She missed him dearly, unable to remember when it was she had seen him last. Her brother's new job had taken him elsewhere, taken him far from her. And despite the phone calls and emails she received, it wasn't enough. The last time Claire had actually seen Chris could be traced back several months. Several months before the newest epidemic.

Something had gone wrong, something he wouldn't tell her. Couldn't tell her. But she could see it in the newspapers. Find it online. Hear it around campus. People were dying. Disappearing only to be found again, mauled beyond recognition. The information was disconcerting, and she was waiting for the message that Chris was one of those bodies. That what he had been investigating in Raccoon City had gotten a hold of him. That he was missing. That he was dead.

With each email and phone call, she was reassured of his safety. That he would be perfectly fine. That he was safe and alive. Still in one piece. But lately, she had found no messages piling up in her inbox. No voice mails of him complaining how she never picked up the phone.

After several days, she sent him an email of her own. After waiting another day for a reply she finally called from her dorm room. He didn't pick up, and she left a message. Days passed until finally she couldn't stand the silence. Couldn't take the lack of her brother's presence, no matter how minute it was.

She left campus early one morning, leaving a note for her roommate to assure she was fine. Raccoon City was a long way to go.


Sorry I wasn't able to respond sooner. Things have gotten a little shaky around here. I'm safe, so don't worry. Just make sure you stay as far away from here as possible. I'll be heading over to your place as soon as I can. Whatever you do, don't come to Raccoon City. Something's happened that I can't explain over email. You'll know soon enough.

Love you,


And so it begins...

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