A/N; This is my first M rated anything. I KNOW. Crazy. I'm so nervous about posting this because I just have no experience writing stuff like this, but we'll see how it goes.

Rating: M, for sexual situations.


He creeps down the darkened hallway, tiptoeing as quietly as he can. The hour is not particularly late, although he feels that the moment is fragile. It seems as though any sudden sort of movement might cause him to hesitate, might force him to drop the confidence he has taken hours to summon. Much to his pleasure, he runs into no one as he slips quietly through the labyrinth of hallways. He makes a sudden turn and realizes that he has reached his destination. His eyes, vision strengthened in the black stillness thanks to his animal hybrid, catch sight of the door he has decided to approach. Swallowing, his pace softens. He draws nearer to the door. He hesitates for a moment, before reaching out. His hand forms a fist, and, ever so gently, he knocks. There is a slight shuffling sound from beyond. He releases a breath, relieved that he has not woken her.

The door does not take long to swoosh open. Despite his anxiety, he is almost calmed by the sight of her, standing before him. Her cape has been removed, and her shoes kicked off. Her belt is nowhere to be found, and she remains in her leotard, as though preparing for sleep.

She blinks several times, taking in his image. He can detect a sort of happiness resonating within her being, although it is muted.

"Gar, what's going on?" she asks.

He offers her no words in response. Instead, he steps forward, gently guiding her back into her room. He brings his face closer to hers, tilts his head, and meets her lips with his—quickly and quietly. She begins to protest, but soon submits to him. He places his hands on her waist, pulling her closer. Her hands raise, and her fingers gently stroke his cheek before running down his neck and settling upon his chest. He responds, deepening the kiss. She breaks away, struck with a wave of realization.

"Oh…I see."

Her voice is almost sarcastic. He furrows his brow. "Are you…upset?"

She shakes her head, biting her lip "No, not at all." She tears herself away from him, stepping further into the room. Through the dark, he can tell that her body has tensed. He feels as though he is walking a tightrope, as though he might drop the most fragile of all possessions. He expects that he is about to ruin their relationship.

He doesn't respond, but waits for her to continue, once she finds the words. "I've been worried about this."

He is immediately caught off guard. He imagined that she'd perhaps scold him, tell him he was rushing things, tell him that he was being immature, that any kind of action of such magnitude could ruin everything they'd been working towards. In the back of his mind, he'd anticipated anger at the suggestion. But anger was not the emotion he was being given. She was giving him fear.


She nods, a soft sound of agreement escaping her.

"Of what?"

She lets her hands fall to her side. "Of everything. I just feel like I…I won't be enough for you, or-or something…that I won't be…doing it right." Her voice lowers in volume, embarrassed by her own words. He can't help but smile, enjoying her innocence, her lack of experience, but most of all, enjoying her sincerity.

However, he is also suddenly reminded of his own fear. "Don't worry, everything will be fine," he says, his own voice shaking now. Although he has been with several girls before, he has never been one with another to this extent.

He approaches her from behind, wrapping his arms around her stomach and tilting his head to plant kisses up on her neck. "We don't have to do anything, you know." He says softly. He hears her exhale. Her eyes close, savoring the kisses that he is now placing on her cheek. She melts into his embrace, turning gently so that his lips are able to meet her own once more. She hears the door shut and relaxes a smidge. She releases a soft sigh, cuing him to pull her closer, his hands guiding her svelte form closer to his. Her fingers luxuriate in his hair, holding his face close to hers. She pulls away, breathing heavily.

"No, I want this."

Her voice is firmer than he's heard it in a long time. The sound of it delights him, causing a heated sensation to stir inside of him. He feels his pants tightening based off of her tone alone. He smiles at her, and in the dimly lit room, he can see her offering one in return. She takes her rightful place in his arms once again, kissing him, but this time leading him towards her bed. At the base of it, his knees give in and he tumbles backwards, pulling her down with him. She gives something of a giggle, straddling him.

