Chapter One

Chris peaked through the bars of the crib, his small eyebrows puckering in curiosity. He squeezed his hand in between the opening of two of the bars, wiggling his fingers. This grabbed the baby's attention. She had been gumming her fingers for a while, and now the tiny wet things gripped a hold of Chris's hand. Wide blue eyes stared up at him; her grip was strong and unwavering.

"Honey," His head turned to look at his mother, "Don't let her suck on your fingers. You haven't washed your hands yet."

"But I haven't touched nothin' dirty. Plus, she's not suckin on my hand." Chris protested, slowly drawing his hand away from his baby sister.

Claire gave a wail of annoyance, making him cringe. His mother rushed towards the baby, cradling her in her arms, cooing and shushing. After a moment, the screaming calmed and the usual babble that could be heard from the room returned.

"Alright, go get washed up for dinner, Chris," His mother said; walking out of the nursery, still holding Claire.

"M'kay…" Chris muttered.

Once his mother left the room, Chris examined his hand skeptically. He could still feel the pressure from Claire holding onto it. She was so... weird.

I have a million things on Resident Evil on my profile XD Oh gosh... So this will be updated randomly and whatnot, the chapters will be short, they'll rarely be long compared to what I'm doing with Ghosts from the Past. I know a bunch of people have done this but I wanted to try it out for myself. I hope you like it!