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The wedding bells were ringing, the singing of church choir was heard. Guests had already arrived, the bride and bridegroom's family sitting on the VIP's seat, chatting away. When the door behind them open, the chats stopped and everyone turned.

Hibari entered with Selena's arm interwined with his. Selena was adorned like a princess, and she was smiling all the way. Whereas Hibari's face was all neutral, he didn't want to show his true emotions or expressions. He remained smileless although the guests smiled and congratulate him.

The priest arrived, and they stood on the stage, ready to utter lifetime promises. The priest open his thick book, and adjust his glassess. Then he look at the two people who were getting married.

"Arisa Kiyomi, are you willing to entrust your life to your soon-to-be husband, take care of him, go through illness and poor times, till death separate both of you?" the priest read out. Selena smiled. For the first time she smiled so honestly, and it did look good on her. She nodded. "I do."

The priest look at Hibari. "Well then, Hibari Kyoya, are you willing to spend your life with your soon-to-be wife, take care of her, go through illness and poor times, till death separate both of you?" Hibari took a deep breath. His cousins look at him, aunts and uncles smiled and the same goes with Selena and her family.

Hibari looked around the guests. He didn't see Tsuna anywhere. A wave of disappointment and anger rush in him. Whereas for Selena, she was smirking because Tsuna wasn't there, and no one was going to stop her and Hibari from getting married. Hibari turned back slowly.

"I do—" Just as Hibari said that, the door barged open and a man with long blue hair walked in. Tailing behind him was a boy with soft brown hair. The guests gasped. Dino's eyes bulged. The bride and bridegroom's family whispered to each other. The man grabbed Hibari's wrist. "What are you doing, pineapple? Let me go!" Hibari called out as he was being dragged.

Selena watched in anger. Again, Rokudo Mukuro had ruined her happy moments! She started to charge towards Mukuro only to be held back by Ken and Chikusa, who appeared from nowhere. "Let go of me!" she shouted. "No, byon!" Ken held her tightly as she kicked. M.M tried to help Selena only to be held back by Basil.

"What are you doing?" Hibari yanked away his hands and stared at Mukuro. The man whipped his head around. "You are not marrying Selena, Kyoya. The will said only his real son will marry the Kiyomi family! You are just an adopted son!" Mukuro blurted. The crowd gasped. Hibari looked around and glare and Mukuro.

"What the hell?" he hissed angrily. How did Mukuro knew? "I saw the letter on my way here. The letter on your mansion." Mukuro explained, as if reading Hibari's mind. Hibari was lost for words. Selena kicked and thrashed but the two man holding her was too strong. "He's not Tamaki's son?" "But how did he—" "So he's just an adopted child!"

Hibari can't stand all of those whispers. He was about to said back anything when Mukuro stopped him. "Don't say anything. And one more. The brunet was not in your mansion. I suspect he had already packed and left, leaving Japan. My servants said he saw him while he was out to buy the house's supplies." Mukuro told Hibari, and the skylark bit his lips.

Yanking his tie away, he ran out of the catheral and the guests kept whispering. Dino approached Mukuro and grabbed his collar. "What ar you doing?" he hissed angrily and Mukuro smirked that typical smirk of him. "You can never separate true love, Dino Cavallone." He said, and Dino's eyes flared with anger. Mukuro pull away, grab Basil, and walk out leaving Selena shouting curses.

Tsuna smiled. He was at the airport, waiting for his flight. He knew that today was Hibari's wedding and he didn't want to go because he knew he need not to. He was not anyone for Hibari. He was just a servant, nothing than that.

He planned to leave Japan and go to Italy to start a new life because he heard that Italy had wider job options. He smiled. Maybe he could get a job as a servant, or a cook, since he does houseworks quite nicely, at least he thought, because Hibari was never satisfied with his work. He planned to work and earn money to pay his debt. It is much better than staying and work with Hibari when Selena was around.

Till now, Tsuna didn't know what had he done to piss Selena so much. For the few weeks back then, she kept bullying him when Hibari wasn't around. Tsuna just didn't knew why.

"Passenger for flight M-1808 please get ready, the flight is landing." The intercom sounded, snapping Tsuna out of his thoughts. Tsuna smiled. He took a deep breath, stood up, pull his luggage, and left the waiting seat.

Hibari got out of the car and rushed into his house, only to spot a letter on the living table, and the brunet was nowhere to be seen. He grabbed the letter and read it.

Dear Hibari-san,

I'm sorry I left without warning, I plan to go to Italy and start a new life there, and I will earn the money to pay back you, don't worry. Please take care of yourself, and I think my service is not needed anymore since you are already married, your new wife will be able to do all those chores.

Till then,

Tsunayoshi Sawada.

Hibari crumbled the letter and ran out again. He got into his car and drove to the airport, still wearing his bridegroom's suit. He didn't care now.

To make matter worst, there was a traffic jam because of a special ocassion sponsored by the government. Hibari hit the stering frustrated. He pressed the honk loudly, ignoring the looks he got. Suddenly something hit him. Why was he doing like this?

He didn't knew why, but he had always thought that the servant boy was something special. He only realised how much he hated to see the brunet in pain ever since he saw him cry when he asked to resume school. Hibari ruffled his own hair, messing it. Everything was very complicated.

