All Good Things Flow Into The City

The Princess once told that I was capable of many things, and had potential. She was right.

Everything was a momentary blur before I felt cold water rush over me. Disoriented, I tried to swim towards the surface, watching as the belongings of other ponies sank beneath me. The longer it took tighter my chest felt, until I finally reached the surface and graciously filled my lungs. I struggled to stay afloat, never really having much need to swim before, blinking blindly in the blaze of the plane. Just enough light was offered for me to notice the towering lighthouse, alone in the middle of the sea. I swam to the best of my abilities, dragging myself over broken steps onto solid ground. The night cold bit me through the small coat that clung to my body with the weight of water, and the plane sank into the sea. As far as I could see, nopony else had managed to escape or even make it to the surface.

The flames offered little light as I climbed the steps up to the doors of the light house, which openned with ease. Two steps inside set off lights and illuminated a statue of a great Alicorn, head raised in pride. A beautiful tapestry was adorned with the phrase, "No Gods or Kings, Only Ponies." I chose one side of the ramp, treding lightly as I looked around. There were plaques on the wall, two that stood out being "Science" and "Comerce." Two beautiful torches lit an archway that led to a small, spherical submersable.

Everything I'd ever read suggested that it wasn't the thing to explore, but given my current options, I didn't have much choice. With delicate steps I went into the vessel, hoof by hoof. I noticed the inside was surprisingly well maintained and chose a seat for myself as it began to submerge. Before the water could cover half of the glass, a film began to play.

It began with a picture of the same Alicorn I had seen in the lighthouse, though she was sitting and wearing glasses. A pipe hovered next to her, glowing with magic.

I am Celestia of Canterlot, and I'm here to ask you a question. Is a pony not entitled to the sweat of her brow? "No!" says the Pegasus of Cloudsdale, "It belongs to the sky." "No!" says the Pony of Manehatten, "It belongs to the earth." "No!" says the Unicorn in Canterlot, "It belongs to the gifted." Well, I rejected those answers; instead, I chose something different. I chose the impossible. I chose Dream Valley.

At this moment, the screen lifted, and illuminated towers of an underwater marvel showed itself as a shark swam by. The buildings rose out of a deep trench, and glowed the most magnificent green I had ever seen. I drifted lower, seeing casinos and art galleries and restaurants flow by between beautiful fish and mysterious beasts of the deep. As I felt a slight bump, I heard the track come to an end.

And with the sweat of your brow, Dream Valley can become your city as well.

As she finished, I watched three archways lead me into the city - All good things flow into the city.