They have been in similar situations before. It is only the final act that the pair has been avoiding. Being on top of him feels so familiar…she thinks. Things will be fine. She leans over and kisses his him, while his hands roam her back, searching for the zipper on the leotard that he knows is there. Her violet hair falls to one side, cascading across his face. She can hear the slight zip! and in turn feels him growing harder beneath her through the fabric of clothing. In the dark, she blushes. She feels the leotard loosening its grip on her form, and feels a cool new draft of air rushing at her newly exposed neck. The leotard begins to slip, and he helps it slide all the way down to her waist. His hands meet her breasts, massaging them gently. She sighs with pleasure, and he leans up to take her right nipple in his mouth. The sensation is jolting, and she tips her head back and gives a soft cry of pleasure. Fueled by her sounds, he gently begins a rocking motion with his hips, almost subconsciously. She can feel his tongue, its precise movements, and his lips applying such perfect pressure that it's nearly unbearable.

He moves to service the other one as well, but in his transition, she stops him and in the break, she removes the leotard completely. He can only stare at her beautiful, naked form. He can see her curves, even and delicate, and he can almost feel the texture of her porcelain skin. She always leaves him breathless.

"You're like a painting," he whispers, almost as if he were considering each of his words carefully. Instinctively, Raven moves to cover her body, but refrains from doing so. He loves it. In response, Gar pulls his own shirt off, hastily throwing it off the side of the bed. She traces her fingers along his chest, eyelids lowered. She runs her fingers along the green skin, barely visible in the dark. "Beautiful," she states, very simply, but the word is something that rocks him to his core. He leans up and pulls her down upon him again, kissing her. Her sounds become more urgent, more primal. He feels her tongue at his lips, begging for entrance which he easily grants. He feels her hands tugging at his pants. The second they are off of his waist, past his manhood, there is only a slight sense of relief.

She rolls off of him, lips still crashing against his. The underwear is tight, and she takes hand and places it on his growing erection. After a moment of gentle caressing, she slips the hand in his underwear, her fingers feeling him, grasping his member as best he can. Unable to remain in such a way, he breaks the kiss to pull of his underwear entirely.

With a breathless laugh, he sits up. "Lay on your back," he commands as gently as possible. He doesn't want her to feel threatened, and relaxes when she responds enthusiastically. On her back, he stares down at her, her hair splayed across the pillow. Her amethyst pools have a new layer—a need in them. It awakens the best within in like nothing else.

He begins to run kisses down her body, stopping to play with her breasts once again. As she writhes beneath him, he uses a hand to feel around at her southern entrance. She gasps, pulling at his hair and holding his head close to her. Although he senses her initial wetness, he feels her becoming wetter and wetter with every trace of his finger. If there is one thing he has learned about her, it's that she becomes uncomfortable when he uses his fingers inside of her. Unless she instructs him or allows him to, he will never insert completely.

Knowing this fact, he uses his thumb to gently pull at the skin, ever so slightly, and lower himself so his lips begin to graze her lower region. It is only when she feels his tongue escape from his mouth that she shudders with delight. When he finds a comfortable position, he places his hands on her sides, guiding her hips closer to his face. She can feel his nose touch her skin, and she gives a cry of ecstasy as she feels his tongue slip into her. He moves it around gently, occasionally pulling it out to pucker his lips around her outer folds. He finds her perfect spot and begins to suck on it, occasionally pushing his head closer.

She begins to rise towards her climax, arching her back slightly and tugging at his hair. She can feel his fingers gripping at her sides, and with a cry of his name she feels the orgasm skyrocket up her body, leaving a tingling sensation in her limbs. She smiles, half to herself as she settles back down into the mattress. She pulls him up to her length and gazes into his eyes. He grins, and she pulls him into a kiss once more, tasting her own nectar on his lips.

He breaks the kiss to stare into her eyes once more. He glances down at her bare breasts, daring to let his eyes linger for no longer than a moment. His eyes fly back to hers, and he swallows. She's biting her lip, a look of uncertainty painted across her face.

"Raven…we don't…we don't have to…if you…"

She shakes her head. "No, I'm fine, I told you…" The girl looks away and lowers her voice to a whisper. "I'm just a little scared."

His mouth opens a bit in sympathy. He sighs, but continues on: "I understand, Raven. I'm…scared too," he admits, "I don't want to mess up."

Her gaze returns to him. "Really?"

He nods. "Seriously, I am."

"I'm more worried about it hurting…"

He kisses her quickly once more. "We'll go slow, I'll help you out. And if it's too much, you let me know. Ok?"

She nods, smiling weakly. As quick as lightening, he hops off of her and begins rummaging through the pants that had been tossed aside in the earlier frenzy. He pulls a condom from the pocket, quickly wrapping it on himself and assuming his newly acquired position.

