Chapter 1

Danny Fortesque

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When you think of England, you think of royalty, tea, Big Ben, and knights. You may even think of magic. But mostly, you think of the legends. Among them is a tale of a knight from the lost kingdom of Gallowmere. It has become a common tale that had strained over the centuries. Only two families remember the entire embarrassing, true tale. The British Royal Family, and my family, the Fortesque's.

The tale began in the year 1286 A.D, with the attack of an evil wizard called Zarok. This weirdo had the nerve to raise the dead to do his bidding and laid siege to Gallowmere. The 'hero' of the tale and my ancestor and namesake, Sir Daniel Fortesque, was a knight of the court of King Peregrin who loved to tell stories, usually ones that made up his so-called 'heroism'.

When Zarok attacked, the king, who believed in Sir Daniel's stories, made the storyteller commander of his army. However, on the day that the battle would take place known as the 'Battle of Gallowmere,' Sir Daniel, who had fallen back to pretend to tie his boot laces, was shot in the eye, making him the first casualty at the Battle of Gallowmere. That was the most embarrassing part of the story.

After finding out what Sir Daniel, we call 'Sir Dan' really was, the king and members of his court forged a story, saying that Sir Dan had fought bravely, defeating Zarok. In truth, Zarok had escaped, greatly weakened by the battle.

A hundred years later, Zarok returned and casted an evil spell to attempt to take over Gallowmere again. He stole the souls of the living, making them mad loonies, and raising an army of zombies and demons. However, he had not expected to raise Sir Dan in the process.

Now resurrected, Sir Dan traveled the land of Gallowmere, collected pieces of an artifact known as the Anubis Stone, and fought Zarok, actually killing him this time. The living regained their souls and sanity, while the dead, including Sir Daniel, returned to their crypts and continued their eternal rest.

But just when you think that the story ends there, you end up being wrong.

Five hundred years afterward, in 1886 Victorian London, Zarok's spellbook ended up in the hands of a greedy man named Lord Palethorn, who sought to use the books power to conquer the world. But like the warlock before him, Palethorn unwittingly resurrected Sir Daniel again. Like before in Gallowmere, Sir Daniel traveled London, fought, and defeated Lord Palethorn before returning to his eternal slumber. He was aided by my great-great-grandfather, who was a boy at the time; a mad scientist, a ghost boy, and a mummified princess.

As I have said, only two families know of the tale. The royal family and my family. I knew the tale because when Sir Dan was alive, the first time, there was a huge pub party that got a few barmaids pregnant. I was a direct descendent of the night. While the barmaid was bitter the rest of her life, the rest of the family overlooked the dead knight's journey and recorded it in private journals that was handed down every generation of the family.

Everyone in the family had their own views of the legend. Some believe it; some turn their noses in disbelief, and others, like me, just focused on their own futures. And that was what I, the youngest and one of the two remaining blood-born Fortesque's alive, was doing.

Until one fateful day.

It started out as a normal day. Well, normal for me. I was snoozing in my bed, having already pressed snooze on my alarm clock, when I felt a pair of small, cold hands grasp my wrist and tried to pull me out of bed.

"Oy, Danny! Get out of bed! Today's the day you get to meet Dan!"

I groaned at the child-like voice.

"Alright. Alright. I'm getting up, Winston."

Ever since I moved in with my grandparents after my parents died in America when I was five, I have been visited frequently by the ghost of a 12-year old boy named Winston. He and my grandpa told me that he was the ghost that aided Sir Dan in Victorian London. As I grew older, however, I was still skeptical about the dead coming back to life, thus I was still unconvinced that the stories of Sir Dan were real.

Once my feet were on the floor, Winston left. As I got my clothes, I remembered something. It was the day of the class field trip to the London Museum for history class. He was going to meet up with me. Upon remembering the trip, I fully woke up and got dressed.

I chose a white T-shirt with a short, denim vest and jean capris. I then put on some clean socks and white tennis shoes. After I brushed my red hair, I put it in a ponytail and put in some diamond stud earrings and an amethyst teardrop pendent around my neck. I emptied out my brown messenger bag, placed in an empty blue notebook and a couple of erasable pens before I headed downstairs.

When I got down, I found my grandmother at the table, hot breakfast ready.

"Morning, Gran." I spoke as I kissed my grandmother on the forehead.

"Morning, Danny. I take it Winston woke you up for the field trip, right?" Gran asked me.

I nodded as I sat down and began to eat my eggs.

"Yeah. He's really excited about going to the museum today."

She chuckled.

"I bet. He likes to tell the story whenever a Fortesque goes there. Did the same to your grandfather when he was a boy and when your father was young."

