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Chapter 6

Gohan had been so blinded by his rage he didn't even notice Goku for a second but when he did he was happy to finally see his father again after all that time he flew up to him forgetting about Vegeta for a moment "Dad!" He shouted excitedly. Even though he had changed a lot since his saiyan side took over he still lvoed his father and was excited to see him.

"Gohan!" Goku yelled just as excited to see his son and embraced him in a huge hug.

"Well isn't this adorable father and son reunited, too bad I'm going to kill you both but hey at least you can have a happy reunion in the otherworld." Vegeta said surprising both the father and son "Of course their is another option you could join me seeing how as I lost Nappa and together we could rule the universe!" Vegeta shouted at the duo.

"We'd rather die than join you," Goku shouted.

"I'd rather just kill you," Gohan said afterwards clearly amused at his own sense of humor.

"Too bad brat I kind of like you you're a true saiyan, well which one of you wants to die first?" That saiyain prince questioned.

"Gohan, you've already done enough here let me take care of this," Goku said in a more serious tone than gohan had heard him use in his life.

"Father I can sense you're power level and Vegeta is way stronger than you but I'm stronger than he is by a bit," Gohan said confused as to why his father would fight someone who was that much more powerful than him.

"Don't worry Gohan I have a few new tricks up my sleeve," Goku said to his son.

With that statement he powered up to his max and flew at Vegeta, the saiyan prince smirked and dropped into a stance. Goku had almost gotten all the way to Vegeta when he yelled "Kaioken!" his body was engulfed in a red aura his muscles became much and his power increased, vegeta wasn't expecting this and Goku pummeled Vegeta but had to let go of the kaoiken to preserve his energy. Gohan was in utter shock at his technique as was Vegeta. After recovering from his shock Vegeta began to attack Goku and Goku even while in kaioken was recieving a royal ass kicking from the prince of all saiyans. (A/N: God I love puns)
Vegeta was sending flurries of kicks and punches at Goku but try as he might he couldn't dodge them Vegeta was too strong.

"Dad!" Gohan shouted beginning to get angry.

"Don't worry Gohan I'm nowhere near out yet," Goku said smiling confidently "Kaoiken times 2!"

His aura expanded even larger and he was pumping out much more power than before but Gohan could tell it was barely more than Vegeta. Goku was fighting Vegeta and he was winning but barely and Vegeta was getting pissed.

"How can you a low class worthless piece of shit be standing up to me saiyan royalty!?" Vegeta shouted.

"Clearly because I'm stronger than you are," Goku said feigning confidence but he knew that the kaioken was putting an incredible strain on his body and using a lot of his power. I've gotta finish this fast he thought to himself.

Vegeta mean while had reached a breaking point he flew straight up into the air and began charging a large amount of ki into his hands. Meanwhile Goku did the same.






The sheer amount of ki in their blast was beginning to shake the earth around them, Vegeta had the clear advantage as Goku was losing energy fast. Even though it's probably going to kill me I have no choice I have to try he thought.

"Kaioken times 3!" He shouted and immediately after his blast began to overpower Vegeta's easily but he was in unimaginable amounts of pain.

"NO, I will not be deafeated by a LOW CLASS!" Vegeta yelled as Goku's blast hit him.

Goku immediately fell to the ground totally out of energy.

"DAD!" Gohan yelled racing over to his father.

Goku knew immediately he had overdone the kaoiken and he was suffering from it his body felt like it had been ripped to shreds but thankfully he was still alive.

"Don't worry Gohan I'm... fine" Goku managed to say.

"At least you're alive and you beat Vegeta good job dad," Gohan said proud of his father's strength.

"Oh really did he know," Vegeta said from up in the air.

Gohan was shocked how could he take that blast he thought. Once he realized Vegeta was alived he was pissed, he proceeded to power up, his power shook the earth and Vegeta knew that he couldn't win this fight fairly.

"I'm going to fucking eviscerate you Vegeta!" Gohan screamed flying up towards the saiyan.

