Title: Once Upon a Keyboard Love
Fandom: Durarara!
Pairing: Shizuo/Mikado
Rating: M
Prompt from the kink meme: Hoping for a fic where Shizuo and Mikado were email-buddies (phone-email) where they ended up falling in love with each other without knowing who the other was (muscle man/ leader of dollars).

Disclaimer: I own none of these characters!


Shinji has logged on

Shinji is typing a message...

Shinji has entered text

Mikado stared at the screen in front of him, anxiousness clawing at his stomach as he waited for the other person to make the first message.

He had been living in Ikebukuro for a few weeks now and while the city still startled him and sometimes intimidated him he felt like he had a better handle on it now than he once did. It certainly helped having Kida around to show him the ropes. Otherwise he would have never known about Shizuo or Izaya being people to avoid and Simon's sushi restaurant.

However, despite all of this, it was only a few day's ago that he had told his online friend that he had moved to Ikebukuro. The other had been startled, instantly assaulting Mikado with questions about how and why as well as who he had met and whether or not he liked it here.

As always he had told Shinji-kun everything.

It was so easy to talk to him. He never felt judged, never felt as though the other looked down on him.

If he could Mikado would share all his secrets with this person.

But fear and reluctance kept him from doing it.

How would Shinji-kun react to him being the leader of the Dollars? Or to the fact that the real reason he come here was in the hopes that they could finally meet?

Shinji: Hey, you're online early. How was school?

Despite himself Mikado felt a smile pulling at his lips. In actuality he wasn't really online. The fast food place he now sat in with Kida currently in line to get them something to eat had wi fi so he was on his phone.

Of course Shinji would realize that the time was abnormal.

Tanako Taro is typing a message

Tanako Taro: Actually I'm technically not. Eating with a friend but while waiting I thought I'd see if I could catch you. Since your schedule is getting so hectic lately

Lately Shinji had been logging on later and later. Some nights he wouldn't get on at all. But Mikado knew it wasn't from lack of trying. Shinji's life had always been chaotic. Nearly everyone in Ikebukuro seemed to have chaotic lives.

Shinji: Right, sorry about that. It wouldn't be so bad if that guy would just leave me alone

Ahh yes. Mikado almost forgot that Shinji knew Kanra in real life too. Well, he didnt know that he did. But Mikado was able to put two and two together whenever Shinji would complain while simultaneously Kanra is on another chat window gloating at getting under someone's skin.

Tanako Taro: And you still don't think he likes you? You know what they say about kids

Shinji: Dont make me laugh Taro, even if he did Id sooner beat him than kiss him

It was talks like this that always gave Mikado hope. Just knowing that it was the person that mattered and not their gender to Shinji made his heart clench with happiness.

He just had to find him.

He had to.

"Oiii Mikado~ Did you want a drink too?"

Kida's voice called out from across the food place, causing several people to stare at him before looking at the flustered Mikado who was currently gaping and nodding hastily at him.

"Sprite? Pepsi?"

Mikado flushed again as more people stared before mouthing 'Water' to his blonde friend and hastily looking back down at his phone. They had just gotten here but Mikado knew it was only going to get worse. Kida lacked what people referred to as an 'inside voice'

"You calling someone?"

Mikado jumped when Kida suddenly appeared behind him, arms carefully gripping a bright red tray as he tried to peer at his phone's screen.

"N-No. Just texting."

Hastily Mikado drew back his phone, typing a quick 'Sorry! But I have to go. I'll talk to you tonight, okay?', before quickly closing it. Not a second later and Kida was sliding into his side of the booth, a huge grin on his face as he began to pull various items out of the bag.

"So guess what? The girl who took my order was totally checking me out. She even laughed when I asked for a kid's meal toy!"

Kida waved the obnoxious plastic in Mikado's face before throwing his food over to the timid raven.

"Wanna bet on whether or not I could get her number before we leave?"

Mikado didnt think tonight was going to come fast enough…

Tanaka Taro has logged off

Mocha eyes stared at the screen in front of him, a frown on his lip's before a sigh escaped him. Leaning back in his chair Shizuo turned to glance out of the corner of his sunglasses towards his employer Tom who was currently talking to their boss concerning their next collection.

He hadn't really expected Taro to be on. But just like always Shizuo had taken the risk to log on.

It seemed lately that he took every chance he could to log on to their chatroom.

"Shizuo-kun, are you ready?" Shizuo glanced towards Tom as the dreadlocked male approached him. Closing the chat screen Shizuo stood with a stretch before sliding a hand into his pocket. "Always ready."