My grandfather, a former Sergeant Major during WWII, was practically a historian when it came to Sir Dan and Gallowmere. Since Winston became the family ghost in 1886, he would tell every Fortesque about the legend, including my grandfather. Though hardly anyone believed him, since the world is full of skeptics. And yet, I was one of them. As much as I want to believe, I was still a person who needed proof.

I finished my breakfast and quickly brushed my teeth before I kissed my grandmother goodbye.

"Bye, Gran. I'll see you this afternoon."

"Take care, dearie." She called as I headed out the door.

At my high school, my senior class immediately went to our bus after roll call and we were on our way to the Great Museum. I sat with my study partner and a good friend of mine, taking the window side of the seat. Zane Zeffrof had been my friend since kindergarten, when I save him from some bullies that were about to give him a swirly.

Zane's appearance could use a little spit and polish. His medium-length jet-black hair worked perfectly with his pale white skin and he was in good shape. But he's also your typical nerd. Very intelligent, weak, and poor eyesight and taste in clothing. I had to go with him when he got his eyes examined so that he'd get a decent pair of rimless glasses and not one of those thick frames. Today, he was wearing a plain white button-up shirt with a dark green sweater-vest over it as well as jeans and tennis shoes.

"So Danny, what do you think we should do our project on?" He asked.

I told him my plan.

"As soon as we're inside, we'll have to hurry to find the best exhibit before it's taken."

"And if it is?"

I sighed, hoping the next plan would never come to light.

"Then we go to the medieval exhibit. There's something…well, someone, there I know about."

We felt the bus coming to a stop and we headed out to the museum.

But as we entered the building, our class stampeded to find their exhibits. Zane and I looked all around, but we couldn't find any good exhibits that were still open. I groaned as I realized there was only one place to go.

"Come on, Zane. I guess it's Plan B."

I walked with Zane to the medieval exhibit, passing the weaponry and armor, tapestries, and other old artifacts as we headed to a room where I spotted Winston earlier. Thankfully, Zane didn't see him as we entered the room.

The center of the room had a wooden platform with a wooden 'canopy' over a wooden pedestal. On the pedestal was a skeleton dressed in armor with a red tunic. It was missing a lower jaw which no one knows what happened to it. On the floor in front of the pedestal was a gold plaque that said, "SIR DANIEL FORTESQUE."

"No way! We'll be doing our project on Sir Daniel Fortesque? This is brilliant, Danny. Absolutely brilliant."

Zane's enthusiasm outshined my apathy as we took notes. I told Zane about the common legend of Sir Dan, making sure I hid a few things (like Dan's humiliating death). In the middle of the note-taking, Zane realized something.

"Hey, Danny. Is Sir Daniel related to you? According to my calculations, there is only one living blood-related Fortesque and one that came in to marriage. That's you and your grandmother, correct?"

I paled, hoping the question wouldn't come. I wanted to lie, but Zane was smart. He would've figured out my lineage eventually. Seeing no other way around this, I told him, counting the 'greats' with my fingers.

"Yeah. He's my great- great- great- great- great- great- great- great- great- great- great- great- great- great grandfather. On my late grandfather's side."

That got Zane all riled up. As he began to ask various questions concerning my ancestor, I held up my hand and stopped him.

"Whoa there, Zane. Remember your asthma."

He used his inhaler to keep his asthma at bay while he gave me a look that was filled with questions.

"Look Zane, let's just get this report done and come up with a presentation. Otherwise, we'll fail history class."

That was enough to get Zane to put a cork in it as we did our report. A couple of hours later, we were finished with the report and we decided to stroll around the museum, since the two of us were the smartest in the class as well as the fastest when it comes to a report. We toured throughout the museum, gazing at the dinosaur fossils to the marvels of the modern world.

But little did I know that a simple museum trip would turn out horribly wrong by one simple answer.

The last place Zane and I reached was the mythical creatures section, and I felt a chill down my spine as I caught sight of a model serpent-like monster and a mannequin of a warlock with spikes on the sides of his face. Zane recognized him immediately.

"The infamous sorcerer, Zarok."

I raised an eyebrow at Zane.

"You know him?"

Zane was hesitant before pointing to a plaque.

"That plaque says it."

I didn't believe it, but I left it alone. As we looked around, I noticed Zane was shivering as we were looking around.

"Zane? You ok?"

I got really concerned when he gulped loudly before he spoke, stuttering.

"D-Danny? I-I've got s-something to tell you."

I raised my eyebrow again as I faced him.


He then said something that started the Gears of Fate.

"I-I like you. I mean…I really like you, Danny. Th-there's not a day that goes by that I don't think about you. S-so I want to ask. W-will you go out with me?"

My eyes were as big as dinner plates. My best friend just admitted he had a crush on me and wanted to go to the next step. My mind was frozen for a few minutes, debating until sighed as I told him the truth.

