Death. Death is all she knew. She had just passed the golden gates of the Institute, standing in the golden halls. She had just been subjected to League Judgement and she still felt shaken. Her sword hummed with energy at first, but it slowly died down as dejection set in her heart. She knew she would never be able to share all of the horrors she experienced, the judgement showed her that much. Besides, nobody else deserved such a burden. She brushed her snow colored hair back, wincing as memories raced through.

Taking a single step forward her knees buckled, her lungs felt like they were on fire as memories raced. She clutched her chest and breathed slowly in and out, it was just a lucid memory. Her fingers itched forward, running themselves along the bandages wrapped on the hilt of her blade. It soothed her. That judgement affected her a lot more than she expected. Breath in, breath out, she's in the Institute now, she had to remember that. The sound of a footstep perked her ears, she darted to a dark corner, no one approached. It was just her imagination once more. She rubbed her eyes in frustration. She was too flustered to think properly.

She forced herself to walk through the Institute until she found a large pair of glass doors. With a quiet creak she slipped out into the quiet night, making her way to a nearby forest. Her body instantly relaxed and she made her through the darkened woodland. Tomorrow she would gain her bearings in the Institute. For now she would need to try and sleep. She needed the rest.