Tom smiled at him before taking the lead, guiding him back out of the office. The other had been the very reason as to why Shizuo had even met Taro. Tom was always worrying about Shizuo and the difficulties he had with meeting and not frightening other's. He had been the one to suggest the natural brunette dye his hair blonde even so that those who would anger him would instead avoid Shizuo while other's could easily find him and now he was the one who suggested Shizuo try joining a chatroom.

The way he had put it was that Shizuo wasn't necessarily being some desperate housewife looking for companionship. Instead all he was doing was looking for friends through a safer medium. If someone angered him online all he would have to do is log off and find a different person to talk to. No one would get hurt and no one would know they were talking to a supposed 'monster'.

Shizuo hadn't put much stock in his senpai's suggestion, but since it was for his own good he decided to give it a try.

The very first day he had met Tanako Taro had been odd. He felt awkward and suspected that the other knew it. Yet they still got along and were up well into the night just talking about anything and everything of little importance.

It was the first time he had actually talked to someone about things other than work or the hardships of his life.

It was nice.

Things built up after that. Every day they would log on at the same time and stay on until Taro had to go. (Since the other had school and was responsible it was nearly always him that left first)

And despite the fact that he was talking to someone so far his junior Shizuo kept it up. Age didn't concern him much, only maturity. And this person didn't act like some other kid's his age (Masaomi Kida) who were always warning other's to stay away from him while being obnoxious and somewhat rude.

And really, online the anonymity helped him.

By not seeing the other he could lie to himself and say that Taro wasn't as young as he suspected him to be.

And at the same time, a part of him couldn't help but wish that despite it destroying this illusion Shizuo could just one time meet the other. To meet this person who wasn't afraid of him, who had accepted him. However, he knew that once that time came Taro would avoid him like the devil.

Who in their right mind would want to be friends with Shizuo?

After all, Shinra was insane, Celty was a dullahan and Tom, despite his seemingly normal appearance and inherent kindness, was a debt collector for a dating site. The job just screamed odd.

No, an online friendship was all Shizuo needed. Or felt as though he needed.

It was better this way.

"We have a few more collection's than I thought we would have."

As soon as they got outside Tom started speaking again while Shizuo reached into his pocket to pull a cigarette and lighter out.

"However I think only a couple of them will give us any trouble. The other's just seeing you will be enough to make them cough up the money."

Shizuo didn't speak, looking down as the stick was placed between his lips. He quickly lit it and took a satisfactory drag, the smoke leaving his mouth in a swift breath and whirling about his head before they began to walk down the busy street.

"Want to get some dinner when we finish?"

Shizuo's eyes drifted to the side, glancing inside the long windows of a fastfood restaurant where Kida and his new friend sat, one blushing while the other began to yell and wave at a girl behind the counter. The raven glanced up at his gaze, meeting it before jumping and quickly averting his eyesight.

"Ah. Sounds good to me."

Shinji: You're on late

Mikado's heart jumped as the pinging noise echoed in his bedroom, alerting him back into full consciousness.

The day had been long and kind of hard. Kida had dragged him everywhere he could think to go, not listening to his friends protests or even seeming to hear him when he spoke. It was kind of frustrating. It was only once the sun went down that Mikado was also able to put his foot down…

"But why? It's not like we have school tomorrow."

Kida was clinging to Mikado, literally clinging, as he tried to stop the raven from leaving him to go home. But Mikado was agitated, his eyes kept drifting back to his phone, observing the time ticking away and increasing his anxieties. If he stayed out any longer than he would miss Shinji-kun! And he really hated the thought of that happening.

"Masaomi-kun, I really need to do my homework though."

"But it's the weekend! You can put it off!"


Even Mikado was surprised at the force that had resounded with that one word before hastily clearing his throat as he flushed.

"I-I mean if I put it off I'll forget about it."

Mikado didn't lie often about such little things. But he knew Kida would laugh at him if he told him the truth of how he was falling in love with someone he had never even met. He would probably laugh hard before using it to poke fun at him every chance he got while also claiming that it wasn't a viable reason for him to leave.

Still slightly shocked with his friend growing a spine Kida let go.

"Mikado Im sure you wont-"

"Please Masaomi."

Mikado's eyes begged Kida not to argue anymore with him yet he still didn't turn to leave. It wasn't until he got a shaky nod did the raven flee from the scene, guilt washing over him because of the happiness that getting away with the lie caused him.

Tanako Taro: Ive been waiting for you. I just wanted to see if you were alright.

Shizuo puffed at his cigarette, seated comfortably at an ancient computer in his living room. It had been a hand me down from Kasuka way back when. He was fairly sure if he asked his younger brother would get him a laptop or a newer one but since this one got the job done he never bothered.

Shinji: I went out to eat and drink with a work friend and got coerced to stay longer than I planned.

