Chapter 13

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Sarah's P.O.V.

After breakfast the next day, the General calls me into his office around 0700 hours.

"Relax Kensington" he says before I drop the salute I was in. "I'm sending you squad out on patrol again. Your location is the town of Shamia."

"The town just East of the one we were in yesterday." I said remembering seeing it on the map.

"Yes, your troop will be heading out on the same road just follow it though the town and to Shamia, you leave at 1600 hours." He finishes before starting looking though papers that sat on his desk.

"Yes sir. If I may ask, what are you doing about Sergeant Stella Yamada?" I ask we had heard no word over night and I had been wondering.

"Ah, I'm sending in Sergeant Morey to overrun the town at 1200 hours, using the description from Sergeant Jaffari, they know which building is the safe house." I try to hide the surprise and hurt that I felt form not being the one to be sent in. "I would have sent you in Kensington but you're just too close to this one." I guess my façade didn't work.

"I understand sir." I said before leaving the room to go back to my room for some down time before we had to prepare for the patrolling mission.

Several hours later the troops round up and in the trucks heading towards Shamia. I was looking down at a map tracking out position when,

"Kensington! You might want to take a look at this." I hear a voice say from behind me say. I turn to find Corporal Henderson handing me a pair of binoculars, "7 o'clock" he said pointing in that direction. Placing the binoculars to my eyes I look out the window towards the indicated area, there off in the distance was a person waving their arms in our direction.

"Stevin change our route and head towards our 7 o'clock." I order putting down the pair of binoculars. Whoever it was they needed help and I wasn't about to leave them there.

"Sergeant?" he questions giving me a side glance.

"Just do it." I order before picking up the radio. "Were heading off road just stick close." I speak into the transmitter, as the vehicle makes a left turn and onto the desert floor. I look through the binoculars again and found the person again, by now they noticed our course change and stopped waving their arms. We made it to their position and in the matter of seconds we were all out of the truck, weapons trained on the person, who I could identify as female but the sun blocked me from seeing any facial features.

"Identify yourself!" I shouted towards the woman.

"Sarah?" she said just loud enough for me to hear before dropping to the ground. I looked back at Henderson and jerked my head in the direction of the women, telling him to check it out. He moved slowly his gun still at the ready, prepared for anything that could happen. Once he reached the women he looked back at us in shock.

"Sergeant, its Yamada." He said, I moved to stand next to him and without a doubt; a very beat up Stella was laying at our feet.

"Stevin, call in for a medivac and get James over here!" I ordered quickly bending down next to Stella checking for a pulse and relaxed a little when I found one, it was weak but there. A few seconds later James the troops doctor dropped on the other side of Stella and started looking her over for injuries.

"Medivac E.T.A. five minutes." Stevin called from the truck.

"Stay with us Stell, we got you now." I said quietly as James started cleaning some of the wounds.

It felt like forever until the helicopter finally flue over, and landed about twenty yards away. Three assistants hoped out and ran over with a stretcher, taking over the situation quickly. Another man walked up to me.

"Sergeant what happened?" he asked the tag on his uniform read Morey.

"We were driving along when Corporal Henderson noticed someone waving towards us. I made the call to help out, and that's when we found her, she passed out when we arrived." I informed him, by now the other three men had Stella on the stretcher and caring her back to the helicopter.

"Alright round up you troop and head back to base, General will want to hear what happened." He said giving a quick salute which I returned before he headed back towards the helicopter which was preparing for takeoff.

I turned to the rest of the troop. "Back in the trucks we're heading back to base." I ordered and everyone started moving towards their assigned truck.

Later that night after an hour of talking to the General, and after my shower I heard a knock on my door. Opening it up Staff Sergeant Mason was standing in the door way.

"Hello Staff Sergeant Mason" I said giving him a small salute. "What's the meaning to the visit?"

"It's about your friend Sergeant Yamada." He said and I stepped aside and let him in.

"Is she alright?" I asked generally worried she looked pretty bad when they took her earlier.

"She's going to be fine. They're going to keep her under until some of her injuries heal up some more. Going to need a lot of recovery time and some rehab for her wrist but in time she'll be back to normal." I gave a sigh of relive. "They are also moving her to a hospital for soldiers back in Arizona, so she's closer to home."

"Have you notified her family yet?" I asked.

"Yes her parents know. But that's not all that I came to talk to you about." He said and my eye brow rose. "Were sending you home."

"For leave?" I asked

"No you're time here is done. Unless you want to stay for another few months." He explained and my heart jumped into y throat.

"You're serious?" I managed to get out.

"Yes you're leaving on the same flight as Sergeant Yamada." I grabbed his hand and shook.

"Thank you Sir, it was an honor to serve on this base with you." I said still shaking his hand.

"Alright, alright calm down." I stopped shaking and released his hand. "Start packing and say you're goodbyes, your flight is leaving at 1800 hours tomorrow. Meet in hanger three by 1750 hours."

"Again thank you Sir." I said again as he left, as soon as the door closed I dove for my phone, hitting redial and it started dialing Ray's number.

"Hey Sarah, what's up?" he answered after the third ring.

"Ray I just got the best news" I said falling back onto my bed.

"Oh yeah what's that?"

"Well two things the lesser of the two is that I'm coming home. For good" I paused and let him take it in.

"No way! When?" he said so loud I had to pull the phone away from my ear.

"Tomorrow, but I'm not the only one who is coming home." I said smirking little imagining how he's going to react.

"Who else?" he asked truly clueless, I chuckled.

"We found her today, Ray. Stella's coming home."

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