Gohan flew at Vegeta and started pummeling him relentlessly, the saiyan prince was trying to dodge his blows but the child was too powerful and he was severely worn out from his fight with kakarot. What can I do thought the saiyan prince then suddenly it hit him, I'll transform into the mighty oozaru and rip this kid and the planet to shreds. Vegeta however didn't put much thought into this plan before putting it into action. After Gohan gave Vegeta another small beating he began charging some ki in his hand.

"Moon ball"(A/N: Idk if this is what it's called) Vegeta shouted, "Now you will witness the true power of the saiyan race!"

As Vegeta did this he looked up at the ball and he began to transform unfortunately for him so did Gohan. Both of the warriors started to grow taller and became covered in brown fur until they were eventually both huge apes. Gohan was having a hard time controlling his form while vegeta on the other hand was in perfect control.

"Fuck why can't I catch a break I transformed to become stronger than this kid not give him an even bigger advantage over me!" Vegeta yelled out his voice now much deeper than before.

Gohan meanwhile was going on a rampage firing ki blasts out of his mouth destroying everything in sight, in short he was uncontrolable. One of his blasts almost hit Krillin he screamed like a little girl. Goku however knew that Gohan was still in there and that he could be reached somehow.

"Gohan!" Yelled Goku.

The oozaru Gohan heard his father yell and wanted to respond to him but all he could think about was destroying.

"Gohan please don't do this, this isn't you I know that," Goku said pleading.

Inside Gohan's head an epic battle for control was going on between oozaru Gohan and the real Gohan.

"Give me back control you overgrown fucking ape," Gohan yelled.

"I will never give you back control," said Oozaru.

"If you ever want me to transform into this form again than you will," Gohan said smirking triumphantly.
"Fine," said Oozaru in a very pissed off voice.

On the outside gohan was standing still clutching his head abviously struggling with himself but once Oozaru had given Gohan control back he looked at Vegeta and said "You are going to regret everything you and Nappa have done since you came to my planet."

Oh fuck thought Vegeta he's managed to gain control of himself. Gohan decided to attack vegeta and was absolutely pummeling him causing several broken bone and hideous looking wounds. Gohan had an idea on how he was going to end this fight and cause Vegeta as much pain as possible. Gohan charged at Vegeta as fast as he could which considering the massive power boost given by the oozaru transformation was too fast for Goku to see at all even Vegeta was having trouble. Gohan used the afterimage technique to get behind vegeta without him noticing and grabbed onto his tail.

"What are you doing!?" Yelled Oozaru Vegeta.

"Ending this," Said Gohan and with that he ripped of vegeta's tail.

After he ripped it off many things happened all at once, Vegeta yelled out in pain, He began to revert back to his original for and Gohan did as well because Vegeta lost concentration and the moon ball disappeared. The beating he took from Gohan which was preceeded by his beam struggle with Goku and losing his tail made Vegeta so weak he could barely move but he still he began moving towards his space pod. Gohan saw this and immediately went in between Vegeta and his pod and started charging a ki blast.

"I could end you're miserable existence right now," said Gohan "But the shame of being almost beaten to death by a 5 year old and losing your tail should be a big enough punishment for you my prince," Gohan said those last to words with as much sarcasm and venom as he could muster.

"One day I will come back to this mudball and I will kill all of you," Vegeta said weakly.

"That's never going to happen, I won't let it." Said Gohan and after he said that Vegeta decided to leave before he was killed by this startlingly frightening child.

Gohan remembered that his father was still laying off to the side of the battle field almost dead and immediately rushed over to him.

"I'm proud of you son, you did the right thing letting Vegeta live and giving him a second chance," Goku said smiling through his pain.

"Second cahnce?" Gohan said in an amused voive "I just wanted to give him some time to wallow in his own shame."

Goku was startled by his sons remark but said nothing, when did my son become so ruthless he wondered.

Throughout all of this Krillin was hiding behind a rock praying to kami that he wasn't going to die but ocne he saw Vegeta leaving he decided to come out. He saw the condition Goku was in and looked at Gohan who for some reason now kind of scared him.

"We need to get him to a hospital come on," Krillin said picking up Goku flying towards east city.

Gohan agreed and decided to follow the bald weakling smiling to himself at the fact he was able to defeat the prince of saiyans with such relative ease.

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