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Synopsis: "Come on, you know you wouldn't mind having a pet! Especially one as cute as me," he wiggled an eyebrow, and Raven rolled her eyes.

Rating: K

Raven had always been a tad annoyed watching Starfire cuddle her strange little pet. When Silkie had first become a member of the Titan's family, the empath had been somewhat repulsed. The last thing she wanted was a little maggot running around her home, eating its way through her furniture. The thought made her uncomfortable, and downright grossed her out.

Over time, she had grown fonder of the creature. Despite that, she could not understand how Starfire could snuggle it, hold it as a child, or kiss it. It made Raven shudder.

On this particular afternoon, the empath sat on the couch, cross-legged, a book raised before her face. The alien princess sat at furthest possible edge of the couch, canoodling with her maggot. Robin flicked through the television channels, feet up on the coffee table, looking quite leisurely. Cyborg and Beast Boy were stationed in the kitchen, discussing possible lunch options. Raven was glad that they weren't quarreling—the combination of Starfire's obnoxious coos and Cyborg and Beast Boy's yells would have been too much for her to handle.

"Who's a good little Bumgorf? You are!" Starfire giggled, tickling Silkie's stomach. The creature writhed with happiness.

The sounds and coos continued.

Raven scowled into her book. Lowering it slightly, was able to glower at Starfire, who was now cradling Silkie like a baby. He looked as though he were beginning to fall asleep. Raven watched as Starfire gazed down at him lovingly. The look in Starfire's eyes was something so pure that Raven had to mentally forgive the girl for all of the annoying sounds she had endured. She could never be upset with her, simply annoyed.

Beast Boy and Cyborg had made their way closer to the couch, each holding a plate with a custom made sandwich atop.

"He's kind of cute when he's asleep, don't y'all think?" Cyborg pointed out, leaning on the couch, tearing into his lunch rabidly. Starfire smiled, brimming with happiness at the compliment.

"Like the most perfect thing in the world," Raven deadpanned, her gaze back on her book.

Starfire frowned. "I happen think he is quite precious…"

Beast Boy laughed. "Aww Raven's just jealous cause she doesn't have a pet to snuggle with!"

The book fell from Raven's hands and she threw Beast Boy a glare that should have sent him running. Only he didn't. He stood there, grinning. Cyborg looked like he was trying to suppress laughter. Starfire stifled a giggle as well. Raven opted to be the bigger person, ignoring his comment. She lifted the book, eyes picking up the last sentence she had read, and she began to read again.

Suddenly, Raven felt some kind of small, yet warm force settle onto her lap. She glanced down. There sat a small, green kitten, staring up at her, mewing gently. Beast Boy had shifted and was now, nuzzling Raven's arm, purring. The empath blushed at the brief contact between skin and fur.

Cyborg leaned over Raven's shoulder, grinning. He was now holding Beast Boy's plate of food. "Aww Rae, I think he likes you!"

Robin, who had been silent up until this point, had glanced over given a short chuckle. Starfire beamed.

Raven's blush only grew deeper, and she instinctively pushed the kitten off her lap. He gave a short, sad little 'meow' as he gazed up at her. Raven locked eyes with him and gave a desperate sort of frown. He shifted back into his human form, and Beast Boy was now partially dangling off of the side of the couch.

"Come on, you know you wouldn't mind having a pet! Especially one as cute as me," he wiggled an eyebrow. Raven rolled her eyes.

"We're done here." She said, quite simply.

With these words, the entire ordeal was over. Starfire, a bit saddened that the excitement had died down, left to bring Silkie to her room. Cyborg needed to go pick up some kind of spare part from across town, and Robin turned off the television and departed to the training room.

It took Raven a few extra moments to notice that the room had gone silent. She looked up from her book and glanced around. A small smile played on her lips, but she hesitated when her ears detected a soft breathing sound. She craned her head to the left, and the small being beside her had nearly made her jump. Beast Boy had once again taken the form of the kitten and was now curled up, fast asleep, beside her.

As hard as she tried not to, she couldn't help but smile, no matter how small. She lowered the book to her lap and reached for the kitten. Her fingers caught the fur along his neck, and she began to massage it gently. Beast Boy gave a low purr and tilted his neck in his sleep. Raven extended her fingers, covering more area behind his neck. She circled until she was under his chin, and Beast Boy tipped to side, still asleep. How innocent he seemed! She had to admit he was quite cute. She blushed. In this form. There, that was more like her.

Beast Boy stirred slightly, and Raven's fingers hesitated. He lifted his head to look at her, gave a short 'mew' and proceeded to crawl up onto her lap. She removed the book, giving him some space to sit. He nuzzled her stomach in gratitude, curled up into a ball, and dozed off again, Raven's hands stroking his fur once again. The feeling of the warm creature on her skin stirred something inside of Raven that she had never quite felt before. But she enjoyed it. She enjoyed the sensation of him, purring and cuddling up close to her with utmost affection.

So this was the sensation Starfire experienced with Silkie.

Raven sighed.

A tiny smile still on her face, she lifted the book again and read, kitten still fast asleep on her lap, for the remainder of the afternoon.

Not my finest work, but it's simple enough to get things taking off. Perhaps?