Hey all! I have decided I want to write about the thoughts, possibilities, and missing scenes of the partnership between Deeks and Kensi. So this will be a series of stories based on the episodes, some (like the first couple) will be connected, but others will just be oneshots.

Let me know what you think!

Disclaimer: I do not own NCIS:LA or any of the characters

Warning: My stories will not exactly match the episodes regarding conversations, body language, and what not. After all it is my interpretation :)

Kensi turned walking toward the door and rolled her eyes, what was that Jason Wyler's problem. He questioned everything she said. She had just met the guy and he was acting all intimidating and superior to her. Of course, she was undercover so she supposed he had good reason to not trust her, but really something about him was off.

There were the obvious clues like he was the only guy in the group who wasn't military and his physical appearance was opposite the military guys. Wyler had messy, long blonde hair and a more discreet build; whereas the rest of the group had short dark hair and an imposing presence.

Maybe she was thinking too much about it. Climbing into her car, she shook thoughts of Jason Wyler out of her hand and drove back to OPS.

Marty Deeks punched the bag repeatedly, his mind circling back to thoughts of Tracy. Something about her was off. Sure Daniel always had lady friends coming around, but not once did he have them coming straight to the gym. After all there was illegal stuff going on, Daniel did not just let any girl traipse into the group.

He had been a cop for quite a while and had been doing undercover for most of it. His whole life he had been reading people so he knew that something about Tracy was not right. Sure, she had flawlessly handled all the attitude and contradictions he threw at her.

Whoever she was, she was good at lying, but not good enough to fool him. What she was lying about, he didn't know. However, Tracy would not mess up this undercover mission.

Back at OPS, Kensi found her thoughts focusing again on a suspicious fighter and said, "What about Wyler? He kinda strikes me as a wanna be."

Eric continued tapping keys on his laptop, "Well wanna-be Wyler is the only one, who is not a marine."

Kensi nodded, she knew that much from looking at him, "Something about him sets off warning bells."

Callen smirked cockily, "Maybe it was his baby blues."

Grinning Sam added, "Or his fluffy hair."

Smiling good naturedly, Kensi went back to her desk. She told herself she hadn't even noticed his eyes or his hair, but she had and there was no way around it. How could she not notice, his blue eyes were like the ocean and his hair was scruffy yet oddly attractive. She frowned even if she did find Jason Wyler to be good looking, he was a criminal and his personality was obviously not her type.

For just a moment, Kensi allowed herself to daydream about what her type was. She wanted someone, who could make her laugh because life was too hard as it was and she wanted a guy that could make her forget that. She wanted a man that would take care of her, but also knew she could take care of herself. She wanted a person she could always trust and who could tell when she was lying.

And that was definitely not blue-eyed Jason Wyler.

Kensi's heart started to pound and her eyes darted to Callen's as key turned in the front door of Daniel Zuna's house. Then they moved, Callen disappeared and would be out of the house the first opening he got. Kensi stands at the laptop turning to look innocently at the intruder and her heart beats a little faster, what was Wyler doing here?

Deeks paused in the doorway before swinging it shut, "How did you get in?"

"Spare key. What are you doing here?" Kensi thought of her cover story while he answered.

"I live here, spare room. Danny's laptop?" Deeks looked Kensi up and down suspiciously.

Kensi shifted and answered matter of factly, "I mailed him some photos."

Smirking he asked, "Like you two watching the sunset on Santa Monica pier or you wearing nothing but a smile."

"Pictures that tend to end up on the internet," Kensi stared at him not showing any indication that she was embarrassed or lying although she was momentarily distracted about the prospect of watching the sunset on the pier. She cleared her head of the thought and listened.

Turning Deeks checked the kitchen, Tracy was not to be trusted, "So definitely x-rated then. Danny mentioned he met a hot girl."

Kensi saw a gun tucked into the back of his pants as he shuts the window Callen ducked out of. She would have to remember that he was carrying, "Think he meant me? I sorta assumed he had others."

