in the back , causing Megumi to die flipping the assailant off before she laughed.

"Looks like The Fun has begun into madness." she wispered into the dead mans ear before leaving and smiling at the resulting chaos.

Author's Note Sorry for not updating this story in a while, I hope I can update soon. Oh yeah I finally Played The World Ends With You, great game by the way, so expect characters from there.