by orangepumpkins

"Okay, everyone!" Sugar Motta called in a very Rachel Berry type fashion at the New Direction members, just before the start of their Friday rehearsal. "As you all probably know, it's my birthday next week!"

Ignoring the why should we care looks she was getting, Sugar continued. "And since it's my sweet sixteenth, Daddy is letting me go over the top with goodie bags! I'm thinking I'll put in some good chocolate, since all you poor people probably haven't ever had any…sorry, Asperger's. Anyways, make sure to contact me with your favourite type of chocolate!"

By now, with the lure of the promise of good chocolate, the New Directions were more than happy.

"Damn, Richie Bitch, I think I'm starting to like you." Santana smirked as Sugar sat back down.

Later that night, when Sugar was going through her facebook messages to see her friends' chocolates of choice, she was puzzled by Mercedes' and Sam's answers. The others had put specific, rich, and expensive European chocolates, but Mercedes' and Sam's requests were strangely vague.

First, Sam's request of "chocolate thunder" made no sense. When Sugar had googled it, all that came up were basketball players and bands. No actual chocolate.

And all that Mercedes wanted was "White Chocolate", capitals included. 'Is that supposed to be a name of something, or something?' Sugar wondered to herself, because Sugar knew for a fact that Mercedes rarely ever ate actual white chocolate.

"Oh well." Sugar huffed. "I'll just give them some general thing. It's not like it would put thousands of people into a flying rage if they didn't get the chocolate they wanted."

author's note:

How'd you like my little samcedes drabble? It's just been an idea floating around in my head since I rewatched season 1.

I know it might not have been that clear, but Sam and Mercedes were referring to each other. (in season 1, Mercedes refers to her voice as "chocolate thunder", and in season 3, Sam works in a club with the name "White Chocolate")

Thank you for reading, and review to tell me what you think! :D