"Oh he definitely meant you. Said you two used to party pretty hard together," Deeks wanted to catch this liar in her lies even though she was incredibly hot.

Kensi tried to bring everything back around to her original cover story "One thing leads to another and next thing you know out comes the camera."

Deeks responded quickly, "Except he said you're name was Kate so who the heck are you?"

Dang, Kensi made a new story, "I met him at a party, paid him for some stuff, he never delivered so I came to pick it up myself. That why you're here?" Kensi knew he was lying about living in the spare room so she tried to shift the focus to him.

She should not be doing drugs. She was young and beautiful and could have a wonderful life, although she did not look like a drug addict. Deeks did not want her thinking he did drugs, "No, cuz I don't do drugs. Maybe his supply never came through, know his supplier?"

It would be a risk, but she needed to turn on the flirt and try to focus on him again. Kensi took a deep breath and then stepped closer, "I was kinda hoping it was you."

Deeks raised his eyebrows slightly well he decided he could flirt back, but he also wanted to put a little pressure on her as well, "Or maybe you found what you wanted before I got here. Maybe I should empty those pockets."

Kensi froze what was she supposed to do now and then there was a knock at the door and she was saved.

Sitting in the squad room, Kensi peered into space. Eric had informed them that Jason Wyler did not exist. She knew something was off about him so should she have confronted him or did she handle things correctly. Then she blurted to the boys, "I'm still stuck on Wyler."

Callen made a smug face and responded, "Stuck…smitten…whatever."

Kensi thought quickly, she could not have the guys thinking she was smitten with this guy. I mean sure he was attractive, but she was not smitten with him, "I saw a gun and from the first moment I saw him he seemed hinky." Then she turned and stared at the picture of whoever Jason Wyler really was.

When Sam is given his spot in the fight, Deeks is upset. He has been undercover for months and then this big guy comes and he is just out like that. So with his Wyler persona in place, he argues and at least gets himself a fight for the spot.

He wasn't intimidated by the aspect of a fight, but it was like he was having to prove his cover all over again and just left more room for him to lose his spot in the drug business the gym had going. Then since he lost the fight, he had to think of a way to make the guy back off and give him his spot back in the fight. Of course, he called a buddy at the precinct so they could officially get him out of the way.

Never had he been as surprised as when they let both of them out of their cells instead of only him. Of course, it had to be the feds interrupting his OP. Well, at least he had some help and maybe they could finish this thing.

He was not surprised when he found out that Tracy was in fact Special Agent Kensi Blye.

Kensi knew that there was something about Wyler, but she had never considered that he was LAPD. She listened as he rambled on about NCIS and all the technology they probably had access to. Then he says something about how when he goes undercover he goes in alone and Kensi finds herself concerned. She doesn't even know the guy and she is sad or worried at the prospect of him being alone in dangerous situations. Detective Deeks was extremely different than his cover Jason Wyler. He talked a great deal more and he did in fact have a sense of humor.

Sitting across the table from her, Deeks looked at her and asked, "Was your story at the house pre-planned or maybe it really happened?"

Kensi smirked, "Spare room is that the best you could do? I should have shot you on the spot." She kind of liked this Deeks guy. He teased her and was a smart alec, but she could tell he respected them all the same.

Deeks smiled. He liked this girl, she was feisty and attractive.

After they arrested Davis, Deeks looked at Kensi and flirts, "Your place or mine?" When he realized he was not invited to the interrogation, Deeks was a little more than disappointed after all it had been his case first, "At least let me hear his story."

Kensi smiled as she walked away from the upset looking detective, "Thanks Deeks, for everything."

Deeks shrugged he wouldn't hold a grudge. As much as he didn't want to like these NCIS agents, he liked them anyway. So , he turned and smiled at the pretty Agent, "What, no hug?"

After Deeks saved Sam from being killed at the gym, Kensi had even more respect for this undercover police officer. Callen and Sam obviously approved of his abilities as a cop and that was really quite the feat. Kensi frowned, maybe she was slightly smitten.