Mikado couldn't help the slight jealousy that caused his stomach to clench. Of course it was silly to get jealous that another person got to hang out with Shinji, got to speak with Shinji, even get drunk with him. But jealousy still did arise and it filled him with shame. Even though Shinji knew he was in town the other had never breached the subject of them meeting. Not once and Mikado couldn't help but think even now it was only him that wanted to.

But the other still came online, that had to say something.

Shinji: What happened earlier? You left so fast I couldn't even say bye.

Tanaka Taro: o-oh yeah sorry about that! My friend suddenly came back and was

Mikado paused. It wouldn't make any sense to say he was embarrassed at Kida reading their conversations without revealing something he shouldn't. After all, the other could take it negatively or positively and knowing Shinji it would be the former…

trying to take my phone from me unless I started eating

Now he was also lying to Shinji…could this night get any worse?

Shinji: That's actually kind of what I figured. Is this the same friend who was telling you about Ikebukuro when you first arrived?

Tanaka Taro: Yeah. Hes pretty much the only one I have here besides you.

Shinji: You don't talk to or see anyone else?

Tanako Taro: A few people, some in my classroom, other's online. I don't like to force people I don't know to talk to me, I figure they would rather not

Shinji: Don't be ridiculous, who wouldn't want to talk to you?

Mikado's heart felt fit to burst at those words and despite being alone he flushed. This was so like Shinji. He never thought about the things he said, he just said them. He spoke the truth even when the truth seemed like an odd compliment to Mikado.

Though he still wished Shinji would be the one to breach the subject of them meeting first.

Kanra: Konnichiwaa! Kanra-chan has returned~ 3

Another chat screen began to move, the one Mikado was normally more a part of but this time he just stared as the other's began to respond to Kanra's obnoxious words.

Tanaka Taro: Thanks Shinji-kun.

Shinji: For what?

Tanaka Taro: Nothing, just, thanks.

Shinji took another hit from his cigarette, a small smile on his face. He didn't have to know what the other boy's face looked like to imagine how it would blush with these words, how his head would duck and he'd be unable to make eye contact.

It lifted his spirits slightly.

Kanra: Why so quiet Tanaka Taro?

A third window popped up on Mikado's screen, causing the dollars website to shrink to make room for it.

Tanaka Taro: Just talking to someone else

Kanra: Eehhh?Who's more important than Kanra-chan?

Tanaka Taro: …

Kanra: Nobody right?

Shinji: So even if you haven't actually made friends, you've at least met people right?

Tanaka Taro: Some? Mostly friends of friends. I met a few people who drive around in a van all day.

Kanra: Now Im getting curious, who are you speaking to?

Tanaka Taro: Its nobody really Kanra-san.

Kanra: I could find out if you don't tell me~ You know I can!

Shinji: I think I know who you are talking about, I went to high school with one of them.

Tanaka Taro: Kanra-san please…!

Shinji: The others are weird.

Tanaka Taro: A-Ah they kept saying my name sounded like a brand name…

Shinji: really?

Kanra: Lets see, his screenname is Shinji? Pfft that's lame

Tanaka Taro: Kanra-san!

Kanra: I told you I could find out if you didn't tell me

Tanaka Taro: It doesn't concern you!

Kanra: Sounds like you have a crush~ Do you know who he is?

Shinji: You must have an interesting name then

Kanra: You know I can find that out too - for you.

Shinji: Then again, like I said, weird group. They find anything interesting.

Kanra: Let me message him!

Tanaka Taro: No Kanra-san stop!

Tanaka Taro: Shinji-kun?

Tanaka Taro: Are you there?

Shinji has been disconnected

Kanra: Well this just got even more interesting~

Tanaka Taro: What did you do?

Kanra: I imagine he threw his computer out the window~

Tanaka Taro: What?

Kanra: But that's okay, I found out everything I needed to know tracing his IP address.

Kanra: Do you know Tanaka Taro?

Kanra: Who Shini-chan is?

Kanra: I can tell you if you don't

Kanra: Do you want to know?

Kanra: Or you can find out for yourself.

Kanra: that might be more fun~

Kanra: I'll link you his address, ne?

Kanra: If you go now he should still be there.

Kanra: What are you waiting for?

Kanra: I thought you liked him?

Kanra: He's waiting~

Kanra: Tell him it's thanks to Kanra-chan you met, ne?

Kanra: Ahahahahahahaha

Tanaka Taro has logged off

Kanra: This night just keeps getting better and better!

Setton: What was that Kanra-san?

Kanra: Nothing to worry your pretty head about~ Ahahaha!

A/n: Though you probably already know by now Shinji = Shizuo