He lowers himself upon her carefully, and he feels the pressure of her breasts against his chest. She gazes into his eyes for a few moments. In that moment, he knows that the last thing he wants to do is hurt her. He is terrified. He knows that he can never hurt her, he can never disappoint her. To displease her would be torturous. He loves her more than anything. Despite his primal desires, the desire to be one with her, right here, right now, he knows everything must be perfect. He understands that he must treat her the way she deserves to be treated.

And he is afraid.

He is comforted when she reaches up, and places her hand behind his ear. Emotion stirs deep within him, and he kisses her again. After a few moments of his lips crashing against hers, he separates them, and moves downwards towards her neck. His fingers work their magic down south once more, without entering. He sucks on her neck, sighing after every few tugs of his lips. The sound of her whimpers is more than enough for him. He needs her. He moves his thumb in a circular motion down below. She tips her head back with a low, pleasant moan. He raises his body to adjust himself. He looks down between the space between them that is slowly diminishing, and, knowing he has found that right spot, looks up at her and grins. He lowers himself onto her, eyes still locked. He can detect the slight edge of fear in her face, but kisses it away.

"You can talk me through it. Breathe deep, okay?"

She responds with a kiss on his shoulder. She feels him at her opening, and with a soft push, he is slowly, very slowly, making his way into her. She jolts abruptly, a sudden pressure causing slight discomfort for her. He stops. She opens her eyes and finds him looking down at her.

"Keep going," she instructs. He raises his eyebrows, almost wanting a second confirmation, and continues. Slowly but surely, he fits into her completely, and the feeling of him inside her is divine. There is something so comfortable about the pressure. He begins to rock his hips slowly, developing a ground pace. Muscles now relaxed, she releases the tight grip around his neck, letting her pleasure take over. As her sighs of pleasure grow in volume, his thrusting begins to pick up speed. His panting increases in her ear, in turn propelling the intensity growing in her own lower region. He quickens the pace, eventually finding a solid placement that seems to work for her. His breathing has become heavy, more ragged and breathless than she has ever heard him before. The intensity of it causes her eyes to widen in surprise, and she is so enamored with this new side that she is surprised when she feels her second orgasm beginning. It sits low in her stomach, purring, growing louder and louder. Her sounds grow higher in pitch, and he knows he is ready to finish. Try and wait… he tells himself. But it's so good…

He presses his forehead to hers, watching her expressive face. Her closed eyes open, now gazing into his. He nearly smiles in the midst of their passion. Hearing her voice rising, he knows he does not need to wait much longer. With another cry of his name, she wraps her legs around his waist, holding his hips closer. He in turn, growls her name, achieving his own orgasm in turn.

He collapses onto her, breathing heavily. She is panting as well, running her hands up and down his back. He lifts himself to look at her.

"Please tell me you came?"

Breathless, she nods vigorously. "I did!" She lifts her hands to cup his cheeks. "It was wonderful—you were wonderful."

He grins, nodding his head. "Good."

They remain like that for a few moments, simply gazing into each other's eyes.

"I love you, Raven." he whispers, kissing her gently. He removes himself from her, assuming a new position beside her. She turns to ensure that he has become the big spoon.

"I love you too, Gar" she whispers weakly.

In the dark of her room, they remain entwined, growing drowsier by the minute in the wake of intercourse. Smiling to herself, it doesn't take Raven long to slip into slumber in his arms. He buries his face in the back of her neck, her hair sticking to the thin layer of sweat on his face. Fuck it, he thinks. In his own mind, he knows only happiness, and relief.

See, that wasn't so scary! he tells himself, as his eyelids grow heavy…

A/N: I want to talk about this one a little bit. This one was personal for me—it was heavily influenced by my own first sexual encounter, which was, with my best friend. In my head, I see this pairing as needing to start out as friends, basically because that's the only logical way to go. Knowing that my best friend is actually strikingly similar to Beast Boy, I felt almost validated in believing he'd act certain ways, say certain things. And one of the memories of that day was specifically the fear from the both of us that was overcome by the end of it, and it turned out to be the best first time I could have hoped for, and I consider myself very lucky for being able to say that it was memorable, lovely, experimental, and soft, and I hope that some of those emotions were visible through this one.