Today is a special day to me. Today is the day that I started writing Blade Reforged, and so, I will be starting to post its sequel today, the day of its anniversary.

In regards to Blade Reforged, I'm going to update it again with the edited chapters and posting them, and I would like people's feed back in regards to how they're liking the edits, if I took something out that is a horrendous mistake on my part or anything. In terms of characterization, there are two champions in the story that I do want to do some minor tweaks to. The first of these champions is Sion, because of Trolosaurous as he's known on the main LoL forums showed me that he can have more character, and I sort of did write him off as a bit too much of a tool (I will however keep the beating him to death with his arms. I'm sorry, I can't get rid of that) and I want to fix that up since he will be prominent in the sequel.

The second champion I want to tweak is Talon. Not later Talon, oh no, but early Talon. I like how I characterize Talon later on than I did early, as many people suggested, I made him too subservient. I agree and I want to fix that. That is why I will be posting the rewritten chapters up in Blade Reforged and asking for your input before I mark the story as completely finished.

Now then...People to thank.

When I first started writing, I was nervous as all hell. People like Jaykoboy, Cerubois, Senstrae, LancerXXX, LOLZTonyx3, WexAndywn, some of my first commentors, helped me trudge through. Then people like Ryugi Kazemaru came along, then I started meeting more of the fanfiction community. Authors like HuggableZombie, BladeAngelX, Silver of Souls, KobuZero WaddleBuff, Kneesurgery, Summoner Shadow, Dorryza, MajesticRaven (These are all people who I suggest you look up their stories!) helped me think of ideas and in ways I didn't think before.

In terms of , you guys have given me unrelenting support. From my first reviewer, , to Peshomaro, to Waffleface, to Farnbil, Alexander95, May Yuki, CryoStylz, qTaLights, Sa Rart, animelover24271, Reprimand, uNuur, hedgehogsandwich and I could just go on but then I'd list everyone! In short, to every, single, one of my reviewers, to all of my audience, to all of my readers old and new, thank you for your audience and your support.

I must sincerely thank all of my critics, because without you, I wouldn't have gotten to where I am today. Thank you for taking the time to read my work and telling me what's up. (This includes you Angel Envy, for my first analytical critique, without your correction of my grammar I wouldn't have taken the first steps to becoming better!)

Thank you to all of my readers, thank you to all of the support you guys have given me over the past year, and in the more recent months, thank you KuzAnn for putting up with my inane ramblings and discussions =p. KuzAnn is not only a great writer but she has also become my editor for many of my stories. Without her support and her gentle prodding I wouldn't be writing as much or as high quality stuff.

Alright! So without further ado, Riven Book 2: Blood for Noxus.