His feeling was very complicated. Why the hell did he care so much? Damn it. Tsuna wasn't anything. Just a servant! Snap out of those stupid thoughts, Hibari Kyoya! Then Hibari thought of the will. He knew he would lost everything when his 'cousins' found out he was just an adopted son.

His privelleges as the eldest son of the eldest siblings will be taken away. Hibari honked again. Fuck, everything was so complicated and twisted now. He shouldn't have knew Tsuna in the first place. Then everything wouldn't be like this.

Tsuna stepped into the platform slowly. He turned back, expecting to see someone he know—or maybe Hibari—to be standing there, telling him not to go. But no one was there. He smiled, blinking a tear. He recalled the memories when he worked with Hibari.

All those bittersweet times, and all those memories. Tsuna sucked in his breathe. He remembered Hibari's touches—the first time he touched him—and the first time he kissed him. Those feather kisses thrice, and a real passionate kiss once. Tsuna smiled. His tears fell.

He stepped into the platform without turning back again. There was no need to.

Hibari reached the airport at last. After 30 minutes stucked in a traffic jam. He rushed to the waiting seats and didn't see Tsuna. His eyes wandered around, searching. But he didn't see. He took out his iPhone and dialled Mukuro's number.

"Where is the platform?" he asked, panting.


"Just answer me damn it!"

"Number 18."

Hibari took a deep breathe. Platform 18, so Tsuna was there. "Goodluck." He heard Mukuro said when he hung up. Hibari ran to the platforms, counting. 16, 17, 18. He look around and didn't see Tsuna. He started to get angry and frustrated. Then he saw.

Tsuna was in the flight, lying back and closing his eyes. He ran through the platform without ticket, ignoring the stwardess's shouts.

He wouldn't let Tsuna go again. But as he almost stepped into the flight, the stairs retreated and the door slide close. Hibari was pulled behind by two guards. The flight slowly took its flight and Hibari watched in anger.

He fell to the ground, and hit it hard. Damn. He started regretting that he didn't appriciate when th boy was there, he didn't try to. The debt he talked about was just a trick to get Tsuna keep working. The brunet's mother didn't owe him that much. It was just 200 000, but Hibari raised it to make Tsuna stay. And Mukuro did pay him the amount, he lied again.

Everything he did, was to let Tsuna stay. He had never expect Tsuna would take this way to free himself from Hibari's clutches. Hibari didn't knew why he wanted Tsuna to stay, but he just want him to. He enjoyed torturing Tsuna, seeing his panicked face.


He reached his home, exhausted. And he saw Mukuro sitting on his couch, Basil standing beside him. Mukuro stood up immediately, expecting an answer, perhaps a happy answer. But when Hibari shook his head, Mukuro sighed.

Hibari went into his room, closed the door slowly and locked it.

Selena stomped her feet, hard. She was back in her room. She yanked away her veils roughly and shout curses. She was very very frustrated because again, her happy moments was ruined. If Mukuro had never been here, the wedding would had gone smoothly. She blamed Mukuro on it.

The door creaked open and Selena turned. M.M came in with Dino. M.M closed the door slowly, looking down. Dino pulled Selena slwoly and the sat on the bed. "Selena, I think its time you learn to face reality." He started slowly. Selena kept quiet.

"You have to know, Kyoya doesn't love you. He had his own love." Dino said softly, his voice husky. He tried not to screamed at Selena for wanting to marry Hibari too much, and Hibari's status as an adopted son was revealed. He had kept that secret so long, just for Hibari.

But that was last time. He once loved Hibari. But now he had learned that Hibari would never love him, so he gave up and tried to find a proper relationship.

"Own love? He's in love with that servant? That bitch?" Selena snapped, folding her arms and pouted. Dino frowned. "That girl doesn't fit to be Hibari-kun's wife! She doesn't deserve a man like Hibari-kun!" Selena grumbled, still angry. Dino's eye narrowed.

He blinked. "What are you talking about, Selena? Tsuna's not a girl. He's a boy." Dino admitted, and Selena gagged. "A-A boy?" she whispered, genuinely very very shocked. M.M's jaw dropped too. They shot each other a weird look.

"Tsuna is a boy." Dino repeated and Selena fainted.

Hibari lay on his bed, staring tiredly at the ceiling. He would have left for Italy if he hadn't had any work here. Curse those works, he muttered. His phone rang and he answered without seeing the caller.


"Kyoya! Are you alright?" Dino's sound appeared at the other side of the line. Hibari gritted his teeth.

"Do I sound alright?"


"Straight to the point please before I bite you to death."

"I was thinking...Why don't you just marry Selena—"

"I'm not marrying her." Hibari snapped.

"Then find a proper relationship to forget Tsuna."

"Fuck you. No."

"You have to follow the will!"

"The will is only for real son. I'm just adopted."


"Go home and read the will again." With that, Hibari ended the call and sighed. Damn it. Now he might have to wait for Tsuna to return, or maybe Tsuna wouldn't return. A proper relationship? There was no girl on this Earth for him. They all yearn for his fame. Not his love.

Tsuna's eyes fluttered open slowly. He was still on the plane. He sighed contently. Finally he managed to free himself from Hibari. But still half locked. Because of the debt. He threw his looks out and saw the clouds floating.

He smiled.

Tsuna remembered Hibari's attitude. Its just like the cloud. Sometimes clear, dark, rainy or maybe thunder. Tsuna smiled widely. His tears had dried up. He will miss the skylark. But they will meet again. Surely. Because the debt was not cleared yet.

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