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Tsuna's mouth hanged open as he looked up on the enormous mansion. "Th-This is the combination of three mansions!" he gasped. His eyes blinked in disbelief. He rubbed his eyes, making sure that he wasn't dreaming. But he wasn't. He was standing in front of the Namimori's millionare's mansion.

Tsunayoshi Sawada is a 16 year old boy who studies in Namimori High School whom the father had passed away and his mother work as a servant in this mansion. But due to tiredness, Nana Sawada had fallen ill and now Tsuna had to replace her and work here. Tsuna was still hesitating whether he can study and work together. He knew he was very behind in studies.

But thinking about his mother's condition, he gave up. He will work here until Nana had recovered. Tsuna was still standing there staring when someone tapped his shoulder. He turned and saw a boy about the same age as him.

"Hello." The boy smiled, and Tsuna felt comfortable and less nervous. "H-Hello." Tsuna replied sheepishly. The boy was still smilling. "I'm Basil, a servant here. What's your name?" The boy named Basil asked. His brown eyes were full with warmness, making Tsuna not awkward. "I'm Tsunayoshi. Just call me Tsuna."

"Ah, I see. Tsuna. Well, which department do you work in?" Basil asked and Tsuna's eyebrows joined together, forming a confused look. Basil chuckled. "You're new?" Tsuna nodded. "So that's why I have not seen you before." Basil smiled. "Let me tell you a little about working here. We have three mansions here." Tsuna gasped. Three mansions?

"The one on the left is for the Master, the middle one is to receive guests and the right one is for Second Master. The left one is ruled by Master Hibari Kyoya. The other one is Second Master, Mukuro Rokudo." Basil explained. "I'm working for the left department." Tsuna said quickly. Basil's eyebrow arched up. "Ah I see. You'd better be careful." Basil said, grinning.

"E-Eh?" Tsuna looked confused. "Well, Master Hibari is famous for biting people to death. He's a little dangerous." "Hiie! Is he a vampire?" Tsuna asked, shocked. Basil laughed. "No. He's a human. But don't worry, if you didn't anger him, its ok. I have to prepare a bath for Master Mukuro now. Good luck!" Basil said and waved. Then he walked away, leaving Tsuna alone, standing in front of the mansion.

Tsuna swallowed. He was feeling cold from up to down now. His heart was racing and he wonder if he can survive working in this mansion when Basil had told him that his master, Hibari Kyoya was a dangerous man. Can he or can he not?

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