"Look, Zane. We've been friends since we were kids and have gotten close. As friends. But I'm sorry. I don't feel the same way toward you. You're more like a brother to me. But nothing more. I'm sorry."

I then left the room, leaving Zane behind.

Third Person POV

Zane watched, stunned, as Danny left the room. He couldn't believe it. She thought of him as a brother and nothing more. Zane leaned back into a wall, half-catatonic. He felt that way toward Danny ever since she rescued him in kindergarten. It took him to senior year of high school in gathering the guts to tell her how he felt. And for what? A rejection.

Unbeknownst to Zane, a familiar book in the Zarok exhibit began to radiate. It sensed his pain. It began to feed on his negative aura. And at the first taste of him, it recognized the aura. Slowly, the book began to levitate toward the catatonic nerd.

It was then a nasally voice spoke from the book.

"I can sense that you are of the bloodline of the great dark sorcerer, Zarok. Your energy rivals his."

Zane immediately broke out of his depressed state at the announcement.

It was true. Zane's family was from Zarok's blood. Although, Zarok created his heir 'unnaturally,' thus making the following generations only part human.

It was both an honor and a great shame to be related to the sorcerer who almost conquered Gallowmere. Unlike Zane, the majority of the Zeffrof Family embraced the bloodline and did vile things. Most of them ended up in prison or dead. Zane, even though he enjoyed hearing stories of his ancestor, didn't want anything to do with the mere mention of Zarok. He had already defied the family by befriending and falling for a Fortesque.

Zane pressed his back against the wall as he spoke to the book.

"I-I recognize you. You're Zarok's spellbook."

"Indeed." Said the book. "But with Zarok no more, I must be handed down to the most prominent of the House of Zarok. One who is able to handle even the weakest of spells. Throughout the centuries, the spell Zarok has placed on me enabled me to keep watch over the family. I had only one other for an owner, but he was too weak in mind for me. You, on the other hand, have the capabilities that will allow you to become a great sorcerer of the Dark Arts."

Zane gulped as he managed to speak.

"But I don't want it. I want nothing to do with the Zarok lineage."

But the spirit inside the book was prepared.

"Are you certain? What about the peers who torment you on a daily basis? What about gaining respect from the rest of the family?"

The book then said the strongest of the bait.

"What about her? The one who had the nerve to shatter your heart?"

Zane paled at the immediate realization of what the book meant.

"N-no! Danny may not return my feelings, but she's still my friend!"

"And why should that be better?" The book bellowed. "Think about it. She must have been your protector since childhood. And how does she repay you for years of ridding loneliness? By rejecting your proposal to court? Think about it. Wouldn't you want to show her what you're really made of?"

As much as he wanted to protest, Zane had to agree with the book. After all these years, why wouldn't Danielle want him? Perhaps…if he took up the sorcerer's ways, he could finally have her. And his classmates thought of him as nothing but a moving target to vent their frustrations. Violently.

The vile memories upon their ascent ultimately shattered Zane's remaining sanity. He had enough.

Without another word, Zane grabbed the book, holding it high in the air with both hands.

"I, Zane Zeffrof, hereby accept the destiny that is to be mine! I will become the greatest Dark Wizard in centuries and finish why my ancestor, Zarok, had started!"

As Zane spoke the words, the book shone a dark light as the power of the book began to merge with Zane, changing his physique. His body became well-toned for a slim boy, his eyesight improved greatly that he no longer needed the glasses, his equilibrium straightened out, his asthma faded from his lungs, and his boyish voice got a bit deeper, as he cackled malevolently. The clothing he wore was replaced with blue and green sorcerer robes and donned with jewels on the torso and bell-sleeves and his black hair grew long and was tied back with a jewel tied at the end.

With the book in his hand and Zarok's magical trident in the other, Zane hurried to the roof of the great museum, opened the book, and spoke a familiar spell.

O spirits of the abyss

I call on thee,

To cover the world in the Evernight

When the clock strikes three!

At the incantation's words, a black ooze-like skull appeared from Zane's trident and blotted out the sun. While the denizens of London were trying to figure out what was going on, Zane read another spell.

From the depths of the netherworld

The dead shall wake,

Come back again

And this world we take!

This spell emitted a green, vaporous light that spread out in a ring around London. Everywhere the light touched, the citizens ran in horror as zombies and demons of every shape and size came from the ground and portals to terrorize and obey their master.

Zane laughed maniacally as he called out, "Since Gallowmere is no more; I'll just take the next best thing. THE WORLD! And I shall have Danielle Fortesque as my queen! My servants! Bring me Danielle Fortesque alive and unharmed! Eliminate anyone that gets in your way!"

But as Zane laughed, he was unknowingly witnessed by a single ghost. Winston floated away and hurried back into the museum.

"I have to warn Danny! Hopefully with this, Dan's up and about already."

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